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You know why Wynonna Earp is the best?

Because every character has a *real* storyline that isn’t just about another character. They are multidimensional and real.

Nicole isn’t just waverlys girlfriend-she is a cop who struggles with her role in a world where her job isn’t always respected. Doc isn’t just a love interest or sidekick, he is trying to keep everyone one step ahead of black badge while figuring out who he is in the 21st century. Waverly isn’t just the little sister or sidekick- she is dealing with gooverly and not being an Earp and her burgeoning sexuality. Dolls isn’t just a third wheel to the love triangle-he is a hybrid of man and monster trying to protect people he cares about while honoring the oath he made to the government. And Wynonna isnt just a badass and the headliner but she also is flawed and broken and overwhelmed. She is allowed to make a sex quip and feel terrible about having to kill demons all in the span of a few minutes. That girl makes me feel a hundred different ways an episode. Hell even Nedely is multi dimensional.

I don’t think we realize how lucky we are with this show and their treatment of these characters. Try and name another show that respects and is as consistent with their characters as Wynonna Earp.

Critical Role Spoilers for Ep 102

Can we just appreciate how well Matt knows his players? They were so certain this was it, the Final Battle, save the world one last time and go home. Even when Vecna had risen and they’d failed to stop it, even in their despair at realizing that Thar Amphala was now in the Material Plane, they marched forward, slow-mo style, the dust clouding their steps, the crowd parting before them. Defiant to the last, ready to slay a God.

 And SO QUICKLY did that fall apart. Half the party paralyzed, two 9th level spells wasted. Vex dead and revivified, Vax almost disintegrated, then disintegrated for real, Grog gone and all they could think was “Get Out Get Out Get Out. We are not ready for this, we never were!” They thought this was the final chapter and that they were something close to Golden Gods as Keyleth would say, and Matt reminded them, oh no, This is what we mean when we say “The Wrath of a God” and you don’t stand a chance. Thus opens not the final chapter but the first page of the last book. 

Goddamn. Mercer is so fucking good. 

I never knew the sky could be so effervescently blue 
Until you told me to look up and see our Father’s view

I never knew how sweet it was just to eat cupcakes
Until you showed the sweetest love God could ever make

I took for granted all the diamonds that I’ve ever rocked
Until you gave me priceless gems that could never be bought

I didn’t think I was nosey until I met you
You’ve shown me how to take nothing and turn it into something to do

I took for granted all the songs and the melodies
Until you sang to my heart and didn’t miss a beat

I never knew I had the courage to step out on faith
Until you told me to trust in Him and not in my own ways

I never knew how much I saw beauty in the sky
Until you showed me from within the beauty that was mine

I never thought in the world I’d ever know the truth
But suddenly I found it all whenever I met you

I never knew how far I was into aimless sleep
Until you opened up my eyes and awakened me

I took for granted every blessing that came from above
But I thank God every day you’ve shown me how to love

I used to be afraid to fail and make my mistakes
Until you taught me life is a risk that we all must take

In life there are people who teach you all these things
You never see it come at you but it’s inspiring

When life gets hard and I feel like giving it all up
I remember the one​ special person who taught me how to love

by: @ebonymagnolia

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Istrys stepped through the Death Gate first, listening to the strangely satisfying crunch of draenei bones beneath her boots. Despite Hellfire Peninsula’s morbid and bleak appearance, this desolate land was surprisingly peaceful now that the Legion’s burning crusade on this ravaged world had long ended. “Come along, Andy.” The Necromancer cooed as she turned to face the lingering portal. “I have much to teach you.”

“Why drag me all the way out here?” Rethandus’ scowl and icy glare was a welcoming sight; it had been several whole hours since she earned that familiar look. “What purpose does visiting this wasteland serve? You should be inscribing my armor with better runes, not taking me on a field trip.”

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the pitch perfectness that was setting Wonder Woman during WW1? I mean, at first I was like…WWI? Why WWI? There was no clear cut bad guy in WWI. It was one of the most tragically pointless wars in human history.

But then I realized that was the point. In WWII it’s easy to point at Hitler and the Nazis and say, that’s them! that’s the bad guy. Just KILL THEM AND BE DONE WITH IT.

But the Point of Wonder Woman is that people, all people, are part of the problem. From Steve Trevor, who’s people, my people, massacred the Native Peoples, to the teenage German soldiers putting gas canisters on a plane, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IS  MIX OF GOOD AND BAD CHOICES, and a victim and a perpetrator of choices that lead to death and suffering and tragedy.

