out of the mouths of vegetarians

BTS reaction to you being vegetarian


At the beginning of your relationship he would feel pretty bad about eating with you. He just didn’t want to offend you or make you feel uncomfortable.

But after a while he stopped worrying and even learned a few vegetarian recipes to surprise you with when you came to see him.

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He couldn’t care less about you ate and what you didn’t.

“I already have a brat that makes me buy him lamb skewers, I’m glad I don’t have another one.”

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He found out you were vegetarian when he invited you for dinner at a barbeque restaurant that just opened and he was excited to try. After you told him you can’t go he immediately changed the plans for that night and told you he could go there another day with one of the boys.

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He always made sure you were okay with joining him at dinners organized by his company since there will definitely be people that will ask you why you didn’t want to eat meat.

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Since he went on numerous diets since he became an idol he knew places that had vegetarian meals, so he had plenty of restaurants to choose from when you two decided to eat out.

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It was easy for him to accept and respect your choice. But that didn’t stop him from doting on you and making sure you eat well. 

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He was a little bummed that he couldn’t take you to his favorite korean barbeque restaurant but he quickly got over it.

“It’s actually kinda reassuring knowing that my meat is the only one that goes into your mouth.”

“I’m breaking up with you.”

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Hi! Could you please write a fic in which Reggie and his jock friends harass Betty for dating the "weird kid"? Thank you in advance!

I love doing these!

“Elizabeth Cooper, my very favorite blonde.”

Betty cringed at the familiar voice of Reggie Mantle, she looked over to the boy next to her currently holding her hand and carrying her backpack on his shoulder, she knew her boyfriend hated Reggie, and while she saw the way he treated Jughead, Reggie had never done anything to her and she wasn’t raised to be rude (contrary to her incredibly awful mother, Betty Cooper had class.)

So she turned around, moving Jughead with her, as he set his jaw and put on his positively bored expression.

“What’s up Reggie?” She asked politely, squeezing Jugheads hand.

Sure enough, half the football team staggered almost single file behind their captain.

“Nothing much, sweet stuff. How about joining us for some late night tailgating before the big game tonight? I mean you are a vixen now.” He eyed her tiny skirt, his eyes lingering on her legs.

She heard Jughead growl softly from beside her, trying to halt any obnoxious fight that she was sure would happen if this went any further, she shook her head, moving closer to Jughead

“Sorry Reg, me and my boyfriend always spend the few hours before the game together, maybe another time.” She turned around and started walking away when Reggie opened his big mouth one more time.

“Come on Betty, you can’t be serious, you got hot as hell this summer, you don’t have to pretend to be interested in the loner anymore. You can have anyone on the football team, even Mantle the Magnificent. Save the weird kid for.. the other weird kids.” He finished off cockily, high fiving Moose and laughing with the boys.

Jughead instantly felt Betty stiffen and he knew what ever was about to happen, was not gonna be good.

“Bets.. it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, just…”

She whipped around so fast her perfectly in tact ponytail smacked him square in the face.

“Really Reggie? The weird kid? You really think you’re one to talk?” She snorted wickedly, as the boys in front of her watched her wide eyed, almost flinching at the venom coming out of her mouth “you’re the fakest boy in this high school, you hated football, remember that? You used to say "I don’t ever wanna go near that stupid ball, it’s made out of pigskin did you know that?” You wanted to be a veterinarian, you were a vegetarian. You got kicked out of elementary school for smuggling squirrels inside from recess.“

Jughead bit the inside of his cheek, trying desperately not to laugh. Betty meant business and she was not playing around.
While Jughead held in his laughter, the rest of the team was practically crying in hysterics.
But she wasn’t finished

"And you! Moose.” The bulky boy immediately cut off his laugher “you didn’t know how to spell "dinner” until you were 13. So I don’t want to see you laughing at anything this airhead says.“

The muscular boy, nodded quickly ducking His head "yes mam.”

She turned almost too slowly to Reggie again, he was still recovering from her digs

“So before you think of calling my boyfriend "the weird kid” again, you might wanna think back to who helped you hide three stray kittens in his garage when your mom wouldn’t let you keep them. Jughead is the best damn boy in this high school and it would do all of you good to remember that.“ She turned on her heel, connecting hands with jughead again and pulling him along.

He couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as Betty pulled him into the blue and gold office in a huff
"Ridiculous, the way social hierarchies are established so early on in developmental…”

Jughead cut off her rambling by placing a deep, dizzy kiss to her lips.

