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 WITH LOVE, DANI  these past few weeks have been rocky for the lot of us.  dealing with hate,  injustice,  and prejudice on a site where we choose to spend our free time is not something any of us signed up for or should have to grapple with.  however, in these past few weeks i have seen so,  so many people step up to the plate and help those who are hurting.  i’ve been able to mend friendships, apologise, and build on the friendships i already have twofold during these difficult times. the people listed below mean the absolute world to me and i am so lucky to have them in my life. if i have left anyone out, it is my fault entirely – and i cherish you dearly!! 

thank you so much for choosing to stick with me post-revamp, and standing by me as i continue my characters’ story. you all are amazing!

  • @consultingsister Of course Alex gets her own special spot. Alex, you are one of my very best friends. Even when we don’t talk for periods of times I am always thinking about you and always cherishing our (short) time together. You are hilarious, smart, and wickedly talented. You fill my life with so much joy & happiness in being your friend and if I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you on a daily basis I’m doing something wrong. You suck.
  • @embittvred Gem, you are someone I’ve known for over four years now, and in those four years you’ve become someone I cannot live without. We have been through so, so much together, and there’s still so much yet to come for us. Your writing skills are unbelievably phenomenal, you’re witty, and gorgeous, and you keep me on my toes. Our conversations are always the highlight of my day, and I can’t imagine that I would have ever stayed in the rpc this long if it weren’t for you. I love you, ho!

*drum roll* my special love cakes….

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A thank you to the studyblr community

For the past weeks (probably months) I have been going through some difficult times with school, anxiety and friends. During these tough times the people in this community have been so lovely and supportive. Though I find it tough to talk about problems people have always been there for me. Through every step people who have never met me, from all over the world, have responded to my posts and taken time out of their day to message me and see how I am. People have offered their time to listen to my problems and without them I don’t know where I would be. I have been overwhelmed by the support from this community and I am so glad to be part of it. My issues may be far from over but I’m in a better mental state than I was. Thank you so much to anyone who has been there for me, you are amazing and I love you all so so much. And to the studyblr community, thank you, you’re not just there for me but for everyone, this community offers valuable support and kindness and I feel privileged to have gotten to know some amazing people xx

>get a comment on an overwatch fic
>its just someone making no mentions of the story and discussing their play style?
>no, really

>”I don’t understand people who mistreat their healers, but I might be a little biased as the dedicated personal tank for a healer!main friend. I got into class-based multiplayer games as a newbie because Healer!Friend conscripted me to man the controls for an obedient meatshield to protect him because his useless teammates either couldn’t or wouldn’t. It was Step 1 of his glorious plan for snarky healer revenge upon the world.

A few years later, I’ve figured out what all the buttons on my controller do and my job title’s been officially upgraded to ‘Shining Beacon of COME AT ME BRO!’. Every match we play, that title gets announced and explained at the very start; 'come at me’ applies for teammates looking for heals too. If you want to run off on your own then start demanding heals, Healer!Friend will respond with helpful, professional advice like 'Are you sure it’s not just a flesh wound?’ or 'Well, stop bleeding so much, then!’

This is what happens when you alienate your healers and they make themselves self-sufficient.”



“Your lack of faith in people will be the beginnings of the end for you. That is, if you let it lead you further onto this misplaced, mistaken and misstepped path. I have seen, witnessed and assisted many adventurers, heroes and youths on their quests of destiny and essentially to their untimely demise that were far better at what they did than you are now. To be certain, Atticus Angus Andrews, you are quite plain, not at all spectacular and nothing special, save for your want to always please and serve others. You lack the conviction and drive to reach out into the world, grasp it by its very fibers and then weave each strand into a destiny, suitable of you, for you and by you.”

The black cloaked, hooded and entirely anonymous robed figure stepped forward and cast a hidden eye to the youth that sat before him, pressed down into a chair and bound by some invisible, magical presence that forced him to crane his head downwards and glance upwards like an ashamed schoolboy facing a harsh punishment given to him by a headmaster. A click was heard and a slight hum that became more of a grumble than anything at the final note of the baritone tone.

