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Family Games’ Night

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Steve Harrington x Reader, Nancy Wheeler x Jonathan Byers

Length: 1428 words

Warnings: not really, just cute bbys playing DnD

When you’d first begun dating Steve Harrington, you didn’t think you would ever consider hanging out with a bunch of middle-schoolers ‘fun’. But, here you were, at the Wheeler’s house, ‘babysitting’ on a Friday night.

It started off with Dustin Henderson, AKA; the sweetest boy you’d ever met. The kid had a lisp (which stemmed from his cleidocranial dystosis), a passion for nerdy games and movies, and sometimes he tried to seem cooler than he was (although, you had a suspicion that was just to get girls’ attention). Dustin had almost literally adopted Steve as his older-male-authority-figure, and you were struck dumb by how seriously Steve actually took it. But, considering neither of them had siblings (and Steve parents were mostly absent, or dictating at him), unlike the rest of their friends, it hadn’t surprised you too much that they were so close.

Dustin had begun to appear in the backseat of Steve’s car, whenever Steve picked you up to go on a date or hang out. It mostly meant the two of you were dropping him off somewhere (which was usually the Wheeler’s, the Arcade, or the Byers’), but occasionally the three of you would go out for ice-cream, or for KFC. Secretly, your heart warmed at Steve’s interactions with the kid. Even more secretly, you wondered if he would be like that with other kids’ (maybe even yours, one day?).

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What happened with Homestuck and Polyamory? I don't understand why something so harmless would trigger someone?

so back when a bunch of now-adults were into homestuck at the height of its popularity, we were all like… 13, 14, 15 sort of age and most of us actually hadn’t heard of polyamory. now, troll romance introduces a concept that is literally alien to humans – the idea of dating one person traditionally (your matesprit) and one person in this weird hate-date relationship where you’re mean to each other?

anyways being stupid fucking teenagers a bunch of people tried it out and/or pressured each other into it to “try it” and you can imagine how that went. 14 y/os dating multiple people, one of whom was a “hate partner”, whilst having no idea how to maintain healthy polyamory. hoo boy it was a time let me tell you.

Sons of a Thunderstorm (Part Four)

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Sons of a Thunderstorm Masterlist

So Thor sucks at picking fake names he’s called  Terrell which means Thunder Ruler. Because. When you’d screwed with a bunch of angry vikings why not make it easy.

Loki is Claire because as @romanchronicles pointed out he can switch genders and I had a great idea for who he could be!

“What are you doing?” Ivar snapped and you felt Sigurd move across your bed.

“She is upset so I was comforting her.” Sigurd said quickly and you were suddenly tugged onto the floor.

“Why are you sad?” Ivar snapped while he madly, tried to unravel your duvet cocoon.

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Swapfell Papyrus (Rus) dating headcannons!

OMG YES (soz if he’s ~soft~ in this but it’s just how i see him atm) 

  • In the beginning of the relationship, he has mild haphephobia (fear of being touched) from his past so you have to be patient with him before he holds your hand!
  • When he gets comfortable with you he’ll probably never stop touching you! You’re so soft and warm and everything this boy wants in life. 
  • He’s very protective and wants to know that you’re safe
  • The dates the two of you go on often are low energy (eating dinner out, going to the movies, playing video games together). 
  • He can’t articulate it very well but he loves you a lot, and often hopes that you can just read his soul and know how much he loves you without him having to say it. 
  • This being said, he can be very lewd when he wants to (so I hope you’re ready for a great time)

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“Aw come on, he’s really nice, sort of but he’s totally your type.” Seungcheol was bugging you for the millionth time that week about him setting you up on a blind date and to be honest you hated the idea of blind dates. Why would you want to go on a date with someone you don’t know, they could be a secret serial killer.

You ignored the whining boy, instead continuing to look over your notes for the upcoming test. Seungcheol whines louder, he moves up and down, shaking the table, sighing loudly while throwing himself onto of the table, his hands falling on top of your notes and you couldn’t be more frustrated at the boy.

