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BEST WAY I KNOW HOW TO GREET THE SEASON? (aside from breaking out the frumpy sweaters, of course)


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Remind others frequently how much you care, how much you love them and how much you need them. We all fight, we all hurt each other, fall out and say things with a ill-mannered mouth but we still love each other. Make sure everyone around you knows that, let them know how they make life worth living and how they make your mouth hurt from laughing, how they make your heart warm and your eyes soften. People are not always going to be around, so tell them how you feel.

I love you by Amy Kennedy


Hi. Sorry if this get long, thats why Im using submit. So my family and I never thought of me being autistic but since Ive discovered blogs like yours I can relate so much. Im a picky eater, love vegetables like beetroot and carrot but if they are cooked or grated I cant stand it. Idek how to describe, they get kinda “watery” and soft and it grosses me out? Things like jelly and yogurt gross me out too, even if I enjoy the taste I cant stand how it feels in my mouth. Im vegetarian, but got a similar problem with some kinds of fake meat cause I cant stand the texture. My parents always dismissed that as me being picky but it wasnt a big deal, since I used to cook my own food even when I still lived with em.

And I guess I stim? I rotate things like pencils and pens between my fingers, and bite stuff whenever Im feeling anxious or nervous or bored. I actually had to learn to control the biting stuff cause it was affecting my teeth but again, my dad is a dentist so he “trained” this behavior out of me when I was younger so even though I still do it a lot, it doesnt get me severe health problems. 

And Im not sure if it counts as a special interest, but I have kinda obsession with movies and books. Sometimes I start a book and dont put it down till I finish and I easily go with hours of reading. Like reading the book in classes and skipping lunch and reading all afternoon and getting something to eat when Im really hungry and eating while still reading the book and not sleeping so I can read more. So since I was a kid I would end huge books in less than a day. Sometimes it happens with other stuff, like I get obsessed with one topic - Wong Kar Wai, movies about bullying, or Freud, and I do research and learn everything I can. Once I got really into a movie the day it was released and it hadnt any subtitles yet so none of my friends could watch it (english is not our language). I sat there and did the subtitles myself in a matter of hours to show it to my friends, so they would discuss the movie with me. I rarely forget the things I learn during these phases and my friends say Im like a encyclopedia of weird culture, but I never got much trouble for it. Yea sure people usually go with “WHY do you even know this stuff” but in a impressed way, you know? I went to the university to study communication and media, and in a lot of classes we can choose the topic to our articles and essays, so I usually combine my interests with academic research. 

But I have problems in other aspects of life, I guess? I cant stand an office job so Im working as freelancer right now. Also I have a real hard time with empathy and communicating emotions so I never really had a relationship (Im 24yo).  Im pretty social but after I usually need quiet alone time in a silent room, lights out. Like, I enjoy when friends come to visit for holidays or a weekend or maybe a whole week, but after they are gone I need a couple “no human contact” days before getting back to normal life.

Maybe those are things allistic people do too, in some degree? Although I think about the fact that autism is usually better diagnosed in white boys and since I dont fit the category… I dont know. But blogs like yours do help a lot. Like Im thinking about getting one of those chewable jewelry stuff, and Im more comfortable telling people that I cant do stuff cause I really need to spent the day alone and not see other people. And letting they know how important my interests are to me, and they need to respect that. Ok I dont really have a point with this I just needed to elaborate those feelings and thank you for everything you guys do. Despise not having a diagnosis, people like you have been helping deal with a lot of stuff, and to better understand myself, and it really is making my life better. 

Glad to help!!

Imagine the boys finding out you’re vegan

“You sure you don’t want a burger, Y/N?” Dean asked, pointing at you with one of his fries.

“I’m good,” you promised.

He frowned, “I haven’t seen you eat anything proper in ages.”

“I had a salad an hour ago,” you reminded him.

Sam chuckled, “That doesn’t count as ‘proper’ to Dean.”

“When was the last time you had a good steak?”

You cleared your throat, “Um. Never.”

Dean’s mouth fell open, exposing the half chewed food inside. You pulled a face and looked away.

“What do you mean ‘Never’?”

You shrugged, “My parents were vegetarian. And when I moved out, I went vegan.”

“You what?” Dean exploded.

“Vegan,” you repeated, “I don’t consume the produce of any animal. Is that an issue?”

Sam shrugged, “Each to their own. Right, Dean?”