And that makes Diana’s choice to keep fighting for peace even better. Because she’s not out to defeat one big bad and get it over with. She’s out to fight for peace, and that is a war that will NEVER end. How is that not 10000 times braver than just killing one person and ending a war?

It is Tolkien’s long victory, the victory you only see after the end. And that fight is braver than anything else you can do because it is step by step, day after day, choice after choice.

[LYRICS] 네시 (4 O'CLOCK) by RM & V


어느 날 달에게
길고긴 편지를 썼어
너보다 환하진 않지만
작은 촛불을 켰어

어스름한 공원에
노래하는 이름모를 새
Where are you
Oh you

왜 울고 있는지
여긴 나와 너 뿐인데
Me and you
Oh you

깊은 밤을 따라서
너의 노랫소리가
한 걸음씩 두 걸음씩
붉은 아침을 데려와

새벽은 지나가고
저 달이 잠에 들면
함께했던 푸른빛이

오늘도 난 적당히 살아가
발맞춰 적당히 닳아가
태양은 숨이 막히고
세상은 날 발가벗겨놔
난 어쩔 수 없이 별 수 없이
달빛 아래 흩어진 나를 줍고 있어
I call you moonchild
우린 달의 아이
새벽의 찬 숨을 쉬네
Yes we’re livin and dyin
at the same time
But 지금은 눈 떠도 돼
그 어느 영화처럼 그 대사처럼
달빛 속에선 온 세상이 푸르니까

어스름한 공원에
노래하는 이름모를 새
Where are you
Oh you

왜 울고 있는지
여긴 나와 너 뿐인데
Me and you
Oh you

깊은 밤을 따라서
너의 노랫소리가
한 걸음씩 두 걸음씩
붉은 아침을 데려와

새벽은 지나가고
저 달이 잠에 들면
함께했던 푸른빛이

깊은 밤을 따라서
너의 노랫소리가
한 걸음씩 두 걸음씩
붉은 아침을 데려와

새벽은 지나가고
저 달이 잠에 들면
함께했던 푸른빛이


I wrote a long letter
to the moon one day
It isn’t brighter than you but
I lit a small candle

The nameless bird that sings
in the park at dawn
Where are you
Oh you

Why are you crying
It’s only me and you here
Me and you
Oh you

Your singing voice,
That follows deep into the night,
brings the scarlet morning
One step, then another step

Dawn passes by and
When that moon falls asleep,
then the blue light that was with me

Today, too, I go on living just enough
Keeping in step, wearing my feet out just enough
The sun makes me breathless
The world has stripped me of all I have
Without a choice, with no other alternative,
Under the moonlight I am picking up my scattered self
I call you moonchild
We are the children of the moon
We draw breath from the cold air of dawn
Yes we’re livin and dyin
at the same time
But right now it’s alright to open your eyes
Because like any movie, like any dialogue (from a movie)
The whole world is blue under the moonlight

The nameless bird that sings
in the park at dawn
Where are you
Oh you

Why are you crying
It’s only you and me here
Me and you
Oh you

Your singing voice,
That follows deep into the night,
brings the scarlet morning
One step, then another step

Dawn passes by and
When that moon falls asleep,
then the blue light that was with me

Your singing voice,
That follows deep into the night,
brings the scarlet morning
One step, then another step

Dawn passes by and
When that moon falls asleep,
then the blue light that was with me

Trans cr; Mary & Alli @ bts-trans

I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman. I was in tears for half the movie: Diana was never once presented as a sex object, she was never sidelined, her thighs shook, and she is a fighter. Not just a girl who can be dressed up in a sexy catsuit and fight sexily, but a fighter. Not one of those fight scenes was choreographed so she could land in an awkward pose that showed off her ass. She is gorgeous but not once was her worth correlated to her beauty. 

All of that, and she was still able to express a full range of human emotion – she didn’t have to be a hardass bitch who could only be angry or disappointed. She got to show joy, and wonder, and confusion, and horror, and sadness, and love – and anger, yes, real deep anger that comes from the pit of the soul. She is a whole, dynamic person who also happens to be a bad ass warrior. AND she could be this bad ass warrior without having a father or mother to hate, or trauma to catapult her into the world. Diana grew up loved and happy, and she stepped out into the world because it was the right thing to do, not because she had a personal ax to grind.

