out side a store

Sometime in the future...

…when Dex realizes he’s not poor anymore.

“can we get a headboard, too?”

Dex hated that voice. It was a voice he hadn’t heard come out of his mouth in a long time, since before him and Nursey got married, before they graduated, before he started seeing a therapist. It was a voice that said, ’a no would break me’ underneath the real words of his question.

It was how he used to ask for hugs, and how he asked, three months into their fuck-buddy relationship, for Nusey to please stay the night, just once, nobody ever stays.

Nursey gave him a long, appraising look, but Dex knew he wouldn’t ask why, all of a sudden, Dex sounded so unsure of himself. Just like Dex knew, eventually, he’d tell Nursey why something so silly as a headboard was so important to him.

He gave a small smile instead, kissed Dex’s cheek, and said, “That’s chill.”

They got out of their truck, a purchase that Nursey made without Dex because he knew his husband could never justify the price to himself, even though they could afford it a hundred times over. Between Dex’s NHL salary and Nursey and Lardo’s line of children’s books, there wasn’t really anything they couldn’t afford.

Which is why Dex hated how small and broken his voice sounded when he asked if they could buy a headboard.

With the new contract Dex signed, finally featuring a no trade clause, they decided to buy a house. Nursey went all out; he spent weeks touring places, picking out furniture, and giving Dex the silent treatment (apparently ‘whatever you want’ isn’t the right answer). The only thing left was a new mattress.

They saved it specifically for a week when Dex didn’t have any scheduling conflicts. He tried to tell Nursey that it was fine, he could go ahead and buy one without Dex there, but he refused, insisting that a mattress was an individual experience, both of them had to agree.

They both knew that, in the end, Dex wouldn’t have an opinion. A bed was a bed to him, and any bed was better than no bed. It felt nice to have a full day with his husband, though.

They stood in front of a huge mattress store, and for some reason, Dex felt uncertain. There was something about this, buying a bed, that made everything real to him. He was an adult. He was well off financially. And he was about to walk into a store hand in hand with his husband. And he was happy.

He wasn’t the angry kid from Maine, anymore.

A saleswoman nearly a foot shorter than the couple (call me Cici!) dragged them all over the store, practically pushing them down on mattresses and asking about their firmness. She asked about hteir opinon on memory foam versus tempurpedic, about fabrics and springs and coils and all sorts of questions Nursey has answers for that Dex can’t make heads or tails of.

He zones out a bit, but jumps back into the conversation when the topic of temperature comes up (so, are you two warm blooded or do you use a lot of blankets at night?). He had no idea that they made some mattresses cooler than others, but yes they wanted to try those out, because his husband is a furnace and the three stupid cats Nursey snuck home were like little fuzzy ovens.

So, they go to the other side of the store and try out hybrids (of what, Dex really couldn’t say). Without even trying it out, Nursey pointed at one of the set-ups and declared, “it’s going to be this one.” Dex had to admit that it was pretty comfortable. He didn’t feel like he was sinking into the mattress, which was nice.

Nursey clamored on top, cuddling into Dex’s side with a smug grin. “Told you it was this one.”

Still grinning, Nursey asked Cici, “Can you show us some headboard options?”

There was an entire room of them. Bed frames and headboards and footboards. Big quilted ones that Dex thought would go great in his baby sister’s princess room, studded leather ones, wrought iron frames that looked a little too bondage for Dex’s comfort.

Dex wasn’t sure what his face was doing, but  Cici told them quietly that she would give them a few minutes to look around, even though she had been attached at to their side for the hour they had been in the store.

They wandered around, looking at all the choices. Dex knew he held Nursey’s hand a little too hard, but Nursey didn’t say anything. He let Dex take the lead, inputting his opinion but never tryng to influence Dex, never pushing him to talk about it.

They made two circuits of the room before stopping (for the second time) in front of a simple padded headboard. It wasn’t anything fancy, just smooth, cream colored fabric. Dex ran a finger over the display. It was softer than it looked.

“I don’t understand headboards. Or footboards. They’re totally pointless.”

In the past, that may have been an invitation for Nursey to chirp Dex, to ask what the hell they were doing buying one if Dex thought it was pointless. But after so many years together, Nursey knew Dex needed to talk it out, not have a conversation.

“Did you know that before I went to Samwell, I never slept in a real bed?”

“I didn’t, babe.”

Dex never took his eyes off the headboard. “For a while I had a matress thrown on the floor in me and Adam’s room, but then I gave it to Hannah and I started sleeping on some sleeping bags on the floor. I told myself it was like camping. Even when I imagined my house, I never imagined a having a real bed. What’s the piont of buying something that’s totally pointless? It’s just a waste of money.”

Nursey ran a warm hand up and down Dex’s back. Dex rarely talked about his childhood. It was one of the only things they still faught about sometimes: Nursey taking their money for granted and Dex not being able to accept that he can spend money when he wants to.

“But we can buy this. We can buy something that’s totally pointless, just because I want it.”

It wouldn’t match the room, even a little bit. The whole house was stark greys and bright whites, accents of bright colors. The cream fabric would stick out like a sore thumb. It was meant for a softer house. There was something about it that Dex like, though. He couldn’t put his finger on what, exactly, but he loved it.

“What do you think?”

Nursey didn’t bother to look away from Dex when he answered. “I think it’s great, babe. It’ll look good in the bedroom.”

Dex gave him a hard look. “really.”

“Okay, no. but if you like it, then I couldn’t care less.”

And just like that,they bought it. And later that night, in their brand new bed, in their house (their house, not a house they were renting), Dex slept better than he could ever remember sleeping.

BioShock Builds: How to build your own desk-sized Pneumo Tube

Last year, we created a real-world vigor bottle based off one awesome fan’s suggestion. That inspired our resident sculptor and DIY-er, Jason Babler, to kick off 2017 with a new series – “BioShock Builds.” Every month, we’re spotlighting fan art, DIY crafts, recipes and all sorts of crazy fan builds inspired by the BioShock series.

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NCT Reaction: You wearing their shirt/clothes

Members: Hyung Line (Taeil, Taeyong, Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin) 


It was already past midnight when he texted you that he’ll finally be able to come back home after almost a week of spending sleepless nights in SM’s studio. Knowing that Taeil’s probably very tired and hungry, you went to the kitchen to prepare his favorite tea and snack with nothing but your undergarments and his plain, baggy, gray tshirt.

When he saw you in the kitchen, he raised one of his eyebrows so high it could reach his hairline, his eyes discreetly eyeing your exposed legs.

“Hi, since when did you start wearing my shirt?“ 


It all started when Taeyong accidentally popped the water balloon on your head.  You were very competitive in everything so you chased after this boy, which resulted to you being soaking wet after just a few minutes. Your hot pink bra was very visible through your thin, white shirt, making Taeyong looked everywhere but you. 

When you came back after changing onto Taeyong’s favorite tshirt, he looked at you with a surprise look on his face (since you looked surprisingly good with it) with his eyes inevitably planted on your chest. 

“You…you should probably wear that shirt whenever we’re out playing in the pool." 


”(Y/N), what’s taking you so long? We’re just going to the store!“ Johnny called out from the other side of the door and you huffed in annoyance before checking yourself out one more time in your mirror.

Once you’re out, you saw Johnny laying on the bed as he furiously typed on his phone (probably playing some game). "It’s about time you–oh! Is that my shirt?”

You playfully spun around to show off the style that you did to match his oversized shirt on you. “(Y/N) I need that shirt back.”


You took a sip of your favourite drink with Yuta staring at you like there’s no tomorrow. He’s been doing it since you arrived in the coffee shop but you knew well why he’s like that. You were simply wearing his favourite flannel shirt that he’s been looking for since forever. 

“I remember leaving that shirt in 1898, (Y/N). That’s my favorite one." 

With one long dreamy sigh, he added, "But damn, you look so much better in that than I do.”


He was feeling extra protective that day and he kept on telling you to change the clothes you were wearing. You know how Doyoung is and you huffed for the nth time as you rummaged through your closet. 