“Like a child, you cast your magic about, tossing it from here, to there, with the stricken stink of sulfur, brimstone and the Fel clinging about your figure like a second skin. Even in your veins, that traitorous amalgamation - an aberration in and of itself - flows fruitfully, cursing and gifting you all the same to live a life of solitude without the comforts of others, save for the occasional, forbidden touch. Even then, you cannot help but leech off their presence, tear away the very essence of their being in the form of a soul and spirit. No, you are not a master, yet still an acolyte and shall remain so, as you are enslaved by your magic and let it rule your life. Until the day comes in which the servant becomes the master, you will never reach your full potential.”

The ebon figure cloaked in blackened shadows with wisps of gray tendrils flowing off his form stepped his treads across the empty room as he cast that unseen gaze about and finally focused to peer at the trembling, quiet youth again.

“Of course, that all ends as soon as it began. Make the connection. Find the lock, as you are the key. If this happens, you will be able to call yourself a master and fully, a warlock. Until then, you are but a diluted version of what many perceived to be great. The world is yours. Take it.

Later, the youth could be seen with his spine pressed into his chair, with his hands pulled up and over his features with a purple shard that floated eerily before him that throbbed, radiated and pulsated with power as moved in a clockwise position. Every other second, the shard would jerk backwards, making it fall backwards, yet still advance. Calmly sighing then, the youth brought a small shard of stone across his hand, slit it across the crisscross patterns in his hand, clenched his hand and then grasped the shard suddenly.

“To relax and stagnate is to die, to adapt and overcome is to live,” spoke Atticus as the shard grew a deep, blood red color and caused his skin to darken and blacken a bit at his fingertips as if all the life in his hand withered, deteriorated and dispersed itself in to the crimson soul shard.


Here’s me attempting to sing Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur live on stage during the You’re Welcome Tour! I had never been more nervous in my entire life than right before I stepped out on stage. I immediately ascended to new levels of nervous the second I started playing. But throughout the tour it got easier and easier every time I set foot onto that stage. But it wasn’t because I was getting better at the song, it was because you were so welcoming and forgiving and ready to look past any mistake I could have made. You slowly chipped away at my fears every time I faced them and I can’t thank you enough for the honor of being able to play for you. The world needs more people like you.

In almost 2 years of watching Mark, I’ve never seen him like this.

Now I’m not the most observant on the planet, and I still feel like a newcomer to the channel, but I know Mark has had his ups and downs since I’ve watched him.

Vlogs posted at early morning hours with the serious somewhat melancholy background music, saying how much he wants to be better, be more proud of his work and himself.

Honestly, I kinda assumed this time would be the same. He’d take his hiatus, then go back to what he was doing before, maybe slightly differently, maybe make some more Markiplier Promises™, until another vlog appears a few months later repeating the same position as the last.

But this time has been different- already!

I’ve never seen Mark so excited. Ever. I don’t even think I’ve seen him this happy? Even though Mark has always been doing something that he enjoys, I think you’d have to be dead to not realize that this is something different.

His excitement and passion to make these videos! His creativity flowing like (what seems like) never before! He wants to include us in all the goofiness that is his life! He’s so eager! And he’s doing it! Which inspires me too, maybe I can go out and accomplish things one step at a time, just like Mark is!

He wants to enjoy what he’s doing, and of course we want him to as well. And I know we will! There is so much hope in his heart and his genuine excitement is so important in such a world like this! His demeanor is so much more positive and joyful since his return you can’t help but want to support him (if you didn’t already)

I know I say it all the time- but I’m so proud! It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, even with people you know love you.

I’m so glad that you’re so excited @markiplier . I really am! And I am too! Now go enjoy your vacation with Amy, you deserve a break from your break ;)

Aries: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Let places and people disappear from your memory. Let people walk away from you, as much as it feels like their ripping part of you out with them. You don’t need them to function. You don’t need them to make the sun rise and set. You don’t need them to see that the stars still shine in the night sky. You only need yourself and a pair of eyes. 

Taurus: You aren’t stuck forever. I know it feels that way. But you are not trapped in this hell. You will get out. Even if you have to claw yourself out with bloody fingernails and bruised skin. But you WILL get out. You will pull through to things much bigger then this. Every new step is terrifying, but you will get there. You will make something of yourself.

Gemini: Stop opening the door for ghosts that you aren’t even sure you want in your life. You can’t revive them just to force them back into a tomb. Make up your mind if you want to be friends with the past, or bury it forever. Either way is totally fine, but every time you half dig up skeleton, you just leave everyone with old wounds. Open up all the old scars and leave fresh blood on the floor. There’s no right or wrong choice, but there is a choice you have to make.