“I can’t go on a blind date okay, I’m still not over my ex.”

The giant lie spilled out of your mouth and you thought as long as he doesn’t ask who it was, you’d be safe. You’ve never actually dated someone before but knowing how gullible Seungcheol was, he’d fall for the lie in a second. He’d end the conversation there and you’ll have to wait until the next month when he starts pestering you again.

“Ex? What? You never told me about an ex-boyfriend. Who is it? Is it someone I know? Is it that one guy in our math class?”

God dammit Seungcheol.

You were running out of options, anyone you said he would obviously know and even if he didn’t he’d ask around and eventually know, you cursed him for being so popular. You started to look around the cafe and outside, if you chose someone totally random, he wouldn’t know them and you could make up a bogus story of how it ended.

“Uhh….he’s actually right there.” Your words were hesitant and you were praying to god Seungcheol didn’t notice.

Seungcheol turns his head to look at the boy sitting at the corner of the cafe, he buried himself in a sweater with headphone resting atop of his head. His fingers typed away onto his computer and the top of his bright green hair made him stand out easily in the cafe.

“Jihoon?” Seungcheol stared at you in astonishment, “You dated Jihoon??”

Dammit Seungcheol.

“You know him?” You whispered in contrast to Seungcheol’s booming voice.

“Know him? He’s the one I told you about, you know the small guy that punched me in the gut because I accidentally made him drop his project which ‘apparently’ he worked weeks on.” Seungcheol did another double take at Jihoon, “We’re passed that and he’s kind of cool I guess, but wow, you and Jihoon?”

“Shut up! Say it any louder and the whole world will know. Yes, we dated and broke up and I’m just not over him yet.”

Lies. Complete lies were spewing out of your mouth but you really couldn’t back out now because if you do Seungcheol is going to give those really disappointed eyes and then you have to go on the blind date and you really did not want to spend time with this so called ‘nice guy’.

“Let me talk to him, we could totally work this whole thing out.”

“Seungcheol!” You were half whispering half screaming as Seungcheol made his way over to Jihoon in the corner.

You buried your face into your hands, internally screaming about how your life is completely over. You dared not to look at Seungcheol because for all you know, Seungcheol is already looking at you with those disappointed eyes. You felt the chair in front of you move and the table shifts a bit as Seungcheol sits down.

You sigh in defeat, “Seungcheol.”

Seungcheol cuts you off, “I’m so sorry, you know if I had known that you two ended really bad and that you were suffering I wouldn’t have tried to push the date onto you.”



He continues, “Well Jihoon told me about how you guys got into this huge argument and it ended really bad with a lot of screaming and oh my god I can’t believe Jihoon would be such an ass and cheat on you.”

Laugh, that’s what you wanted to do at the moment. This whole story, him apparently cheating on you, the argument, the break up. You wanted to burst out laughing, a totally complete stranger manufactured a fake break up story for you.

You gave your fake best sad face, “Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. He just became someone so different.”

For five minutes Seungcheol consoled you as you tried to contain your smiles and laughs. When he finally up and left, you sighed in relief that the whole blind date thing was finally out of the window. Before you turned back to your notes, your eyes wandered to the boy in the corner, his eyes flickered to yours for a second, the end of his lips moving upwards into a small smile.

It wasn’t until you were packing up did you have the courage to walk over to him. Jihoon notices your figure approaching him and he takes off his headphones. Up close you couldn’t deny that he was kind of cute with his tousled hair and how his sweater was too long, creating the classic sweater paws look.

“I wanted to thank you.” You started off, “For playing along I guess, I was kind of surprised you created the whole break up story.”

Jihoon shrugs, “You looked like you were dying over there so I decided to help you. Besides, I needed to get back at that damn Seungcheol for ruining my project.”

When a laugh escaped your mouth, Jihoon felt his whole body shake, your laugh vibrated in his body and for some reason he wanted to hear more of it.

“Anyway, thanks for the help, Seungcheol won’t be bothering me for a while about dates.”

