out of your price range

If you can’t afford to commission an artist, don’t tell them that their prices are too high. This leaves the impression that the artist’s work isn’t of value to you, which can give them a bad impression of you, the client.

Instead, say that you are currently unable to pay for the commission, or that you would like to get back to them when you can pay. Don’t devalue an artist’s work just because it’s out of your price range.

Art is created by people, and those people are the ones who determine their own value. Respect that.

how to do prom on a budget

Because not everyone can afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one high school dance, but that absolutely does not mean that you can’t enjoy your evening to the fullest. 

  • Your prom dress definitely does not have to cost several hundred dollars. Amazon.com has some really nice formal dresses, and most of them are in the $50-100 range! (I know there are other websites specifically for discount prom dresses, but in my experience Amazon has better quality and lower prices. Plus prime shipping can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush.)
  • And if fifty bucks is still out of your price range (and I know that it is for a lot of people), check your local thrift stores. Second-hand prom dresses sell for a fraction of their original price, and they’ve usually only been worn once or twice. Seriously, I got my first prom dress at a thrift store; it was a very pretty, very well-made dress, and I payed $15 for it. Check. Thrift. Stores. 
  • Or, if you just don’t like second-hand clothes or if you couldn’t find anything good in the thrift stores, check Ross or a similar store. (Ross is just what we have in my hometown.) They usually stock some formal dresses around prom season, and they’re almost all in the $20-30 range. I’ve gone to formal events in dresses from Ross before, and they hold up really well and look great in pictures.
  • All of the stores I just mentioned are also really good places to get shoes, jewelry, ect. to go with your dress. Even stores like Walmart and Target might be good places to look for shoes, bags, and other accessories. And definitely check your own wardrobe – you might already own stuff that will look good with your dress. (I’ve worn the same pair of heels to, like, three different proms at this point tbh.) 
  • Get a dress that fits you well without alterations. Seriously, tailors are so pricey – you’ll probably end up paying several times more for alterations than you did for the dress itself. You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you just buy a dress that already fits and looks good. 
  • Do your own hair and makeup. There are approximately two billion “prom hair and makeup” tutorials on YouTube – find one that you like and practice it a couple of times before the big night. 
  • And if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, call in a friend for help. I’m totally useless when it comes to hair, but my best friend is a hair genius. We would always get ready for dances together, and we’d do a trade-off; she’d do my hair for me, and I’d help her with her makeup, and then we’d both go to the dance looking amazing. It’s a good system, and makes getting ready a lot more fun.
  • Or, if you don’t want to do your own makeup and don’t have a friend you can ask, a lot of department stores that have makeup counters (Macy’s, Belk, ect.) will do free makeovers, even if you don’t buy any of the products! I had a friend in high school who always got her makeup done at Belk for school dances. I don’t like trusting a stranger to do my makeup, but it is an option if you want to get it done professionally without spending a lot of money. (MAC and Sephora both do “free” makeovers, but only if you make a $50 purchase first, so probably not the best option if you’re trying to save money. Always make sure that the makeover service really is free before you sit down in the makeup chair.)
  • Also, you absolutely do not have to wear dramatic makeup or complicated hairstyles to prom if you don’t want to. If bold makeup isn’t your thing, you can just do mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. If you don’t want to spend two hours on your hair, just wear it down, or pin it up in a really simple bun, or whatever works for you. You don’t even have to wear a dress if you don’t want to – if renting a tux is more your speed, then rent a tux. Feeling comfortable and confident in how you look is more important than following trends. 

Hey guys! To alleviate some of my spending on post-graduation events I’m opening up a few traditional ink commissions! They’ll be mainly monochrome, and touched up with gold ink.

  • $40 for a single character (like Chihiro & Shiro)
  • Additional characters, extra colour hints, complicated designs and working from description with no visual references will incur extra cost
  • Max. 3 characters per drawing. Something like the BNHA piece will be around $80-100.
  • Price includes standard international P&P, but you will need to pay extra if you want insurance/tracking/courier etc
  • Full payment will be requested once I provide you with thumbnail sketches. I’ll complete the drawing once this has been received.
  • If you want a quote, please email me! There’s no obligation to follow through if it’s out of your price range. 
  • If you’d like a plain pencil sketch for cheaper, that’s fine too. Just email me to ask!
  • Fanart and real people are fine. I can’t draw mecha, but feel free to inquire about anthro.

I can draw very fast so turnaround time will be quick.

Email me at manmanfan@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested or have any other questions. Thank you so much!

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

Originally posted by nnochu

→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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Pricing & Etiquette

“Your Prices Are Too Expensive I Could Do XYZ Myself For Cheaper”

Whether it is tarot, scrying, sigil making, spell weaving, poetry, candle making, wand crafting, and so on, most of us require payment for our time and experience.

While you could surely grab a deck of tarot cards and lay a spread for yourself it will NEVER be the same method and results as I use. It may be similar but my readings have been shaped by 8+ years of experience, studying and my own life and relationships.

What you don’t realize is you’re paying for the person’s time, effort, and materials should they use them. Some examples could be candles, incense, offerings, crystals, notebooks, decks and so on.

Tumblr has always been a very “free expecting” culture. Artwork, stories, crafts… These people DESERVE compensation for their work. Artists ALREADY have a hard enough time in their field without you complaining that their rates are out of your price range.

If an artist lowers their pricing for you it hurts ALL OTHER ARTISTS ON THE MARKET.

Low balling sets the lower price standard and people expect that. As a result people lose.

In Salem readings run $70-$100 a pop.
And I think that’s reasonable considering they have to pay the shop hosting them (like a hair salon).

The next time you want to complain about pricing I do encourage you to try to read for yourself. See how much effort, time, and patience it really takes.

Maybe you’ll learn some respect in the process.

band-aid solutions

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, angst, humor

warning: slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!jimin, oral

word count: 15k

summary: It’s said that time heals all wounds, but that isn’t exactly true and sometimes band-aids are all you have. You catch your boyfriend cheating on you and Jimin is more than willing to help you forget him.

✩ a/n: inspired by the drama suspicious partner, check it out if you haven’t already!