My husband was with me, and I remember coming to the realization part-way through that he was born into this. He has had this his entire life. It makes me so angry, and it also makes me so happy that there are little girls right now who will grow up with what I didn’t, and little boys who will grow up with this as well, who will be awed by Diana and see how Steve treats her.

What criticism feels like to a creative person

Browsing Reddit, I came across an extremely effective post about why some creatives respond very poorly to criticism, or even for those of us who respond well, why it can feel like an attack even though in your head you know it isn’t.

Originally posted by enjoy-the-life-baby

Criticism creates a mental conflict, but not always that kind.

Imagine if you wrote a final essay for your literature class, really did your best on it, turned it in, and the teacher gave it 100%. Elated, you take it home to show it off to your dad. Your dad says “You got a D? You really should have tried harder.” You think WTF, you squint at the paper and you’re pretty damn sure it says 100%, A+, Good work. But your dad says “No, it clearly says 63%, D-, disappointing.” Then you start to realize you’re living in some kind of warped reality where your dad sees something on the paper completely different than what you see, and you start wondering if you even know what’s real anymore.

This is what it feels like to get a criticism. It casts into doubt your own definition of “good” which is probably the basis of your entire creative process. It’s not even an issue of admitting weakness. Admitting weakness is easy. What’s not easy is having your instincts cast into doubt and not knowing whether to trust  yourself anymore.

  • Do I trust this critic?
  • Do I trust myself? Some combination of the two?
  • Do I stand by my decisions or not?
  • Do I make changes even though I don’t understand how they will help?
  • Will the changes completely undermine the artistic vision I wanted for this?
  • Will it defeat the whole point I was going for?
  • I can’t feel the emotional reasoning behind making changes, so how will I know if my change is for the better or worse?
  • Is the critic just not the right audience for this? Is the critic biased? Is the critic just having a bad day?
  • Should I ignore them altogether, and just keep doing this for the people who like it?
  • Are my fans wrong and simpleminded?
  • Am I even doing anything of significance?
  • Should I give up here?

These are all questions which artists ask themselves when they receive criticism. They’re tricky, ambiguous questions that don’t always have a correct answer. Many newcomers don’t even know how to approach these questions, so criticism can often feel like a personal attack even if both sides mean well.

That’s not to say that criticism itself is bad, but if you get a better idea of what a criticism is doing psychologically to the receiver, you might find yourself offering more effective, well-received advice.

This ties in pretty closely to the advice I often give on this very blog, about how to deal with negative feedback; above all, trying not to dwell on it. Before you give any response, always take time to calm down.

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This is a pretty universal problem that affects all creatives across all media. You’d have to be as emotionless as a stone to not fall prey to it occasionally.

Part of being a writer is building up creative confidence. This is the faith in yourself to be able to write something and put it out into the world, and to know, deep down, that this work has value, to you and to your audience.

You may, later, discover that this work isn’t all that good, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was a stepping stone to the person you are now, and the work you’re producing today.

Whenever you create a piece of work, make sure you internalise why you made that work. What it meant to you. It doesn’t matter if that work was a prize-winning literary novel or a scrawling of Vegeta from DBZ drawn in pencil on lined paper. If the work expresses something you can’t contain, something you have to get down on paper, over time you’ll develop the creative confidence to accept that even if it’s “bad”, that isn’t what’s important. The end result isn’t as important as the work itself.

Creative Confidence isn’t something you just develop overnight. It takes work. It’ll probably take a few embarrassing moments too, and those will be the hurtful types that’ll lead to “arguments you win in the shower” 5 years later. It takes different durations for different people. However, if you work at it, it’s something I believe is within the reach of everyone.

Find your Creative Confidence; I’m sure you can.

I love how people are bitching that Sasha won. She never was in the bottom and brought it every week. I loved her since episode one. She’s so intelligent, articulate and original. She’s politically aware and knows her LGBTQ history. She spoke out on so many important issues this season and was not afraid to be herself. She represents a type of drag that is often looked down on but her looks were so put together and meaningful. So many queens hide behind wigs and dresses but Sasha is challenging conventional drag. She deserves to win and she validates those out there who don’t fit in. 