She pulled back smiling, her eyes foggy and a goofy grin on her face that matched his

“What was that for?” She giggled

He smiled, pressing another kiss to her forehead
“Just for being you, Betty Cooper.”

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Yes to Sirius Wednesdays!!!!!! Could you maybe write a short Drabble of Sirius and the reader being married and she tells him that they are expecting a baby?

Word Count: About 500.
Warning(s): Pregnancy, fluff.

“What’s all this for?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at you, gesturing toward the small, candlelit dinner on the table.

You shrugged, trying to contain your smile. “Just a little something I whipped together.”

As he cautiously took a seat on the opposite end of the table, you pursed your lips.

“Oh, just sit and eat already,” you said, drumming your fingers on the box of chocolates you hid on your lap. “A wife can just do something nice for her husband without an ulterior motive, you know?”

Smirking, Sirius nodded, taking a bite from his seared salmon. You would’ve cooked something more extravagant, but you needed him to have room for some dessert.

“Mmm,” he hummed, taking his fork slowly out of his mouth. “Delicious.”

Looking over at you, Sirius furrowed his eyebrows at your empty plate. Then, he looked back at his.

He muttered an oath under his breath. “Sorry, love. Was I supposed to feed you first?”

You giggled at his confusion, shaking your head. “Nope, I actually can’t eat fish right now.”

“I don’t suppose you decided to become a vegetarian overnight, did you?”

“Nope.” You shot him an innocent smile, savoring his look of uncertainty. It wasn’t everyday the self-confident Black had reason for bewilderment.

Slowly, Sirius continued eating, wondering if, perhaps, you mixed something into the salmon to get back at his relentless teasing at your formal work party. 

“All finished?” you asked, placing the box of chocolates on your chair as you stood up. Without waiting for an answer, you headed over to the other side of the table, gathering Sirius’ half-eaten dish into your hands.

“I wasn’t done, actually–”

“Great!” you chirped, clapping your hands together. By now, you couldn’t stop the wide grin from spreading across your face. “Now it’s time for dessert!”

Sirius rose to his feet to meet you, a look of worry flooding his features. He wrapped one arm gently around your waist, the other feeling the temperature of your forehead. “Are you feeling alright? A little tipsy, perhaps?”

“More than alright. Perfect, actually.”

Wriggling away from his grasp, you held the box of chocolates between your hands, holding it out to him. 

“These are for you.”

“Candlelit dinner? Chocolate? If you’re trying to seduce me, let me just say,” Sirius paused, giving you a stern glance, “it’s absolutely working.”

A laugh of surprise escaped your lips as you playfully nudged his shoulder. “Just open the box, Sirius.”

Taking the lid off the chocolates, his teasing expression turned into one of shock.

“You’re joking,” he breathed, a dazed smile slowly spreading across his face.

Sirius’ eyes met yours, then trailed down to where your hands were placed atop your stomach. With a slight tremble in his hands, he moved the chocolates to the dining table. Sirius enveloped you in a hug from the back, lacing his fingers through yours as he gently stroked his thumb in circles on your belly.

“We’re pregnant?” he murmured next to your ear, his breath sending shivers down your spine. “Really?”

You smiled, feeling at home in his warm embrace. There was no one else you would rather call your husband, and soon, the father of your child. In that moment, you felt like the luckiest woman alive.


Onsra ─ 1

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: angst, slight fluff
Word count: 1.6k

Summary: You’re set on a blind date and meet with someone you never expected to see again.

“It’ll be fun!” You roll your eyes, irritably smoothing out the wrinkles in your short, black dress. Looking over yourself in the mirror, you sigh softly, playfully flicking at one of the shiny white rhinestones glimmering on the rims of your shoulders. Were you really going to go through with this?

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Five minute ficlet

Spock shenanigans, part 2.

The first few days after the hand incident with Commander Spock were so awkward you wanted to climb under your lab table and die. You were reasonably sure he was avoiding you, which made apologizing very difficult, and worse, had the secondary side effect of exacerbating your mortification, so that when he did finally come into the lab three days later, you darted to the restroom and hid until he’d left.

When you returned, you discovered that he’d only been in the lab long enough to inform everyone of shore leave, effective immediately. You breathed a sigh of relief. Enough shenaniganery occurred on the typical shore leave that your spectacle on the shuttle would be long forgotten by the time you returned.

Your quarters for shore leave were amazing, with a kitchen that allowed you the opportunity the relieve stress by baking, and you were astonished to find bananas at the grocer nearest you. When you announced to the shopkeeper that you intended to make banana bread, she offered you a few kilograms of brown bananas in exchange for a loaf.