When you went out wearing his flannel shirt matched with skinny jeans and boots, he stared at you for a few seconds before smiling. 

“You look absolutely stunning without even trying, jagi,” he said, admiring the sight before him. 


You were feeling sick when your boyfriend, Ten, decided to come over to watch some sappy movies with you. Even though you already turned off the AC, you still felt like you’re in Antarctica so you decided you put on Ten’s thick sweat pants and hoodie. 

When he arrived, he can’t help but smile at how cute you looked laying on the couch with his oversized clothes. 

“Aigoo, how can you look so cute in that?”


“(Y/N), hurry up! Your mom is here!” Jaehyun knocked on your room with panic laced in his voice. You were only wearing your undergarments since you just got out of shower but the fact that your mom is here to check in on you with Jaehyun in the living room was frightening. 

In your hurry, you grabbed the white shirt laying on the floor and a shorts and put it on. When you got out, Jaehyun looked at you with wide eyes, a hint of playful look on his face. 

“Your mom might get the wrong idea but…I think you should start wearing my shirts from now on.”


You absolutely love Winwin’s wardrobe because it’s full of comfortable shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. So when you came over to his apartment, you went straight to his room and rummaged through his closet to change into a more comfortable clothes. 

When he got out of shower, he saw you laying comfortably on the bed and he immediately ran to where you were. He quickly wrapped you with his hugs and showered you with kisses. 

“You look so cuddly in my hoodie,” he cooed, touching the tip of his nose with yours. “Would you like to watch some movies?”

🌹Lool. I’m not sure about this tho bc this is my first reaction post. And I’m just experimenting. 😋 tell me what you think about it! 🌹

Commission for @subearbanmom. Mentions of eating disorders, but nothing super graphic. Kinda based it on how I dealt in highschool? Lotta Pidge and Lance bonding, cause it felt right. Under a cut for length. 

“Lance? Did you want seconds?” Hunk asked cheerfully, already pouring more of his space stew into Pidge’s bowl while the girl stared at it in hungry fascination, her mouth practically watering.

He gave Hunk a warm smile, clutching at the spoon in his hand and shuffling his feet under the chair. “No thanks, man. I’m stuffed. That was really good.”

The mice squeaked around his ankles, whiskers tickling the bare skin of his feet. Lance ignored them, scooping the last of the stew from his bowl with his spoon and staring at it in quiet dread before forcing it down his throat. It tasted amazing, of course it did; anything Hunk made was incredible.

But eating it, just that one spoonful, had him almost gagging in disgust, and it made his stomach curl in on itself with anger. He settled the silverware into the bowl and pushed back from his seat, swaying just a bit as he picked up his dishes and carted them into the kitchen to be washed later. The mice trailed after him, fat and content, and Lance knelt to scratch their heads, a smile on his lips. “Thanks. More where that came from, I promise.”

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Offbeat (Part Five) - Auston Matthews

A/N: OKAY! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I know it’s been forever but I honestly had huge writer’s block and like I only wrote this because I’m being terrible and procrastinating all my final essays for school! So once again, I’M SORRY!

ALSO, I’m quite aware Kas and his girlfriend broke up but they were together when I started this series so you’ll have to deal with her for the time being!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,050

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

You rolled your eyes and took a giant sigh as you were once again dragged around the latest designer store the three Lady Leafs had pulled you into. Your feet hurt, your body ached, and you were developing a sharp migraine; the perfect condition for going on a shopping trip you wanted no part of.

While the girls had all collected a few shopping bags for themselves, your hands still remained vacant. The only thing you carried was your small purse that was slung over your shoulder. One reason for this being you honestly didn’t have the money, as you still had to save up for your next semester of school, and the second being you didn’t typically shop at any of the boutiques the others had been frolicking around.

“Ooh, this is cute babes,”

Your Y/E/C coloured eyes drifted to your left to see Madison holding up a turquoise patterned romper. You just shrugged in response causing the older girl to immediately frown as her shoulders slumped. She’d been trying to help you find something each time you went into a different store, and you applauded her for trying, but she hadn’t hit the jackpot yet.

Your preference of clothing differed greatly from not only Madison’s, but from both Alannah and Annika’s as well. You had a completely different figure then them. You were tall, and built a lot stockier then the rest of them. You held broad shoulders and your hips curved out much more, meaning your choices of outfits that made you feel at least somewhat comfortable were limited.

“How about this? I think you’d look good in this Y/N,”

Turning back to your right, Alannah was pointing towards a set of light wash overalls that had several rips and scuffs throughout. The pant legs ended about mid calf, which you admitted wasn’t so bad, but you still didn’t exactly like them. Your eyebrows shot up. She was kidding, right?

Laughing at your reaction, Alannah grabbed the article of clothing and strutted up to you. As she pushed the denim material into your hands, she nodded towards the nearby change room, urging you to try them on.

“Just trust me, besides they’ll look cute with Will’s shirt,” she explained, ushering to your Team Sweden shirsey your good friend had gifted to you only day’s before.


Raising her perfectly sculpted brows, Alannah sent you a look, as if she was daring you to refuse her. You sighed, not wanting to piss off the recent law school graduate, and begrudgingly stomped off towards the change rooms.

Flopping out of your sandals and slipping out of your jeans, you yanked on the overalls and pulled the straps over your shoulders. Tucking in the yellow shirt, and doing a double take, you pursed your lips as you stood in front of the door length mirror. You then did a few circles, making sure to inspect your full figure from front to back.

You were honestly surprised. You had initially thought the denim cloth would accentuate parts of your figure you wanted to keep hidden, but it didn’t. The overalls were shockingly very flattering.

“We’re waiting,”

Alannah’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts and you took a deep sigh. Hesitating, you firmed your lips together, before you finally opened the white painted door and stepped out in front of the girls.

Looking up, Madison immediately smiled and pressed her hands together, “oh my gosh, Y/N you look awesome!”

“See, look at that, Alannah was right for once,” Annika chuckled, while the older girl just shot Kasperi’s girlfriend a look.

“It really looks okay?” you asked, just wanting to make sure they weren’t just being polite.

“In all honesty Y/N, you look great,” Alannah confirmed, as she walked forward to place her hand on your shoulder in support, “and I mean that,”

Your lips curved upwards as you nodded. You appreciated her help.

“Finally, we got something for you!” Madison exclaimed, as she pumped her fist up in victory.

“Does that mean we can finally go back?” you questioned, hoping the answer would be yes.

“We still need to find you a bathing suit though,” Alannah laughed, “remember? We want to knock Auston off his high horse, and knock the socks off all the guys,”

Your eyes widened slightly. Oh boy. You didn’t realize she was being serious.

“Well except my guy,” Annika suddenly added, causing Alannah to roll her eyes.

After changing back into your normal outfit, you paid for your new overalls, slumping slightly when you realized the price.

Noticing your change in mood, Madison raised her eyebrow towards you as you punched in the pin of your debit card.

“Everything okay?” She asked, and you nodded, wanting her to forget about it.

As you took the bag the clerk had outstretched towards you, you thanked them and then headed out of the store, with Madison by your side. Annika and Alannah had decided to wait outside.

“Alright! Next stop, bikini’s!” Annika exclaimed, as she headed off towards the high-end swim suit store across the way.

“Bikini’s?” you questioned, your mind suddenly scrambling.

Madison just chuckled before you pushed you forward in the right direction, “oh, c’mon!”

You somehow found yourself carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag, along with your earlier purchase as you stepped out of Zach’s car and walked back towards the Brown cottage. It was now into the earlier afternoon and your lack of sleep from the night before was finally catching up to you. You’d spent way more money than you had wanted to, and you were perturbed with the entire situation. Overall, you were annoyed, grumpy, and most of all, just exhausted.

“Hey! Look who finally decided to show up!”

Looking up towards the deck, your lips curved upwards as both Will and Kasperi sent you a wave. Giving them a nod of acknowledgement, you stepped into the cottage and headed towards your bedroom. As soon as you walked in, you slammed the bedroom door shut and plopped down onto the large, plush bed.