Drag for the longest time wasn’t accepted by society (and still isn’t in some places) but there are queens who don’t even fit into the ‘drag world’. So sorry your fav didn’t win but don’t pretend like Sasha isn’t an amazing queen who deserved that crown. And don’t pretend that this isn’t a huge step forward in getting more diversity in drag. Drag is an art and Sasha is an artist. 

lorde’s first album was all like, teenage angst, i am sick of being stuck in this little town, we are born for something bigger, we are BORN TO BE QUEENS and i want it all, like, vibes of someone wanting to experience the world, of being stuck somehow but anticipating everything that awaits them and this second album is like, i am out there, first steps onto the grown ups world, i am doing the stuff i wanted to do but it turned out it’s not as fun as i thought it’ll be and it has ugly sides but that’s part of the whole experience, i am out of words, she is my queen

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There’s only so much you can do to help someone you care about and sometimes, for your own good, you have to take a step back.
All the love, compassion and understanding in the world can only go so far, because ultimately you can’t take someone’s pain away… I wish you could but it’s just not possible. The best you can do is let them know that you care and keep enough of an emotional connection that they can reach out to you when they need you – but not so close that you risk getting dragged under with them… Because someone like that is going to need your strength, so don’t absorb so much of their sadness that you can no longer be of help…
Taking on somebody else’s sadness doesn’t take it away from them; it just adds a burden to you and weighs you down. Love them, care for them, listen to them, be there for them… but always take time for yourself to clear your mind and reflect on the positives in your life to put things back in perspective.
Don’t feel guilty – it’s not selfish or uncaring to put their problems aside for a while… it doesn’t mean you love them any less… It is simply you taking time to reset yourself so you can maintain your positivity and your strength to support them better. You’re not invulnerable; especially when it comes to someone you care about, so remember to step back a little when it’s getting too much… after all, you can’t save someone who’s drowning if you’re not strong enough to swim.
You know what’s a shame?

When your favorite VOD streaming service cancels  one of their most diverse Shows right at the beginning of Pride Month!

I mean srsly…..

When was the last time I saw a Show that wasn’t either dominated by white folks or kinda exclusive to POC? Instead Sense8 has a mix of 8 wonderfully different main characters, such as…

Will Gorski:

The cop from Chicago, the loyal friend, the lover; a man confident enough to trust the woman by his side with his whole conscious & unconscius being to save him. 

Riley Blue:

The DJane from Iceland, the mother, the lonely spirit; the woman who would walk trough hell and back to save the ones she loves.

Capheus Onyango:

The Matatu driver from Nairobi, the optimist, the one who won’t let himself be defined by poor or rich but just his courage to make a difference. 

Sun Bak:

The Warrioress from Korea, the unbent, betrayed by those closest to her but not even prison could break her. Now she’s on her way for justice.

Lito Rodriguez:

The closeted telenovela star from Mexico, the passionate dreamer, along his career he learnt to be the hero of his own destiny. Can he make it big beyond the borders of his homeland?

Kala Dandekar:

The Pharmacist from India; the believer, once she learnt that traditions are not necessarily the safest option she finds the courage to fight for her happiness.

Wolfgang Bogdanow:

The safecracker from Germany, raised by a brutal and bullying father he found family much closer then bound by blood and even love where he least expected it.

Nomi Marks:

The transgender hacktivist from San Francisco, rejected by her family who refuse to accept her new Identity as Nomi, she made herself a name by blogging about political issues. Her fiancee Amanita a beautiful WOC with 3 father figures have her back in all this.

Now imagine these 8 completely different characters living their individual life finding out that they’re mentally connected with one another. Called a cluster  they explore step by step each others world by visiting one another. Visiting means they can only use the regular given senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting etc from the person they visit. Another ability is sharing. Sharing means they can use each others skills  regardless of their own but this works only within the cluster.  So in short word that means Capheus can share his driving skills with Nomi who can’t drive as much as Lito can feel Sun Baks menstruation symptoms sometimes. Yes they have very a lot of funny and emotional moments together along they way. 

Originally posted by amanitacaplan

Other Characters:

Angelica Turing:

Better known as the mother she appears to be the one capable of giving birth to clusters by releasing/activating their connection to each other. When her last cluster awoke she commited suicide. She was in a relationship with Jonas which whom she released several clusters.

Jonas Maliki:

He shows up when Angelica’s last born cluster awoke to guide and teach them their abilities as sensates. He’s doing this mainly through Will Gorski. Jonas and Angelica were in a relationship and part of the same cluster. 

Dr. Whispers:

He’s the main antagonist of the Show goes by several aliases but best known as Whispers. Although as a sensate himself he’s part of an organisation that hunts down other sensates. He can only connect with a cluster by making direct eye contact. 

