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ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

A loved one not lost but remembered. 

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omg are there any sugar daddy aus?? help a gurl out pls bless you

Hi! Thanks for these requests! I hope you enjoy these! ;) (Let me know if you’ve seen more!)

Sugar Daddy AU

Sugar High by arekushiaryoseirui, Explicit, 24k (WIP)
AU where Yuuri Katsuki is a college student struggling to pay rent, tuition, and just about everything else. When he sets up an account for a sugar daddy dating app, he doesn’t expect anything to come out of it. Instead, he meets Victor Nikiforov, and so begins their walk on the fine line between their physical relationship and something more. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC!

Gimmie Some Sugar by Oilux, Teen, 40k (WIP)
One account on a seemingly innocent website was the god sent that Yuri Katsuki needed to help to keep his family’s business afloat. If skating wasn’t going to be enough, maybe talking to people for payment is.And when a certain blue eyed Russian starts messaging him, Yuri figures he doesn’t have anything to lose. SO good!

I love you, no expense spared by myoue, Gen, 5.6k
Victor is used to paying for dates, accidentally spilling things on people, and spoiling Katsuki Yuri like no tomorrow. Cute!!

Money Shot by Ashida, Explicit, 12k (WIP)
So Yuuri waited, felt his heart edge back down from his throat as Victor let him catch his bearings, as he just sat and watched Yuuri calm down, patient even though the time he was paying for was ticking. “Strip for me, Yuuri.” came his first instructions in the lull of silence, the same words he always got, and this is how it always began. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

LoveLikeSugar by Uzumi, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yuuri joined that website just because Phichit forced him to, he said. But who was he to reject a nice man who gave him all of his attention? Of course, it didn’t matter at all that the man wanted to be his sugar daddy. Of course not. Thumbs up!

Synchronized Hearts by Vittarius, Mature, 42k (WIP)
Yuri is the typical college student struggling to make it to the end of the month. Stuck in an underpaid job with an abusive boss, he gets fired… and with that, his income source is over.What is he going to tell his family, who is still waiting in Japan for him to finish his studies? Unable to tell them the truth, he is just about to explode. But then, in a twist of fate, he runs into a lonely stranger. Yuri needs money, this man has money, and unbelievably, they come to an agreement. Maybe having a pampering sugar daddy isn’t the most awful situation he could be in. OMG!!

aint missin no meals by queenbeetle, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Viktor can’t help it. Yuuri’s leggings are so tight these days, and it’s so hard to focus on anything other than how his clothing shows off all his new curves in all the right ways. 

Our Finest Impulses by wendydarling, Explicit, 2.4k
Viktor takes pleasure with the finer things in life, and he thinks that Yuri, being the most beautiful, deserves to have it all. Spicy!!

dnp: lite // shorter, lighter questions regarding dnp // total length: 17:06

1:04 my personal favorite dnp outfits
4:26 what is special about dnp’s relationship?
7:37 my fav pick-me-up vid(s)
8:55 fav post-baking universe moments

dnp: going deep // heavier topics, bit more serious business // total length: 33:07

:20 why do dnp command respect from their peers? 
5:54 why do dnp command attention and interest from their audience? 
14:04 thoughts on lack of prolonged fandom interest in the stage show and books, and the branded nature of those products
17:59 the youtube community’s response to felix + dnp’s relationship with him
24:16 dnp, phandom, and race

part ii: personal // questions bout me and my opinions on shit // total length: 53:06

0:00 rapid-fire questions (or my version of it) 
3:07 wolfstar fic recs and my short-lived phase of non-interest in dnp (my ao3 bookmarks and mentioned authors
6:07 what do i want to be talking about on this blog? (spoiler alert: idfk) 
10:33 the style/form of writing i most prefer to write
12:56 being a year younger for my grade + bullying advice
16:12 setting limits for fandom investment and consumption
23:16 hard lines for dnp things i won’t discuss (longer post here
24:41 law degrees: what’s the point man 
32:39 how to stay informed on countries that aren’t the united states (longer post here
39:54 my thoughts on tumblr anonymity, or Why The Hell Did Nihilist Toothpaste Turn Anons Off? 
49:00 things that cheer me up 🌻💛

notes … 

+ok first n foremost @pedestriansquirrel sent me a cute af ask for this that just said ‘how are you today??? :)’ and it was so sweet and i recorded an answer for it when i was still testing my sound but i forgot to properly re-record it and i feel so bad so im answering here: im good and mostly just so very tired, i woke up at 3 am today to drive to DC to help my sister move out of her summer apartment there (she was interning at the house of representatives lmao nerd) 
+sorry in general for the inconsistent sound qual, i recorded early chunks over a month ago and u can defffff tell. i think in ‘dnp: lite’ i talk about a phil live show from ‘this week’ which was actually in early july lmao
+thanks to dann @queerofcups for this amazing idea (go listen to their own voice ask thingies here bc they’re fucking fantastic and dann’s personality is honestly heartwarming) 
+and thanks to sarah @waveydnp for motivating me to finish this lol i probs wouldntve done so if u hadnt messaged me xxxx  
+thanks also to @dantithesis @vdekje @geeky-gossip @queerofcups @waveydnp @flannelfish @void-journal and several anons for sending me questions. yall are the nicest <3 there were also a few of you whose questions i couldn’t get to here but i’ve saved all of them, and maybe will use them to do another episode of this in the future xx

  • Friend: Could you maybe send me some of your favourite songs?