Staring up at the ceiling, you let out a loud sigh. Closing your eyes tight, you willed for sleep, but that lasted a whole two minutes.

“Y/N,” William’s voice echoed through the wooden door and he rapped against it three times.

You groaned out, sitting up slightly. You finally stood when the Swedes’ constant knocking continued.

“What?” you questioned, as you raised an eyebrow towards your friend after you swung the door open.

The blonde smiled brightly towards you, “did you want to come down to the beach with me?”

“Uh,” you murmured, as you blinked twice. You then realized he was wearing his bright pink and yellow swim trunks.

“Kap’s gone off with Annika, and I don’t want to third wheel,” he sighed, rolling his eyes at the mention of his best friend.

“What about Connor? Or Zach?” you sighed, and Will shook his head, “girlfriends,”

“I’m kinda tired Will,” you admitted, causing the power forward to frown.

“Please, you can sleep when you’re dead. Let’s go Y/N,” Morgan’s voice suddenly cut in as he appeared behind William.


“No buts, get changed Y/N, we’re going to go have some fun,” Morgan fought back and you sighed, before closing your bedroom door once again and putting your new bathing suit on.

It was a black one-piece suit, that cut out slightly on your sides and made your bust look incredibly better than your other suit. Fixing your pony tail, you placed on your baseball cap and quickly sprayed your sunscreen on. You then made sure to wrap your beach towel around your hips before you walked out of the room and met the two boys, who had still been standing outside your door.

“Well?” William then spoke as you stepped out. You stayed silent while Morgan rolled his eyes before he gripped your right wrist in his hand.

“Morgan!” you whined, complaining as you suddenly found yourself being pulled down the hall by the older blonde.

“Let’s go, Mitchy and Matts are waiting,” Morgan spoke, while William followed the both of you out towards the deck.

“Waiting for what?”

Drinking games was the appropriate answer to that question.

“Seriously?” you groaned, once you saw the awaiting game of beer pong set up on the far dock.

“Oh, lighten up, it’ll be fun,” Morgan said, elbowing you playfully.

“Mhmm, yeah sure,” you grumbled as you approached Auston and Mitch, the latter waving towards the three of you enthusiastically.

“It’s okay Y/N, you can be on my team,” Will promised, as he sent you a sweet smile.

Now the thing about beer pong with the boys was that they didn’t get to play too often, and that when they did, rules somewhat went out the window or they were created on the fly. So, as you bounced your first ping pong ball towards it’s awaiting solo cup, you immediately cried foul when Auston smacked it out of the air.

“What?! Since when can you do that?” you questioned, crossing your arms and sending him a look.

Auston sent you a smirk, “since last round babe, gotta keep up, remember?”

You were taken aback and your lips opened slightly in shock from Auston’s choice of words. Blinking, you realized Auston had never called you that before. Feeling your heart rate increase and your cheeks warm, you looked away quickly. Luckily, the screaming match between William, who was defending your team, and Auston and Mitch had distracted them. But Morgan hadn’t missed that. The rounds referee wagged his eyebrows at you suggestively, causing you to send him a warning glare.

Several rounds later, you found yourself once again facing Auston, but this time in a singles match. Aiming the white ping pong ball towards your second last cup, you pumped your fist when Auston was unable to smack it away and it landed safely in it’s home.

Rolling his eyes, Auston took his sip of beer and clicked his tongue. “She’s beating your ass Matts,” Mitch spoke, causing William to laugh from beside him.

“Shut it Mitchy,” Auston snipped back, as he gathered the white ball and prepared for his own shot. He wasn’t necessarily wrong though, you now only had one cup left, whereas Auston had four.

Another rule the boys loved to follow was that if your ball bounced off the table, whoever grabbed it first got to shoot, rather than just handing it back to your opponent. You weren’t overly fond of this rule because many fights and injuries had ensued from it. But when Auston’s ball fell off the side of the table, you immediately jumped towards the bouncing ping pong ball.

Just as you were about to grab it however, Auston slid into you, with his arms wrapping around your waist to try and pull you away. But as Auston tried to whip you around, he scrambled when he lost his footing, sending the both of you off the dock. You shrieked when you suddenly hit the cold lake water and plunged down deep.

Kicking your feet, you gasped once you reached the surface. The three boys standing on the dock above you were howling in laughter and you frowned. Looking over, you sent Auston a glare when he emerged from the water and promptly splashed him once he sent you a weak grin.

“Oh, c’mon babe! It was an accident,” Auston chuckled, while you just swam back to the beach, not wanting him to see your bright red face.

Hours later, you found yourself in your new outfit from earlier, sitting on the edge of the boat house with Connor, Mitch and Auston. The sun had gone down and the bright stars had finally made their appearance. Leaning back up against Connor, who had sat next to you, you stared up at the lit-up sky.

“See? What did I tell ya? Today wasn’t so bad huh? Better than yesterday at least?” Connor questioned, as he leaned down a bit to catch your gaze.

Leaning further into him, you just nodded as you tried to get comfortable, causing Connor to snicker quietly.

“Brownie, is there anymore beer?” Mitch’s voice suddenly asked in a whiny tone, causing you and your best friend to turn back to look at the younger boy.

“I think you’ve had enough Mitch,” You spoke first, while Connor followed, “You guys finished it off tonight, we’ll have to run back out tomorrow for another case,”

“Well this blows,” Mitch then sighed, before he chucked his empty beer can over the edge of the dock, the sound of it splashing into the lake soon there after.

“Mitch!” you complained, sending him an unimpressed look, while the other two boys sat around you rolled their eyes.

“What? It’s just an empty can Y/N, I’m sure people have thrown way worse,” Mitch shrugged before he stood up and raised his arms up to stretch.

“But that’s not the point,” you sighed, frowning. You couldn’t help but notice the frown Auston had sent you due to your words, but you just brushed it off.

“I’ll go get it,” Connor then sighed, standing up before he took his shirt off, but before he could jump into the lake, Mitch was suddenly tossed over the railing of the boat house, screaming as he went down.

Turning around wide eyed, you and Connor stared shocked towards Auston, who now standing, had presumably knocked Mitch over the edge. You gasped, before you scurried to the edge, to see if Mitch was okay. You then took a huge sigh of relief when Mitch had surfaced and was yelling profanities towards Auston.

“What the fuck dude?! You’re such a fucking asshole!” Mitch yelled at his friend, while Auston shrugged.

“Well you were the one who decided to throw the can into the lake, I just thought I’d help you retrieve it,” Auston replied nonchalantly, while Connor just shook his head before he grabbed one of the drying beach towels off the railing, assumingly going down to meet Mitch.

“Yeah okay, Auston. The next time she tells you to jump I hope you get hurt you fucking prick,” Mitch retorted, causing you to blink twice. What did he mean?

Connor just sent you a sad look before he addressed Auston, “You can’t do that Matts, he’s drank way too much and we’re lucky he didn’t get hurt or worse,” Connor quickly scolded as he ran by.

Auston waved him off and you sighed. Of course, there had to be some drama. You pursed your lips when you felt Auston take a seat right next to you where Connor had been sitting. You both sat in silence as you watched Connor approach Mitch, while the water-logged forward emerged from the water, beer can in tow. Passing him the towel, the two headed back up towards the cottage, effectively leaving you alone with Auston.

“So, long day huh?” Auston questioned, while you snorted.

“You’re not usually one for small talk Auston,” you pointed out, while the dark-haired boy sat next you sighed.

“I’m sorry about everything that’s happened this weekend, I know I kinda made it awkward,” Auston admitted and you sent him a coy smirk.

“Oh, so Auston Matthews can admit when he’s done something wrong,”

“Hey, don’t push it Y/N” Auston retorted, causing you to chuckle lightly.

“I know, I know. I wouldn’t expect anything less,” you spoke, before you leaned back to lay on the wooden boards to stare up at the sky.

Your lips curved upwards when Auston followed suit, allowing you to fall into a comfortable silence.