Dean gave you a tight smile before looking back at Sam, unblinking as he passive aggressively continued to eat.

i feel like Ymir would have had issues with food for a while after regaining her human form.

on the one hand, I feel like she’d have totally stuffed her face once she got to human civilization. maybe part of it was legitimate hunger, since she wouldn’t have eaten in 60 years, and Titans don’t digest what they eat. there’s no canon on it but it would make sense to me that after regaining a human form, the hunger would start catching up to her. 

but I think a bigger part would be a need to feel human again and get the taste of blood and gore and flesh out of her mouth. for that reason I think she’d also be more of a vegetarian; even though it’s a delicacy and most people would jump at the chance to have some, she just can’t bring herself to eat meat, to eat something that had agency once. it didn’t matter what she ate–bread, pies, vegetables, sweets, beers, ales. as long as it wasn’t something that had to bleed before being eaten, she’d shove it in her face. 

on the other hand though, I can also see her having the opposite problem, where she’ll eat what she has to in order to keep her strength (and later, perform her duties), but absolutely no more. because that’s what Titans do, isn’t it? consume and consume and consume and consumeconsumeconsumeconsume until they’re so full they just vomit it all back up. Titans eat gluttonously, right? she wants to feel human again. so she only eats what she has to eat to get by. 

so yeah, idk, maybe it’s a little OOC since I haven’t read Ymir’s chapters in a while. but yeah, overall I feel like, whether we get to see any of it in canon or not, I feel like a lot of Ymir’s early coping and mental recovery from being a Titan for 60 years would’ve taken the form of a food fixation–either eating whatever she can get as long as it’s not meat, or rigidly controlling how much she eats and only eating enough to sustain her.

EXO Reaction to You Being Vegetarian

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Xiumin:  Minseok would ‘ooh’ and ask you about your diet. “I wonder if I should switch over to being a vegetarian as well?” he murmurs to himself, but you hear him and start advising him and informing him of what it’s like to be a vegetarian (and the different kinds of vegetarians he could try to be).

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Suho: Junmyeon would notice how many vegetables there were in your refrigerator and guess why. “Do you get tired of eating like this?” he asks in wonder, pulling out a can of cucumbers and popping one into his mouth. He gives you a cute expression and finds it amazing that you are a vegetarian.

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Lay: Yixing would be in awe at the idea of you practicing a vegetarian lifestyle and would be very proud of you for helping take part in saving animals in an indirect way. “Be sure to tell me what are your favorite kinds of foods!” he reminds you, wanting to cook the best meals for you.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would find it interesting that you are a vegetarian. “What made you try that?” he asks, intrigued. He would listen well, starting to wonder if he should follow a path of vegetarianism. “Teach me your ways!” he begs to you.

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Chen (I didn’t see how his eyebrows rose until after I chose the gif ooPs): Jongdae would have been going on and on about how he was so hungry and ready to eat a horse when you cut in and say that you don’t meat at all. “Ohh, vegetarian?” he asks. “But don’t you get hungry for meat sometimes? Like think of those yummy hamburgers, or steak, or -” He tries to tempt you for a short while, then gives up because he knows you won’t change your mind.

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Chanyeol: The giant would have taken you out for dinner to find out that you’re a vegetarian and there’s nothing on the menu that includes vegetarian options. “Ah - should we go somewhere else then?” he asks, a little embarrassed but interested by your choice of eating. “Vegetarian … that’s really cool!”

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D.O. (couldn’t find the right gif hmm gif-makers pls make more gifs of them just smiling hNGh): Kyungsoo would immediately want to make sure which food products and beverages you could eat, and would rack through all of his knowledge to make sure that the meals he included would have all of the right nutrients your body needs. “I’m going to get a lot healthier by eating with you,” he says to you.

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Kai: Jongin would want to plan a future date and say, “Chicken! Let’s eat chicken for lunch that day!” That’s when you have to tell him that you can’t eat poultry and he would accept it easily, smiling. “That’s okay, we can eat - what should we eat? There’s tons of other things to eat.”

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Sehun: The maknae would pretend to have an exaggerated reaction and look at you in fake-shock: “What? You can’t eat meat?! The most heavenly thing in the universe?” He would laugh as you protest and say that you were saving lives, mind you, and he would believe you.

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Literally nothing makes me more physically sick than milk and dairy. Seeing someone actually put it into their mouth and enjoy it is like watching a grown person sucking fatty white liquid out of a tit. The fact that dairy is so “innocent” looking, as opposed to meat, makes it even worse. Families are torn apart, females raped, abused until they can no longer stand, their children slaughtered - so that some stupid fucking asshole can lick their frozen titty juice. You are disgusting and there’s no other word for it.