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tumblr bellarke fandom: but what if they aren’t gonna be canon? what if it’s all a misdirect? *despairs* *wails*  i mean, i thought i was sure… but what if…


Skam cast is there partying and laughing and I’m here crying because I’ll have to say goodbye to this amazing cast and show that I love so much in a few hours, a show that opened my eyes for so many things, mostly about islam (even if it wasn’t the best representation) but still made me learn and see thing in a different light and y’know I’M NOT READY AT ALL!!!! ALL I KNOW IT’S BEEN A PLEASURE BEING PART OF SUCH AMAZING FANDOM (SERIOUSLY, YOUSANA FANDOM HAS THE MOST ADORABLE PEOPLE IN THE WORD), THESE MONTHS HAVE BEEN AWESOME AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

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Looking for new Blogs....

Hello! So my Dashboard has kinda dried up a bit so i’m looking for new blogs to follow. Just like or reblog this post and i will at least look at your blog and follow if i’m haven’t already. I’m looking for blogs that post/reblog:


- Roosterteeth/Achievement hunter

- Doctor Who

- DC Comics

- Marvel 

- Gotham City Sirens

- Dead by Daylight 

- Steven Universe 

- Gravity falls 

- Geeky/Nerdy stuff

- Mythology 

- Writing stuff

- Fall out boy

- Heathers (the Musical)

- Overwatch 

- The Lunar chronicles

- Until Dawn 

I prefer blogs that post NO or VERY little NSFW content if possible so keep that in mind please.

Anyway, thanks for reading this long list and Have a nice day!

Anon: KC + time travel

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Klaus awoke slowly, the strain of sleeping on a wooded floor long forgotten in his near millennia of comfort. The last he remembered, he had been tracking a coven of rebel witches through the bayou; irritation flooded him as the memory of one holding him entranced in a spell before snapping his neck. He stumbled through the trees until he reached a familiar road.

Something prickled at the back of his neck, but Klaus needed blood before he could consider the possibilities. Making the familiar way back to his family’s compound, though, the feeling of dread blanketed him with a steel weight. The door opened easily to him, like it always had. “Elijah? Bekah?”

“What the hell would they be doing here?”

His tired eyes shot up to the top of the staircase, where Caroline Forbes - clad only in a long, silk nightgown and matching robe - was brushing out her hair. “Sweetheart?”

Eyes narrowed, she pointed the brush at him. “You didn’t leave the house looking like that,” she accused.

The door opened behind him, and he was abhorred to be pushed against the wall from behind. “Unhand me,” he demanded of his mystery attacker.

As expected, the hands flew off him as though burned; but he turned to find a near mirror image, with shorter hair and different clothing. “What th-”

The other Klaus lunged and clutched his throat, a frantic look in his eyes. “This is a wicked trick,” he said lightly, glancing over his shoulder to a confused Caroline. “Tell me, did you order one of those clones after all? I thought you had decided against it.”

“No,” she answered, coming to inspect the intruder. “I could hardly having you murder the poor thing in our bed, could I? He is a pretty thing, though. Almost like-” Her hand gripped his chin, noting the small grin he gave at her touch. “I know you.”

“I should hope so, love,” he teased. “You came against my tongue night on six times just last week.”

She turned a shrewd eye on his grin. “When?”

His brow furrowed. “Just the once,” he answered, the realizations coming to him all too quickly. “I’m not in 2014 anymore, am I?”

“No.” She shook her head, a furious mirror image of himself staring daggers from behind her. “No, you’re not.”

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Bad News

Sorry guys but… I’m pulling out of this toxic fandom. This blog, and my other FMA rp blogs @thelifealchemist and @thxtwxlfthsxn are being deleted Monday, June 27th, 2017. This time is for you to save what you want from my blogs bc I’m not archiving them. If you want to contact me, I’ll be available on my discord Kai.mun (#0107) and my Skype, nella.of.hyrule . Tell me who you are when you first message me.

Why I’m leaving: many of you may not know it but weekly I’m getting hate. And, sadly, it’s taking a toll on me mentally. I am tired, depressed, and I can’t keep doing this. It’s not worth it to me anymore.