“So, I’ve been thinking of that question you asked me,”

Turning your head, you shot Auston a puzzling look, causing him to laugh. “About what I’m looking for,”

You rolled your eyes, “God Auston, that was like forever ago,”

“Yeah, I know, but I took it to heart, and I just wanted you to know that,” Auston replied, while you just nodded.

“I think I want a relationship,”

Blinking twice, you sat up slightly, leaning back on your arms while you sent him a look, “you want a relationship? Auston Matthews wants to be in a monogamous relationship?”

“Hey, don’t make it sound so shocking Y/N,” Auston sighed.

“Well it is! No offence,” you then fired back, while Auston sent you an unimpressed look.

“Do you really see me as that guy?”

“You mean the one who never settles down because he’s too busy picking up girls all the time? Well, yeah, but I don’t judge you for it,” You explained, “that’s just who you were when I met you, so it never made a difference to me,”

Auston sighed, “Well, I don’t want to be that guy anymore okay? Seeing all the guys and their relationships has just really opened my eyes lately. It just seems, nice. You know? Having someone to always text and come home to. Someone you miss on the road, someone you can take to team outings and events, it just seems so much better than what I’ve been doing,”

You nodded in understanding, “just make sure she’s not crazy, okay?”

Auston just laughed, before he playfully knocked into your side, prompting you to shove him back teasingly.

“You won’t have to worry Y/N, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised,”

You hummed sarcastically, “Let’s hope,”

You both fell back into a comfortable silence, but on the inside your brain was screaming. Your heart was hurting at the thought of some girl becoming Auston’s girlfriend. You knew it was going to happen eventually, but you hoped you’d have more time to at least move on and try to find someone new.

“So, you really like the stars huh?”

Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked back at Auston before blinking, “uh yeah, I mean, we don’t really get to see them back home because of all the light pollution so I just try to enjoy them whenever I’m here.”

Auston nodded, and his lips curved upwards slightly while you looked back up at the sky, trying to calm your racing heart and throbbing head.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

Whirling your head to your left, your eyes stared wide towards Auston.


Auston chuckled, shaking his head a little as he slid across the wood boards to lean right up against you. “Don’t look so surprised Y/N,”

You opened your mouth to reply, but you couldn’t find the right words to say. Your cheeks were warm, and your heart was now thumping out of your chest.

“Auston,” you sighed, looking away from him and leaning away.

“What? You are Y/N, you’re beautiful,” he said again, as he leaned forward and searched for your gaze, trying to get you to look him in the eyes.

“Stop,” you murmured, sliding back and pulling away from him. As you stood, Auston turned his frame to look towards you, a look of hurt flashing across his features.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his voice softer than before.

Shaking your head, your crossed your arms against your chest, shielding yourself. “You’re drunk Auston,”

Sighing, Auston stood from his spot, causing you to take another step back. “So?” he shrugged, “I’m not lying,”

Whining, you shook your head again and stared down at your bare feet. “You’re not allowed to say that Auston,” you whimpered out, as you watched Auston’s feet journey towards you. Looking up, you finally met his honey brown eyes, and spoke again, your voice soft with defeat, “you can’t say that.”

Auston’s warm hand met your rosy cheek, and you uttered a gasp once you realized how close he had gotten to you. “Y/N, if today hadn’t made it clear, I really do like you, I mean, I think I’ve got feelings for you,”

Your eyes widened and you stepped away again. Auston suddenly looked hurt, as you unknowingly rejected him. The thought of Auston Matthews actually having feelings for you was something out of a fantasy, a dream. You couldn’t even fathom the idea. “No, no you don’t,”

“And why the hell not?” Auston questioned, his voice low. “Why can’t I like you? Why can’t I speak the truth?”

“Because it’s not true!” you screeched, feeling your emotions reach their peak, “you’re just playing with my head again!”

You gasped when Auston’s large grasp suddenly gripped onto your forearm, effectively holding you in place. He looked angry, insulted even. “You really think I’d do that to you? Play games? Mess with your feelings?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” you muttered, causing Auston’s shoulders to slump. “I’ve seen you toy with other girls’ feelings, and you’ve tricked me once or twice before, so why would this be any different?”

Letting out a long sigh, Auston’s hurt expression stared towards you with sorrow, “Why is it so hard for you to let me in? Why is it so hard for you to believe me?”

Feeling your chest tighten and your tears wet your bottom eyelashes, you stared towards the man you were desperately in love with, and told him what everyone had always told you. “I’m not the type of girl you go for Auston, and everybody knows that! And because, you’re you Auston, and I’m me. I’m just not good enough for you, and I’ll never be good enough for you.” You proclaimed, as your throat grew warm and became uncomfortably scratchy.

Pulling out of his grasp, you bolted towards the staircase that would lead you back down to the dock. But just as you were about to head down, Auston’s voice caught you, “No, I’m the one who’ll never be good enough for you,”

Hesitating slightly, you bit your lip as you once again looked up towards the illuminated night sky. This couldn’t be happening. You just couldn’t wrap your head around this.

“Why?” you suddenly asked, “why do you think that?”

You could hear the vulnerability in Auston’s voice as he spoke, “Because you’re just so, pure. You’re honest, and funny, and kind, and just everything I’ve never been. People love you Y/N, they gravitate towards you because you’re just so warm. And I’m, well, you know my reputation,”

Licking your lips, you slowly looked up to meet Auston’s eyes, “which is why I’ve always shied away from you Auston, I’m nothing like those other girls,”

“But that isn’t a bad thing! I’m trying to get you to see that! I don’t care if you’re not stick thin, and I don’t care that you’re not a party girl! Y/N, you’re the type of girl I’d want to take home to my family, the type of girl I’d want to settle down with. You’re not just some fling Y/N, you’re worth so much more than that,” Auston exclaimed, as he slowly made his way back up to you.

“This is just so much Aus,” you muttered, shaking your head as you felt Auston’s warm hands fall onto both of your shoulders.

“I know it is, and trust me, this was not how I pictured this conversation going, but I like you Y/N, and I know you might find that hard to believe, but just give me a shot. Please,” Auston begged.

Gulping, you nodded slightly, “just give me the rest of the weekend, okay?”

Auston sighed, seemingly accepting your request. But before you could back away, you gasped in surprise when you felt Auston’s lips brush up against yours.

It wasn’t a passionate kiss by any means. It was light and airy, almost as if a feather had been pressed up against your lips. You knew he was being gentle on purpose, so that he wouldn’t startle you. But you also knew he was doing this to reassure you that his feelings were real.

Closing your eyes slowly, you applied light pressure back, still feeling a bit unsure. Pulling away slowly, Auston then wrapped his arms around you tight, holding you in place and he rocked the both of you back and forth.

“I just wish you could see how beautiful you are Y/N, and see how much you’re loved,” Auston whispered, before he placed his lips onto the top of your head.

Deciding not to answer, you just buried yourself into Auston’s warm embrace, silently praying this moment would never have to end.

fieldofclover replied to your photo: Chapitre 118 - Beloved Vampire In which I had to…

Quick question: do you think Mokona could save herself by drinking all the water or would that just result in her flooding Yuuko’s shop and Watanuki bemoaning about how the carpets are RUINED RUINED THIS IS TERRIBLE HOW DARE YOU LAUGH AT ME YOU BLACK PORK BUN ARGH


It would definitely be hitsuzen either way. 

Maybe Yuuko has been putting off the need to mop the floors for months because she knew something was coming. 

Maybe Watanuki accidentally set himself on fire because he was internally swearing at Doumeki while cooking. 

Maybe it was just in answer to a VERY well placed water pun. 

Either way Watanuki will be cleaning those floors for DAYS and Yuuko will, just, happily watch from the sidelines the entire time. It’d be GREAT.

anonymous asked:

Klance with that prompt you just reblogged? Lance as A? ( also I looove your writing, you're very skilled!!)

Why thank you, anon! I hope you like this! (Based off this post.)

The road trip was Lance’s idea. He wanted to spend a week with Keith in a more casual, intimate manner. So, when he woke himself up sneezing the morning they were set to leave, he shoved any thoughts of getting sick towards the far back of his mind.

