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fuckboy!jungkook + roommates  M

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You walked into Jungkook’s room with caution because he was always cranky in the morning and you didn’t want to deal with another one of his stupid rants about how abominable it was to wake anyone up before 12pm. You were in his room because it was Sunday, the day you took time out to do the laundry because if you didn’t do it, it would never be done. You were almost certain that he had some shirts that you let him borrow on a few occasions but never got back, so you tip-toed your way towards his closet, because you knew that’s where he kept all of his shirts.

You didn’t even get halfway there before you heard him rustle in his bed, turning stiffly to meet the vexed expression on his face.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m looking for all the shirts I let you borrow. I’m doing laundry,” you pointed out to the hallway as you explained. You looked over at his bedside table to read the green numbers on his alarm clock. “You do know what time it is, right? Why are you up so early?”

Jungkook shifted under his covers to face you more comfortably, “Of course I know what time it is.”

“So… is there a special occasion or something? Because you are never, ever up this early. There has to be a special occasion because this – this is bigger than like, watching Jesus walk on water in person,” you said, shaking your head.

“Shut up,” Jungkook groaned, “there’s no special occasion. I just thought it’d be fun to watch you walk around the house half naked.” You narrowed your eyes at the way his voice got low and how he licked his lips as if he were about to devour you.

“You’re a fucking pervert.”

“What do you expect when you walk around with just a shirt and panties on?”

You rolled your eyes. “I didn’t know you’d be awake right now because you’re usually knocked out with drool hanging out of your mouth.” You walked the rest of the way to his closet to begin searching for your shirts. “Excuse me for wanting to be comfortable while I do your dirty ass laundry.” You had no doubt that Jungkook was looking at your ass as you sifted through the shirts he had hung up in his closet. Things like that were typical while you lived with him; you just learned to ignore it. You had to admit that sometimes, it made you feel a bit better about your body, not that you really needed any validation from a man like him. Still, you couldn’t hold back the smirk on your face when Jungkook swore he couldn’t hold himself back from touching you or watching you do things around the house in whatever you wanted to wear, which was often barely anything. This time, however, you really did think he was still asleep. The only thing that was on your mind was getting all of your laundry done long before the day was over.

“Comfortable? You’re teasing me,” Jungkook whined. “And now I have a boner.”

“Not my problem,” you called out, still searching through his closet because you were unsuccessful so far.

“What if I make it your problem?”

“Seriously,” you halted your movements to look back at Jungkook, “I’m not like the girls you fuck with, and I’m not doing anything with you.”

Jungkook glared at you with an annoyed expression on his face. “I’m not like that anymore, Y/N. I’m a changed man.”

“Pft! Yeah, right. That was a good one,” you joked, focusing your attention back on his closet.

“Tell me, when was the last time you heard me bring someone home?”

You sighed in exasperation because the only reason you came into his room was because you needed to find the shirts you let him borrow, not to talk about his sex life. “I don’t know, I don’t keep up with your one night stands,” you replied.

Jungkook tsked, “I haven’t brought anyone home in like, three weeks. That’s a long ass time, and I’m so horny,” Jungkook groaned.

You felt your walls suddenly clench at the way his words left his mouth so sultrily, making you freeze in shock because, what the hell?

“You’re not making this situation any better, Y/N,” Jungkook moaned. You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat before turning to face your roommate still in bed. Except now, the covers were off his body, giving you a full view of him palming himself over his sweatpants.

“Uh, I- I think I’ll just come back to find my shirts another time,” you uttered, making your way out of his closet.

“C’mon, just do me a favor, please? As a roommate.”

“I don’t – I don’t know what you mean,” you said, shaking your head, even though you knew exactly what he was implying. All of this was too much and so sudden; you still couldn’t understand how and why you were becoming so aroused when you swore you had no attraction to Jungkook, your roommate, and the most infamous fuckboy you knew.

“I promise I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. I just want you to sit on it.” Jungkook took his bottom lip in between his teeth while he waited on you to respond. Your body was frozen in place between his closet and his bed. Your feet refused to move and your body screamed out to him, yes, absolutely yes I will sit on it, but your mind was telling you not to cave in. He was, by everyone’s definition, a fuckboy, and you didn’t want to start anything you couldn’t finish. However, the arousal in between your legs had progressed from a small nuisance to an overwhelming ache you just had to do something about.

“Do the dishes for a week – No – two weeks,” you bargained, hoping you weren’t out of your mind just yet.


“And you have to do your own laundry from now on,” you added.

“Just come sit on my dick,” Jungkook urged with frustration. You walked slowly over to Jungkook, waiting for the angel on your shoulder to knock some sense into your head, but it never did show. You knew what you were doing, you knew what you were getting yourself into, but the way your body screamed for attention had overpowered your will to think straight, and before you could turn around to go back to the loads of laundry that you needed to do, you were straddling your asshole of a roommate.

“Can you feel that?” he muttered, trailing his hands up your thighs, “this is all your fault.” You were unable to say anything. You could feel him pressed against his sweatpants, the feeling bringing back images of when he would walk around the apartment with a hard on that you forced yourself to ignore, but couldn’t help it when you snuck a little peak.