I am really tired yall.

Lemme just preface this with saying that I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. I have taken actual classes about writing and about what fiction can offer you, me, and people as a whole. I have won an award for something that I wrote. I know and love fiction, be it in written form, graphic novels, or film. It is all so good and complex and it’s something I am passionate about. That said, let’s get into this.

A good majority of the discourse that goes on in most of the fandoms I’m in stem from the idea that violence and forbidden sexual acts in fiction will encourage those actions in reality. It is important to know, firstly, that the only time this happens is when a person is immature enough or not mentally healthy enough to distinguish reality from fiction. Growing up, my parents would often stop horror movies (back when I first started watching them) to ask me questions. To be fair, they were pretty shitty people, but in this one aspect, they were so good about making sure I knew this difference. “You know this is just a movie, right? None of the stuff on the tv is real.” They’d assure before continuing the film.

It’s not real.

Now, half of the stuff I read or watched back then was nowhere near pushing boundaries or making me think critically about society or whatever. However, I knew that what I watched wasn’t real. It was images on a screen. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I can walk away. It doesn’t have to affect me, personally,  unless I let it.

Now, lets circle back. School. College. I took a writing class that used this book:

Granted, it was a screenwriting class and most of the chapters were about various script formats, but the beginning chapters focused on why we write and why we make the stories we do.

It had a section in it describing how human needs and desires are met through fiction. It detailed those needs in a list. This list:

Please draw your attention to the ones on the list that say that fictions helps people to:

Be purged of unpleasant emotions

To have vicarious but controlled emotional experiences

To confront, in a controlled situation, the horrible and terrible

To explore taboo subjects without guilt

Just because you personal don’t need various forms of ‘taboo’ media, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Media, in all of its forms, is a way for people to explore things safely. It’s an outlet that doesn’t harm anyone and it offers the creator and viewer/reader a safe way of exploring the complexities of situations (or in some cases relationships) that these people do not want to be involved in irl. Because we can distinguish reality from fiction. Because none of us are going out killing people or getting into abusive relationships or fucking our sibling.

While being critical of the media we consume is important and it is vital to dissect the whys of the media being created, there is a line between creating open discussion about these taboos, about the society and personal experiences that makes one need these outlets, and verbally abusing and harassing strangers.

If you want to create a dialogue about media or a ship you don’t agree with, fine. Talk about it. Dissect it. Really dig deep into the human condition and the psychology behind these outlets, but don’t shame people for them to the point of telling them to kill themselves or telling them they are human garbage or what the fuck ever.

Fiction isn’t always meant to be picturesque. It’s not always going to be SFW. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then great. Stop going into the tags of things that make you feel unhealthy. You do you. Keep yourself safe. Stop continuously exposing yourself to content that you can’t swallow. To keep getting involved, to keep harassing people, to keep abusing strangers shows that you don’t give a damn about the content. You need an excuse to bully someone else and indulge in holier-than-thou circle jerks with other people who also have no sense of what fiction is for.

types of fans
  1. memorises specific details because they reread or rewatch regularly, can quote entire passages or scenes, slays during trivia
  2. analyses for deeper meaning, engages in online discussion, writes meta essays for fun
  3. completely loyal to the original source material, probably close their eyes and cover their ears because any spin-off or adaption is a travesty that they ignore the existence of
  4. loves anything, new or old, to do with the fandom, even when things border on the absurd and retcon the original material because THE MORE, THE BETTER
  5. likes to play with the world and the characters, loves creating and sharing headcanon, fanfiction, fanart or graphics; maybe even roleplays
  6. creates funny text posts, liveblogs reactions, probably likes to stir the fandom up for fun
  7. klasjdkasjd I JUST LOVE THIS THING OKAy

I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

  • Persona 3: We part as colleagues who accomplished an important mission at great cost.
  • Persona 4: We part as good friends who will always remember growing up together during our wonderful year in the country!
  • Persona 5: Shit, the feds are on to our polyamorous Satanic crime ring, everyone get in the van.