Cancer: It won’t be this hard forever. You won’t need that vice for all of eternity. It’s okay to need a crutch every once in awhile. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be fucking desperate sometimes. You do not have to always be the strong one. Always be the brave one. Always be the fucking okay one. You can let yourself collapse under the weight of this world every once in awhile.

Leo:  Do not let them use you to bury their pain. You are not their whipping post. You are not their cemetery.  They can not use you when it is convenient for them to hide secrets and agony. You don’t owe them shit. They can not hold you down and force feed you every painful moment they can’t handle.  You are much better then everything their putting you through. 

Virgo : The future is never quite certain. It’s always a little bit terrifying. Always a little bit anxiety causing. You’re making the right steps. Stop doubting your footing. You’ve gotten through the worst of the storm. Time to celebrate, and move forward. Always keep moving forward. Always keep going on even when it feels like terror is around every corner.

Libra:  Set backs are temporary. Pain is temporary. Even baby steps are huge accomplishments. I know it feels like shit right now. Know it feels like the world is ending. But sweetie, you’ve survived the apocalypse before. You can do it again. And again. And then again. As many times as it takes. You are going to get through this rough patch too. Just like all the other times.

Scorpio:  Self hatred and self destruction will never get you where you need to go. You can’t run on spite forever. Eventually the candle of self anguish will burn itself out. You have to start healing. Have to start saying all of the hardest things in life, even though it hurts. Even though it makes you cry. Even if sometimes it feels like you’re going to die. Recovery is hard but dying is harder.

Sagittarius: If they don’t need you, you are so much better then them. The way they see you is not how you are. It is not your fault if they can’t figure out your worth. You don’t need them to thrive. Even if no one sees your beauty, you are still gorgeous. Still shining as bright as the stars. You don’t need anyone to recognize that. You don’t need them admit you shine to be brighter then all of them. 

Capricorn: Your past doesn’t define you, but it did make you who you are. You don’t have to live in it, but at least fucking acknowledge what happened. What brought you here. What gave you those scars, and what gave you those laugh lines. You can acknowledge your past and who you use to be, without becoming that person all over again. You are better then that now.

Aquarius: Coming home is not a defeat. You did something most people only dream of. Sometimes all you can do is grab on to plan B and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you are a failure because plan A failed. You tried your absolute hardest. You still won. So come back. Enjoy the sanctuary while we have it.

Pisces: If you’re going to cut people out, you can’t just be uncommitted. You can’t decide one minute you’re done only to open up the door the next. Make up your mind and stick to it. Bar the doors. Throw out the vodka. Turn off your phone. Wait this out. Take however long you need to break their spell over you.

—  This Weeks Horoscope

it’s honestly so great what bts is achieving here cause like they’re not even asking for western validation they don’t need it. and they’re proud of being korean and don’t plan to release an english song they’re a korean group who want to stick with writing songs in korean and if they get popular around the world and in the west it’s because of their message and pure talent instead of catering to the west and coming out with an english song. and speaking korean in an award acceptance speech at an american award show, performing at the amas, getting invited to all sorts of talk shows, and getting articles written by popular news/music sites is just so great to see it’s a step in the right direction for the music industry and the stigma against not only kpop but for anyone who speaks/writes songs in a language other than english. i’m so proud of them and what they’re accomplishing and i’m grateful for armys always there supporting them making them feel comfortable and cheering them on. i love stanning legends

ive said this before but genuinely if kin shit is causing you any distress (getting mad at or fucking dissociating when you see ‘doubles’, needing people to refer to a fictional character as “you” rather than “them”, etc etc etc) you NEED to step back from it and distance yourself

like its not a healthy coping mechanism. im sorry but its not. if you have identity issues you NEED to find other ways of handling it bc you cant LARP as a fictional character forever, and you cant be doing that shit in the real world. you arent even really treating the problem, youre kind of just putting a bandaid over a gaping open wound and creating more problems for yourself.

and then it evolves into this niche subculture of people freaking out bc someone else projects on the same character as you, and finding excuses to start drama and bully people and all that. its not good, and thankfully we seem to be collectively moving on from that, but that whole mindset is still out there.

and let me be clear i dont actually think the concept of being “fictionkin” is irredeemable. its silly and weird and “cringey” and you just have to accept that, but like when you dont take it too seriously and surround yourself with people who are the same way it can absolutely be fun and harmless. just. let yourself see it for what it is and move on from all the bullshit surrounding it and i promise you will be a lot happier.