However, two hours in, and he was starting to feel off. But, he didn’t want Keith to find out, so he did his best to subtly hide his ailments. He would clear his irritated throat to try and avoid coughing when Keith was distracted by something out of the passenger window. Anytime his breath hitched, he would quickly turn his head as if engrossed by something outside to stifle a sneeze. And, when his nose started running mercilessly, he made an off-hand comment about how the radio was too quiet and turned it up in the hopes that it would mask his constant sniffling.

Their first stop was for brunch at some local fast food chain. After some debate, they decided that drive thru would be best if they wanted to get to their destination by night fall. Lance asked for extra napkins at the window, and when Keith raised his brows in question, he told Keith that the last thing he wanted was to make a mess in his car and not have ample supplies to clean it up.

Keith insisted on feeding Lance his nuggets despite Lance’s protests that he was a professional at eating and driving simultaneously, and for the next forty minutes, the two ate and giggled as if they were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship.

When Keith declared that he’s going to take a nap after they polished off the food, Lance agreed all too quickly, which prompted Keith to shoot him a questioning look.

“Sick of being with me already?” Keith asked, one eyebrow arched playfully.

“Of course not,” Lance replied, mock offended. “How could you even say such a thing?”

“You are too eager for me to nap. Are you going to play Shakira while I sleep?”

No, Lance thought solemnly to himself while keeping a smile plastered across his face. Constantly stifling sneezes was beginning to hurt his chest, and he wanted a brief moment of freedom to sneeze fully when need be.

“You got me,” he replied easily, waggling his brows at Keith.

“You better not sing at the top of your lungs,” Keith laughed, snuggling further down into his seat and crossing his arms. “If you wake me up, I’ll be pissed.”

Lance breathed out a low laugh despite his scratchy throat. “I’ll be quiet,” he said, glancing over to see Keith nod.

He waited at least twenty minutes until he was confident that Keith was asleep based on the steady rise and fall of his chest. He had been stifling sneezes while waiting for Keith to fall asleep, but now that he was sure, he grabbed one of the rough fast food napkins, pressing it against his nose and sneezing harshly once, twice, three times. He rubbed at his nose, sniffling pitifully.

The off feeling from before was starting to flare into a cold, but still, he didn’t want to ruin this trip. He vowed to do his best to keep it from Keith.

The tickling in his nose picked up once again ten minutes later, and he pressed the napkin to his nose with just enough time to sneeze four times into the rough material.

“Are you okay?”

Lance’s single-hand grip on the wheel tightened at the sound of Keith’s voice. He slowly moved the napkin away from his nose, glancing to see Keith watching him with questioning eyes.

“Of course,” Lance said, doing his best to keep his voice confident and upbeat despite the energy depleting from his body.

“Are you sure?” Keith asked, voice gentle, worried. “You’ve been sneezing an awful lot. I wouldn’t want us to crash if you get caught up in a sneezing fit or something,” he added, tone all but dripping with concern.

Lance mentally cursed himself for not being more cautious while Keith was sleeping, but it had been such a relief to sneeze freely for a bit. “Allergies,” he lied easily, shooting Keith a wide-tooth grin.

Keith frowned back at him but didn’t press further, and Lance considered that a win. The two fell into a comfortable silence, with the only sounds filling the car coming from the radio and Lance’s more frequent sneezing and coughing.

However, an hour later, and Lance started to shiver. His head was throbbing, and he couldn’t go five seconds without having to cough or sneeze.

“Lance,” Keith said, breaking the silence with a firm voice.

“Hmm?” Lance kept his eyes on the rode.

“Let me drive for a bit. You should rest.”

Lance shook his head. Despite feeling completely terrible, he had told Keith he would drive majority of the trip since Keith had seemed hesitant to agree at first because of the long distance.

“I’m fine,” he said despite his chattering teeth.

“You really aren’t,” Keith pressed firmly. “You’re shivering.”

“It’s cold,” Lance countered.

“No, it’s really not.”

Lance sighed, feeling defeated. He finally nodded after a few moments, and eased the car off to the side of the road.

Keith was quick out of his seat, pulling Lance’s door open only seconds later. Lance moved sluggishly, feeling incredibly tired, but when he went to stand, Keith stopped him by pressing a cool palm against his forehead.

“I knew it,” Keith frowned. “You’re running a fever.”

Lance only wrapped his arms around himself in response. He allowed Keith to help him up and over to the passenger seat, but when Keith moved to shrug out of his light jacket, Lance held a hand up.

“Stop,” he tried weakly, but Keith already had the small jacket off and draped over him.

“Just rest, Lance,” Keith said before gently shutting the car door.

Lance pressed his head against the cool window, nodding off only seconds later.


Lance came to a few hours later, glancing around with tired eyes to find the car empty. He sat up despite his aching limbs with a frown. A half-lit sign blinking “Galra Drug Store” had his attention turning to look out the driver side window.

He watched Keith walk out of the store with a bag in hand, opening the driver’s side car door only moments later.

“I got you some medicine and tissues,” Keith said, plopping the bag onto Lance’s lap, and Lance’s frown deepened.

“You didn’t have to,” he said, voice rough and thick with sleep.

“Lance,” Keith sighed. “You’re sick. You’ve got a fever, and your nose is all red from those fast food napkins.”

Lance poked weakly at his irritated nose, wincing at the burn. He nodded, digging into the bag to find fever reducers, water, and tissues.

After he downed to pills, he ripped the tissue packet open with trembling hands as Keith pulled out of the drug store parking lot.

The car fell into silence once more for a few hours. Lance was content using the soft tissues whenever he needed to sneeze, but when he went to reach for another, he found the packet empty.

He tried the glove box but found nothing, and one quick look outside told him that they were nowhere close to a stop that would have tissues. He sighed, sniffling wetly and pulling his jacket sleeve down over his hand to rub at his runny nose.

“You’re a mess,” Keith said fondly as he glanced to the side to see Lance rubbing vigorously at his nose with his jacket sleeve.

“Shut up, Keith,” Lance called back with a pout, falling back against the seat and crossing his arms as he settled in for a long ride.

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Could you please write a scenario where Kageyama's s/o gets him a puppy for his birthday and it jumps on him and licks him right away and he gets emotional bc he always thought animals didnt like him? I just think it would be really cute.

“I have a surprise for you!”

Normally, when someone would utter those words to Kageyama, he’d be weary of what was to come. However, upon seeing your face ablaze with happiness and mirth, he couldn’t dispel the air of joy you carried. Perhaps it was because it was his birthday, but he felt more tolerable towards whatever mischief you conjured up today. Azure eyes gazed at you with soft anticipations, different than when he was playing volleyball.

“Close your eyes and no peaking, okay?” An infectious giggle bubbled from your lips, watching as Kageyama followed directions. You could see his fingers twitch from their place at his side, eager to find out what exactly you had in store for him. As if the cake and presents hadn’t been enough.

From behind his lids he could hear the shuffle of feet and an imminent hush from your lips before he felt you grow closer. He held out his hand as you asked, brows furrowing when he felt something soft akin to fur. Kageyama didn’t wait for your approval, eyes already open and staring at the small animal in his arms.

“A puppy?” It was obvious that’s what the creature was, but he was in shock that indeed that’s what it was. He was half expecting the dog to recoil and growl at him like they usually do, but instead it began fidget in his lap, yapping happily in its attempts to lick his face.

You watched with a certain anxiousness, hoping to gauge his reaction. A smile, genuine and not the scary ones he usually produced, tugged at his lips. His large hands gently stroked the animal as if it could break at any moment.

“This would be considered a good surprise right?” You beamed, Kageyama tearing his attention away to look at you. It was clear that he was elated, the emotion swimming in his clear eyes.

“Th-this is more than I–” His words halted as he suddenly looked away, furiously rubbing at his eyes to erase any evidence of the tears gathering in his eyes. You were surprise that he’d display such emotions, but you knew well enough about his past with animals.