Jihoon cracks a smile, “Here.” Jihoon scribbles his number onto a piece of paper, handing it to you, “If he bugs you again, we could stage a screaming match in front of him. Just give me a call.”

Your smile brightens and Jihoon could feel the warmth radiating off of it. His shoulders slump and slight disappointment fills his mind when you turn and leave when he hoped you would sit and chat for a while.

For a while Jihoon forgets about you, a month passed and after a few days of anticipating a text, his disappointment wore off and his schedule suddenly became quite busy and the thought of you slipped to the back of his mind.

The buzzing of his phone woke him from his needed nap, Jihoon groans loudly, ready to tell off the person on the other end. He waits for his eyes to adjust as he sees a text message notification pop up onto his phone.

It’s your supposed ex girlfriend, seungcheol set me up on a date without me knowing, pls pls pls pls help me pretty pls i’ll buy you food or coffee

Jihoon contemplates for a moment. As much as he wanted sleep, he drags himself off of his bed and out the door.

“Seungcheol!” You whisper harshly while gripping his arm tightly enough to leave marks, “you can’t leave me here alone!” Seungcheol laughs as he pulls your hand off, he whispers a good luck before standing, “Seungcheol!”

When he leaves the restaurant, you laugh awkwardly at your blind date. The atmosphere becomes still and seconds feel like hours for you. Your one word answers to their questions becomes bland and you grip your phone tightly hoping Jihoon got your message.

“Hey!” Jihoon is slightly out of breath, “What do you think you’re doing!”

You’re taken aback, his voice is slightly booming as he directs his words to you. You don’t know what to do or say, you remain silent with your mouth agape and eyes widened.

“Do you know him?” Your date asks you.

Jihoon glares at the boy, “I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?”

“Boyfriend? Seungcheol didn’t say anything about a boyfriend.”

“Well I’m here aren’t I.” Jihoon turns to you, a smirk on his face that your date couldn’t see and you felt a weight lift from your shoulders, “You let Seungcheol put you on a blind date.”

You cross your arms, beginning to play along, “It’s not like you were going to take me out on one.”

Your date suddenly becomes tense, the heated argument between you and Jihoon forced him to become stone, “I-I’m just going to go.”

The boy dashes quickly out the door and your large sigh of relief is finally let out. Jihoon plops himself onto the seat in front of you.

“Well that was fun.”

You laugh, “What, watching him run away or fake arguing with me.”

“Both.” Jihoon lifts the menu set directly in front of him, “What’s good here.”


Jihoon stares idly at the menu, “You said you’d buy me food if I came. Waiter!”

You lips curve to a smile, you watch silently at Jihoon who begins spouting various items to the nervous waiter. The warmness in your heart increases when Jihoon glances at you.

With five take out boxes in his hand, because he states that’s his meals for the week, Jihoon begins to bicker with you about the bill. His previous statement of having you pay becomes unlikely as you two settle to split the bill and you pretend not to notice when he inconspicuously puts down a few more extra bills for tip.

Your laughing when Jihoon joins you outside of the restaurant, “Seungcheol texted me freaking out because apparently I have a boyfriend now.”

Jihoon glances at the never ending messages from Seungcheol and laughs with you, “well I guess you’re going to owe me a lot of food.”

Pretty in Pink Bughead!AU


Betty Cooper is a cheerleader and the girl next door at Riverdale High, her best friend, Jughead Jones, is a loner and self-proclaimed weirdo who works at the record store and lives on the wrong other side of the tracks. Betty has a glaringly obvious yet hopeless crush on the star golden boy Archie Andrews and meanwhile Jughead? Well Jughead has been head over heels in love with Betty since they were little but for some reason she just doesn’t see it. When Archie surprises everyone and asks Betty out on a date she’s thrilled but how will the rest of the school react? And more importantly how will Jughead react? (fyi not well)

if you haven’t seen this iconic 80s classic please do! you won’t regret it

I’ll start posting this multi-chapter fic in December on my a03 account.