I’m Your Idiot

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Requested: By me, Actual Steve Harrington Trash™

Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Y/N wasn’t planning on introducing Steve to her parents, but he had a plan of his own.

Warnings: I don’t think that there are any

Word Count: 1,386

A/n: I don’t think that this is that unexpected, but here we are, my first Stranger Things imagine. I hope that you guys like it, because I have a million ideas for this series! If you have any Stranger Things requests, please send them my way. Thank you to @secretschuylersister and @fragmentofmymind for reading this over. Also, here you go, @bullcrappery I hope that it lives up to your expectations!

Steve Harrington was standing on your front porch. He was in possession of one bouquet of flowers, one shit-eating grin, and a hunter green sweater that was tucked into his jeans. He was not supposed to be here. You’d specifically told him that you couldn’t hang out tonight, you were busy with family dinner.

Oh, god. You had told Steve about family dinner.

Steve had been asking about meeting your parents for months now, insisting that it was unfair that you had said hello in passing to his parents, but he had never met yours.

You blinked a few times, hoping that you were imagining him and that you could have a normal evening. But no, he was still there and if you waited much longer, he would ring the doorbell and you would have to explain this mess to your parents.

You threw the front door open, ignoring the smile on Steve’s face and stepping out onto the porch, closing the door behind you. “What are you doing here?” you asked, eyeing the flowers in his hand suspiciously.

“Well, you wouldn’t come over, so I thought that I would come to you.” He said, like it was the simplest thing in the world.

“You know that I am busy tonight.” you hissed, glancing over your shoulder, hoping that your parents would be too busy finishing dinner to notice that you had disappeared from the living room.


“No Steve, not actually. I told you that-” before you could finish yelling at him, the door swung open behind you. You held in a groan as you turned around to face your mother.

“Steve! I’m so glad that you could make it.” She said, ushering the two of you into the house.

“Actually, I ran into your beautiful mother at the supermarket earlier today, and she invited me for dinner,” Steve said, the condescending tone of his voice only apparent to you. “It smells delicious, ma’am,” he said, handing over the flowers.

Your mother fussed over them for a few moments, before announcing that she was going to put them in some water.

“You ‘ran into her at the supermarket’?” There was no way that Steve hadn’t planned this after you had let it slip that you had family dinner that night, and therefore couldn’t hang out.

“I had to pick up the bouquet somewhere.”

“You planned this.” you hissed, punching Steve in the shoulder.

“I had to. It’s unfair that you have met my parents, but I haven’t met yours,” he complained, sitting down in his usual spot on the sofa.

“I saw your parents in passing one time.” You said, pointedly ignoring Steve’s attempts to get you to sit beside him. “You are unbelievable, you know that?”

Steve simply chose to smile at you, and grab your wrist, pulling you into his side on the couch. “I’ve been told before,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck.

You weren’t proud of the smile that slipped through your ironclad resolve, but Steve was laughing and there was no way that you were going to escape from the situation anyways.

“Are you embarrassed of me?” Steve was so quiet you almost didn’t hear him.

“What?” You were almost sure that you had misheard him.

“You didn’t want me to meet your parents. I don’t know, I just thought that maybe-”

“Steve Harrington, you are absolutely insane.” You said, sitting up. You forced Steve to look at you before continuing. “My parents are embarrassing and nosy, and even though I love them, I don’t bring a lot of people home.”

“Are you serious?” Steve’s voice was painfully soft, and you could almost feel your heart shatter.

“I just, I didn’t want to scare you off.” You refused to meet his eyes, choosing to stare out of the window.

You felt Steve’s hand gently wrap around yours, and his lips pressing onto your palm. “Me? Scared? Impossible.”

“Yeah?” you asked, unable to stop yourself from smiling.

“Of course. I have my bat in the car.”

“You are such an idiot.” you laughed, snatching your hand away from Steve’s grip.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his lap. “Nothing is going to scare me off, you know. You are absolutely stuck with me,” he said, brushing the hair that had fallen in your eyes away.

“Kids,” your mom called from the dining room. “Dinner!”

“I think that’s our cue,” Steve said, sliding off of the couch and offering you his hand.

You stood up on your own, shoving him slightly, before making your way into the dining room.