You were carefully adapted the recipe to the ingredients available, which resulted in a loaf that was moister than usual, and more delicious. You knew the captain loved banana bread, so you made your way to the common lounge the crew was spending most of their time in with a few loaves to share.

The first person you encountered was Commander Spock, and you decided to screw up your courage and make things right with a peace offering.

“Commander Spock,” you drew in your breath. “I haven’t had a chance to apologize for the incident on the shuttle. I was unaware of the intimacy I initiated. It was extremely insensitive of me.”

“Captain Kirk told me that he assured you that you could not have known,” Spock replied. “There is no need for you to apologize for being unaware of the cultural intricacies of Vulcans.”

“Regardless, I feel badly about it, sir. Please, let me apologize. And, uh, here!” You thrust the banana bread into his hands, careful not to touch him. “I managed to get my hands on some bananas. Turns out the changes I made to the recipe make it completely vegetarian.”

There was a slight wrinkle at the corner of Spock’s mouth that you suspected might be a smile. “Thank you, Y/N,” he commented. “I grew very fond of bananas while I was at the academy.”

You smiled, the first relaxed, genuine smile you’d had since you’d unintentionally molested him. “I hope you enjoy it. I’ve got a few loaves in the freezer ready to go back when we do, if you want more.”


You were curled up on your couch, watching an old holo of a movie from before the time of space travel in your nighty when a knock sounded at your door.

Slightly self-conscious about your state of undress, you opened the door and stood behind it, just enough that the low V of the nightshirt wasn’t too obvious.

Spock was leaning against the door jam, his posture loose and his eyelids hooded. “Y/N, I wanted to thank you for the banana bread.”

“You’re very welcome, sir. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” you replied. You’d never seen him looking so relaxed. He reached over to you, and placed his hand on your cheek. Your eyes widened. Even without knowing how intimate touch was to Vulcans, that gesture was completely out of character for him.

“You’re lovely, Y/N,” he said, stepping into your space with a soft look and gentle laugh. Your eyebrows shot up. “Did you know that chocolate is an intoxicant for Vulcans?”

“I think we both know my knowledge of Vulcan is woefully inadequate,” you laughed nervously. His touch was warm and the look he gave you was mesmerizing.

“I’ll teach you.” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against yours, startling you.

“Oh my god, Spock! Did I get you drunk?” You pulled away, surprised and horrified. As you pulled back, Captain Kirk stepped out of his room across from yours, took one look at the scene in front of him and began to laugh.

“You gave him chocolate chip banana bread?” He crowed. “This is beautiful!”

“Just kill me now,” you groaned, tears of mortification filling your eyes. Kirk’s amused look softened, and he slipped his shoulder under Spock’s arm.

“I’ll take him down to Bones, see if we can’t sober him up,” he promised. “And sweetheart, wipe the tears away. You couldn’t have known.”

“You said that last time too,” you groaned, watching the captain drag the large Vulcan down the hall.

David Duchovny: TV's new heartthrob -- 29 Sept. 1995

”You’re not going to try to take a shower with me, are you?”

David Duchovny wants to know. ”We can go swimming together, but I’m showering by myself afterwards. Understood?”

The ground rules thus established, the X-Files star invites a visiting reporter to join him for a dip at the public park in Vancouver where the actor paddles a mile almost every morning before heading to the set of his hit TV series. Arriving poolside at 11 a.m. sharp, Duchovny, 35, drops his jeans and offers his guest a journalistic coup. ”I decided to wear the same swimsuit I wore on the show,” he announces. ”The famous red Speedo, in the flesh.”

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I’m bored so how about bbrae lime?

Strangely enough, it was Starfire who noticed it first.

During an epic showdown with Doctor Light, Raven and Starfire had teamed up to take him down. The empath kept him at bay as the alien princess fired starbolt after starbolt at their enemy while their other teammates were currently out of commission.

Only once they had him in custody, and the Titans decided to go for some celebratory pizza, did she finally bring attention to it.

”Friend Raven, have your injuries not yet healed?” The flame haired princess voiced her concerns, her brows furrowed in worry. 

“What injuries, Star?” Raven looked down at her own body, scanning for any dried blood or bruises she might have missed.

Starfire then pointed at the empath’s long, bare, shapely legs. “There are many discolorations on your skin, as well as…bite marks?”