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If we’re talking OCS in the dnd campaign I dm I have a harpy boy I created cuz the sourcebook for 3.5 says harpies are ugly women who kill men out of desire and women out of jealousy so I made him a super cheerful cute happy trans harpy boy out of spite and he’s dating one of my PCs I love my child

fight the system!! i love the spite and also the cutest harpee boy!!!

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k in 4th grade this boy was mean to me and i declared then and there to swear off boys forever and i did until college. fast forward to freshman year of college when i try to date a boy, don't like it, end up drunk in a gay bar, make out with a hot girl, and go "oh yeah no i like this better". turns out i'm a lesbian.


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3 sentence someone asks Michelle out and peter reacts hilariously badly

“No!” Peter shouts without much thought. The whole room, all four hundred and sixty-seven people at Midtown High’s graduation, crane their heads to see the boy that yelled no during the student government president’s speech and adorable date proposal to the valedictorian, Michelle Jones. With all eyes on him, Peter clears his throat and plows on horribly, “I just mean, uh, you know,” he begins to panic as he searches for any plausible explanation for his outburst, “….putting girls on the spot like this is….bad…..and perpetuates….the patriarchy…..which is also bad…SO IN CONCLUSION MICHELLE DON’T GO OUT WITH HIM!”

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(Angst? Angst.) How about a scenario where Bakugou finds out his ex s/o is seeing Kirishima? Like seeing them out on a date or smth and realized he was not at all over her? Or, if you want you could reverse it with Kirishima seeing his ex with Bakugou? Whatever u want, luv ya mods!

Well….I dunno about a scenario but how about some headcanons? Yes? Great! Though since I decided to do hcs instead of a scenario, I did both versions! I hope you enjoy it and sorry about the wait! Have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱


💥Boy. Is. Livid.

💥 He always suspected that you had liked the damned hair for brains!

💥 He won’t ever admit it but it hurts to see you out on a date with what he used to consider his best friend!

💥 “What the fuck are you two doing?” – Instead of keeping his distance, he goes straight up to you.

💥 Things go south. Quickly.

💥 When Katsuki gets angry he grabs your arm…but Eijiro does something, he sets Katsuki off and you’re the one to suffer for it!

💥 Eijiro reacts quickly to your cry of pain, pulling you free from Katsuki’s grasp and telling him he needs to leave you alone before taking you away, leaving Katsuki standing there, staring at his hand, a single thought going through his mind; Fuck.


🍑 When the two of you had been dating, you meant so much to Eijiro! He couldn’t even remember why the two of you had broken up…

🍑 Until, that is, he saw you out on what was obviously a date with Katsuki Bakugou.

🍑 When you two were going out, his blonde haired friend hadn’t been able to keep his hands off of you!

🍑 Of course it was nothing short of innocent but the way Katsuki used to look at you, grab your arm…everything he did with you looked like he wanted more…

🍑 Since you wouldn’t take him seriously about it, Eijiro had broken things off.

🍑 Oh how he regretted that decision now, watching you with Katsuki, it made him remember how things between the two of you used to be.

🍑 It reminded him of his love for you and that hurt.

This was a two part request because I HAVE to do the SDR2 boys too :D Again, this is a fem S/O :D

SDR2 Boys seeing Fem S/O in Wedding Dress for fun

Hajime Hinata

  • Can we just say the poor thing didn’t realize what was happening when you sent him a picture of you in a wedding dress
  • With the message ‘Guess whose getting married?’
  • Panicked phone call
  • ‘S/O, when did you get engaged?’
  • Last time he checked, you were dating and everything was fine
  • You apologize and tell him that your mom had gotten her wedding dress out and was letting you try it on
  • You reassured him you were joking
  • But in a dead serious tone you hear
  • ‘Keep the dress on, I am on my way over”
  • Hangs up
  • He is at your house in record time and immediately is like a love sick fool
  • He compliments you and tells you that he wants to ask you to marry him someday soon and that he prays you will say yes to him
  • Precious thing
  • you feel so bad for making him worry

Byakuya Twogami (Impostor) 