You had somehow managed to make it through a family dinner with no issues at all, and it was all because of Steve. He made your parents laugh harder than you thought possible, while calming you down at the same time. He had even offered to help your mother clean up. You could hear the two of them cackling from the living room.

“He’s sweet”. Your father said, pulling your thoughts away from the laughter echoing through the house.

“What?” you asked, sure that you had misheard him.

“The boy, he’s sweet,” he said, not looking up from the newspaper in his hands. “The hair is a bit much for me, but he clearly makes you happy. And that makes me happy.”

You smiled to yourself, glad that Steve had made a good first impression. Before you could think of a way to respond, Steve and your mother turned the corner. They were both beaming, and Steve had a container of leftovers in his hand (a true seal of approval from your mother).

“You drive home safely, now.” Your mother said, taking a seat beside you.

You hopped up off of the couch and looped your arm through Steve’s. “I’ll walk you out,” you announced, dragging him out the front door.

“Thank you,” you said quietly as the two of you made your way down the drive.

“For what?” he asked, leaning up against the hood of his car. He placed the tupperware down beside him and pulled you closer, wrapping both of his hands around yours.

“Being yourself, I guess. They usually hate my friends.”

“Well, that’s why they like me.” Steve cut you off, before you could explain further.

“What are you talking about?” you said through your laughter.

“I’m your boyfriend. Of course they love me.” Steve said with a grin before placing a kiss on your cheek and standing up.

“That’s all I get?” Usually, Steve spent a while saying goodbye, placing little kisses all over your face before one more on your lips.

“We have an audience, babe,” he said, shifting his eyes between you and your front window a few times.

You turned around to see your parents both hovering by the window. They at least had the decency to scatter once they realized that they had been found out.

“I can always make it up to you later. My parents won’t be back for a week,” he said with a cheeky smile, sliding into the front seat of his car.

“Maybe,” you said, closing the door behind him. “We’ll see.” You leaned down to kiss him goodbye properly as he started the car.

“Speaking of my parents, I told them that you would be coming to dinner next week.”

“I’m busy that day,” you said automatically.

“I never said what day.” he laughed, knowing that he was winning.

“I’m busy every day, Steven.” You rolled your eyes, but the smile on your face made your facade less convincing.

“Next Thursday, at seven?” he asked, his hand reaching through the rolled down window to find yours.

You nodded, trying your hardest to hold the smile back and failing miserably. He held your hand as the car rolled out of the driveway, maintaining contact for as long as possible.

“I love you!” he yelled, as he drove away.

He was long gone before you managed your reply, too caught up in listing all of the ways that you loved him in your head. “I love you too,” you said quietly, before making your way inside, unable to suppress the enormous smile on your face.

Steve Harrington may have been an idiot, but he was yours.

Dear fellow dudes:

If the rash of men being called out for predatory behavior and sexual assault has caught your attention (and it should), then here’s a two point plan on how to react to it in a productive manner:

Step one: Don’t make your reaction about you (”I’m embarrassed to be a man” doesn’t help anyone)
Step two: Look at your behavior and the behavior of other guys you know and call it out if you see someone crossing the line.

Make the world a better and safer place for everyone. Don’t excuse predatory behavior and don’t let predators feel safe around you.

anonymous asked:

Do u have any advice on studying a subject that you really can't understand? (Chemistry in my case)


  • Eliminate “can’t understand” from your vocabulary. Transform it to “will find out”. This way you open your mind to accepting new information, without it hitting the wall inside your mind that would have said, “Can’t. It’s too much. It’s too difficult.”
  • Appreciate the fact that you get the opportunity to learn the amazing science to know the world at an elemental level.
  • Remember that no one is born with knowledge, we all learn it, some topics just take a little longer, esp if were aren’t that familiar with the related concepts. Don’t compare the fact that others in your class are learning things at a different speed. Because you’re living your own journey. You’re in a lane of your own.
  • So allow yourself to spend extra time exploring the topic. There are two parts to learning: understanding and memorising. This helps with the understanding.
  • Familiarise yourself with the concept from various points of view, not just the way the teacher is teaching it. Because often the way you are taught something can make something seem more difficult, vs a teacher who really takes the time to make it seem easy.
  • Take the time to learn the basics.
  • Find other ways to learn the same info. Have multiple sources of info: YOUTUBE (helped me personally), textbooks, google the topic.
  • Ask a fellow student who knows it better and ask them to talk about some of the points with you.
  • Relate what you learn and see how they impact and exist in the real world - turn it more practical, beyond theory. Connect it with other disciplines.
  • Read the textbook - slowly. Give yourself time to understand it esp the early paragraphs
  • Practice the questions at your own pace allowing yourself to see how it works.
love me, love me not (m)

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muses: taehyung x reader
genre: smut
type: soulmate au
word count: 1.4k

“Hey, love?” Taehyung stops, all movements and sounds coming to a halt.