You grew closer, cupping his face in your hands, brushing away stray tears. “See, what did I tell you? Not all animals are mean, you just need to find one with as kind a heart as you.”

Territory (Werewolf!Jungkook)

Plot: A relationship between hunter!reader and werewolf!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Epilogue

Word Count: 1412

A/N: so here is part sixteen, aka the homecoming, also this gif does relate to the writing but f u c k that is a good look how the hell does he look so good in just a black hoodie and when his hair does that thing, I want to throw my fucking laptop out the window but the link for this is werewolf!Jungkook (here)

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

The car ride was long, your limbs were sore and you felt groggy from your restless sleep, waking up every time the car stopped. You knew Jungkook wasn’t fairing much better, rolling his neck out every now and then, cracking his knuckles when the car was stopped. By the time you saw the familiar structure of his family home, you couldn’t have been more thankful, ready to climb into his bed and fall asleep. And you did exactly that, promising his family you would explain everything and answer their questions afterwards, the both of you falling less than gracefully onto his bed, your eyes shutting the second your heads hit the pillow and not reopening until the sun had gone down and come back up again.

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BTS React to S/O Making Them Angry (2 of 3)


It had been a whole day of indecision, and Namjoon’s patience was beginning to falter. He’d learned that you sometimes have trouble making decisions and that, more often than not, you are fickle. He’d taught himself to be patient with you in those situations, him being someone so assertive. However, today his self control was wearing thin.

“Y/N…” he sighs.

You look up at him, a blue scarf in one hand and a white one in the other.

“It’s very hard Namjoon…hmmmm,” you stare at both scarves, contemplating your life or death decision.

“How can an adult not make a simple fashion choice?”

You scoff. “Excuse me, Mr. I’m-effortlessly-fashionable! May I remind you who spends hours trying to figure out what to wear in the mornings?” you ask, exasperated.

He glares at you and you glare right back. Namjoon can be a very stern guy but your snappiness is right there at his level. He calls you out, and you snap back. An argument between the both of you would not last very long, considering how honest you would both be.

“Fine!” He says, irritated. “You’re right. Just pick one already,” He waves his hand as he strolls away from the fuel to his fire. You look after him, shaking your head, before making your decision. Despite his annoyance, he had been standing right outside the door waiting patiently for you. How could you not love him? You end up walking out of the store…empty handed.

“Hey,” You gently bump your side with his. “I finished.”

He looks down at your hands and when he sees nothing where the shopping bag should be, he bites his bottom lip and looks up at the sky. You smile, enjoying how triggering you’re being.

“You didn’t get anything?! Y/N, we just wasted so much time,”

“It’s not wasted!” You whine, staring at him with sparkling eyes. “I spent it with you!” You say, kissing his cheek and skipping away.

“Yah!!” he yells after you. You turn around and stretch out your arm, waiting for his hand to come hold yours.The incredulous look on his face would make anyone laugh, but nonetheless he slowly makes his way to you. He is so done, and you are loving every moment of it.


Everything happened so fast, and you felt a sudden rush to make things right again. In general, you and Tae were a pretty playful couple, but there is one thing that surely, without fail, ticked him off…being hit on the head. You were both teasing each other mindlessly when you, in protest of his mocking, instinctively push his head with your finger. You see his eyes dart into empty space as he tightens his jaw, and immediately you know he is holding in his irritation. 

Then, as if a switch had been flicked, Taehyung’s voice is no longer as playful. He changes the topic and “pushes passed his anger”, but you can clearly tell that, internally, his blood is boiling.

You laugh nervously before saying, “S-sorry Tae. I always forget you hate that,”

“Yeah…you do.” He doesn’t smile or laugh. His face remains serious and his eyes flicker coldly, as they often do when he isn’t beaming. He squeezes your cheeks aggressively, staring at you with ardent eyes. His lips twitch sideways, revealing what could have been a slight smile, before pecking your lips with his. 

“You drive me crazy, Y/N! Ugh!” but I love you too much, he thinks. He intakes a breath through his teeth before walking away.

You stare after him, overwhelmed by the rush of the moment. First you were blissfully having fun, then you were terrified, and now? Now you find yourself wanting to latch on to him. Your hand unconsciously reaches for his sleeve, which stops him in his tracks.

“Give me one more!” You say cutely. He can’t help but grin, letting his giddy laugh finally escape. He turns around, placing both hands on your face, and presses his lips to yours. Upon separating, you both stare at each other, first seriously, then happily, laughing away whatever just happened earlier.

Your best friend

A/n: requested by @skyl0rd5117 for the dialogue prompts.
#12: “Just get out, get out, get out!” With Jason
WARNING: This story contains mentions of abuse and a couple violent scenes. If this makes you uncomfortable don’t read the story. Sorry, but it’s the only idea I could come up with.

Jason was your best friend. You knew that if you ever needed anything, he’d be there for you. He still was here for you, despite your boyfriend’s attempts to make him leave you alone.

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Tell Me That You Love Me (Morgan Reilly)

Anonymous said:

Could you maybe, when you have time make a Morgan Rielly imagine based off of Ed Sheerans song How Would You Feel?

Word count: 932

Author’s Note: This song is absolutely beautiful and I had never heard it before I got this request! Link to song 

As usual, feedback is always appreciated!

Originally posted by moriles44

“I’m feeling younger every time that I’m alone with you.”

 You had never been the best at relationships. Your mom said you were stubborn, your friends said that you were scared of commitment and you concluded that you were just meant to be alone. That was before you had met Morgan, though. Morgan showed you how to live again. You, who had always been wise beyond your years, were suddenly allowing Morgan to randomly grab you and piggyback you around the ACC at a moment’s notice. Morgan made even the most mundane things, such as grocery shopping, into an adventure, juggling any and every item he could get his hands on. Whether it be a late night rendezvous at a tiny diner after a long road trip, blanket forts and movie nights or a well-needed puppy petting session at a pet store, Morgan brought out your whimsical side, something that you didn’t know that you had before you met him.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! How about RFA and Saeran oh!oh! and Vanderwood with Mc who have no sense of direction!! Like they always getting lost

You asked so adorably, awww. But, I’m so sorry, I don’t write Vanderwood because I really don’t understand their character at all. Very sorry!

-Yoosung was having a hardcore cram session one day.
-This poor thing keeps stressing himself out because he has an extremely important test tomorrow and he cannot fail it. Even though he’s a genius, and you tell him that many times, he’s stressed as hell.
-You thought you’d do something nice and offer to go buy him some comfort food to cheer him up.
-He says you don’t have to, but you do it anyway. So you hop in your car and head to the grocery store.
-You actually get there just fine and enter the store only to find that it is rather crowded.
-You’re only there to pick up some snacks for your stressed boyfriend so you try to get in and out as fast as possible.
-So you quickly make your way to the side of the store that has what you’re looking for, but you have to take detours to avoid crowds and next thing you know you’re lost in the canned food aisle.
-You tell yourself to just retrace your steps and follow the signs hanging from the ceiling but you still can’t find where you were trying to go.
-It takes you an hour and a half to get the snacks and get back to Yoosung.
-He’s passed out, dead asleep on top of his text book.
-You wanted to let him sleep. He deserves it. But you set the bags down and he stirs awake.
-“___, what took you so long?” he mumbled, still half asleep.
-You tell him about the grocery store incident and he laughs at you.
-He laughs at you. fuckin rude
-He apologizes and just says you’re cute for being so bad with directions. But he also says you need to be more careful not to get lost in more serious situations.
-Whatever you say my dude

-You wanted to bring Zen food while he was at rehearsal since he forgot to bring some with him today.
-You told him you’d bring him something so he can eat something healthy, plus it would be nice to see him.
-Zen tells you you don’t have to go out of your way to bring him food because he could just go buy something, but you insist.
-It’s not like you’ve never been to the theater. Your boyfriend practically lives there. You’ve been there hundreds of times, so you’re confident that you can get there in time for his break.
-But suddenly you’re on a street you’ve never heard of.
-That’s okay, you’ll just turn right and end up on the main road again.
-Wait since when did this place exist?
-Where the fuck am I??
-You pull over and decide to text Zen that you might not make it in time for his lunch break. He’s really sweet and tells you not to worry and all that cute stuff.
-You use the GPS on your phone in defeat and find that you’ve somehow ended up on the other side of town.
-You rush to the theater and get there just as Zen’s break time is up.
-But, you still give him his food, and the director kindly gives him an extra few minutes to eat it.
-While he ate, you explained why it took you so long to get here.
-“Darling, thank you for the food. But, uh… maybe you should use a GPS more often.”