“A – Are those my panties?” You queried when your eyes darted over to his bedside table. You did a double take to get a good look at the purple lace that hung over the top drawer. “Those are my panties! Why do you have my panties?” you exclaimed.

Jungkook looked up at you with his lip in between his teeth as his hands hiked up your shirt and found purchase on your hips. “I needed them,” he muttered lazily, admiring the way you looked on top of him.

“What do you mean? Like, you – you wear them?” The words came out of your mouth before you could think about what you were saying. Embarrassment flooded you all at once when you realize what you had just asked.

“No,” Jungkook glared at you with furrowed brows before looking back down at the point of contact between you two. He slowly guided your hips to move on top of him, and you got the hint. With his hands still on your hips, you moved on your own accord for more friction. “I used them to get off.”

You opened your mouth in surprise at your roommate’s confession, but you thought it was hot. You had never met a guy who was into that, but the thought of Jungkook using your panties to cum was arousing.

“You like that?” he asked with a smirk on his face. He must have noticed how much it turned you on. You nodded. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

“Keep talking,” you moved your hips faster, “this feels so good.”

Jungkook chuckled and moved his hands to grab your ass. “Look at you,” he teased with an amused look on his face, “such a dirty girl. You gonna make me cum in my pants?”

He was enjoying this too much, you thought. The playful tone in his voice and the devious look that still sat on his face gave you more than enough evidence to know that. But you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it. “Yeah, I – I want you to cum.”

Jungkook’s hand found purchase on your hips again, moving you faster against him. “You’re nasty, rubbing your pussy on my cock.” He sucked in a sharp breath and you could feel him twitch against your clothed slit, “I’m about to cum so fucking hard.” Jungkook writhed under you as his fingers made tiny crescents on your skin. His hips came up to fuck against you once he reached his high, growling out your name as he came. You rutted against him to help ride out his orgasm, your walls clenching at the sight of him losing himself right underneath you. You pouted when he was done because now you were unbearably horny and you hadn’t even orgasmed yourself.

“Get on your back,” Jungkook said, looking up at the stupid pout on your face with a smirk. “I want you to cum too.”

*Hint Hint*?

Anyone else closeted with parents saying things like:

“I think, as a parent, you sometimes know your child better than they know themselves.” Or even “I think most parents know when their child is gay.”

So your closeted ass is just sat there going “So are you saying you know, or am I just picking up subtext? Are you saying you know I think I’m gay but you disagree? IF THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF HELPING ITS NOT WORKING aaaAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!”

So when you come out it’ll be either:

*tapping watch and staring at you like you’re an idiot* “No shit, Susan.”


“Lol no. My psychic parenting skills disagree.”

I’m closeted.
But I’m the type of closeted where you know your parents are already suspicious and your friend may have been talking too loud that time we were discussing that cute person while my parents in the next room and my siblings are always asking me leading questions that I must answer in a way that supports my facad of being an overly committed ally.

  • Person who knows no asexuals and has never once looked into asexual oppression and does not know shit about L.G.B.T.+ history or its pointless divisions as it has grown: "Asexuals don't belong in the L.G.B.T.+ community because ace problems aren't gay problems!"
  • Me: "Hey, that's the same thing with which gay people booed trans people off the stage! 'Trans problems aren't gay problems!' Also, L.G.B.T.+ leaders have an obligation to know the oppression that afflicts ALL non-cis/het identities. The Ace community has been your comrade in arms. We've been fighting for L.G.B.T.+ representation as hard as you have, and we haven't just been fighting for ace representation. We've been fighting for gays and lesbians and pansexuals and bisexuals and transgenders and genderqueers and all non-cis/het identities and accepting victories in stride, even if those victories don't include representing us. We've been on your side since the beginning, and we've always seen ourselves as part of the community. You'll be making a big mistake if you decide to kick one of your biggest allies to the curb. And if you still don't believe we're part of our community, that we don't suffer from oppression (which, I promise you, we do), then you're throwing away one of your supporting allies and utilizing the same divisionary bigotry and elitism that gay people used to use against trans people, that homophobes still use against gay people. You are making a huge mistake."

why do people from high school always say “when did u become queer? u def were straight when we graduated.” ha omg its almost like the crippling fear of ridicule and rejection from my peers forced me to stifle my sexuality lmao


Imagine: Having awkward tension between you and your best friend, Fred Weasley, after almost kissing during a study session.

For: Anon

You were sitting in the library with your best friend, Fred Weasley. It was past curfew and the library was completely empty, the only light was coming from the candles that you had lit on your table. You had a big Transfigurations test tomorrow, but you decided to spend the evening pranking instead of studying, so now you had to resort to cramming in the middle of the night. 

You two were studying in silence for almost an hour until Fred finally broke it, “Y/N, do you have an extra quill?”

You nod, pulling one out of you book bag and passing it to Fred. His hand lingers for a little too long on your as he takes it from you. You thank Merlin for the darkness; otherwise, Fred would definitely have noticed your bright red cheeks. You quickly pull your hand away, and the two of you sit there in awkward silence. You had had a huge crush on Fred for the longest time, but you would never risk your friendship by telling him. 