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Im Yours | Part 5

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Drama, Angst, Smut, Fluff

Language, Eventual Violence, Lots of Smut Later on

| 1 |  2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

You took a deep breath and smoothed the material of the tight but conservative black dress  you had pulled aside for this night specially. You’re hair was done, makeup done and shoes on. Now it was time to wait. You were nervous, despite having a few more take out movie dates with Jaebum, this was the first time you would be going out with him in public. Right on the dot your doorbell rang and your nerves grew even more. You started your way to the door but stopped half way there to smooth out your dress once more. You froze again when your hand touched the doorknob but with a deep breath you opened it. He looked stunning. His hair was pushed back perfectly, his all black suit pressed and tailored to fit his body in just a way it made your heart flutter. His stern face softened into a sweet smile as he looked you over and he stuttered slightly before handing you a single rose.

“Oh my god, it is a real date.” You said, taking the flower and stepping aside for him to walk in.

“I hope your excited, were going to one of my favorite restaurants tonight.” He said watching as you reached for your coat and took ahold of your purse.

“Im actually really excited. Ive never really been on a fancy date before.” You admitted, laughing at his shocked face.

“Well then we will make it a night to remember. Are you ready?” You nodded after slipping your arms through the coat and took his elbow, letting him lead you out of the front door.

You were greeted by BamBam standing at the now open car door. His face lit up and a huge smile covered his face as he watched Jaebum open the door of your building for you.

“Wow! Y/n you’re smokin!” He said as you approached. You blushed shaking your head and reconnecting your arm with Jaebum.

“Jackson look, y/n looks amazing!” He said leaning into the car slightly. You saw Jackson turn to face you, his smile immediately lighting up.

“Enough you two.” Jaebum said sternly as he nodded for BamBam to get in the front seat.

He smile at you and kissed your cheek slightly before closing the door and walking around the car. Before he got back in your reached forward to flick BamBams ear making him hiss and turn around, but relax and nod when Jaebum entered the car. It was a quiet but far from awkward car ride. Jaebum’s hand held yours softly and he would point out the window and quietly tell you things about the buildings and parks that you passed. You loved listening to him softly speak, his voice held so much knowledge and it amazed you that he knew so much about things that really didnt matter to most people. When you pulled up to the restaurant your eyes widened. You had seen this place so many times but never had the opportunity to enter it, just a glass of water was way out of your price range.

“Jaebum, this is too much we can’t-”

“I told you Id give you a first date to remember, right?” He said scooting you closer to him as the car slowed down. You nodded and pressed your lips together for a second. “Then just relax and have a good time.” He smiled just as BamBam came around the car to open the door for him.

He stood and buttoned his coat back up before holding out a hand towards you. You took it and let him help you out of the car, smiling to BamBam as the two of you made your way up the small set of stairs and into the restaurant. It was even more amazing than you thought it would be on the inside. Though the lights dimmed everything gleamed with a gold and red hue, Koi swam around the outside of the room with streams that lead into a center pond. The sound of Jaebums chuckle made you snap out of it and look to him.

“Close your mouth, the fish might jump in.” He teased walking you right past the host who bowed.

“Mr. Im, its so great to see you tonight sir. Shall I tell the chef your here?” He said causing Jaebum to stop.

“Of course. And tell him I’m with a very talented chef, he better bring his best to the table.” He said nodding once before continuing to walk forward.

“Jae, that was kind of rude.” You said tugging on his hand, not sure why he didnt wait for the host to seat them.

“I’m their scary boss. I can’t have them thinking I’m a softie can I?” He said, his eyes twinkling.

“Boss?” You said as he pulled you into an open room that had a ‘Reserved’ card on the table.

“My dad was a foodie, he invested in a many restaurants and when he past he left them all to me.” He said pulling out a chair for you.

“Wow.” You said sighing, watching him as he sat down next to you.

You would laugh at how his face would go from soft and sweet to tough and ridged when ever a waiter walked in. Even when the chef walked in to personally welcome the two of you he only gave half a smile, even though the chef made it perfectly well known that he’s known Jaebum since he was a little boy. Wine was brought to the table and immediately the two of you reminisced on the last time you drank together, smiling as you talked about all of your now firsts.

“I was so nervous.” Jaebum said shaking his head. “The first time we kissed? I don’t know… I was so worried you were going to think I was a terrible kisser.” He said making you giggle.

“Your kissing is fine. More than fine.” You said not trying to hide the fact that you were now blushing.

“I still feel stupid for doing that. It was so unprofessional.” You said making him laugh again.

“Very unprofessional. I can’t believe you kissed me.” He teased.

“Jaebum, Im pretty sure you kissed me.” You said remembering the was his fingers took your chin.

“Thats not what you told BamBam.”

“I was saving you the embarrassment of kissing the cook.” You smiled before taking a sip of your wine.

“I don’t think I could ever be embarrassed when it came to you and your lips.” He said in a soft voice, looking at you in away that made you giddy. You lent forward and kissed him quickly before settling back down into your seat. As you did so he tried to hide his smile, your food was being brought in. But the blush on his cheeks made it hard for him to regain his stern face.

The food was amazing, there was no doubting that. Definitely some of the best traditional Korean food you have ever had. But as bad as you wanted to eat it all in one big bite the conversation with Jaebum was too good to even get enough to half fill your stomach. You couldn’t help but smile as he fed you from his plate, rolling your eyes and commenting about how cheesy he was being.

“If you feed me one more bean sprout I swear, no stop it.” You laughed pushing his hand as he tried to get you to take from him.

“Oh come on I don’t like them, you have to eat them.” He said lifting his hand again.

“But what happens if the big bad boss gets caught hand feeding his cook?” You teased causing him to put his chopsticks down.

“Fair enough. Try this then.” He’d say lifting another piece of food.

You laughed and continued to until you caught the sight of a red head sitting at a table just a few away.

“Is that BamBam?” You said smiling over back to Jaebum, confused.

“Yeah, They get to eat here for free so when ever they come they always take advantage of the menu.” He said, sighing in annoyance. You put your hand on top of his and smiled, rubbing your thumb gently across the back of it.

“I think its sweet. Its like they’re your body guards or something. You said making him chuckle.

"More like a pain in my ass.” He said biting his lip.

Dinner ended the same way it began; Jaebum being a perfect gentleman. He pulled your chair out and offered his arm. When you reached the coat area he helped you into yours while holding your purse and then walked you out to the car. He sat a lot closer to you this time, the two of you sharing the middle seat. One arm was around the back of the side you sat on. While his other intertwined with yours. The four of you engaged in conversation but you could tell Jaebum wasn’t to happy about sharing you. You pressed your knees into his thigh and squeezed his hand. He looked at you and smiled softly, placing a soft kiss on your cheek before telling BamBam he was an idiot.