-You two had planned a date night tonight and you were both supposed to meet up at a restaurant at 5:00pm
-She had arrived five minutes early and was waiting patiently on a bench for your arrival.
-But ten minutes pass, twenty minutes pass, thirty minutes pass…
-Okay she’s very worried.
-She texts you after the first ten minutes she notices you’re running late, and you reply with “Sorry! Traffic!”
-She understands but then after thirty minutes? She’s getting concerned.
-The restaurant wasn’t far from your house. Why is it taking you this long? Even if there is traffic, how could it be so backed up you’re thirty, going on forty minutes late?
-Are you… standing her up?
-Wait no that can’t be right
-You’re not that kind of person.
-After forty five minutes of sitting on a bench waiting, you run up to her
-“Ah, oh my god, Jaehee! I’m so sorry I’m so late..!”
-“What kept you? There couldn’t have possibly been that much traffic from here to your house. It’s fairly close.”
-“…It is?”
-“It’s close to my house..?”
-You had apparently taken the long way here. Not just that, you had missed three turns twice along the way.
-You had to explain that to your poor unamused girlfriend. That’s how she found out how horrible you are with directions.
-But, even though you’re very late, you continue with the date plans as usual.
-She offers to drive you from now on when you two go out anywhere. If she can’t, she suggests a cab because it’s much cheaper than the gas you’ll waste taking wrong turns.

-Driver Kim takes care of transportation so you never had to worry about driving.
-Which is good because you don’t know left from right.
-But one day he invites you to come visit his office because you had been curious as to what it was like.
-When you got there, an employee at the door gave you directions to Jumin’s office.
-You were highly confident that you would be able to find it without issue.
-You find yourself standing in a hallway.
-“…Did they say to turn left or right…?”
-Now you’re lost in a very important and busy office building.
-You wander around trying to find some landmark to determine where the heck you are while also trying not to look like a lost commoner from off the streets to the important and professional looking people walking past you.
-A guard that happened to be passing by stopped you and ask you to identify yourself which was intimidating
-You tell him your name and that you’re trying to get to Jumin’s office.
-He gives you a confused face.
-“But his office is three floors down from here.”
-So the guard escorts you to Jumin’s office.
-You got there safely to a worried looking Jumin.
-“____, you’re finally here. I was worried; you were taking so long to get here I thought something happened.”
-You tell him you got lost and embarrassed yourself in front of his coworkers. He will now always make sure you have an escort when you visit to avoid you wandering somewhere you’re not supposed to be.
-Also when you go out together he holds your hand and is reluctant to let you go off on your own so you don’t get lost.

-You had both taken a trip to the grocery store to pick up some more food.
-You were just about done gathering everything on the list you collectively created when Saeyoung noticed you had skipped an item on the list.
-He groaned. It was all the way on the other side of the store.
-Noticing how he really didn’t want to walk that far, you offered to go get it yourself.
-He let you, of course.
-He didn’t think much of it until you were gone for about fifteen minutes.
-This store isn’t that huge; how could it take you fifteen minutes to walk to the other side and back?
-He decides to text you and check up on you. He asks where you are.
-“Sorry, looking for the right aisle.”
-“Don’t tell me you’re lost.”
-“…Well you see…”
-You’re lost. And you’re on the other side of the building, earning another groan of Saeyoung.
-“Okay, well where exactly are you”
-I don’t know there’s only soup
-You tell him what aisle number you’re in.
-He stops.
-“…That’s not even close to where that last item is.”
-“You’re literally three aisles down from me.”
-You had apparently done a full circle on your journey to get to the other side of the store.
-You walk out of the aisle and start walking to find him when you hear him call your name from behind you.
-You even went the wrong way to find him three aisles over. oh my god how have you lived this long
-Saeyoung walks with you to get the last item on your list. He also makes a mental note never to let you go off on your own without knowing where you are, and to never put you in charge of directions.

-Well aren’t you both just a disaster together.
-V can barely see, and you don’t know what you’re doing.
-You were on a date at a local fair and having a great time.
-V enjoyed being able to spend time with you while also being outdoors. He was indifferent to the rides, but he was outside with you, so he was the happiest man ever.
-You were both getting a little peckish so you decided you should go get some snacks.
-You knew exactly which stands had the best food and he trusted your judgment, so you held his hand tightly and guided him through the crowds of other fair-goers.
-In your excitement to get your hands on some junk food you managed to get completely lost. You stop abruptly, causing V to almost bump into you.
-“What is it?” he asked.
-“Nothing,” you told him before marching into motion again with V in tow.
-You were determined to find the food stands if it was the last thing you did. You were using landmarks to find your way around like the Ferris wheel and the various roller coasters but you still could not find the stands.
-You find a map yet you still can’t seem to get to point B.
-“Love? The food stands are over that way,” he said quietly and pointed behind him with his thumb. “Should I lead you there?”
-Great job. You have to have an almost blind man guide you places because you’re that poor of a guide.
-He’s not annoyed in any way because he’s such a patient person. V helps you to the food stands that you had walked past multiple times in your frenzied search and you purchase the food you wanted.
-V can’t really see, so you will guide him, but he will help give you directions so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost.
-You’re actually a good team.

-He gets so annoyed when you run off and get lost.
-Can you not just say in his line of sight? That way you won’t get lost and he won’t have to go find you?
-But alas, you tend to get distracted and run off, leaving him to figure out where you had gone.
-He panics on the inside whenever you get lost on your own. He doesn’t want you getting hurt, which is more likely when you’re all alone.
-You wanted to take him out to a new shop opening up across town that you had been dying to check out.
-You assured him that you knew where it was, so he reluctantly allowed you to drive.
-He rolled his eyes and slouched in the passenger’s seat. “You better not get us lost.”
-No promises, Saeran wrap
-The bad thing about this situation is that he doesn’t know where the shop is, so he can’t correct you when you go the wrong way.
-You thought you knew, you really did. But, you’ve been driving for ten minutes with no sign of the store.
-“Oh no…” you mutter under your breath.
-Saeran glared over at you. “What do you mean ‘oh no’?”
-You swallowed hard. “I may be heading the wrong way.”
-Saeran groaned in annoyance. “I told you you should follow a GPS! Ugh, just pull one up on your phone.”
-So you did, and you followed that instead. Even then, one time, when the GPS said to turn right, you accidentally turned left, Saeran grumbled and glared in your direction again.
-He’s so grumpy and irritable because 1. this is taking too long and 2. he doesn’t like not knowing what’s going on, but he’ll get over it.
-He forgives you when you buy him ice cream from a shop next to the one you were visiting.


Charming… part 2

you can read part 1 here

You arrived at the hotel where Anna and Mike got a room.

“What did they say?” Anna asked

“Is it bad?” Mike asks

“It sounded expensive.” both of them looked at you worried.

“We have to find some work so we can pay it.” Mike said looking towards the both of you

“Yeah we could stay here for a while.” Sara said with a smile. “It would be nice to stay at one place.”

You took a shower and had into to town with Mike and Anna. You guys were searching for work and for groceries. After walking around for a half hour the 3 of you found a grocery store. The 3 of you entered together but after 5 min you lost them. You wander threw the grocery store till you bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry.” you said quickly and looked towards the person you bumped into.

Gemma was looking at you. “No problem. It’s nice to see you again.” she said quickly. You just smiled at her. “You told me you were looking for a job?”

“Yeah have to make some money to pay for the car repair.” You said with a smile.