  • He was so grateful to you for dating him as long as you had
  • And he never really knew how to react when you would do unexpected things
  • And one day you told him you wanted to dress up with him
  • It was something he was totally fine with and let you look through his assorted items and disguses
  • You found a wedding dress tucked away in the waaaay back of the closet though
  •  And you pulled it out and told him you wanted to try it
  • It was stretched and kinda worn though
  • But you wouldn’t sweat it too much
  • And as soon as you had tried it on, you noticed how huge it really was on you
  • And you stepped out in it with your bra and part of you tummy kinda showing
  • He was already flustered, but told you with a stutter that he was going to help you out with fixing it
  • And shaking hands helped you pin the dress into place properly
  • how magical he didn’t stick you with a pin during it
  • And after he stepped back to admire you…
  • Really really thinking about how he wanted to propose to you as he fully compliments everything about you that he loves…
  • except the dress right now

Kazuichi Souda

  • You weren’t really one for thrift shopping
  • Rarely did you ever do it
  • But you were learning to love it when he would come with you
  • And in the back of the store were a lot of dresses
  • New to old including wedding dresses
  • You told him you wanted to try one on for the fun of it
  • His heart was pounding
  • “How can I even handle that, S/O?”
  • And you grabbed the dress and headed to the dressing room
  • oh no oh no oh no
  • he didn’t even know if he would be able to contain himself anymore if you-
  • Out you stepped, swaying so the puffy skirt would twirl with it
  • kazuichi.exe needs to shut down
  • He is dazed, but almost immediately tells you that you are gorgeous 
  • and that he wants you to buy the dress so he can see you wear it again because of how perfect it is
  • No Souda
  • Let’s buy a brand new one that is even more perfect for our wedding
  • and now we blue screen of death

Nagito Komaeda

  • You would ever consider marrying him?
  • He laughed like a kid at the thought, not convinced
  • You demanded he come with you to go to a dress shop so you could show him that you wanted him to see you in dress that he would love
  • self depreciation the whole way to the shop
  • When you enter, a lovely shopkeeper helps you guys pick out some very pretty white dresses
  • He isn’t picky, saying that he wouldn’t want to soil how beautiful you truly are with the kind of person he is
  • Your eyes roll and disappear into the dressing room
  • Once in a beautiful curve hugging dress with a trail about 5 feet long
  • The shopkeeper announces how gorgeous you look
  • Nagito is immediately perked up at the curiousity
  • You stride towards him, the lady helping neaten the back of your dress before him
  • You were a queen above him
  • He kisses your hand and all the way up your arm
  • ‘What a beauty…and the dress looks nice too.”
  • Melting
  • ‘Are you sure you want to marry a fool like me?’
  • The shopkeeper answers for you pretty damn quickly
  • no one goes into a dress shop with a man and doesnt plan to marry them

Gundham Tanaka

  • He had been considering you to be his Lady of the Shadows for a while
  • You knew that you loved the thought of being his ‘queen’
  • You had actually had a prom dress in a lovely night sky black for a while
  • And you prepared to put together a little getup for him to see
  • You went to the store for a few supplies
  • a cheat veil, paint, and fake black roses
  • Creating the perfect dress for an evil Lord
  • And you invited him to come to your place for dinner and a movie
  • But you told him you had a surprise
  • And BOY did you give him one
  • He was utterly unable to speak
  • his scarf was up to the top of his hair
  • He didn’t know how to react
  • And when you held his hands and pulled the scarf from his face and kissed him
  • he finally hit earth again and cleared his throat
  • ‘For a future courtship ceremony…I would prefer you wear a white…and…”
  • He can’t seem to find the proper words to express anything
  • But all you know is that Overlord of Ice still wants a white wedding
  • thank goodness