There’s no helping the whine that falls out of your lips, hips rolling to get a move on if he verily insists on stopping dead in the middle of a good deed. To your dismay, however, a steel hand presses flat on your stomach, rendering you immobile as he whispers in your ears what he deems relevant enough to take five minutes of your time that could have taken you to reach an orgasm.

“If you met your soulmate on the street somewhere someday, could you do me a favor? Tell him sorry that I popped your cherry and fucked you a couple times after… for like a year.”

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BTS: His reaction to you trying to leave him ( mafia au)

Part 2/2

You run away from them

Suga- You could hear the sound of leaves crunching under your foot as you ran away from the cabin that yoongi rented out for you on your anniversary. Your heart beat was so loud if felt like it was pounding in your ears, you were scared, yoongi can find you at any moment and you were determine to not let that happen. You had snuck away in the dead of the night while he was sleeping, it had been an eventful day full of fake smiles and laughter and love but as soon as the lights went out you put you plan in motion. You knew escaping him wouldn’t be easy but its better to try while he’s a asleep then never. Stopping for a break would put a set back in time, by now yoongi would have sent his men to go and look for you but you had to stop and catch your breath. You must of sat for less then a minute before you heard the sound of foot steps approaching. They were too close for you to run so the best thing to do it hide. You held you hand over your mouth as you tried to steady you breathing. “ kitten I know your out here” you heard his taunting voice get closer. You had hidden in a falling tree, the thought of him catching you now sent shivers on your spine. “Come on kitten do you really want to see your suga turn sour? Hmm?” Yoongi began to sound annoyed, you had ran away from him and ruined his sleep, you knew that if he caught you your actions wouldn’t go unpunished. “ Fine, you want to play games, then let play. How about we switch it up kitten, lets quit this game of hide and seek.” The foot steps stopped and when you looked up he stood right infront of you. Yoongi gripped your shirt collar and pulled you up slightly choking you before pushing you down to the ground. He stood over you like you were his prey and you were. A sly smirk grew on his face as he crouched down to your level, he pulled you by the back of you neck so you were now face to face. “ How about… we play a game of cat and mouse, you like that game right (Y/N)? I’ll give you a head start. 1..2..3.. I would start running if I were you kitten because if I catch you before you make it home I’ll double your punishment.”

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Jin- For the past week you have been planning your escape from him, and you’ve been very carful at doing so, or so you thought. The day had came faster than what you expected but it was perfect jin left town for a business trip last night and you were alone for the remainder of the weekend. You loaded the car with your luggage and began the journey of a long drive ahead. You knew Jin had a tracker on the car so you would drive the car to a remote town and then catch a bus some where Jin could never find you, your plan seemed perfect. However jin had notice the little bit of clothes missing, he notice the distance in behavior, even when you thought he didn’t he did. The phone began to ring and you press the answer button on the steering wheel to answer. “ Oppa hi, is something the matter? How’s your business trip” You tried to play the anxiousness in your voice off “ Everything is fine babygirl I’ve noticed that you’ve taken the car for a little drive, where yah heading?” You calmed your voice before speaking “ The mall, I wanted to surprise you with a gift when you return” Jin can hear the false happiness in your voice. “Well you are full of surprises aren’t you doll” Jin’s change of voice had you slightly on edge, you let out a soft chuckle “ What do you mean Oppa?” Jin’s voice grew angry and he scoffs “ What do I mean? Doll do you honestly think I was going to fall for that bullshit the fell from your mouth? Turn the car around. “ “W-what?” “Turn the car around doll and I promise the punishment won’t be as harsh. Do you think I didn’t know you were trying to leave me, after all I’ve done for you?!” You began to get even more anxious and paranoid until suddenly you notice the cars behind you following. “Whats wrong doll? Got nothing to say? If you don’t turn the car around ill do something to. Make you stop”. Suddenly a black car swerved in front of you and hit its breaks causing you to collide with the side of the vehicle. You felt the blood run down your face and pain on the lower part of your body. The car door suddenly open and there stood Jin a perfectly clear black suit, he pulled and picked you up out of the car before caring you back to the his, you vision fading. “Don’t worry doll you’re not hurt as bad as you think, and don’t think because your injured you get out of your punishment.” You saw the sinister look in him eyes as he placed you in the car and placed a kiss on you head, and soon everything went black.

