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kale’s another world art retrospective

so, everyone else is doing these art review things - but i decided to do something slightly different than just reviewing my art from 2016.

For anyone who doesnt follow me looking at this wondering “Who the heck are these two?”

These are characters from a 1991 cinematic platforming game called Another World/Out of this World. The redhead is Lester Chaykin, and the alien’s name is Buddy.

i decided to take a look at the progress i’ve made learning to draw these two characters in the past two years, and how drastically i changed gears in my style and improved overall in things i wasnt as experienced in drawing, in doing so.

i would so adore if you guys would take a chance to read what i’ve written under the cut - i’ve put it under a readmore just to keep things short and tidy on people’s dashboards.

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I realized that once two people have a real connection, it never goes away entirely, you could not speak to them for months, years, fucking decades or not even remember what their face looked like or what they smelt like when they got out of the shower but the moment you see them again it’s as if time stood still for you all those years. And maybe you don’t get to choose who those people are, maybe what you have for each other can’t be tamed.

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