out of the frat and into the real world


Yes, it’s THAT balcony. Call her Juliet, Giulietta, Julia, Julieta or ジュリエット, everybody knows her balcony and her story, and everybody dreams of traveling at least once in the lifetime to her statue and fondle her right boob. Women, children, they will go through it as well because hey, it’s a frat world out there and the fun must be real fun. Then they will stick a ceremonial wad of chewed gum to one of the thousand years old walls of the courtyard on the Via Capello and will go on, to soil some more beauties of Verona. The pink relationship padlocks and love sorrow post-it letters look in comparison like childish attempts at getting unhoped-for help in a place where there seems to be only derision left… Next year will probably bring mooning from the balcony, make your bets. So should I be surprised they also sell Romeo and Juliet themed beer? And against all expectations, La Cotta di Giulietta e Romeo brewed an unquestionably pleasant amber - unctuous smooth and savory malt with just a bit of sting. I only hope the great Will and the old Capulets will pardon me for indulging in their legendary courtyard.