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playlist: cute ass date

little numbers - BOY
running - b. miles
make you mine - public
heart out - the 1975
pink skies - LANY
celeste - ezra vine
UGH! - the 1975
seeing stars - borns
what you mean to me - montaigne
melting - kali uchis
her - eery
all that and more (sailboat) - rainbow kitten suprise
you already know - bombay bicycle club
one of one - duendita
affection - cigarettes after sex

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What type of guys do you think Hanzo, McCree, and Reaper like?


  • He digs the tall guys, like, he really digs tall guys. This boy just wants to be hugged
  • The ones with the lazy hair and care free attitudes, someone who’s laid back to balance out his regimented life
  • Dates would include: Movie nights, midnight walks and meditation


  • Lil soft boys in pastel colours with flowers in their hair and a love for helping people
  • Smol and adorable and the kind of ‘cinnamon roll’ cute that makes your heart melt
  • Dates would include: Cafe dates, home cooking and binge watching Reality TV together


  • Guys that are covered in bad ass tattoos and who’re into rock music and ride motorbikes
  • Someone who’s confident and strong, opinionated and brave. But also caring and considerate, a guy who knows his boundaries
  • Dates would include: gigs, training and nights out at a bar. Maybe not the most romantic places but it suited them
BTS Reactions

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*I’m not adding a member into the mix cuz I feel like naturally, the boys would respect each other and not date their members’ sister. Especially if she’s underage hahaha.

J Hope:

“Yah! Where are you!” Hoseok calls out to his sister.

He had to struggle with the keys while balancing out the weight of the takeout food and the paper bag full of signed BTS albums. His parents had gone out to run errands and had insisted he paid a visit to his sister, worried that she might be alone for too long. Being the concerned brother that he was, he bought takeout and brought the stack of albums that he’s been meaning to present to her. The sound of booming music brought him to her door.

He swings the door open as he complains, “Why is your music so loud?! I c-”

Right before his eyes, he sees his innocent little sister with her legs swung over a boy’s lap. His eyes catch their interlocked lips and all he could do was scream in horror. “What the fuck!”

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Deanxreader- "Ew! You're all sweaty!"

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You had just finished up one hell of a hunt, and were heading to meet the boys. The three of you had gone in the different directions, not knowing which way the werewolf went. It was either that, or all go in one direction- and hope no one got hurt.

Groaning, you stretched your back. You hadn’t been the one to deal with it, Dean had. He’d texted both you and Sam with details.

“Hey.” Dean panted, still trying to catch his breath from his ‘work out’ with the werewolf.

You gave him a smile as you neared. “You okay?” You asked. While you’d been dating Dean for a few months, one rule was that while out in the field during hunts, you acted like hunting partners. So far, it had worked well.

Tonight, Dean wasn’t having that. He pulled you into a hug, holding you close. “I am now.”

“Ew! You’re all sweaty!” You laughed, playfully trying to push him away. He kissed all over your face, making it worse. “Let’s get back so you can shower!”

Sam’s laughter alerted you to his arrival. “Need a moment?” He grinned.

Dating Kwon Jiwon aka Bobby
  • So the funny thing is
  • He was actually nervous when he asked you out
  • Like he had a whole script of everything he was going to say
  • But then he saw you and he started to get flustered
  • “Let’s date.”
  • Was the only audible thing that had come out of his mouth
  • Somehow it worked though
  • And everyone knew that you were dating by the next day
  • Because he just couldn’t keep it  secret
  • Not that he wanted to anyway
  • He isn’t shy about PDA
  • So expect a lot random kisses, hugs
  • any form of intimacy really
  • Also expect a lot of late night calls/texts and visits
  • Like he’ll show up at your house at 1 in the morning
  • Because Bobby is the type to be spontaneous when he can
  • He’ll want you to wear his hats or any clothing of his
  • It’s a possessive thing
  • But it’s not obsessive
  • He just wants the world to know your together.
  • Don’t be surprised if he wants you to listen to his music
  • Like he’ll invite you to the studio so you can listen to the demo tracks for their song
  • He genuinely wants your opinion
  • And most of the lyrics in his song starts to be about you
  • you’re his muse
  • Eventually he’ll start to invite you over but not to spend time with him
  • To spend time with the other members
  • Because he wants you guys to be friends
  • They’re the people who have been with him for the longest so of course he wants their opinion on you
  • But they like you
  • As long as you don’t hurt him

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If You're Constantly Shitting On Fall Out Boy's New Sound Guess What?