You pulled up to your building and instantly BamBam jumped out to open the door. Jaebum followed you out, never letting go of your hand and continued to hold it until the two of you reached the front door of your apartment.

“Thank you for an amazing night, y/n.” He said bringing a hand up to stroke your cheek once.

“Oh, its over?” You said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Well, is it?”

“Well, I was hoping you could come in for a little.” You said smiling as he pulled you in to kiss you. “Or all night, if you want to.” You said pulling away slightly to fully unlock the door.

His hands were on your hips and turning you around as the door slammed shut behind the two of you. You threw your coat to the side and hooked your arms around his neck, giggling as he kissed you a few times over. Your hands moved to his coat and slipped it from his shoulders. Pulling it till it hit his bent elbows. You hands then moved to his tie, pulling at it to bring his body closer to yours. He chuckled sweetly as he shrugged the coat off all the way, dropping it on the floor behind him. You started to step backwards, pulling his tie with you till you bumped against the wall. You giggled again as jaebum pulled out of the kiss laughing.

“Are you okay.” He said rubbing the back of your head from where it hit the wall.

“Yeah, come on.” You said taking his hand and pulling it into your bedroom. He rose an eyebrow at you and you shrugged. “The couch was getting kind boring.”

He laughed and closed the space between the two of you, his hands wrapping around your waist. He laid you down and pushed you back onto the bed, his hand running up your bare leg as it bent to press against his side. You only let him hover over you for a minute before your hands were pushing him up. He rolled onto his back thinking you were going to change your mind, but as your body followed his and you straddled his lap he grinned, sitting up slightly to meet your lips with his own. His hands tailed up your thighs again, smiling as he realized your skirt hd risen high enough for him to cup your backside in his hands. You arched your back into his touch, Moaning slightly as your core brushed against him. You continued to roll your hips, loving this new feeling you had with him. He didnt complain either, which only made you roll your hips more, his hands now guiding you.

You started to kiss him faster, your hands now running over his chest to unbutton his shirt as fast as you could. The sexual tension had been building so much between the two of you over the past week this was long over do. You got the last button done and started to run your hands over his chest wanting nothing more that to take a peak to see what was going on underneath but the need to have his mouth on yours over took that. His hands slid up higher, pushing your dress up as they moved to hold your waist. You kissed him long once grinding down harder than you had before slipping down his body. Kissing down his neck, letting your lips trace down his chest until you were far enough down to unbuckle his belt. His hands immediately caught yours making you stop.

“Wait, y/n.” He said sitting up. You now stood hurt and confused in front of him, you honestly thought he wanted to do this just as much as you did. You pulled your wrists out of his hands and crossed your arms, realizing that your dress was still hiked up. You shimmied it back down before hugging yourself.

“No, come here don’t be like that.” He said holding a hand out to you.

“You reject me and thats what you say?”

“No, wait.” He started, this time scooting himself closer so he could place his hands on your hips.  "You’re… I don’t want it to be like that. All rushed and like it doesn’t matter. You… I want to feel like I’ve made you feel wanted.“

You tried to continue to to pout but you couldn’t help but break into a smile as he started to wiggle your hips back and fourth.

"Your so damn cheesy.” You said as he stood up.

You smiled at him as he wrapped his hands gently around the back of your neck. He pulled you into kiss him, and this time he was leading. You felt his hands travel down your back till the feeling of him tugging at the zipper of your dress. He pulled his lips away from yours, letting his forehead rest against yours.

“May I?” He whispered, waiting until you nodded and proceeding with slowly undoing your dress.

As your dress fell so did his shirt. He held your checks as he scoped your body, loving how good you looked in the simple black lace. He kissed you again, moving his arms to hook around your waist to pull you in closer. The feeling of his warm skin against yours made your knees weak, you could hardly keep your breath. He bent down slightly till his hands were hooking around your knees. He pulled them causing you to loose your balance but giggle lightly as he caught you and lifted you up. He slowly turned smiling at you before laying you down. He kissed you gently again for a minute before letting his lips trail down your jaw line. His hands that were still under your back undid the clasp of your bra and soon pulled the straps off of your shoulders. You smiled as his lips met yours again and his body pressed against yours, the feeling of your bare chest touching his made your panties dampen even further. You didnt even realize his hips had started rolling against your until he hit your core just right making you gasp in pleasure.

“Thats it.” He whispered against your mouth while rolling his hips the same way over and over again. The second noise you made was a full moan, his teasing causing a hollow ache fill your core.

He chuckled again and dipped down your body, his weight lifting off of you and the cold air hitting your nipples made them hard and you to softly breath in a way of protest. You kept your eyes closed, mainly to focus on his fingers that trailed down your stomach to the hem of your underwear. You groaned softly again as he started to pul them down, his touch never leaving your skin until the panties were fully off. He pushed your knees apart and you felt the bed dipping around you once again as he came back up to kiss you, a little heavier this time. His fingers skipped your body this time and went right to your core, massaging the length of your sopping folds until you were moaning again.

His kiss deepened further as his fingers slowly found your clit and started to circulate, loving the way your hips moved with his hand. You tried to make him go harder, just wanting the teasing feeling that was slowly building finally release. But before you could even get half way there his fingers were dipping between your folds and he sighed pleasurably in response to your wetness. He pulled himself off of you once again and stood up, watching you as your eyes slowly opened and you propped yourself up on your elbows. You watched as he undid his belt and shimmied his slacks off of his hips. You smiled as his very erect member and giggled again as he crawled over your body again. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, waiting for his fingers to continue their work but when his member started to teas your entrance you pulled away.

“Already?” You pouted teasingly.

“Im ah… Im not very good with foreplay.” He said biting his lip.

“Well then,” You started sitting up so your face was closer to his. “Let me show you how its done.”

You waited until he had a full blown smile on his face before patting the bed next to you and making him scoot back until his head was against the pillows. You kissed down his body, your hand already stroking gently at his member which twitched in anticipation. When you were low enough you started to kiss up his shaft, circling your tongue over his tip, sighing at how great his precum tasted.  He groaned again watching you, no one had ever made him feel this good with such simple actions before. Then again, he was just used to an easy fuck that was out the door before she could even finish. His thoughts were put to a halt by the feeling of your tongue covering his length and he opened his eyes to see it was fully in your mouth. He hissed slightly as your covered his entire length. He wanted to put his hand in your hair. To control your pumping. But that would make you no different that the other girls who blew him. He didnt even like that term when it came to you. Every time the pressure of your tongue changed or your added the firm pump of your hand he’d feel himself unraveling. His hand finally came into your hair when he was seconds away from cuming.