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v-  You had thought he wouldn’t have notice you gone with all the people in the room and his security lowing their guard. Now would have been a better time then any to just walk right out the front door. So that’s what you did, but you couldn’t just walk out of the front door and leave forever you had to make it seem like you were here, that you never left. “Tae” you spoke softly, he looked up at you and a smile spread across his face as he stood up. “ What’s wrong love?” You shook your head indicating that nothing was wrong before speaking up “ I’m just a little tired I think I’ll head up to the bedroom to get some rest.” Tae nodded his head slowly before giving you a skeptical look. “Okay, go gets some rest I’ll be there when the party clears out”. You quickly pecked his cheek before walking towards the stairs, you could feel his eyes on you and you made the mistake of looking back at him. There was a tenseness there, he face sat still before he gave you a small smirk, you returned a soft smile as you saw him turn back to the men at the table. You quickly ran up the steps and dressed out of your expensive close before throwing on something more comfortable and warm, if you were going to run away from him, you’d have to dress the part. You made a beeline to the emergency exit located in hallway outside you room and ran outside. You could see the gate that separated you from the outside world, and the terror that stayed behind those house walls just feet away from you. You felt your heartbeat pick up, you where finally going to be free, you can finally escape this place. “Sweetheart, where do you think you’re going?” Your heard tae’s voice speak from behind you, before you felt his hands wrap around you waist pulling you into his body. He lets out a soft chuckle “ When you said that you where tired I thought that it was code for something else. I guess you lied, if you have this much energy to run away from me, then maybe we can put that energy into doing something else.” He pulled you back to the house, you can feel the heat coming off his body, he was annoyed you can feel it, you might even say he’s pissed. “ I’ll make sure to exhaust that energy, and then you’ll see how ‘tired you can really get.”

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Jungkook- ‘maybe I should  slip in his food or drink to knock him out?’ The thought crossed your mind as you prepared dinner for both you and Jungkook, you wanted to make this night special for jungkook because tonight would be the last dinner he’ll have with you. You began setting the table and fixing the food onto the plates, you were just about to call jungkook and ask him where he was, but the front door opened as he strolled in. A smile streached across his face at the smell of cooked steak hitting his nose, he made his way over to where you sat and planted a kiss on the top of your head before sitting down himself. “So… what’s the special accession? Did I miss something, anniversary, birthday, baby are you pregnant?!” The last one caught you off guard as you choked on your food from surprise, “What? No.. I just.. I just, I knew you were working hard so I decided to help you relax a little and cook you a meal.” You gave him a small smile and he returned it with a goofy grin on his face. “Well, I work hard for you baby. To keep you safe you know, it’s all about keep you and my fortune safe” You just nodded you head in agree, you guys continued small talk from there before jungkook decided to change the topic to something else. “I noticed that you brought one plane ticket out of the country? Is that another way to help my relax?” He let out a soft chuckle before continuing “ you know baby you’re a plane ticket short? I would like if you tag alone with me, maybe we can relax together? Get away from the stress and dangers of the mafia for a little.” A small gasp left you lips before you covered it up with a drink of water. How did he know you brought a ticket out of the country, you payed with cash, so there won’t be a trace, you knew he had eyes everywhere but you never knew just how close he was watching you, it made you nervous about what else he knew. Jungkook must of seen the shook look on your face because his smile suddenly fell and his eyes closed in to slits “unless you where planning on leaving… which would be impossible because baby even when I’m not around you I’m around you, and I know what you do at all times.” Your face gave it all away you stood up quickly to try and make a break for the door, it’s better to try then to sit her and be trapped right? But jungkook had other plans, as soon as you made the move to stand up he was already grabbing you by your arm, and pulled you into his side. “ you know baby, you really stupid for trying to leave, you think I wouldn’t have known that you were up to something. You need to understand that you are mine, and I keep a close eye on what belongs to me.” “Jungkook I-” “ Save it. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to get a word out, let alone walk” He started to pull you towards the step and up to your shared room. “ You wanna go on a trip? Okay, I’ll take you on a trip, one were you’ll be begging me to let you cum baby.”

