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You know what? I’ve only got into b.a.p during these last few months but I fell in love so hard with them and with their fandom, like seriously, babyz are one of the most chill and lovable fandoms I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in. Also, b.a.p are criminally underrated and honestly I don’t get the reason? They are fucking amazing under every point of view: they produce their own music, vocal line on point, rap line always spitting fire and their unique sound is unmistakable, all summed up in one word quality. God bless this group, these sweet sweet boys who always give everything for their fans and always work hard. 

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I'm happily taken woman who's totally in love with Ignis (how can fictional characters have this affects on us?!) so naturally I've read a fair amount of Ignis x reader fiction. I have to say the one you wrote was THE best I've read. It was so wonderfully written and you captured Ignis's character perfectly. Bravo! PS, I scrolled through your page and saw you reblogged my dirty confession about Ignis, made me so happy! :D

I, too, am also a happily taken woman who is in love with Ignis! *grabs your hands and skips around* KINDRED SPIRITS IN IGNIS HELL UNITE!

I dunno how fictional characters do this to us but DAMNIT IT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FAIR

And… I am emotional at your praise of my fanfiction. I try really hard to keep everyone in character, even if they’re doing some OOC shit like …banging the shit out of a female character that doesn’t exist, LOL. And of course, since I’m obsessed with Ignis, I definitely want him to be accurate. So, when a fellow Iggy addict tells me they find him perfect in my writing… I feel like I’ve succeeded. It makes me very, very happy that I can do him justice for others. I can only hope I do the same for the other Chocobros.


Now, let us languish in Ignis hell forevermore!


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