out of their league

I can’t wait until Aquaman comes out and the reviews roll in: “2/10 too similar to Marvel’s Thor. Both based on mythical societies, both titular characters have brothers they thought were good but turned out to be evil, and both characters are members of royalty who act as superheroes. All these tropes are unique only to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s a shame DC has run out of ideas and is copying Marvel’s characteristic story points. After six financially successful movies showing WB that no one wants to watch these movies, is the dceu doomed?”

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What about jealous!Alexander

Okay yes, yes, yes.

So Alex has insecurities, he’s got this inescapable idea that Eliza is way out of his league and that they’re living on borrowed time. But of course he doesn’t just tell Eliza this, cos that would be too sensible so he just gets very jealous very easily. It’s stuff like he gets immediately suspicious of anyone she talks to that he doesn’t already know and he hates leaving her side when they go out clubbing together, he’s just way too protective. This leads to him getting into a pretty heated argument with this guy from her psychology class in a bar and eliza drags him away, down the alley and demands to know what the hell he’s doing. He’s drunk and emotional so instead of lying like usual he just confesses everything. Eliza’s anger just kind of caves in on itself and she sighs and just hugs him tightly. She tells him that he should just talk to her about this stuff and he’s not going crazy, she loves him more than anything and he has nothing to worry about but he needs to stop acting like this. 

Its better after that, he talks about it more openly, its just cute kind of jealousy where he pouts if she does fun stuff with her sisters without him or if one of their kids wants her to read them a story at night instead of him (’yours are too long, dad!’) 

Turns out there’s a lot of indie wrestling leagues in the ‘Berta. When I mentioned my idea of jobbing for $$$ to Lindsey, she did not take it well.

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every day im more and more confused as to why anyone gives a damn about you. youre needy and embarrassing and pretty ugly but ypu already knew that. Like your boyfriend is too hot for you, definitely out of your league and its sad to see his time being wasted by someone like you. you should just fucking get out of here, it would be doing us all a favor

I’m very tired. I don’t like being rude but you’re extremely pathetic. I think you’re pathetic, my best friend thinks you’re pathetic, and my boyfriend definitely thinks you’re pathetic. You’re sad and bitter and lonely and you take that out on others and frankly it’s a little embarrassing. It’s ugly and telling of what kind of person you are that you would say this to someone. What are you hoping to gain? Are you hoping that I’ll kill myself?? Because if so tough luck. I have people who love and care about me and I want to continue living my life with them. I want to continue loving my BF and friends and laughing and drawing and living life the best I can. You’re sad and bitter and if there is something going on in your life that makes you lash out like this I’m very sorry, but i won’t stand for this kind of treatment. I went through years of pain and abuse and being told that I’m not worth it. And I’m done believing in that shit. I’m worth something, so is every person on this earth, and hell despite how aggressive and rude you are to me so are you. I think I’m done responding to your asks from now on. I hope life turns out okay for you, and I hope you grow up and continue to change for the better. Goodbye

heres some highlights of todays conversation with Sarah:

“Charlie Cousins looks like someone’s stepdad who’s trying to bond with his new kid he didn’t really want. ”

“Joel Tobeck looks like that dad that comes to everything and you don’t know what kid is his but you know hes a dad”

“If aliens came to earth I would trust Craig M to know what to do.”

“I bet Craig gives good hugs.”
“Which Craig?”
“Both of them.”

“Cate Wolfe looks like the sister of your friend that was always out of your league and is still out of your league now. Like you see her across the table at the highschool reunion and you want to talk to her but shes super pretty so you dont.”

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Uh so I accidentally started crushing a football player when I started high school but I'm too afraid to make any moves or say anything bc he's like. The star player??? And fairly popular. And way out of my league. Idk if he's with someone or not, but he's just the best and he's really nice to me and I think he's very pretty but I don't know what to do 😖😖😖

o o o o o o o o h h h h h nooo o o o o o o o o o o 
idk like have you tried talking, like a little hello here adn there??? :ccc

NEVER put people down for being excited about a new song or album their favorite band puts out. Sometimes music is the only thing people have to look forward to or keep them going in life. Music is some peoples vice in life.