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Ever excited for his cousin’s wedding, he is trying on tuxedos and suits for the ceremony
  • He looks so handsome and amazingly good in a suit
  • And you decide that you want to go shopping a bit yourself
  • Finding your way to a boutique that sells formal “after ceremony” dresses for brides
  • You want to maybe be a little less dressed up and show him one
  • Texting him the dress on the rack, he sends you a text saying that he is about to leave the shop and to try it on for when he gets there
  • No way to deny you want him to see you
  • You are finished by the time he enters the store
  • you can hear him come in asking for you in his excited voice
  • And when you step out of the room
  • He thinks it would be a perfect dress for you to wear after your wedding while he dances the night away with you
  • wait
  • Our wedding?
  • Tells you that he needs to see you in a REAL dress that day
  • He will carry you if needed
  • bridal-style

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • Wedding a yakuza is a dangerous choice
  • He would tell you that all the time
  • Through your relationship you knew that he was scared at the thought of marrying you
  • Especially the way his parents were
  • But you wanted to change his mind
  • Your stepsister was married over a year and you asked her for help
  • She had shown up to your mom’s house with her dress in hand and was totally willing to get you put into it
  • no idea you were going to show a yakuza
  • but those are details they don’t need
  • Loads of pictures are sent to him at all different angles and poses
  • He texts you back immediately that he is so afraid that you want to marry him that bad
  • But you tell him that no matter what, his parents life isn’t going to make you love him less
  • He makes sure to meet up with you that night and make your plans for the future
  • Holding your hand and telling you that he loves you more than words can say
  • and maybe marrying you would be the best thing he could do

Teruteru Hanamura

  • The boy has been saying he wanted to marry you from the start
  • Totally adamant in this
  • No answer could change his mind
  • And you wanted to give him what he asked for
  • He decided to cook you a lovely meal one night
  • but your intentions were not to just eat the meal and not shock him
  • You told him you needed to change into something more comfortable
  • but you are wearing a hoodie and sweats S/O
  • OH
  • But he didn’t think you would be coming out of the bedroom wearing your mother’s wedding dress
  • It was utterly beautiful and modern since she had just gotten remarried
  • the spoon is dropped and the face he makes…
  • “My my..S/O…I didn’t realize just how you could make yourself even more delightful’
  • He wraps his arms around your waste and gives you the eyes of a love-lost teenager
  • Does this mean you have to elope now?
  • the answer is yes

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Could you please do an ask about Crutchie's little sister secretly dating Jack Kelly?

You and Crutchie were close as siblings could be but he could be a little bit… over protective. He was pretty open that no body would be good enough for his little sister and while the idea behind it was sweet it caused you to hide your new relationship. Crutchie couldn’t handle you dating the boy from the bakery what would he do if he found out you were dating Jack, his best friend. Jack was great, he made you feel loved and so special, each kiss making your heart flutter but you both didn’t want to deal with crutchies over protectiveness. That being said no one can keep a secret from Crutchie Morris for very long, especially when you and Jack get a little too carried away in the penthouse. You two were kissing after a long day of selling, Jacks hand running down your back until they reached your ass. You two didn’t even hear Crutchie until he yelled your name “Y/N who are you- Jack?!” Quickly you two pulled away, you looking away while Jack scratched the back of his neck awkwardly “guess there’s no point hiding it anymore…” jack mumbled