“Y/n… wai..t” He gasped trying to get your head off of him but the feeling of his hand following your head made him explode.

You looked up and smiled, his face was so flushed and he smiled as his head fell back to the pillows. You smiled and laughed again as He held up one finger and waved it at you a few times.

“Give me one second.” You laughed at him and took this opportunity to sip on the water that was on your bedside table. You almost spilt on yourself as his face appeared next to yours.

“Im ready.”

You were barley even able to put your water down before his arms were around your waist and he was pulling you onto your back. You couldn’t help but laugh as his lips found your neck before they landed on yours, and even then the two of you smiled into the kiss. The feeling of his tip once again circling your core made you gasp louder this time, giggling afterwards as you tried to line yourself up with him. Your gasp turned into a moan with the feeling of him entering you, and your body set fire as he began to move. It didnt take long for your fingers to start pressing into his back and your moans to become more frequent. He wasn’t movie fast but he was definitely moving with power as he thrusted himself into every which wall of your body. He smiled widely at your sudden gasp. Like before he hit your sweet spot and you couldn’t help yourself up let your fingers dig into his back.

That was when he started to move faster. His confidence in his ability to please you sky rocketed and he was soon pumpng into you at heavier pace. Between the sounds of him grunting and  your soft, breathy moans the two of you were nearing release. He sat up and pull one of your knees up so he could get deeper, his eyes darkening as he watched you clench to the sheets around you. His hand reached down and started to rub circles on your clit, this time with more confidence. You couldn’t help but attempt to arch your back, the pleasure making you wriggle under him.

You moaned his name once, twice, three times before clenching to his arm that was wrapped around your leg. The feeling of you tightening around him made him cuss and pump a little faster.

“Jaebum!” You said more clearly as your head tilted back and your insides contracted leaving you with a over powering sensation ripping through your body. He held on to you tightly as he pumped a few more times before pulling out and letting out a whiny gasp before cumin all over your stomach.

He let your leg go and dipped his head into your shoulder, groaning in pleaser as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He let his body fall onto yours and then realized was he was laying in and jumped off.

“Ah, fuck. Sorry let me just.” He stuttered running into your open bathroom and pulling the hand towel you instructed him to get. He wipe himself off before wetting the towel and wringing it out.

He helped you clean yourself off, laughing at you tossed the towel to the floor. Pulling you against his chest he laid with you, still naked and hot from the activities. You snuggled close to him, loving the way his heart beat was still racing and the way his breath slightly hitched when you moved even closer. You tried to relax, to fall asleep in his arms like you had so many nights before. But a knocking on your bedroom door made you jump out of his arms and under the covers.

“Its BamBam don’t freak out!” You groaned as Jaebum slipped under the covers with you and called for BamBam to come in. He sat with one are over you, trying to hind any sight of you.

“Are you going to stay- Oh my god did you two do it?” He said with a wide smile.

“Im staying the night.” Jaebum said, now leaning across you to hide your blushing face.

“Okey dokey Boss. We will be back in the morning. Have fun you two.” He said before bowing slightly and closing the doors

“How did he even get in?” You said, your hands still covering your face.

“He’s really handy with locks…”

“Of course he is.” He laughed at that, but that didnt stop him from laying down back next to you and kissing you gently.

“So,” You said in a whisper. “You’re staying?”

theambiguoushero  asked:

Helpful tips for looking at apartments for the first time? I'm going this weekend and I need tips!

Ooooh, SO! I wrote a post on this awhile back, so this is a copy/paste: 

Before you are ready to move: Make sure to keep an updated document of your current and past addresses, landlord phone numbers and other info you’ll be asked on a lease application, including first and last names of other residents, current employment information and so on. Bonus: lots of these things are also useful on job applications! Also, start saving for deposits. Beyond the one on the apartment, you may have to put down deposits on your utilities.

When you are ready to move: Figure out your price range — a good rule of thumb is no more than one-third of your income. Also, clean out your car — lots of landlords notice the small details, and how you take care of your other expensive habitat.

If you’re in a tight market, don’t send a flurry of questions to the landlord ahead of time; briefly introduce yourself, dropping in a detail or two that makes you sound put-together and responsible. Ask for the first viewing possible.

When looking at an apartment: Be sure to be on-time, looking tidy and presentable, then check the following:

1. Hot Water: Go turn on the shower and make sure there is sufficient water pressure and it’s nice and strong and not, as my mom once memorably said of my shower, like having an 83-year-old man pee on you. Also, does the water get hot? Is it the either scalding or frigid kind of shower? That’s nice to know.

2. Safety: Come back by the area at night, during the day, on the weekend and so on. Make sure you feel reasonably safe at all these times.

3. Volume: Consider whether there is something very loud nearby, like a fire station or train tracks or a high school with a sub-standard but enthusiastic marching band. Will this make you crazy?

4. Management: Does the landlord seem at least semi-reasonable? Landlords are tightly-wound people, generally speaking, so you have to give them a little leniency. But, real talk: chances are, if you are in a conflict with them, they will win. They have money and lawyers. They’re business people. Make sure they’re the kind you want to be in business with.

5. Electricity: Be sure to check all the light switches and, if you can, the electrical outlets, perhaps by taking along your cell phone charger. Otherwise, you could end up like my friend who had 14 decorative outlets and two that actually powered things. It’s also useful to check on how many and how well-placed they are. If you like to blow-dry your hair, look for an outlet in the bathroom. It’s nice to have several in your bedroom so you’re not constantly tripping over your bedside lamp’s cord that must stretch taut through the air. And so on.

6. Closets and Storage: Do they exist? Some old houses had bedrooms without closets. Having at least one big non-bedroom closet is a lifesaver, so long as you do not follow my example and allow it to become a dangerous and unstable mess, like a tiny DMZ right there in your apartment.

7. Appliances: Is there a dishwasher, or a washer-dryer? These things are luxurious, but if there is nothing you hate in the world more than hand-washing dishes, then you might make that a condition of your search.

8. Accessibility: Can your furniture logically get up the stairs and into the apartment? It’s a good plan, if you have really large and/or awkwardly shaped things, to measure them in advance, then take a tape measure along with you.

9. Pets: If you have a pet, can they live here with you? The lure of a nice apartment is not justification for dropping your pet off at the shelter. Also, some apartments that say “no pets” can be coaxed into a quiet, well-behaved, neutered cat, particularly if you can provide a reference from a landlord as to your cat’s goodness.