You’re not a real fan! 👍🏼I’m just so tired of hearing people saying things like “I wish they would go back to their old sound.” Guess what buddy their “old sound” is not only out-dated for this time period in music, but is almost impossible to go back to. That is unless you want Pete (and Patrick if you wanna get really specific) to go back to being extremely mentally ill and/or near suicidal. Literally the only reason their old stuff is different than their new stuff is because Pete isn’t in such a fucked up place anymore and because FOB as a band has grown up. So far, and from my understanding, M A N I A is seemingly a collection of songs about how they’re grown up and much better versions of themselves, but you want IoH, an album that is described simply as melancholy (literally featuring songs about Pete’s suicide attempt) you want FUTCT an album with an angsty sound and vibe to it, you want TttYG an album written by teenagers. You’re saying you hate M A N I A now, but I guarantee you’re gonna treat it like Folie 2.0 in the future. I mean I love pre-hiatus FOB, my favorite album is TttYG, and if FOB really wanted they could keep jerking off to FUtCT-esque albums for the rest of what would make their sorry careers and you so called fans happy, but they don’t, because that actually would make them sell outs. Experimenting with their music because it’s their band and their music, doesn’t make them sell outs. Long story short instead of hating on them every time they release a single how about you just accept you’re a fake fan, and you’re only really a fan of their more rock sounding albums and quit ruing it for the rest of us real fans.

When they told him that his eyesight could not be restored, he already knew that anyway.  His wound was still fresh and painful, and yet he’d already grown tired of the entirety of darkness.  Kanan started to meditate, alone, to try and come to terms with his new disability.

That person kept visiting him.  He brought Kanan food and water every day and tried to apologize, his voice breaking with every word he spoke.  Kanan could tell that he was close to tears. 

Kanan sent him away the first time, knowing that he was in the wrong.  But it became easier the more he’d kept at it.  It was silent treatment.

Visits from the boy quickly dwindled as days turned into weeks.  They’d lost all contact before weeks turned into months.  Their force bond thinned. 

The boy’s call for aid didn’t go unanswered when his life was threatened.  Kanan was thankful for the boy who pulled him out of his shell, twice to date.

Kanan could only rely on memories to see what his family once was and not what they are now.  He’d been told that the boy no longer have hairlocks, and have had his hair trimmed right back.  He could hear his voice a little higher off the ground thanks to his growth spurt, and his voice breaks a little more due to puberty.

He tried to picture what the boy looks like now.  He couldn’t.

Kanan will never get back what could’ve been, for all the happy memories that he wishes he’d created with his eyes.

Every time Kanan focused in the direction of his Padawan, all he could see is a child that he’d last looked upon before it happened.

No, not quite.  He realized that after Malachor, Ezra was just as vulnerable as he was when Kanan embraced him back in Ryder’s camp.  His actions in the last few months drove his Padawan back into that situation.

I have a theory about Jonah Beck

Okay so this randomly came to me when i was reading @jonahbex RANT and now i just have to say it. So A lot of people talk about Jonah having a bad home life. There’s a study that shows that children date peoole that remind them of there parents, it’s like a subconscious thing, they feel like this human is the person they should date and love cause they love there parents. I think Jonah only dated Amber because she reminds him of his parents. I think Jonah parents are abusive. Also theres like one episode left of Andi Mack I have no hope for the Cyrus gay plot I guess Disney hasnt gotten to that yet, but on the bright side, it shows little boys out there that they can be ‘feminine’ and its okay. So yeah idk please tell me what you guys think.

A brief overview of the MANIA Project 🔮

We are asking volunteers going to each tour date to print and cut our templates out on purple paper. We’ll be passing them out at each tour date and asking people to hold the cutout up to their phone flashlight during Young and Menace. This will make the light purple, thus giving the arena a purple “glow”.

Why are we doing this? FOB has helped so many people over the last 14 years. I have personally heard so many stories of how they have touched people’s lives. They are so much more than our favorite band. This is just a small way that we can give something back. To say thank you for always being there.

If you’re interested in helping out, please send us a message! We still need help for just about every date!