Every other Titan at the table paused in what they were doing, looking up to survey Raven with curious expressions. Meanwhile, the demoness knew exactly what her friend had implicated and, as a result, felt her face go aflame from the neck up, all the way to the tips of her ears. She immediately used her cloak to cover her legs.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Raven stammered, narrowing her eyes at the table while trying to ignore the heat from the stares she received.

“They are there, on your thighs, all along the inside and around to the back. I saw them during our battle today,” Starfire pushed, gazing pointedly at the empath’s pale legs.

“Did you say bite marks, Star?” Cyborg raised an eyebrow.

She nodded in response. “Yes. They appear to be in small, red crescent moons, as if done by teeth. The bruises are not unlike the ones Robin enjoys leaving on my neck when we are doing the making out.”

The Boy Wonder’s cheeks reddened. “S-Starfire!” He exclaimed, eliciting a look of confusion from his girlfriend.

“You sayin’ Rae’s got hickeys on her thighs?” Cyborg leaned forward, using his cybernetic eye to zoom in on a very uncomfortable Raven.

“Are they not battle wounds?” 

Starfire gasped suddenly as realization dawned on her, and then her eyes flitted towards the changeling who was currently stuffing his face with so much pizza that his cheeks had puffed out. 

Beast Boy pretended his teammates didn’t exist, and ravenously attacked more food so that he couldn’t make more than a muffled sound when he spoke. All but Raven were gawking at him in shock. 

“You know you’re gonna run out of slices eventually, right?” Cyborg informed his friend in a deadpan manner.

The changeling shrugged, still munching on the food in his mouth. 

Robin sighed and brought his fingers to his throbbing temple. “Of all the things I didn’t want to know about over dinner…”

“Is he being the rough with you, Raven?” Starfire shot Beast Boy a glare while comforting her friend. 

Raven rolled her eyes, disgruntled, and muttered under her breath, “More like, not rough enough…”

Beast Boy gulped his food down and scratched the back of his head, choosing to stare out the window rather than at any of his other teammates. He refused to comment.

Cyborg just chuckled and shook his head. “You sure you’re still a vegetarian, B?” He quipped, nudging the shapeshifter suggestively while wiggling his brows.

If Beast Boy were capable of turning other colors, he’d have been cherry red instead of green. 

Always with a weakness to Cyborg’s taunts, Garfield wasn’t able to take it anymore, and he had remained silent for as long as possible. However, he couldn’t let this stand, even if it did go against Raven’s wishes.“I can’t help it, okay?! She’s got these great legs, and where her legs meet her back…”

He trailed off reluctantly as Raven fixed him with a flabbergasted glare, her pale face flushed red from heat. Was the pizza parlor always this hot?

“You’d do the same and you know it!” He barked at Victor helplessly, his eyes darting from the empath to the smug, cybernetic man. 

Raven stood up abruptly. slamming her hands against the table. “That’s it,” she said through gritted teeth, opening up a portal. “I’m leaving.” She then vanished within it, and the portal closed.

“We have upset her…,” Starfire pouted, guilt ridden.

“I’ll go check on her,” Robin surmised, standing up.

Beast Boy slammed his forehead repeatedly against the table, groaning miserably. “No. I think you guys did enough damage. I have to handle this,” he informed them coldly.

He then morphed into a green hawk and took off. 

“You think he’s gonna cheer her up?” Robin asked skeptically.

Cyborg patted his leader on the shoulder. “Did you see those teeth marks? My guess is he’s gonna plant his face between her legs, and that cheers up plenty of people,” he explained, taking Robin by surprise with his sudden vulgarity.

Starfire sighed, slumping forward as she cradled her chin with the palms of her hands. “I must admit that, for the first time in a long time, I am quite jealous. May we go home now, Robin, so that I too can be cheered up?”

Cyborg threw his head back in an uproar of laughter, all the while Robin sputtered on the spot, his tongue seemingly tied in knots.

Short & sweet because I spent the weekend at an ashram

When Jess breaks up with Sam, he’s devastated; ugly crying, plying himself full of ice cream and watching awful reality TV, living amidst a veritable pile of Kleenex, letting hygiene fall by the wayside… Dean deals with it all. And, because he’s a good brother, he also goes with Sam to the long-weekend stint at an ashram originally meant for he and Jess. 

Yes, Dean deals with the bunk beds and the ‘no shoes’ policy, the ‘no booze’ policy, and the goddamn vegetarian meals. Rabbit food. Only two meals served a day and they consist completely of rabbit food

Dean looks down at his metal plate and what appears to be some kind of curry and tofu thing with a curl to his lip. He’s just to about to make a snarky comment about organic bullshit when he sees him.

The Guy.