10. Paint: Can you paint the walls? What if you agree to paint them back to the original, sanitarium white when you leave?

11. Parking: Is it extra? Lot v. garage? Remote for the garage? Assigned spots? Street parking at reasonable times? Where can guests park? (thanks, lexingtoncherry!)

12: Additional costs: Which utilities do you pay? Power, water/sewer, garbage, cable, internet …? Be sure to factor these into your cost calculation. (thanks, anserini!)

After seeing an apartment: If you know it’s the right place for you, express that when you see it and then send an email as soon as possible. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you, say that you are very interested, have the deposit money ready and would like to sign a lease ASAP.

Tony Stark Falling in love

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  • Ok Ok Ok, So…
  • You’d think that Tony would meet and fall in love with someone from his company– a person who worked for him or with him, like pepper
  • But NOPE, that’s not what happened at all

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Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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Yes Sir

Jackson Wang x Reader

Word Count: 5.135

Be Warned: Sexual Content

A/N. I never really found any Ceo!Wang fics that I liked so I wrote one:D

Sup. This moodboard was made by me. None of the pictures belong to me though so credit to the owners:)

It’s always the same old, same old. Piles of paperwork, boring meetings, and overtime. Overtime was never your favorite. Was it anyone’s? The office was quiet and the only sound was that of papers flipping on both your desk and about two others. It was supposed to be about time you got home with your wine and your pizza for the weekend but of course, people were depending on you. The only upside to this crappy night was the view. Your office had a clear view of CEO Jackson Wang’s office if he chose to keep his blinds open. When he didn’t it was your loss but when he did, you couldn’t be happier. You observed how intently he worked. His jaw clenching when he was deep in thought and letting go when he found a solution. He was often fidgeting with his sleek black pen when he wasn’t writing with it. His office seemed pretty spacious so he often stood up and would pace back and forth behind his desk, talking to himself it seems. It was a wonderful view indeed and you were grateful that although he had the same view of you, he never looked your way.

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What's up? You can't sell your overpriced jewelries? You deserve it, bitch

I’m sorry you feel that way.

I understand if you feel frustrated that certain pieces are out of your price range, but please understand that for what they are, they are very fairly priced. As an artist I deserve to be paid for my time. (Just like everyone else!) I work very hard to ensure that my pieces come in a large variety of price ranges, so the most people possible can afford to buy them.

I know I am fair, and that’s enough for me. You’re allowed to feel differently, but I kindly ask that you unfollow me, as it clearly upsets you.

I hope you feel better soon.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! I'm really happy that the ask box is open again!!! Also, i really love the husband headcanoms for Aizawa and Tamaki, can I have the same for Todoroki?? I love that boy so much ♡ tysm :3

Todoroki Shouto

  • He’s a dedicated, loyal but somewhat nervous husband. He doesn’t know how to be a good husband to you and is afraid of repeating his fathers mistakes with his mother, but you assure him it could never happen because Todoroki didn’t just marry you for your quirk. A few years into the marriage he’s more at ease, knowing that he treats you well and will continue to do so. 
  • He’ll buy you anything you want, on the spot, without even thinking about it. You could be casually mentioning a book that you’d wanted, or an outfit that was just out of your price range that you’d love to wear, and he would buy it for you. 
  • He likes to reflect at night how lucky he is to have become a successful hero, and to have a good marriage. He had never imagined sharing his life with someone at his side since the hero life was hard, but it just gives him more reason to show how thankful he is for you daily. 

So just like every other 20 year old out there, I'm broke as hell, but I still like STUFF. So I present to you a new series: Budget witch hauls! Here are some affordable witchy items I picked up recently that are actually good! Take note that I’ve tried my best to include the US versions of things, but I am a UK witch so you might not have a few of these items.

Sacred Herbs by Opal Streisand: £3 from The Works. Sometimes books from this place are a little hit and miss, but this one is solid. I’ve been unable to find an affordable US link for this one, sorry!

The Witches by Stacy Schiff: £3 from The Works, £7 on UK Amazon, $5-$10 on US Amazon (Hardback version). Does the title seem familiar? This is a later UK edition of the big fancy hardback book of the same name. Though it is smaller and has a different cover, the contents are identical. This version is also MUCH cheaper. Sorry America. (That’s what you get for throwing our tea in the sea) You Americans can still pick up the hardcover version for a discounted price on Amazon HERE though!

Of Witchcraft And Whimsy by Rose Orriculum: $4.85 Paperback $3 Kindle US Amazon, £3.91 Paperback £2.33 Kindle UK Amazon. Though quite small, this self-published book is by a member of our community! @orriculum ! What better way to show support to content creators on Tumblr than to buy some of their work? Especially when it’s this cheap.

Seashell Locket: $1 and £1 on Ebay US and UK. The chain is delicate which is to be expected from such a cheap item, but the locket looks very nice in person and makes a great devotional piece.

Loveheart Craft Jar: £1 from The Works. Isn’t this the cutest thing in the world? Enough said tbh. Again, couldn’t find a US version. Sorry!

The Impressionist Tarot: Depends. This is one is a bit of a tricky buy but worth keeping an eye on if you want your bargain OR can’t afford it at its usual price. It’s currently listed on Amazon for around $17 dollars but I got my copy for $6.50 last week, still through Amazon! How? Amazon brings the prices of tarot decks up and down a LOT. I had this deck bookmarked for a month and a half and it went from $15, to $10, to $17, to $9, and eventually to $6.50! The trick is to add it to your basket or ‘see later’ section and keep a tab on it. I’ve noticed that Amazon does this for nearly ALL of their tarot decks so if there is a specific one you want that is out of your price range, don’t despair! Watch the listings like a hawk.

grandrevans  asked:

I'm super excited for FlameCon this weekend! But I'm also kinda nervous. This'll be my first solo con, all my queer comic book heroes will be there, and I'm sorta kinda maybe hoping to get a couple autographs and maybe a sketch or two. Do you have any etiquette tips for commissioning artists and asking for autographs?

That is an excellent question, and the fact that you’re asking it in the first place means that you’re already on the right track!

My main rule for autographs and sketches at conventions is this: If you ask for something, offer something. Most creators don’t charge for autographs, and many will do quick sketches for free, but I try to stay mindful of the fact that this is work for them. For instance, if I’m asking someone to sign books, I usually try to buy something from their table for them to sign along with whatever I’ve brought (if I’ve brought something).