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(This is so old I’m sorry. Also I’m sorry if I suck at writing smut)
Steve Harrington was one of those almost obnoxiously loud people and Billy knew it from the minute he met him but still he wasn’t quite expecting him to be so quiet in the bedroom.
So unwilling to admit his own pleasure.
But something that was beyond bizarre to he himself was that he
didn’t mind. When he slept with a few girls and a few pretty boys alike, he insisted they be loud for him. That they scream for him.
But here he was, thrusting into a whimpering Steve Harrington as the renounced king was spread out on the mattress beneath him.
It was so fucking erotic.
God, he wanted to fucking cum just listening to the noises his pretty boy made.
They weren’t dating, Billy had to remind himself in moments like this, no they were just relieving the tension so they could actually freaking play basketball on a court together without killing each other.
But in moments like this, with Steve looking like a goddamn piece of art, it’s so easy to forget if they are.
In moments like this, it’s so easy to forget he wants to be but can’t man up apparently. He can’t tell this beautiful whimpering boy with fluttering eyelids, flushed cheeks and spit slicked lips shining in an ‘o’ shape, that he loves him. That he wants this boy more than he’s ever wanted anything else.
That thing about Steve Harrington, it makes him feel fucking pathetic. He feels weaker than he feels when his dad beats on him and god, that sends a chill up his spine because Steve is supposed to be the one who feels vulnerable, spread out bare and bottoming but god, Billy is weak for this boy.
“Do you want more?” It tries to come out as a snarl to reassert his own dominance but it sounds like a teasing joke maybe, at most.
And -good lord, this boy is trying to kill him- Steve whimpers, nodding quickly before his voice, sounding almost absolutely wrecked, pleads out, “Please, Billy.”
Without hesitation, Billy shrugs Steve’s legs off his shoulders so they fall by his hips and Billy lays chest-to-chest with the slighter boy and praises, “Such a good boy. Such a pretty boy.”
Steve tucks his face into Billy’s neck and because Billy would light himself on fire to hear those sweet little whimpers, he rolls his hips at the new angle.
Jesus Christ, he almost comes at the sweet sound of Steve’s whimpering being cut of by a moan.
“Billy.” And he feels that warmth rush into his chest again, like the fire is spreading, as Steve moans out his name.
“Good boy.” Billy rasps out, pressing a kiss just behind his jaw and sliding his hand almost sensually down his side.
Another pathetic, little whimper escapes Steve’s throat at the sensuality so to remind the boy what this is, he thrusts his hips in hard.
God, if you only he could remember what this is supposed to be.
“You ready to really whimper for me, Princess?” He asks, needing to feel the power of a punishing pace but there is a solemn part of his head that says he needs to make sure Steve is okay with that.
“I don’t whimper…” Steve protests weakly a few moments later and Billy openly scoffs, taking it as a challenge,
“We’ll see about that, Harrington.”

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My gaywakening was in junior high when I felt left out because it seemed like everyone was pairing up and I'd had some failed crushes on some boys and I just remember talking to a friend saying "We should just... Date each other" AND THEN WE DID AND I WAS LIKE WOAH, YOU CAN DO THAT WITH GIRLS TOO? SO SOFT

i literally used to be that “straight girl” who used to say that and now im laughing AT MYSELF

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okay so: who was patrick's first boyfriend, and if the answer is "N/A" who was his first celebrity crush? When did/has leander figured out his sexuality? has sydney ever been on a date, and if so how did it go? is there anything Ro would change about her body that is not a sex characteristic/related to dysphoria (if she experiences it)? what is leander's guilty pleasure when it comes to media? Is Sydney a fan of online movie/game reviewers? what does ro want to do with her college degree?

josh! you are my hero son.

- patrick’s been on a low number of dates, but none have progressed to facebook official boyfriend title status. he’s a really nice boy but he’s a nervous wreck around cute boys so the initial impressions are never great. he just starts asking you your opinions on the afterlife and he’s really sweaty. ergo his first tv boyfriend was definitely every green power ranger.
- im glad for the leo question bc i’ve thought abt leo’s past relationships extensively fsr. leander’s had boyfriends before so he’s figured it out at this point! the realization happened when he got a crush on a boy in middle school. he had a bowlcut and his mom dressed him. i gave him a name but i cant remembALEJANDRO. his longest relationship was with his highschool boyfriend, jeremy, on the football team and eventual captain, who was a year above him and broke up with him to go to college out of state, and leander was devastated. jeremy’s studying fuckin, astrophysics or somethin’ now. i’m proud of him. (also jeremy will never show up but i did base him off an old kind of boring OC which tickles me.)
- the closest thing to a date sydney’s been on was climbing romantically up to someone’s bedroom window, breaking the lock, and throwing a stink bomb inside because they talked shit about her on facebook.
- rochelle thinks she looks dope as shit, but she’s on the fence about her bang situation. keep growing them out? cut them? what do.
- leander probably really enjoyed madoka magica or some such and we’re all right there with him.
- sydney is a fan of no one who tries to influence her in what to think or do, no matter how kind and affable. how dare they.

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.