out the ashes

Imaginary Q&A

I’m back!  Let’s have a Q&A.

“Indy, that was the world’s shortest hiatus.”

I know.  I worked 11pm to 7am for almost four years and slept four hours a night during that so my sense of time is forever distorted.  I know a lot of people on Tumblr say this, but something that happened to me an hour ago may as well have happened last week.  I’m good now.  I thought I would need longer but I don’t.

“So… why did you take a break?  What happened?”

Well, I was spending way too much time on Tumblr.  (Don’t we all, right). The problem was that I was spending a lot of time on Tumblr while I was at work.  It got so bad that I was on Tumblr while orders were in front of me waiting to be plated.  It’s very disrespectful to my coworkers, the customers, and my boss, who gave me a raise recently.  That’s not the behaviour of someone who deserves a raise.  Since I have no self-control, I had to go cold turkey instead of just saying ‘hey Indy, stop that’.  Instead of making good use of xkit I was also reading things I had no stake in at all and getting mad about the resulting discourse.  And it was really dumb discourse I was getting mad at.

“You mentioned some changes?  What are those going to be?”

- I previously had a policy that I would not reblog things that had a certain amount of notes or that I thought would receive a certain amount of notes.  No matter what I thought it meant, it gives the impression that I’m elitist and snobby.  It was also disrespectful to some longtime mutuals I stopped reblogging from.  I apologise for that.  The other policy about not reblogging quotes from tv shows or memes is also no longer in effect, for similar reasons.

- I closed my RP blog.  I wasn’t using it and when I was I was running Tumblr on both my computers.  That’s really kinda sad.  I still have the URL though. There were some fun times (mostly because of Kim and Amy) but I knew when I opened it in the first place I am good at writing but not so much at RP.

- I will try to talk less and stop posting when I’m upset or angry.  I say try because every time I say that I talk more. 

- I have for now deleted the Tumblr app from my iPod and I will be running a queue between 5:30 pm and 1:00 am five nights a week, when I am at work.  There will be a queue tag.  I don’t like running a queue but Tumblr’s active hours are when I’m at work so it’s what I gotta do.

Thank you for reading, for your patience, and I hope you have a great day!

Aries: Do not mourn over things that never did you any good. Do not look at those moments with rose colored nostalgia. They will always lead you astray. 

Taurus: Keep your head up. The critics will come hard and fast. Tell them to fuck off with middle fingers up. You are so much better then this fucking town.

Gemini: The ghosts can’t hurt you anymore. Even as they reach out from the past. You’ve got the salt. You’ve got the gun now. You are in charge, and they should be scared. Not you. Not anymore.

Cancer: Stop going back to burned bridges. Trying to make something out of the ashes. Remind yourself you set the flames for a god damn reason. Mourn the loss, but don’t keep going back to the scene of the crime.

Leo:  You are not the chaos around you. Not the pain that the aftermath is causing. You are so much more then the bad things you think about yourself. Learn to make the eye of the storm your home.

Virgo: Sometimes you need to let go of the past and all of the memories it holds. It’s going to hurt in a way you couldn’t imagine, but you have to clean out the infection to get better. You will get better.

Libra: Stop following people down rabbit holes. If you were meant to be 6 feet under you would be. Do not rush time and do not test fate. You can not try to take their place.

Scorpio:   Do not apologize for doing what you had to do. For having a spine. For learning to pick up a knife and defend yourself. You do not owe them  an explanation. You do not owe them an apology. You do not owe them anything.

Sagittarius: Stop trying to destroy your beauty, just because you can not see it. It doesn’t matter how much alcohol. How many pills. How many scars you give yourself. You are still as bright as the sun. Just as beautiful as the moon.

Capricorn:  Hold them to the standards you expect of yourself. If they can not meet them, then they don’t deserve a seat at the table with you. Do not dim your light or slow down to make them comfortable. It’s not worth it.

Aquarius:  It’s okay to indulge. Okay to go numb every once in awhile. You do not have to sit there and make yourself suffer night after night, just to be strong. It is okay to break. It is okay to be weak. It is okay to need a moment of true peace.

Pisces: If you keep faking a smile long enough, you’ll eventually start to believe it to. Just try and pretend at being happy now, so that you can learn to be really happy when the time comes.

—  This Weeks Zodiac

trainers + their dream goals, as requested by go-pikagirl

When I was kid, my father said
Hell was a great feast.
He said the people at the table
had these long arms with no elbows,
and they were trying to feed themselves
and they were starving.
He said Heaven was a great feast, too.
He said the people at the table
had these long arms with no elbows,
and they were feeding each other
and they were full.
I think this was supposed to be
a story about selfishness or about
how Hell is self-inflicted, but I think
it’s a story of short-sightedness. I think
it’s about how circumstances do not define us,
but we’ve got to look past our elbowless arms,
or we’re going to keep starving
our way through this.
—  A SHOT IN THE DARK, by Ashe Vernon

My kinda late birthday book haul!
I’m currently flying through ACOWAR and holy shit, a lot of stuff is happening😮😮😮


Mr Thornton confesses his love to Margaret (as requested by shamelessmiraclemaker)

Forget ship wars, the only true Servamp ships are...
  • Mahiru/Housework
  • Licht/Melon
  • Kuro/Confidence
  • Misono/Friendships
  • Hyde/emotional stability
  • Sakuya/Happiness
  • Tsurugi/Money

Enough said.