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My sincere and honest thoughts regarding The Evil Within 2:

So, I’m finally sitting down and writing out ALL my thoughts on TEW2… at first, I was kind of nervous. After all, I mean so many people are going to love it, right? Well, to put things into perspective, @detective-joseph-oda and I literally returned the game. I’ve never taken back a game in my life.

It’s been a difficult rollercoaster for me. TEW fandom is my everything… so, it’s not like I’m leaving, or going to stop being mama or shipping or cosplaying or anything like that. I love this community and I want to contribute and continue to support my kids. I also would never want people to not play a game, or not get enjoyment out of it by voicing my opinions. A lot of people have asked me what I thought … so here’s my honest write-up, as someone who picked up TEW1 on its release date back in 2014 and has been in the fandom ever since.


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