He’s 100% the type of granola, yoga-loving hippie you’d expect in a place like this: baggy pants, a long linen shirt, wearing bracelets and sporting scruff that’s just a couple of days from being a full-fledged beard. His hair is messy and his smile is wide and goofy, and eyes are so blue that Dean is momentarily distracted. 

From then on, the whole yoga weekend doesn’t seem so bad.

Dean manages to subtly guide Sam towards The Guy in order to sit next to him during the evening Satsang. And while the eldest Winchester is not a real big fan of mediatation, chanting or spiritualism, he can appreciate it for The Guy’s enthusiasm. Same thing with the morning Satsang, which is at 6am. (Sam is shocked that Dean is raring to go, but that latter wasn’t gonna miss seeing The Guy.) Then yoga. Then hiking. Then yoga again. Hell, Dean even participates in Karma Yoga in the hopes he’ll get to work with The Guy cleaning toilets or sweeping floors or some shit, but it turns out he and Sam have to garden all by their lonesome. 

Dean has all but lost hope for any kind of interaction when, at supper, left to his own devices while Sam goes and gets more tea, a person sits down right in front of him. 

“It’ll taste better if you salt it.”

Lo and behold: The Guy.

Dean spends the next thirty seconds roughly imitating a fish out of water, before blushing and clearing his throat. “Right. Um, yeah. I’m just not into this whole, ah, vegetarian thing. Um.”

“Ah, a meat eater.”


“Strictly sausage, or…?”

Green eyes widen as The Guy smirks so wide the expression quickly turns into a teasing grin. “I’m joking,” he says, giving a little nod. “How do you do? I’m Castiel.”

Dean’s palms are sweating, his mouth is dry, his heart is pounding in his chest, and he’s totally and completely screwed because he barely even knows the guy other than what he’s observed–other than seeing him help out and cook and clean and do yoga and be kind to people–but Dean’d gladly drink five cups of the nasty tea they serve for him. He totally would.

“Dean,” he replies with a grin. “I’m great.” And the worst part? He is. He really, truly is.

Sam will never let him live this down. 

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I really want to go vegetarian but i'm also an extremely picky eater what should i do?

Hey Anon!

Not a simple question, so the answer is yes and no.

It really depends on what you’re picky against when you eat. For example, if you can’t stand beans, seeds and nuts, then vegetarian, vegan or plant-based isn’t for you.

There’s a saying my mum says to me. It goes like this: It takes 12 times for your mouth to get used to food. This essentially means, on average, it’ll take 12 times of being introduced to a type of food for you to get used to and/or like it. This is one of the reasons people hate something when they have it initially, then after a few years start liking it. (that and age changes your taste buds)

Anyway, back to your question. When you become Vegetarian, especially as a picky eater, you need to make sure you’re able to balance what you eat. I’d recommend trying it out and keep track of what you’re eating. Most people jump to the “You’re not getting enough protein!” but as protein is in everything, if you’re having enough calories and not eating fast food as your source of calories, you’re fine for protein.
Your problem may be micro-nutrients. Picky-eaters often stray away from a flavour profile, a type of food (I.E. You don’t like squash so you won’t eat cucumber, squash, zucchini, eggplant, etc). This can cause an imbalance of micros. Now whats a micro?

Source: X

Micros are Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamin A, E, D, B, etc. Calcium and Magnesium. Potassium and Iron. And more. These can be found in all foods but in varying quantities. Some foods, like Spinach, for example, have high iron, very high vitamin A and vitamin C, but have negligible Vitamin D and Vitamin B.

I’d recommend getting an app to track what you’re eating, preferably something that tells you how many micros and macros (Fat, Carbs and Protein) you’re getting. Myfitnesspal does this, and I’ve been using it for about 2 years now. It’ll manage how many calories, macros and micros you need in a day and you can check to see if you’re low on something or getting too much of something else.

If you find you’re avoiding something that is a major staple in a vegetarian diet, (such as beans, nuts or whole grains) then you may want to look at a meat reduction diet instead. Flexitarian (Vegetarian with Chicken and Fish) or pescetarian(Vegetarian with Fish) diets may be better for you. Both of those diets do reduce your carbon footprint as well as decrease the suffering of animals. 

Do what seems best for you, and remember, you should enjoy your diet. Otherwise, you won’t stick to it.
Best of luck!

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes!

Secrets and Pizza Sauce

It’s Danvers Sister’s Week! For day one have Kara and Alex being adorable!

