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Speaking of awful headcanon's, whats your opinion of the "Victor really hates doing the dishes or any housework in general, and Yuuri's REALLY salty about it" headcanon? I can't be the only one who hates it with a passion. Please 😧



it’s one of those popular headcanons i hate the most? honestly get your heteronormative bullshit out of here!!!!! stop treating yuuri like a sad wife with an abusive husband!!! stop treating victor like a slob!!! they’re not like that and there’s a bunch of canon material to prove otherwise?

idk why it’s so popular tbh. oh wait. probably some bfn overused that joke at some point and people thought it was funny. 

(which is why we should, you know, question trends in the fandom and change our behavior?)

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So I've been following your tumblr for a while now, and I've seen everything you've had to say about the crossover. I should preface this by saying that I am white with no Jewish ancestry. So I suppose my place isn't the question, because this does not affect me directly. However: I do not understand how showing Nazis as villains is a bad thing. I am not questioning that it hurts people. I've seen that it clearly does. What I question is "Why?" I don't grasp why Nazi=villains is a bad thing.

I’m going to be bluntly honest here. I had to mentally dismiss about ten blithe responses to this that were on the order of that now-infamous tweet “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.” I know that’s not what you’re saying, but I struggled, when I read this, to grasp how you could say that you see the harm (hurt) it is causing and yet don’t see that it’s wrong. 

And how it could be true that you’ve actually read this post, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and some of the other stuff I’ve put in my tag for the crossover, and yet still be confused about this. And one of those posts, mind you, explicitly explains why it’s more than just “they made Nazis the villains of the crossover”.

And part of why I was tempted to answer blithely is because, given all that, I think it’s been explained time and again what the issue is here, and how it goes so far beyond the fact that them making Nazis the villains is the problem. The other part is because to re-explain it, to break it down to its elemental components? That takes time - hours from the time I started thinking about this to the time I’ll be done writing it - and energy - in terms of research and resources. I’m doing a lot of labour for you, emotionally and physically here. And part of me wants to shirk that labour, to put it on you to do it.

But… I can’t. Because I can answer your question, at least from my own perspective, and it is an important one to answer. Because before I understood just how much my own privilege impacted how I see the world and started to actively push back against it and expand my perception, I probably wouldn’t have fully understood either.

So I can’t explain this as eloquently or succinctly as some other people. And I can’t explain this from the perspective of someone who’s directly being harmed by this crossover (because I am also white and a gentile). And I’m sure many people people who are direct targets of Nazis would tell you that “isn’t it enough that it is harming me?” and they would be right, full stop. That would be an acceptable answer.

But I’m going to do my best to give you the understanding I genuinely think you’re looking for, allowing for the fact that others may have more to add or clarify, and allowing for the fact that my answer is inherently limited by my privilege.

I trust that you’ll read to the end, even though it’s long. And if at the end you still can’t understand, or you think I’m exaggerating, then I urge you to think on this, to sleep on it, and to read more and more about it. And even without understanding, to respect the voices of the Jewish (and gay, and Rroma) people who’ve spoken out about these problems time and again when things like this crop up. Amplify those voices, even if you can’t see the long-term ramifications of why this is ‘Bad’ yet.

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me: I’m strong! I’m independent! I don’t need no father figure in my life! No siree-
prof. venomous: *exists*
me: *darrell voice* HIIII DADDDYYYY!!!

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do you know of any ffxv writing blogs that are like... a collective? if that makes sense. i've written a few things, but but they don't really get any notice and i guess, like everyone, i'm looking for a bit of vindication that it's okay, and not a pile of crap. it's canon/OC based tho, so i can understand why it doesn't really get looked at. but you seem to be very much in the know in regards to this kind of thing. seemed sensible to ask if you, or someone who follows you might know?

Not off the top of my head that’s not already like… a closed group kind of thing, anon. All of the ones that I can think of right now were formed as a way for friends to have a joint place to write, moreso than advertise for others.

Having said all that, I don’t think it’s bad to seek out validation for your work; as content creators, it’s one of the best feelings in the world to know that someone else gave your stuff a chance and ended up liking it! But I also want to emphasize that Tumblr is picky asf when it comes to what the fan base prefers to promote and indulge in, and OCs tend to be overlooked in general. It’s tough because OCs are so personal to those who create them and it’s like… really putting yourself out there and hoping people latch onto a piece of you. I applaud those who do it, and I really hope that despite these hurdles that you can find the staples you need to keep you writing your story and loving every step of the way.


We know each other for years now! YEARS…wtf… and you are still the only Audrey I accept! This fandom, no matter how much I tried to get rid of it, is my home….It’s what brought us together as friends!!
Thanks for sticking around!~♫

And I swear if anybody comments with the fandom is dead, I will send mirror!Gear after ‘em!!

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And I can't read prostitute Yuuri aus. Oh, of course they call that an escort, courtesan and what not but these fancy words don't change the meaning. I think depicting Yuuri as a hooker is crossing the line. What repels me most is that Yuuri has no reason to do it and doesn't mind it at all. I'll never understand why this au is so popular. Everyone talked about these fanfics so I gave it a try but felt disgusted reading it and dropped

(i’m assuming you also sent the fic rec ask? i’m going through my history so i’ll get to that in a minute)

dude!!!! yeah!!! it’s super ooc and most sugar daddy/escort aus i’ve read didn’t even give yuuri a… like… “good” reason for it? he usually needs money and like… just ends up sucking dick for a living. 


(not to mention it’s kind of a power-play dynamic… that mmmm… mmmmmmmmmm…)

they write yuuri as this hypersexualized “camboy” (or whatever) who loves sex and is very confident about himself and great at fucking and while that’s not a bad thing at all i think… umm…. it’s not very well explored/written/developed. which i understand, it takes a lot of time to develop characters properly, but then… maybe don’t write it? if you’re gonna half-ass it?

it feels gross to read tbh. i need the love between them. another ooc thing is victor like paying for someone to keep him company or eat his ass (lmao it’s usually the other way around bc of course let’s do that it sounds like a good idea hm) and… i don’t understand how they fall in love from there.

not my cup of tea tbh. i think i’ve heard some friends mention aus like these and they had similar opinions as you so i guarantee you’re not alone in this. 

Me, falling back into a fandom/ship I thought I was over for .5 seconds

I honestly don’t understand how y'all have time to hate on other groups.

Like I barely have enough time to keep up with the groups I stan let alone fine extra time and go out of my way to hate on a group that I don’t even like.

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