A few related points of etiquette: 

Don’t haggle. Know your budget, be upfront about it, and if a creator quotes you a higher price, politely let them know it’s out of your range, and move on. By the same token, if someone isn’t sketching at the show, or if their sketch list is full, you can always ask if they’re taking commissions for later dates, but don’t push.

Be mindful of volume. There are people who show up at creator tables with crates full of books for them to sign. This is a huge dick move unless you have discussed it with them ahead of time: it’s super disrespectful of their time, and of everyone behind you in line. Bring one or two favorites instead.

Speaking of time… Most creators at cons are more than happy to talk to fans and discuss their work! But be mindful of lines building up behind you, and of the fact that the people you’re talking to are to some extent at the show to work. If you’re not buying anything, or if you’re having a long conversation, move to the edge of their table so that other folks can have access to whatever they’re selling.

Remember that standard social boundaries still apply. I know, obvious, right? But this one can be easy to forget, especially when you’re meeting someone whose work has been really personally important to you. Don’t ambush people when they’re not at their tables. Never ambush people in the bathroom (this happens). Ask before hugging, touching, or photographing; and respect the answer.

Ultimately, these all basically boil down to one overarching principle: Remember that comics creators are fellow humans, treat them with the consideration that goes with that, and you’ll do fine.

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Could you do a poly scenario with Jicheol?

“What should we do for Seungcheol’s birthday?” Jihoon asked absentmindedly while flipping through the newspaper, scanning the news articles and whatever advertisements had been put into it. It was the last week of July, meaning the big day he had just mentioned was a mere two weeks away.

You put your phone down and let out a thoughtful hum. “What’s our budget?”

Jihoon chuckled and turned to look at you. “Not very high? We both only have part-time jobs.”

“Right,” you sighed and got your feet off Jihoon’s lap, where they had been resting for a while, and sat up next to him. “Should we buy something? Make something? Take him somewhere?”

He shrugged, and remained silent for a while, before speaking up again, this time sounding hopeful. “How about all three? We could buy something, make him a card or a cake, and then take him out for dinner? I think he’ll appreciate the fact that he’s not the one paying.”

Grinning, you nudged Jihoon lightly. “Look at you, coming up with a master plan like that.”

His cheeks gained a slight hue of pink as he pursed his lips, muttering, “Don’t sound so surprised, you’re both important people to me.”

“I know,” you giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, one of your hands cupping his other cheek. “Let’s go shopping later this week, shall we?”

All you got was a nod, and once you had already returned to your phone, a quick kiss on your lips, after which you smiled widely and leaned your head against Jihoon’s shoulder. He rested his head lightly against yours and continued reading the news with a small smile on his lips.

It was Saturday morning, and you and Jihoon were just about to dress up and leave the apartment you three shared when Seungcheol came out of the bedroom, his smile wide and bright as he stretched out his bare upper body.

“What gets you so happy?” you asked with a giggle while putting your shoes on, and even Jihoon smiled at your boyfriend.

“I turn 22 in one and a half weeks,” Seungcheol said simply, and remained smiley when he looked at the two of you, now done stretching. “Where are you guys going?”

“We have some errands to do,” you hummed, and Jihoon nodded along.

Seungcheol squinted with a playful grin spreading to his lips. “Are you buying me a birthday present? You are, aren’t you!”

“You wish,” Jihoon said with a roll of his eyes and opened the door out of the apartment; despite his words, as soon as his back was facing Seungcheol, his lips curved into a smile.

Seungcheol pouted, and you laughed while grabbing your bag, mouthing the shirtless, pouty boyfriend of yours “He loves you” before giving him a kiss and leaving with Jihoon.

The dark-haired male shrugged, and as he moved to the kitchen to get some breakfast, continued humming about how his birthday was coming up and how you were definitely buying him something.

Meanwhile, you and Jihoon walked to the nearby shopping center, looking around curiously when you arrived.

“Where should we start?” you asked in wonder while scanning all the stores, spotting jewelry, books, clothes, music… just about everything. While Jihoon worried his lower lip between his teeth, deep in thought, you caught his hand in yours and interlaced your fingers.

Squeezing your hand in his, Jihoon finally spoke. “Do you think he’d like a watch? His current one’s a bit… worn out, I’d say.”

“A bit,” you said with a laugh, and began leading your boyfriend to the nearest jewelry store. “I think he’d love a watch.”

Jihoon smiled, and once you were in the store, began looking at the watches. You tried not to focus too much on everything else they had to offer, and laughed every time Jihoon pulled you back when you were about to wander off to look at necklaces and rings.

Grinning, he looked at you warmly. “Try to focus, we need to find him a watch that looks good and is affordable.”

“Sorry,” you sing-sang and looked at the collection of watches. None of them really struck you as something that Seungcheol would wear, so some minutes later you were pouting a little. “I think we should try another store.”

“Yeah,” Jihoon said with a sigh, just as disappointed as you were.

You walked to another store, and were delighted to find a watch just like Seungcheol as soon as you walked in. The price, however, was a bit out of your range, which made you pout - at least until Jihoon pulled out a coupon from his pocket.

“I actually have a discount,” he said with a small smile that only widened when you turned to look at him like he had just saved the day, which he pretty much had.

“I love discounts,” you said as you hugged Jihoon, and grinned when you pulled back, looking at his slightly embarrassed expression.

He chuckled and shook his head, after which you proceeded to move to the cashier, and a moment later you left the store with the watch in a neat box that was in a gift wrap.

With the present bought, everything else seemed a lot easier, and you stopped for some coffee before moving on to the nearest store selling stationery and the like, from where you bought some materials for the birthday card (and bought a ready one just in case something went wrong).

When you got back home, you were met with an empty apartment, since Seungcheol had a football game. Jihoon sighed in relief. “This makes hiding the present a lot easier.”

“This makes a lot of things easier,” you laughed while unloading the card materials onto the kitchen table, which you more often than not also used as a desk. “Should we do the card now?”

Jihoon took a look at the time, and concluding that you had enough time, nodded and went to hide the box the watch was in. “Sure, let’s get to it.”

Making the card proved out to be a lot more fun than the two of you had initially anticipated, and you were happy to notice that you wouldn’t need the backup card, after all. What was a bit less fun was when Seungcheol came home and you realized that time had passed a lot faster than you thought, and had to scramble as you had to hide the card and the materials used on it, and threw whatever waste was left to the trash.