It’s been months, with travelling to earth one, and the daxamite invasion and just life in general, Alex and Kara haven’t gotten to have a Sister’s Night in a while. Alex hasn’t even told Kara that she and Maggie are engaged, and she knows something has been going on with Kara as well.

So when Kara called at 6pm, her voice flustered and squeaky, asking if Alex was free tonight, well, she couldn’t leave her sister in such a sorry state right? So she wrapped up any experiments that couldn’t run over night and told Kara to be at her apartment in about an hour. Next she called Maggie and said she would spend tomorrow night with her instead, laughing when her fianceé asked if the secret could finally be let out. After rushing through the last of her paperwork she grabbed her leather jacket and locked up the Lab.

By 6:45 she was in an uber headed home from the DEO, excited to spend time with Kara and only Kara, for the first time in months. Alex knows she will have to make it up to Maggie, and she already plans to have Kara “help her pick” and by that she means buy with money that is Kara’s, a nice edible arrangement before they settle in, but she knows that Maggie understands the need for Danvers Sister Nights. So as she hangs up with the pizza place, excited that Jackson will be delivering since she knows how much he crushes on Kara, and thanks her cabbie she looks up to the sky, knowing Kara will be landing any moment.

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So Dave is owned by vegetarians and though he gets meat mixed in with his dog food he doesn’t really have any idea what meat for humans looks like, and one day I was walking him and there was a spilled binbag on the street, and he walked straight past the slices of ham and then suddenly lunged for something and I looked down and he was just standing there, looking incredibly smug, with a head of cauliflower sticking out of his mouth. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen because he was holding it by the stem and he was just SO PROUD.

Kansas City Gothic

So I’m noticing a lot of stuff in the American Gothic tags for different regions of the country and their particular gothic flavors.  The midwest ones are nice, but I’m from a city in the midwest, so I feel the need to try my hand at this.  There’s a gap, I’m going to fill it:

  • Abandoned subdivisions slowly being reclaimed by nature.  Beige houses full of sheetrock walls with that awful gritty texture, slowly being eaten by black mold, streaks of rot running down from where the water damage started.  Sometimes, there are pictures hanging on the walls or abandoned furniture, as if the inhabitants left in a relative hurry, instead of being driven out by bank foreclosures.
  • Interminable road construction.  Men in reflective orange vests and hard hats ripping down the things they built just last year and laying down the groundwork for something else, something new, something that no one predicted.
  • Around town there are rail yards.  Acres and acres of rusted metal train tracks on which engines sit immobile.  The Amtrak rolls through every now and then, stopping and waiting in the pearly predawn.  Nothing else there ever seems to move.
  • There are lights on in the gutted steel mill, but no one ever seems to enter or leave.
  • A homeless man screams at you, and you can see every crooked and off-kilter tooth in his mouth.  You can see the horror in his eyes, like he sees something you don’t.
  • In the late spring and early summer, it’s tornado season.  Tornadoes don’t always touch down, but the sky turns a pale green and the light goes all dim and watery.  The wind stops, like the natural world is holding its breath, sitting quietly in anticipation of some expected punchline.
  • You turn a corner, and you’re no longer in the nice residential neighborhood.  You’re driving down a street with trailers set to either side, and no one is around other than one emaciated looking child in an oversized hoodie, watching you with knowing eyes set in his ashen skin.
  • Have you ever been to the Northland?  Downtown unfolds behind you like a great wall, suggesting an impassable barrier.  Rising up like the boundary of the world.
  • You take a shortcut through an alleyway, and the rusted wrought-iron fire escapes hang overhead like gibbets.  There are lights on in the apartment buildings.  You see no one, yet are completely visible.
  • Why is one of the largest hospitals in the area called simply “Research”?
  • Beneath our feet are stories and stories of infrastructure.  Pipes and access tunnels and spillways.  Not all of them are still in use, but not all are inaccessible.  Hundreds of miles of industrial-age catacombs, never again to see the light of day.  Take a wrong turn, pass beneath a rusted-out “BOMB SHELTER” sign, and you might get lost.  In some parts of town, there are office complexes built directly into cave systems, where it is cool and dry year round, where you could wander in the fluorescent undark without knowing anything about the world outside while office drones go about their business around you.
  • There are many man-made lakes in the area.  Why?  What lies beneath the surface of lakes Jacomo, Tapawingo, and Lotawana?  And where did those names come from?
  • On the east side, there are miles and miles of streets lined with abandoned shop fronts, chain link covering the windows, bars over the door, the glass all replaced with plywood.
  • When it rains, the sewers all back up, and the smell of rot and waste fills the air, mingling with the petrichor.
  • Where does that highway go to?  Where does it come from?  The one with not a single on-ramp that anyone knows about?  Why was it built?
  • Sometimes, children will climb up the grain elevator – you know, the one over by the rail line, where rainbow turns into the seventh street expressway and you can get on 35? – sometimes they’ll climb up there.  Sometimes they’ll fall in, and they’ll never be heard from again:  they drown in the coarse wheat waiting to be taken to market.  Sometimes their bodies are never found.  Sometimes the grain shifts like something is swimming through it.
  • There are malls throughout the area and many aren’t doing so well.  Some are completely abandoned.  Great tumorous eyesores in the middle of sun-baked parking lots.  Sometimes the graffiti isn’t written in any alphabet you recognize.
  • At the intersection of 18th and Vine, near the jazz musician’s foundation, there are buildings with painted-on store fronts full of smiling, blank-eyed people.  These buildings are empty, and haven’t been occupied for decades.
  • You find yourself – against all reason – sitting in a booth at Chubby’s Diner at 4AM, tired and a little drunk and hungry as all hell.  You peruse the menu, trying to figure out what to order when your waitress returns.  When you look up, no one else is there, and the windows are covered in a thick carpet of buzzing flies.
  • In the summer, there is the smell of grilling meat in the air, enough to make your mouth water (or stomach turn, if you’re a vegetarian,) this is independent of location and whether anyone is actually grilling.  No one knows where the clouds of meat-smell are coming from, or what is actually being cooked.  No one complains about much, other than the lack of a belly full of undigested meat.
  • The area is a tangle of boundaries, official and unofficial.  The state line, a dozen or more county lines, the racial dividing lines of Troost and Southwest Boulevard, the fine gradations in socioeconomic status between neighborhoods – Waldo and Brookside and Plaza and Mission Hills and Westport and Hyde Park and Valentine and Volker – but you always feel it when you cross it.  And don’t even get me started on the river and the Northland beyond.  You always know when you’ve crossed the line and you feel it in your bones.  To live here is to live in a state of trespass.
Sleepy (Brett x Reader)

