out vile jelly

Word on the streets

Alex: Returned from a long stag weekend (that’s ‘bachelor party’ in American, I believe) to a deep pile of Tumblr goodness, and an explosion of WicDiv commentary.

The highlight was probably Pomegranate Salad’s Seeds of Thought (ha, I only just got the name) on the latest issue. WicDiv’s leading #longread takes on themes of invasion and overstepping, big cats, and the issue’s four leads. 

It actually changed the plan for my next TWATD piece, as her analysis of Amaterasu manages to stomp all over the rough notes I’d scribbled so far.

“She was explicitly singled out by Laura as the best in term of “star power”. And yet, three arcs later, Amaterasu had completely slipped in the background, due to Luci immediately taking the stage and then Ammy being present only episodically.”

The only thing I’d add to Pomegranate’s comments is that, given Ammy’s Kate Bush vibes, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by how Proper Tory she turned out in this issue. “I went to a very good school,” indeed.

(For a spot of lighter Pomegranate-flavoured reading, see also her speculation that one of the gods will get the old ‘out vile jelly’ treatment before the series is through.)

Also enjoyed this bit of mythological analysis by Immoralitea and eyes–like–stars. One bit especially that got me thinking was:

”Given Claire and Cameron’s circumstances, as well as those of Cass, Laura, Dio, maybe even Hazel, I’m inclined to believe that Ananke recruits most of her talent using an “if you build it, they will come” technique. Ananke found all of these people through their connections to pre-existing gods.”

I’ll be honest – it occasionally bugs me that so many of the gods knew each other before their transformations. It just feels too neat and convenient, but this suggest there might be a greater purpose than coincidence. Is Ananke just a bit lazy? Are Team WicDiv making a point about nepotism in pop? Oh Gods, is this all just Warren Ellis’ The Engine forum through a metaphorical filter?

(The Engine was a message board frequented by Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jonathan Hickman, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá, and of course a certain Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, before they became the idols of millions. It was the ‘00s comics equivalent of that one Sex Pistols gig – which, shout-out to HeadfullofPlasma for making the connection from that to Ragnarock 2013.)

Finally, the pile included a reblog of this ExtraKnees post about issue #27. Apart from presaging an impressive number of things about the finale, they raised a throwaway line that mentioned the Great Darkness being unfilmable, “like the god’s performances”.

I’m calling it now – all those scarabs and shit are a performance, by one of the gods. So, who haven’t we seen perform yet? As raised in an Ask by Myfirstsearchengine, answered with an engimatic “In short, yup” from KG



(In passing: We’re a bit behind the usual TWATD schedule, on account of the aforementioned stag. I suspect Tim might still be reeling from the amount of my bare ass he was exposed to, and I’ve got to find a new idea after Pomegranate pulped my Ammy one.

But we will return, hopefully before 455.)