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Raging because I started this show for my love of Batman, long before Nygmobblepot was a thing, but Nygmobblepot unabashedly became one of my favourite aspects. Riddler and Penguin had been favourite villains of mine for ages, and even though I personally shipped them season 1 and 2, didn't expect what we got early season three. But the later half just... broke me. I cannot believe the lengths they went to destroy this in such a *stupid* fucking way. Way to go Gotham. Way to go.

Anon I could have written this myself as every point is smack on.

I have loved Batman and his villains for so long, anyone who knows me knows this to be true. Honestly they’ve all heard me talk about it a little too much and that was well before Gotham was in production.

I was so excited when I found out this show was a thing. I tuned into the very first ep with a smile and now… NOW I contemplate even watching it at all sometimes.

I will continue to watch (as i hate to leave things unfinished) and no this blog won’t be focused on spewing hate. I (stupidly) still hope that Gotham will turn this around, that they will fix the wrongs of S3B and create an incredible season 4. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Nygmobblepot could have been something incredibly special and for a short while they were. I would have loved for this to have had a different outcome but alas I do not write the show. I do write fanfiction though!

Anon, I have my fingers crossed things aren’t as bad as we fear. Season four brings many new possibilities, and many new opportunities for screw ups. Hopefully Gotham listens to it’s fanbase and turns things around.


マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Fun Tonight

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Christmas is over with and now it’s time to make that New Year’s Day playlist. The playlist that you’ll listen to while at your party or someone else’s party or even if you’re just at home eating a bag of Dorito’s, waiting for that ball to drop. I’d say the perfect way to start that playlist is by putting Roy Wood’s “Instinct” on it. In this jam, Woods is accompanied by MadeinTYO to discuss their own ways of courting someone. Woods is able to sing his way in through his diverse, multi-tonal voice while MadeinTYO is able to sing his shot in a smooth, chill manner. This is all over a basic, up tempo instrumental that fits both styles. Also on this track is a great catchy hook that’ll be stuck in you’re head immediately after your first listen of this jam. Do yourself a favor and start your New Year’s Day right with this tune. And don’t forget to check out Roy’s latest EP, Nocturnal.

I was floored by the beauty of Israeli trio Garden City Movement’s song Move On a month ago. It was the kind of listen that induced endless chills and raised countless goosebumps. The trio have unveiled a new tune, off their forthcoming EP Bengali Cinema, out June 23 on BLDG5 Records. Terracotta is another haunting, ethereal tune filled with shimmering, exotic atmosphere. It’s syrupy thick and post dubstep-y glitchy. Watch the video for Move On again below.

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