I am currently having some money problems, and I hope you guys could help me! I want to offer these sketch commissions to help me get through April and May. I would appreciate this A LOT <3

Contact me through arterlie at gmail.com

Few things:

  • Payment in advance and ONLY VIA PAYPAL (except if you are Finnish). 
  • Two characters = double the price. If the character is very detailed (armour, intricate tattoos etc) I will ask for extra. 
  • Two characters touching each other costs extra. I will price this depending on the difficulty of the pose. Two characters interacting with each other without touching is just the fee of two characters.
  • No backgrounds, no colours (there will be a gray tones in them). These are meant to be minimally stressful for me to do.
  • Be prepared to give me either a detailed description of your character or reference pictures. Describing their personality helps too!

Feel free to ask questions and contact me through mail! Let’s figure out the commission together! <3

Shinya: With you helmet-less and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh? (‘ω‘ )

Guren: Shut up and slow down ಠ_ಠ

I think you all know where this comes from

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Yo! Can you do a tom imagine where the reader is turned on by his facial hair(me at the moment) and she says it out loud then sexy times ensue ;) ;)

gurl same im gunna do this in bullet points

  • okay so imagine being away from Tom while he toured the world but he had surprised you with tickets to come see him in Canada for a week
  • honestly you’d be so excited
  • with all the pictures  and the FaceTime calls you knew Tom was sporting some facial hair and to be honest every time he popped up on your screen the unshaven boy would be making you feel all sorts of ways
  • like you would love how mature he looked 
  • as soon as you touched down the butterflies in your stomach would literally explode
  • Tom would come pick you up from the airport and he’d be wearing sweats and a hoodie and he’d look so cozy 
  • and Tom would hug you and hold you for what felt like years and he’d kiss your forehead and tell you how much he missed you as he took your bag and lead you to the car.
  • You wouldn’t be able to keep your hands of him the entire ride and as much as he loved it he’d be a bit taken aback,you were never this handsy in public
  • he’d be laughing as he asked ‘’what has gotten into you’’and ‘’what did they put in that plane water’’
  • ‘‘its that damn facial hair’‘ you’d gush and immediately feel embarrassed 
  • his hands would tighten around the steering wheel and he’d suddenly lean over and grab your thigh and slowly stroke the soft skin on the inside 
  • you’d start squirming and try to inch his hand up to your core so you could get some friction but he’d just tighten his grip and say ‘’not yet sweetheart’’
  • as soon as you were in the door of the hotel you were all over each other
  • it would be all sloppy kisses and wandering hands
  • you would have missed the way your body perfectly molded to his and you wanted to show him how much you needed him
  • his facial hair would be softly scratching against your face as you depend the kiss and you couldn’t wait to feel it between your legs
  • Tom wouldn’t waste any time stripping you down and laying you down on the bed
  •  he’d have one hand gripping your boob as he sunk down in between your legs and for a second he’d just take in how wet you were for him and he’d think how he never wanted to go this long without you again
  • you’d start grinding into the air and he’d get the hint 
  • and wow he’d go to town down there,his facial hair would only add to the experience
  • like every now and again the scruff would slide over your clit and you’d let out a moan and grab onto his hair and he’d shoot you up a grin and slowly lick a straight line up your clit
  • honestly you wouldn’t last long but you’d beg him to fuck you before you came all over his face
  • ‘‘I need to cum with you inside me’‘ you say out of breath
  • that would turn him on so much and he’d quickly line himself up to your entrance and thrust into you without warning
  • and you’d yell out his name and grab onto his bicep as he started thrusting into you 
  • and the only sound in the room would be both your moans and the slapping of skin to skin
  • he’d probably bury his face into your neck and start leaving open mouthed kisses 
  • and in between the kisses he’d be grunting how good you felt
  • and the facial hair rubbing against your neck and his moans in your ear would enough to push you over the edge and your orgasm would hit you like a ton of bricks
  • you’d be screaming his name as you scratched down his back and he wouldn’t be far behind you
  • he’d pull out right before his orgasm and cum all over your stomach 
  • you’d both stay there panting for a minute before Tom stood up and walked to the bathroom to grab a towel
  • after you cleaned up Tom get you both under the covers and he’d pull you into his chest and kiss you on the forehead and tell you how much he loved you and missed you
  • and you’d both fall into a deep sleep in each others arms