Eventually, Fred turns to you again and asks you a question about the test, as you’re explaining the concept to him, you realize that he’s just staring at you blankly, “Um, Fred? Are you listening?”

“Uh, yeah,” He mumbles, brushing a few stray hairs away from your face. The two of you just stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before Fred leans in, your noses are almost touching and you can smell his minty breath. Your heart beats out of your chest in anticipation, but before he can close the gap between you two, the door bursts open and you jump in shock.

“What are you two doing in here after hours?!” Madam Pince storms towards you two.

“We-um…” Still not over the shock of being so close to Fred, you are unable to form a coherent excuse.

“What Y/N means is, we were studying and we lost track of time, it won’t happen again Madam!” Fred says quickly.

She nods irritably, “If I catch you in here again, you’ll have detention for weeks! Now get back to your dormitories.”

You and Fred walk out of the library in silence, you awkwardly mutter your goodbyes to each other and go to your separate rooms.

You and Fred spend the rest of the week either avoiding each other or exchanging very minimal small talk. You both can feel the awkward tension from the almost kiss that you shared, but you refused to talk about it.

Eventually, George got tired of being stuck in the middle of this situation, and he locked you two up in a supply closet to ‘work out your problems’.

The two of you stand together at an awkwardly close proximity, in absolute silence, “You know, my brother isn’t going to let us out of here until we ‘work this out’.”

“I know,” You groan before returning to your silence.

After another little while, Fred sighs, “Y/N, if I had realized that trying to kiss you would ruin our friendship I would have never done it. I can’t believe I thought you felt the same way about me. I’m so sorry.”

“Wait, ‘felt the same way’? What way?” You say, not believing what he was implying.

“I’ve been crushing on you for ages Y/N! I was just afraid that telling you would ruin our friendship. I don’t know what got into me in the library that day, you just looked so beautiful in the candlelight and I couldn’t stop myself,” He spills.

You gently touch his face, “Fred, I’ve felt the same way for years as well, but I was also worried about the same things as you. I kind of froze up in the library because I was taken aback, but I like you too Fred!”

Fred pulled you closer to him, looked into your eyes for a moment, and finally closed the distance between you two, pressing his lips against yours. The kiss is sweet and gentle, but it’s full of the passion that you two have kept hidden over the years.

Suddenly the door bursts open, “It’s been 20 minutes, I give u-oh…”

You and Fred quickly pull away, startled by his brother’s interruption, “Geez, when I told you to work things out, this is not what I expected, but honestly, it took you long enough! I’ll leave you two alone now…”


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Why it doesn’t matter anymore whether the lostspecial’s “revelation” is genuine or if there’s a 4th episode

First thing to say is this: I never post anything, I live in the shadows, and enjoy taking part of TJLC behind the anonymous’ face. I have followed several tumblr account from a long time. I have been part of TJLC since the day lsit created her blog, the day after TSoT. In other words, I have seen my fair share of mindfuckery, of blogs I liked receiving hate but I have never taken an active role in this fandom until now.

Like many TJLCers, I decided to watch TFP having high expectations, knowing for sure I was about to witness something groundbreaking.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Not really.

First came disappointment: so was everything a farce? A pure publicity stunt? Even the lostspecial website is a lie? Are we that desperate for something to be clever?

And then I was thinking… So what if we are? None of this makes sense anyway. Why shouldn’t we ask for a miracle?

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when school starts...
  • teacher: so how did you spend the summer?
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • friend: oh who's those asian guys on your phone?
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • teacher: can everyone name one interesting thing about themselves?
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • friend: what are you listening to?
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • friend: whats your instagram/tumblr/twitter account?
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • friend: plug in you phone to play us some music
  • me: *nervously sweats*
  • me: (i need to get out of the kpop closet)
Rickmorty fic for Secret Santa!

Yay! First of all, huge thanks to @schwifty-rick for organizing the Secret Santa exchange and thus blessing us with a whole bunch of new fanworks. You the man!

My Secret Santa recipient is @siren-of-the-dark. I wrote a little C-137cest drabble for you that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, it’s just an idea that struck me a while back. It’s a little funny at points and a little angsty at other points, and pretty much PWP. I hope you enjoy it and wish you happy holidays! :)

(I don’t have a name for this fic yet.) Rating: Explicit. Word count: 1881.

Rickmorty, rickxmorty, c-137cest, incest, masturbation, mutual masturbation, voyerism, anal fingering, swearing.

On a scale of brilliant ideas, from one to ”having a threesome while snorting KLax at Blips ’n Chitz”, equipping every room in the Smith house with undetectable surveillance cameras was… pretty high up there, to be honest. Rick congratulated himself again for good thinking as his eyes stayed glued on the live camera feed on his computer screen. He had installed the camera system for safekeeping – word around the Council of Ricks was that Zero Rick was reality-hopping and trying to spread his shitty emo music files to the Smith family computers in every timeline. That was an extremely solid reason to start spying on his family, Rick had figured.

Getting a live feed of his grandson masturbating to a photo of him hadn’t really been a part of the plan, but Rick was nothing if not flexible.

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