“Were you working on something?” Seungcheol asked with a grin when he had locked the door behind himself, dropping his training bag to the floor. “You look so panicked.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” you laughed nervously, looking at Jihoon from the corner of your eye as he speed walked to your bedroom to hide the card. A relieved sigh left your lips. “How was the game?”

“Guess,” Seungcheol smirked smugly and walked up to you, placing his hand on your lower back and slowly leaning down. “We won.”

You placed your hands on his shoulders, trying to steady yourself at least a little as he kissed you in a way that took your breath away. At that point you didn’t even mind the fact that he was sweaty - with his lips so demanding on yours and his hand pulling you flush against him, you didn’t even register it.

When he pulled away, he smiled at you. “You’re cute.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled dazedly, blinking slowly while Seungcheol started moving to the bedroom.

“Jihoonie!” he called out while disappearing into the dark room, where Jihoon had yet to come out of. You laughed as you listened to the exchange in the bedroom.

“You’re sweaty, stay awa–” Jihoon’s stern words were cut short, and you knew that the reason was that Seungcheol was giving him a kiss similar to the one you had just gotten. Soon Jihoon continued, his voice much softer. “…y from me.”

Much to your relief, Seungcheol didn’t bring up his birthday again that evening, and instead glowed about the fact that his team had won the soccer game while showing you and Jihoon affection every chance he got.

The closer you had gotten to Seungcheol’s birthday, the more excited he was about it, and the more you and Jihoon shared excited grins, although you were both still a bit nervous about whether he’d actually like the watch or not.

When the evening of Seungcheol’s birthday finally came, all three of you went out for dinner. The restaurant wasn’t the fanciest, but it also wasn’t the shabbiest - just the right amount of fanciness for the birthday, but not enough to make any of you uncomfortable.

You ate with happy chatter passing around, and when your plates had been taken away and you were waiting for dessert, Jihoon finally turned to Seungcheol with his lips curving into a smile.

“We got a present for you,” he said, his voice steady and warm as he looked into the excited, dark brown eyes of his boyfriend.

“Yeah,” you said with a smile of your own, immensely pleased to see the birthday boy so happy. Seungcheol could barely keep his bottom on the chair as he grinned, the gummy grin that had both your and Jihoon’s hearts melting.

“What is it?” he asked, excited, and moved his gaze from you to Jihoon and back to you.

Jihoon turned to look at you expectantly, and you threw him a look just as expectant. A moment passed, and slowly the smile on Jihoon’s face died out as he frowned a little. “…Didn’t you bring it?”

Your eyes widened. “Weren’t you supposed to?”

“No,” Jihoon said curtly, his voice rising a little in pitch, and sighed while rubbing his temples a little. You pouted, unsure of what to say.

“…From what I’m getting, I assume I’ll get my present when we get back home?” Seungcheol asked, still smiling brightly as he laughed at you and Jihoon.

The two of you threw him apologetic looks, and spoke in unison. “We’re sorry.”

Seungcheol shook his head and placed his hands on top of yours and Jihoon’s. “It’s fine. I can’t wait to get those tickets to see Taeyang.”

You and Jihoon looked at him with wide eyes, at which Seungcheol couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“I’m kidding, I’ll love whatever you’ve gotten me,” he said while snickering, and only calmed down a little when the waiter brought you your dessert.

“You better…” you muttered with a pout, and got an assuring squeeze on your thigh from Jihoon.

Seungcheol nodded, and with a straight face, said what you considered to be one of the cheesiest things he had ever said, which was a lot. “I mean, I love you two, so I’m bound to love what you’ve bought for me, too.”

Jihoon grimaced but smiled anyway, and you snorted. Seungcheol grinned cheekily while digging into his piece of cheesecake, feeling incredibly self-satisfied.

In the end you and Jihoon were happy to see that Seungcheol really loved the watch, and immediately replaced his old one with it. Neither of you really minded the kisses you got from him that night, although you did both give him quite a few, too.

“It’s been a great birthday,” Seungcheol said with a happy sigh when you were all lying in bed, having one of your usual talk sessions before sleeping.

“We tried,” Jihoon grinned and shared a warm look with you, and you smiled at him. 

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BTS Reaction - House Hunting with their S/O


“Y/N! Look at this one!” Jungkook would say, scanning the screen of the laptop excitedly. 

The two of you had been searching for an apartment close to both your workplace and the studio, and the hunt is taking forever. You and Jungkook think you found one - and then it’s snatched up, or ends up being in a dodgy location. Smiling fondly, you’d pad over to the table and lean over to look at the pictures of the modern, two bedroom apartment in the perfect location.

“Let’s book an appointment to go look at it.” You say, leaning to hug his shoulders. He smiles and you watch as the cursor moves over to the button that says, “contact realtor.”

Two months later, you’re packed up and saying goodbye to the boys as you and Jungkook head off to your new apartment downtown, and the two of you couldn’t be happier.


Rap Monster: 

House hunting had been a disaster. Despite you and Namjoon having one of the most easygoing, relaxed relationships the boys had ever seen, they’d catch you and Namjoon fighting over what the new house should look like. He wanted a sleek, contemporary apartment that was way, way out of your price range. While you wouldn’t mind sleek and contemporary, you wanted it to be homey and comforting, like the house you grew up in.

“But Y/N!” Namjoon spoke, “It’s beautiful. It has three rooms, and I can use one as a producing space! We can even get a dog.” He tries to persuade you, pointing at the picture of the marble flooring and studio lighting.

You grumble, and end up accidently swiping to the next house listing as you were whisking the computer off the desk. What you saw was exciting - in your price range, two bedrooms, modern yet comforting as it was smaller than the townhouse Namjoon wanted. Three months later, you and Namjoon are happily picking out a puppy to keep at the new townhouse where you now live.


To say the least, Jimin was not happy about moving. He wanted to stay in the dorms, but with your growing family, it was decided begrudgingly that it was time to look for a new home. You hated seeing him upset, and even offered to look for an extra room so that some of the boys could stay over (which you knew was going to happen anyway, extra room or not).

“Y/N, what about this one?” He asks. This was the first time he’d shown you anything house related: you were hoping that he was looking and not just trying to keep it off his mind. “You’re looking!” You exclaim, and Jimin smiles at the computer screen at the mention of your words.

“I guess…” He says with his lips upturned as he laughs. He flips through the pictures of the contemporary home that was surprisingly close to the studio.

“I really, really like it, Jimin.” You spoke, looking over at your boyfriend’s face. He smiles widely and pecks your lips, before going back to the page and calling the realtor.