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So we've speculated into Kazuki's love life so let's not ignore the ladies. Mei and/or Natsumi, are you willing to share anything with us about your dating histories?

“I haven’t really been in any serious relationships. I’ve been on dates before, but things just don’t go long-term. I’m okay with that. I’m a bit young to think about settling down.”

“All the single boys try to catch my attention! They see my true beauty and end up fighting each other over who gets to ask me out! They eventually chicken out anyway.”

“That’s a lie. Nobody wants to ask Natsumi out because of her parents being Yakuza, and Ex-Remnants of Despair. Most of the time, they just don’t want to be associated with her.”

“Wha-What the fuck did I ever do to you?!”

Connor dating a Vegan


I was listening to ‘Does Anybody Have a Map?’ and thinking about how Zoe says “Connor finished the milk” and this happened.

- He’s over at your house and digging though your fridge (this boy is always hungry oh my gOD) 

- “Hey, Y/N, you’re out of milk”

“Connor, I don’t drink milk”


- He’d be so confused, smh. 

- “What you you mean you don’t drink milk????”

“I’m vegan, Connor, you know that”


- This dork thought that vegan and vegetarian where the same thing, and you have to try so hard not to laugh.

- So you sit him down and explain to him that vegans don’t eat any animal products.

- “So no cHEESE either????”

“No, babe, no cheese either.”

- He is shook and can’t imagine that anything vegan could taste good.

-So you bake him vegan cookies next time you see him and he is EVEN FURTHER SHOOK.

- “Wait these actually taste good???”

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i came out as trans to my school and like some boy asked "hey can i ask a question" and im like "if you ask me whats between my legs ill punch you in the face" and he said "dont worry" so i said "okay ask away" and he asked "would you date guys now?" and i replied "im a lesbian"

Tag yourself I’m you shooting guys down bc you’re a lesbian (also I’ll punch anyone who asks what’s between your legs)

Hii~ could I have a private ship for Monsta X, iKON and Black Pink??? Your ships are so cute!!


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:



Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:


Cute Couple Moment:


I ship you with:


Best Friend Out Of the Boys:


Secret admirer:


First date:
-Where you go:

Amusement park


Cute Couple Moment:

Juice x Reader

song this is based off (https://youtu.be/pFjryf8zH_M)

Hope this is at least somewhat decent.

Juice had always been this happy upbeat person. That’s what attracted me to the man. He has the brightest smile and the most beautiful brown eyes.

So a couple years later after dating him, He asked me to be his old lady. The years pass by, we get married. He gave me the perfect wedding and the most beautiful vows which included the famous line every Samcro wedding had. “I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my harley.”

Three years later, i found out i was pregnant. We are having twins. Boy and a girl. Both of our dreams are coming true. It didn’t take long for that to come crashing down though. ATF Agents had started to snoop around and put Juice even more on edge. He wasn’t the same man anymore. He became distant.

I knew it wasn’t always gonna be easy at all. I know there would be problems along the way. So when i found out, Juice tried to hang himself with everything going on. It scared me i couldn’t loose the man i loved.

When Juice walked through the door, i walked up to him and grabbed his face and kissed him. He pulled back at first and just looked confused “What was that for babe?”

“I love you Juice, We love you. Our twins don’t need to loose their daddy.”

“You know?”

“Yes Juice i know. Chibs called me, He told me.”


“Why did you do this or much less try Juice, are we not enough anymore?”

“It’s not that Layla. It’s ATF agents sniffing everywhere. The damn cop harassing me. It’s beginning to be too much. Every where i turn i’m in some shit hole.”

“You aren’t though Juice, it’s hard now i know baby but we always make it. Don’t we?”

Juice looks up at you and nods his head in agreement. “We always make it baby.”

“So be that tough sexy man i know Juicy. Be that strong perfect man i married. You can have the emotions baby but don’t let this shit bring you down baby.”

“I love you Layla.”

“I love you Juicy.”

Club shit got worse before it got better it always did but my life with Juice was always getting better. He struggled he always did.

At the end of the day, me and Juice made each other stronger.

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Alright, so I'm a 5'3, 15 year old, trans dude. I'm dyeing my hair red soon and I'm a wannabe punk. Fall Out Boy owns my ass and I like to write, draw, and play guitar. For a date, I would probably want to go stargazing while I write crappy poetry about you and draw crappy doodles of you. Or just skype until 6 am idk