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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

I WAITED YEARS FOR THIS.  There are some absolutely gorgeous panels in comics of Thor with lightning crackling over his entire body, with lightning in his eyes, but I had never gotten to see it in a movie, never gotten to see it on a big screen, never gotten to see it in full motion.

From the moment that Thor leapt down from the palace, the lightning trailing in his wake, in slo-mo as the draugr piled up to rush at him, Immigrant Song starting up, that was when it was everything I could have asked for.

The fights with the Hulk were tremendous, I cannot express how much I love seeing the sheer power Thor has, that not only was he on Hulk’s level, but he was gaining on him, Thor was winning.  But this.

Oh, this.

This was a fight that was all about Thor at its heart.  This was about Thor in a way that no other character can be.  This was about the God of Thunder and Lightning.  This was about Thor having come into his own, having stepped forward to realize the power is his own, rather than Mjolnir’s.

He’s never been the God of Hammers.  He’s always been the God of Thunder and Lightning.

Seeing Thor’s affect on the world around him in TDW and in this movie, the storms that his emotions bring rolling in (on Svartalfheim, on Earth, in Norway) is amazing.  Seeing Thor pick up a hammer that’s bigger than he is and knocking the Hulk the fuck out of the way is amazing.  Seeing Thor fight with Gungnir is amazing.

But when he’s trailing lightning in his wake, when it’s lighting his eyes the fuck up, when he’s slicing downwards with a lightning sword, that.  That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

This is the God of Thunder and Lightning.

Golem King Boyfriend

A commission for @miss-fantasy-dreamer that I have really taken a shine to. I may have to write more for this if ya’ll like it.

   For years your kingdom has been at war with the Golem. For as long as you’ve been alive and even before then, it’s always been war. Not that your father is gone you’ve taken the crown. You’ve also decided that enough is enough. You’re tired of war. You’re tired of all your kingdom’s funds going to something you find repugnant. You’ve begun the process of peace talks with the Golem king. You’ve corresponded through letters and dignitaries from both sides for a little over a month now. Now, you’re going to his kingdom in a show of your trust. You’ve agreed to stay with him in his palace for a month. Until then there will be no fighting, no war. If your kingdom attacks in anyway you’ve agreed to his conditions. Same for him.

   You arrived at his palace last night. You refused wine and food and went immediately to bed. In the morning though you agree to a private breakfast with him. He comes to your room and you glare at him.

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so about the new sbahj stuff

im gonna paste some lines from dirk below about the world ending post 2011

TT: But we are definitely in agreement about my bro’s films as the masterstrokes they were.
TT: He just kept cranking them out, too. He really stepped up production after 11/11/11, even though the cat was finally out of the bag. He was very dedicated to his craft.

TT: The key to sorting it all out is to understand it doesn’t actually matter.
TT: Through video streaming services he would frequently set it up so that buying a certain title would ship you the wrong film.
TT: And often titles for movies were available for sale that just straight up didn’t exist. Or would be sold for dollar amounts that made no sense, like $2.890.1. And sometimes buying a download would actually deposit money into your account instead of deducting from it.
TT: It was all part of the “experience.”

TT: It marked the beginning of a completely shameless downward spiral of western civilization, through a series of events that were probably hard to notice at the time, but quite glaring when evaluated historically.
TT: Though the Baroness made very few substantive gestures of aggression, the global fear of her looming threat would trigger all the changes she needed.
TT: Governments prepared for war, as if to defend against the invading alien armies she undoubtedly commanded.
TT: But of course, she had no army. She was always the only of her kind.
TT: Instead, the world powers were only setting about to build her armies for her.
TT: The media deteriorated into this preposterous circus that was in all practical ways inseparable from the power base and government institutions.
TT: Popular entertainers became dangerous demagogues, and their roles in the media blurred with those of executive authority.

TT: And the most dangerous were the ones who fed into the fear and hysteria most effectively.
TT: These tended to be plants. Unscrupulous shills paid by the Baroness to move her agenda forward.

TT: But it didn’t happen overnight. It was a gradual decline in the integrity of the system that allowed it.
TT: Eventually the wheels came off and the political scene mirrored the absurdity of the media circus.

what do you guys think the new sbahj work could possibly mean