Amanita Caplan:

Amanita works in a bookstore, supports LGBT charities, she has a mother named Grace and three father figures because they never cared to find out who’s the biological one. They loved her all the same. She is Nomi’s fiancee.

Hernando Fuentes:

He’s an Art professor, loves to cook and is the lover of Lito. Despite his relationship with Lito needs to be kept a secret due the career of Lito he’s very supportive. Nontehelss he has strong beliefs of its own and is mostly the more grounded part in their relationship.

Daniela Velasquez:

She comes from a wealthy background, is an actress and Lito’s friend as well as his cover at events. Later she finds out about his secret and formes a close bond to both Lito and Hernando based on her fascination with gay men in general.

Felix Berner:

He’s Wolfgangs best friend since they were kids. Although he’s having the talent to getting himself in trouble and Wolfgang along with him hes fairly loyal and the only one who knows about Wolfie’s abusive childhood.

Despite this amazing concept of 8 fully developed individual characters forming a worldwide bond to defeat a greater enemy who’s after them for experiments and killing them in the process Netflix canceled this Show after only 2 Seasons. Sure filming in 8 differerent cities all over the globe is expensive but that makes the quality even better and so much more authentic. There is no need to kill off characters for the shock effect, no need to sideline anyone for the sake of one major pairing. They’re equals, they’re individuals, not dependent on each other but stronger together if it’s necessary.

If you don’t believe me go and watch it for yourself on Netflix if you have it!

Here’s a little preview:



Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists
Mental illness is largely caused by social crises such as unemployment or childhood abuse and too much money is spent researching genetic and biological factors, psychologists have warned.

[W]hile there has been some success in uncovering genes which make people more susceptible to various disorders, specialists say that the true causes of depression and anxiety are from life events and environment, and research should be directed towards understanding the everyday triggers.

This should come as a surprise to no one. Genes don’t just express themselves without an adequate environment for their expression. If there’s a set of genes that, for example, reduce serotonin production in response to stress, there’s almost nothing you can do about the gene, but you can remove the source of stress.

I think one reason psychologists have refused to accept this position (it isn’t new, or even that extreme, although it is radical in the sense of “getting to the root of things”) is that it demands an analysis of the social conditions that lead to mental illness. In addition, the corollary of “mental illness has social causes” is “society can and must be changed”. Most psychologists have no interest in analyzing society, let alone asking for it to be changed (most of them make good money just handing out prescriptions). If you can blame DNA, or the human brain, you never have to step outside of your patient or even recognize that they actually exist in the social world.

Day 1: Introduction

Here, at the beginning of all things, its a good time to lay out what your world is about.

For a lot of builders this is a rough step since the concept of their world may seem vivid in their mind, but the words to describe it just don’t come out that easy.

Even if the words don’t quite do your world justice, give a quick pitch as to what sort of world you’re building for both the folks who are watching you get to business to know what to expect, and also so you can turn back to this post when deep in the month you’ve forgotten what sort of concept you’ve dedicated yourself to.

You can talk genres, influences, give a short story that sells your world, do what you think will say to the world of world builders “This is my world!” so you can use that foundation to lay your bricks  upon!


theragingthespian  asked:

if you're feeling it pal, supercorp and dancing. but tbh, i'll read anything you're up to writing

She realized she was in trouble sometime between Alex telling her that she had proposed to Maggie and the moment she helped with sending out the invitations—and by help she meant that she saved Alex and Maggie a small fortune on postage by delivering the invitations herself.

Or perhaps she realized she was in trouble when Alex sat her down one afternoon—many, many months after the Daxamite invasion—and told her that she needed help choosing a song to dance to.

(“Can it be ‘N Sync?” Kara had asked, laughing when Alex didn’t even acknowledge her question.

“Maggie got all the fun jobs,” she’d muttered petulantly. “Choosing venue and catering is easy but everyone’s going to judge the first song we dance to.”

“I’ll judge if the food isn’t good,” Kara had tried helpfully. Alex didn’t deign to dignify that with a response.)

Though really, she realized she was in trouble when Winn helpfully pointed out that Kara couldn’t dance.

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Mapmaking Part 1

So you want to make a custom map! Pylon Bina here to lend their (hopeful) expertise on the matter.

Mapmaking is a great way to add physical context to your stories. Knowing where people are in relation to the world around them helps readers follow along the journey more accurately, ESPECIALLY if there are lots of events happening far away from each other. Tolkein’s books include maps to get you oriented around Middle Earth while multiple plotlines were happening, and C.S. Lewis had maps of Narnia and the surrounding countries so that “Calormen” and “Ettinmoor” weren’t just vague concepts to the reader.