(A/N: Another Brett fic for that anon that wanted more Brett. Sorry if you don’t eat cheese, this fic relies on cheese. I love cheese)

After a long, grueling day of work you return home. The moon is already out and few cars litter the roads due to how late it is. You swing the door open and throw your bag on the ground, kicking off your shoes. All you want to do is sleep and never go to work again, but you still have to pay rent and food and clothes and gas and everything else because this is a capitalistic society that relies on paper based money that has no actual value other than what others attribute to it. And worst of all, it’s only Tuesday.

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John sneaks up behind Sherlock a lot to tickle him; he loves the way he has a teeny bit of a lisp as he breathlessly tells him to stop, the way he tries to be serious about it but can’t help unraveling into a mess of giggles.

Sherlock sometimes times his baths just so that he’s in when John gets home but so that the water’s still hot so that when John arrives the bath is ready and he can change out and slip in with him.

John will text Sherlock messages sometimes made up entirely of using only emojis, and will try to get him to deduce what he’s trying to say. Sherlock loves this game. He almost always gets it (by the third try).

Sherlock makes breakfast sometimes (John really does like English breakfast) and he’ll arrange the food into a smiley face sometimes (eggs for the eyes, bacon [vegetarian bacon!!] for the mouth - the rest usually on another plate).

John will try to leave bed at least four times before he finally manages to get out and go to the bathroom in the morning (partially because Sherlock refuses to let go - but also because really, he doesn’t want to leave).

Sherlock’s decided favorite thing ever really is John’s smile. He swears that John is literally his most radiant when he smiles. He knows it’s probably cliche and that people would say he’s biased but he is convinced that it is scientific fact that he can prove that John’s smile is the best smile there is. Because it’s John’s.

Binge Eating is a Must: Ron x Reader

**You are Harry’s twin in and you’re in Slytherin**

“Ugh Harry, I don’t want to meet your friends,” you were dragging your feet down the halls “I’m perfectly fine with my own group,” You insisted.

“Y/n I don’t want you hanging with with Slytherins, they’re bad you know that,” It was scary that you two were related, you were completely different people.

“Oh my god Harry am I not allowed to hang out with people from my own house?!” You were almost shouting, no one insults your friends. Not even your twin brother.

“Whatever Y/n, hurry up they’re waiting,” Harry rolled his eyes at you.