Frankly, Suga had one thing in mind and one thing only: studio. A spot where he could play his piano as loud as needed and where he and Rap Monster could write songs without disturbance. Suga wanted a place where he wouldn’t have to be concerned about waking you up in the middle of the night when he absolutely had to go play out a melody that was stuck in his head.

Although he said the rest was up to you, by the end of the fourth month of looking through house after house, you were ready to settle with anything. Suga wouldn’t make up his mind. You two had already walked through what must have been 30 houses with music spaces. The house was perfect in your eyes - but not Suga’s.

This time, was different though. When you and Suga walked hand-in-hand into the last house your Realtor had on her list, you knew he loved it. “The walls are sound-proof, and the bedrooms were purposefully put on the other side of the house so there’s no way anyone outside of the room can hear anything. It has a full soundboard, too.”

With the mention of that, Suga turned to give you a gummy smile and nodded.


Dragging you to every house he saw on the website, Taehyung was excited to move into a new apartment. With his acting career progressing, as well as his music career exploding, he was hoping that this new apartment could provide some peace and quiet with you, compared to his busy life performing at concerts.

“Tae, hold on, let me catch up.” You said, laughing as you rested your head on his chest. The two of you were laying on his bed, scrolling through lists of apartments in various neighborhoods across the city. There were so many, how could either of you choose?

Your boyfriend laughed and clicked on the image of an apartment on the upper side of the city. You both stared at the pictures in awe, looking at the marble counter tops and the picture of the view from the apartment windows.

“We have to go look at this,” you and V say at the same time, making the two of you laugh. Kissing his cheek, you grabbed his phone and called the realtor.


Squealing with delight at the sight of the house in front of you made Jin laugh. It was only a month into house hunting and you couldn’t help but want to buy every pretty house you went to look at. The house was beautiful, and by the looks of the pictures, you and Jin thought it could be perfect.

The realtor started talking about the statistics of the house with Jin, while you ventured off and found a door leading to a basement. Stepping down the wooden stairs, you could see how well finished the space was - right until your foot landed in an inch of water covering the floor.

“Jin!” You yell, and your worried boyfriend ditches the realtor mid-sentance and comes rushing down the stairs.

“Y/N, what happe-” He said, then caught sight of the water covering the floor. “Oh my god.” He groans, his shoulders slumping as he takes in the sight of the flooded basement. The realtor comes down and gasps, immediately calling the owners of the home to ask for an explanation.

Thankfully, six weeks later the basement is fixed. Even though it had flooded, the house was incredible, and Jin continued to bring it up to you ever since you two had left in annoyance. The two of you moved in and since then, have had no flooding.


“Honey, I’m home!” J-Hope yelled, receiving a chorus of “heys” from the members. You walk over to your boyfriend and throw your hands around his neck, whispering, “We need to find a new house, ASAP.” Laughing, he pecks your lips and says, “Yes, because I’m sick of coming home to their voices.” J-Hope says, earning a dirty look from Jungkook who had ramen hanging from his mouth.

Currently, you and J-Hope were trying to decide between two houses: the smaller, country-cute house farther from his work and closer to yours, or the more modern, 10th floor apartment downtown that was closer to his.

Ultimately, after another week of staying at the dorms, J-Hope said to you, “Y/N. I can’t take it anymore. Can we just decide now?” You roll your eyes then hold out your hand. “You win, you choose. I win, I choose. Deal?”

J-Hope laughs. “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” The two of you obnoxiously yell, earning a loud “YAH!” from Namjoon down the hallway. 

“I WIN,” J-Hope screeches happily, dancing around. “But you can pick.” He says, laughing. Together, you decide on the apartment downtown and move in two weeks later.

I hope you enjoyed it! Requests are open.

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Okay I understand artists charging more than mass producers for items. But your prices are a little high. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I’ve said this a hundred times. Other artists have said this. People who aren’t even artists but care about others being able to support themselves from their work have said this. This is my job where I make my full time living. My prices are the way they are for a reason. And even if it weren’t my full time job I am performing a specialized skill producing luxury goods that takes time, money, and years to perfect. I deserve to be compensated for that work even if the money doesn’t go to basic survival necessities.

My products may be out of your price range, which is okay. That just means you aren’t my target market. But that doesn’t mean they are overpriced. And that doesn’t make it okay to walk around telling others what they should charge. There are a hundred resources on why artists price the way they do out there, please read the following and take some time to educate yourself:

- This is a “simple” forumla for pricing.  It does not include any specifics and simply includes “expenses” as a lump category.

- A more in depth guide to pricing.

- Here is a post from Magweno which does a good job of summing up all the “hidden” costs in crafting. It also includes a discussion on whether the perceived value of art should be taken into consideration. It doesn’t even take into account sales, self employment, or income taxes. 15% of my income alone goes to self employment tax. 15-30% (depending on how much I made that year) will go to income tax.

- If you want to spend some money to learn, there is an entire book on ethical pricing.

- Another blog post from Mill Girl who writes further on what goes into pricing, arts and crafts as a luxury item, what you support when you purchase handmade, and who/what you harm when you devalue handmade.

- A tumblr post which highlights the pitfalls of people who undervalue art and their negative impact on the entire art community. This includes both artists undervaluing themselves and clients undervaluing artists.

- Here’s an article on pricing as a freelancer and industry standards. For the record I consider myself under the category “Someone with a few years of experience and a good portfolio: $50 - $85+/hr.” I can promise I am charging nowhere near $50 an hour, and close to $25 since I supplement my income with “passive income” from pattern sales.

And that is just a few of the resources out there available. I sincerely hope you will read them and stop spreading negative attitudes on pricing.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter Three.

Paring: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader. (Abby OC, Sabrina OC, Lisa is also heavily mentioned)
Warnings: Language, Angst?, Implied Smut.
Word Count:2.6k
AN: I suggest reading Chapter One. & Chapter Two. .
Dean had promised you an offical first date and tonight you we’re cashing in, you chose to wear the navy blue dress Dean got you for your birthday, well, you brought it with his credit card, he wanted to surprise you with it but you refused to tell him your size.
You still thought it was sweet, you had been eyeing the dress for weeks but it was out of your price range, Dean even went with you to the store, you smiled like a goof the whole time, the cashier made a comment about how cute of a couple she thought you were and neither of you corrected her, you just thought Dean didn’t hear her as he seemed distracted by the naked mannequin standing next to the register, but knowing what you know now, you can’t help but think maybe he didn’t correct her on purpose.

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