Mapmaking is also a great mental exercise that brings together a lot of general knowledge, and will get you thinking about how your world works. By the end of mapping your world, you’ll have a much better grasp of your setting. Not to mention it’s an indispensable reference!

So, this tutorial will cover the all the different scales that you might need. Some of these are related and will be grouped together: world/region/country maps, and city/town maps. Since the tutorials are image-heavy, they won’t both be put together in this post, but linked separately.

Mapmaking Part 1a: Large-scale maps

Here we’ll go through the process of creating a large-scale map. All steps will be listed in order, but not all steps apply to the kind of map you want. For example, if you’re focusing on a country or province, skip the step about picking a map projection (unless your country is absolutely enormous).


This isn’t really a necessary step for the beginning, but it’s best to think about it early. What kind of look are you going for? An old, parchment-style map? Something sleek and as informative as possible? Is it a reference only for you, or would you include it with your published material? The maps I’ll use for the tutorial are the old-looking parchment ones.


If you’re drawing a world map, you might consider picking a map projection. This gives you a border to draw in and adds some realism to your map. There’s a wikipedia page on map projections to look at (HERE). There’s some crazy ones out there. I went with the Winkel-Tripel projection (fun fact, National Geographic uses this projection for their all-world maps).

Then decide: How many continents? Do you have a Pangea thing going on? Or do you have 5-6 major land masses like Earth does? Is it all islands?


This is the fun part and most creative part, really. Here you’ll choose the location and general shape of your borders/landmasses. They might be the continent’s coastal boundary, or it could be a political border. Keep in mind that political boundaries have way more regularities in them than coastal boundaries do (for example, the boundary between the US and Canada has a long smooth portion in it).

Choose your shapes. They can be super vague, just get the general idea down. Consider completely random objects for inspiration if you want more irregularly-shaped landmasses/countries. Lumpy horse head? Rooster tail? Saggy boot? Go nuts. Here I used a lumpy upside-down arrowhead shape.

Special note on political borders: A lot of the time, political boundaries follow meridians/parallels (resulting in a smooth border), or natural formations such as rivers and mountain ranges. Keep this in mind when drafting.

STEP 3 (optional): REFINE SHAPES

If you feel your shape isn’t distinct enough, take your time and refine it. Add notches, lumps, carve chunks out of the edges, anything you want, until you’re happy with the overall shape. For inspiration, look at a real-world map and look at just how irregular and weird some countries/continents are in their shape. Don’t be scared to make something crazy! I mean, look at the broken-ness of northern Canada. Or the intense squiggles of Greenland. The thin-ness of Chile. Lots of weird stuff irl to remind you just how flexible you can be.


Ahh, the fun part. And the part that might take the longest. Lining/inking! If you don’t have steady hands or worry about making smooth lines, don’t fret! Coastlines (and to a certain degree, political boundaries) are filled with some shaky random nonsense. To get a border that really feels real, embrace that randomness and don’t bother with a steady hand. I purposefully let my hand shake and twitch to get that proper randomness. Make sure that you enlarge your sketch to be properly big enough for your map.

Note how I deviated from my sketch all over the place. The sketch is really just to give you an idea. I encourage straying from it when you want more interesting borders. I also added some random islands nearby.


Before you put your cities down, you need to get the lay of the land. Are there mountains? Rivers? Lakes? Deserts? Forests? If you have a climate already planned, reflect that on your map. You can either include them on your final map, or have it in a sketch somewhere (or on an extra layer in your art program) just so you know. Reference real world maps for help.

To actually draw these things, check out their representations on real maps or fantasy maps. It might be sections of color, different textures, or you can get artsy and throw down some triangles for mountains, clustered circles/scribbles for forests, etc. Just so long as anyone looking at the map can easily tell what’s what. !!! Include a map key if you have to !!!

Consider this: Lots of land features work in tandem. Rivers can originate from mountains. Air currents mean a forest might be on one side of a mountain range but not on the other.  All rivers end in the ocean. All rivers flow downhill! Mountain ranges are BIG. Does a mountain range cut through multiple countries/continents?

Also consider: Do any land features make up a border to your country (if applicable?) Rivers are great for political boundaries.

This has been the first part of making a custom map; stay tuned for the second part (in which pylon Bina goes into adding the civilization part to your new landmasses) coming soon!