You walked into the great hall it was almost time for lunch and you were starving, as always. Harry dragged you to the Gryffindor table and made you sit down across from a girl with very frizzy hair and buck teeth and a tall freckled ginger.

“Hermione, Ron this is my twin Y/n,” Harry said smiling.

“Hi,” you said giving a small wave. The ginger who you assumed was Ron waved and Hermione gave you a toothy smile.

“Holy cricket, I’ve heard so much about you I’m so glad to finally meet you,” Hermione was beaming. “Would you like to sit with us for lunch?” She said with hope in her eyes.

“Sure why not, I’m totally starving I could eat a horse,” you said with a small giggle. Ron gave a loud obnoxious laugh.

“Yeah sure, I doubt you can eat a quarter of what I eat,” Ron said being to cocky for his own good.

“You would be surprised,” you flashed a devilish grin. “Wanna bet?” You questioned.

“Sure, I’ll win so why not?” Ron said proudly.

“Okay, the loser has to buy the winner something at HoneyDukes,” you said knowing it was an offer someone like him could never resist. “Harry and Hermione will be the judges, Deal?”


Once everyone got in the food started to appear on the plates in front of you. Everything from roast chicken to spinach ravioli, your mouth was watering.

“You two ready?” Hermione questioned.

“Yup,” you chirped.

“Obviously,” Ron replied with an annoyed tone.

“Ready, Set, Go!” Hermione shouted quite loudly. You grabbed four spoon fills of mashed potatoes, some ravioli, three rolls, two pieces of chicken/some pasta (if you’re a vegetarian), and finally a goblet of pumpkin juice. The two of you ate and ate until it was impossible to eat anymore. You were finishing off your 5th roll when Harry called time.

“Oh I totally ate more, look you still have food on your plate!” Ron pointed out (might I add obnoxiously)

“Yeah I do, because I just re-filled my plate you bloody idiot,” you rolled you eyes and waited for Hermione’s verdict.

“Sorry just finishing up the tallies,” Hermione admitted writing furiously. “Holy cricket, it is possible, Y/n you won!” Hermione looked about as excited as you felt.

“Wot?” Ron asked chicken about to fall out of his mouth.

“HA!!!” You yelled. You shouldn’t have been so proud of your victory, but you definitely were. Well, you were for about 5 minutes then you saw Ron’s disappointed face. You started to feel bad, why was he so upset…? “Ron… I’m sorry for gloating, what’s wrong?” You asked visibly worried.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Ron got up from the table and ran off.

“Is he going to be okay?” You asked.

“I’m not sure… I’ll check on him later,” Harry said trying to reassure you.

“No I’ll check on him now,” you got up and ran after Ron. You had no idea why you were so worried, you had only just met him for heavens sake. You searched and searched until you arrived outside of the Gryffindor Tower entrance. There you saw Ron sitting against the wall with his head in his knees.

“Forget the password?” You asked softly as not to startle him.

“Why do you care? And yeah I did,” Ron responded.

“Really Ron, I’m terribly sorry,” you started to apologize.

“No, it’s not your fault,” Ron gestured to the space next to him, you came and sat down. “With five older brothers, I never won anything. Not one trophy, not one medal, not even a certificate.” Ron explained sadly. “So you challenged me I really hoped you would loose so at least I’d be good at one thing.”

“I think you’re good at a lot of things you know,” you told him smiling.

“Really,” Ron paused to laugh, “like what?”

“Well,” you turned to him and got a little closer, “You’re really good at making people like you,”

“Oh sure I’m good at making people fall in love with me and your the king of Franc-” You interrupted him by softly kissing his cheek. His face and ears turned bright red.

“I really truly like you Ron Weasley.”

“I like you too Y/n.”

“So You’re still buying me something from Honeydukes right?” You and Ron erupted in giggles.

“Of course.”

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any ideas for vegan edible orbeez? All the recipes I can find contain gelatin and All I want to do is put all the frickin orbeez in my mouth is that too much to ask

Actually yeah! A great vegetarian/vegan substitute for gelatin is agar agar, it’s made of algae! (that sounds gross, but it’s all on the molecular level lol) It feels pretty much identical to gelatin, so you could probably swap it out and use it instead of gelatin in any edible orbeez recipe you find!

Here’s a recipe for water drop cakes that look like dango (so it’s basically 3 big edible orbeez on a stick lol), it uses agar agar instead of gelatin! And it’s a decocookie video, so you know it’s great! ^^

I’m not going to be a vegan or a vegetarian, but I’m kinda grossed out if I think too much about how this thing that I’m chewing in my mouth once breathed and was killed so that I can eat it.