“Well I may have something for you. What kind of work do you have experience with?” She starts walking through the hall placing some items in the basket.

“Everything a little..” You said “I graduated with a marketing diploma but never did anything with that.” She looks towards you and gives you a smile. “After school I did some bar work, cleaning and some other stuff.”

“I can do something with that. If you want I can offer you a job at the garage to help me out. I have too much work and well I can’t handle it myself.”

“Serious?” You looked at her questioning. She smiled at you. “That would be amazing. When can I start?”

“I like your attitude already.” You smiled at her. “Tomorrow at 9am. Here is my phone number.” she handles you a paper with a number on it. “Just text me the address where you stand and I will pick you up.”

“I can walk you don’t need to pick me up.”

“I know.” She says walking towards the register.  She looked back towards you and gave you a smile.


Gemma walked towards the car. She pulled the groceries and put them next to her and called Clay.

“Hey baby.” Gemma said

“Hey, Is something wrong?”

“No just calling to say that we having a new employer tomorrow.”


“The girl from this morning. She needed a job so I offered her one.”

“Okay. I see you tonight I have church.” Clay said ending the call.


You walked out of the store with Anna and Mike on your side.

“I can’t believe you already found work.” Anna said “It’s so nice of her.”

Mike didn’t look that happy. “I just think it’s weird. Were being driving thru country and nobody gave us work that easy and she just came around and gave you work and is going to pick you up and everything.” He shakes his head. “I just think it’s weird.”

“Don’t worry. I can take care of myself.” You said to Mike with a smile.

You all walked towards the hotel. You were joking around and Mike was walking in the middle of you and Anna with one arm around your shoulder and the other around her shoulder.  The sound of 3 bikes was heard behind you. They pass the 3 of you and parked a few meters from you. You saw 3 man get off the bike. When one of them got his helmet out of his head. You recognise him immediately. It was the man who picked you up today from the side of the road. Tig. He looks towards the 3 of you and smiles. One of the other man hits him in the chest pulling his gaze from us and all 3 of them walked into the store in front of them.

The 3 of you got close to the bikes.

“Mike didn’t you had one like that.” Anna asked pointing to one of the bikes.

“Yeah but it was nothing for me.” He says with a fake smile on his face.

“Well I can remember you were pretty into the motor club thing.” Anna says joking.

Mike pulled his arm from me and Anna and walked faster. “Come on I’m hungry.” You could her in his tone that he was irritated.

Anna looks towards you. “Did I say something wrong?”

In the corner of your eye you saw the three man walk towards the door to come outside. “Noo.”

“Y/N do you know something what I don’t know about Mike and the motor club he was in?” She says, eyebrows raised and eyes following every movement of your face.

“what? No, what are you talking about?” You said smiling. “Come on we have to catch up with him.”

She turns her gaze towards Mike and starts walking. She bought it. you thought. You took a deep breath and you saw Tig and the other man walk out of the store. 

Got7 Reacts to You Being Catcalled and It Triggering You

Hey guys! Omg, I reached 300 followers!! I’m going to work on those texts today and try to upload at least one or two today. Please, just be patient with me :). Okay, so I may or may not destroy a few of you with this one because the fan service is strong in this one….. As always, if there’s anything you want to see; reaction, scenario, or text; please send me a request! I love writing what you want to see! Now, lets get into this, shall we?


     Anonymous:  Hiii! Can you do a got7 or BTS reaction to you having a breakdown/panic attack because someone cat called you at the store and it triggered you? (Sorry something like this happened and I thought this might make me/other people feel better 😅)

For this one, like the BTS one, they are with you when it happens. This is all based on my own experience with my friend and physical touch seems to help her so that is what I’m basing it on.

1. Mark (These gifs are amazing, and he is so beautiful, and I love him….)

     Mark would be super pissed that anyone thought it was okay to talk to you that way. He wouldn’t want to cause a scene though, so he would just take your hand and squeeze it, quietly leading you from the store. He would get into the backseat of the car and pull your back against his chest, just holding you.
     "We’ll go back in after a while. For now, just let me hold you so we can both catch our breathe,“ Mark says softly in your ear, resting his chin on your shoulder,” I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything to stop that, baby.“

2. Jaebum

     Jaebum would snap at the person, his expression livid. His anger would make him want to yell at that person for a long time, but he knew that he needed to take care of you. He would lead you to the car and drive you both home, trying to cool his anger. At home, he would slump on the couch and release a sigh, closing his eyes and leaning his head back on the couch. After a moment, he would open his eyes and hold his hand out to you.
     "Come here, baby,” He would take your hand and pull you against his side, rubbing his hand up and down your arm,“ I’m sorry, Jagi. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry. Are you okay? Assholes like that shouldn’t be allowed to go outside around other people.”

3. Jackson

     Jackson would want to be angry but he knows that his anger won’t fix anything. He would take you to an empty part of the store and just hold you for a while, rubbing his hand up and down your back. Once you feel a little better, he would get everything you needed and drive you both back home. Back in your apartment, he would sit you on the couch and lean down to press a soft kiss against your lips.
     "I’m going to go make dinner. Just find a movie or show you want to watch and I’ll bring it to you when it’s done. Food always helps you feel better,“ Jackson smiles his cheeky little smile and kisses you one more time,” I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.

4. Jinyoung

     Jinyoung would not be happy, but he wouldn’t end up yelling. Mama Jinyoung wants to lecture the idiot on the proper way to talk to another living person, but protective boyfriend Jinyoung knows that now is not the time to do that. He would take your hand and squeeze it and press a kiss to the back of your hand. He would drive to your favorite ice cream shop and buy you whatever you wanted and then stop at your favorite restaurant to order dinner.
     "We can cuddle on the couch and have dinner. After dinner, I’ll give you a shoulder massage if you want,“ Jinyoung reaches out to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear, his fingers brushing your cheek,” It’ll help you relax and forget about that dumbass. They’re just jealous that I have the perfect Jagiya.“

5. Youngjae

     Youngjae is not a confrontational person so he would be upset that he can’t stand up to someone who disrespected you like that. He would buy what you came for and load up the car, his expression dejected. He would be internally berating himself for not being stronger. At home, he would hug you as tightly as he could, just holding you for a while.
     "I’m sorry that I’m not stronger, Jagi,” Youngjae breathes, his voice shaky,“ I’m sorry that I couldn’t stand up to him, that I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I promise to be better in the future and to do my best to protect you. Next time this happens, call me, text me, facetime me, whatever you can manage and I will be there as soon as I can. I don’t care if I’m on tour or a show, I will do whatever I can to be there for you.”

6. BamBam

     Lets just say, if looks could kill, BamBam would be a murderer. He would stare the asshole straight in the eyes as he gives you the most passionate kiss he possibly could, his expression challenging the idiot to say anything else. He would put his arm around you and tuck you against his side, leading you out of the store. He would lean against the car, still holding you in his arms.
     “So, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to forget about that asshole and I’m going to take you shopping for some new clothes. Then you’re going to get dressed up and wear that dress that you haven’t had an excuse to wear yet and we’re gonna go to a really nice dinner, okay?“ BamBan presses butterfly kisses along your jaw before letting you go so he can hold the car door open for you.

7. Yugyeom (This gif is so rude!! Why do I do these things!!)

     Yugyeom is about ready to fight a bitch, but He knows that it will just cause more problems for you. He would end up driving you both to the dorm, which would confuse you. He would lead you inside and sit you in front of their tv, handing you a controller. He would turn on a zombie game, taking his own controller and sitting next to you.
     "Whenever I’m upset, I don’t like to be alone and I usually want to kill things, so, we’re killing two birds with one stone. You just keep killing things and I’ll keep you alive. I texted Jungkook and he’s going to pick up snacks and drop by later,” Yugyeom brushes his thumb along your jawline, meeting your eyes,“ It’s better to be surrounded by people who love you than to listen to the words of some idiot spewing nonsense. Trust me on this one? You know Jungkookie and I will help you relax.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please send me any requests you might have!