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patric finds flower’s trick unimpressive. flower disagrees. there’s cuddling and nuzzles nonetheless.

magnus is just like, but elita we can’t both leave, the autobots needs someone 2 lead them

jackie pointed out that she’d probably tell him that means he needs to stay, and he reacted by plotting to leave cybertron like a naughty grounded teenager does to go meet with some friends

i need the entire s4 of fdtd to be kate, seth and richie going across the country and robbing banks and sharing shitty motel rooms. richie complaining because kate and seth take the only bed and whines on the floor all night. they all get matching tattoos. they stress freddie out on the reg and give him like a million gray hairs but its okay bc he lowkey loves them. seth and kate kissing the first time and richie being a jealous bean. kate protecting the gecko brothers because shes a bad ass bitch. 

every discourse post

gay person: haha ace people make bad posts 

ace discoursers on tumblr: how dare you! 

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this just shows the PINNACLE of oppression us hetace’s face…… i hate gay people so much they’re always oppressing me, by telling jokes that slightly make fun of us if you read it in a certain way on the internet… gay people are horrible demons…… get out of here regs… anyways shout out to the het aces you’re beautiful! and we are All LGBT and very queer uwu and also more oppressed 

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*whispers* please ramble about your harry potter rarepairs

Oh god, I have so many though.

Lemme get the Regulus ones out of the way, because - Reg/Remus. Reg/James. Reg/Snape. All of them feature horrified!Sirius in some flavor, and all promise lots of feels. Just - potential!

Does Luna/Ginny count as a rare pair? (I tend to think of most femslash pairings as rare, tbh.) Because they could be adorable.

And Blaise! Blaise is awesome, and deserved more screentime. I have a particular weakness for Krum/Blaise and no idea where it came from, though I like Harry/Blaise and Draco/Blaise and Harry/Draco/Blaise. 

And Hermione/Pansy is probs my femslash OTP for HP. They could absolutely be the most interesting. 

And Neville/Draco. Idek why, but I love them both and think that post-war they could help each other a lot??

Snape/Sirius counts, right? Imagine all the juicy character development that would have to go into it. Growth! Change! Healing! Coming to terms with the past! All very appealing. 

Totally ridiculous, but I also enjoy Lucius/Snape. They can share a garbage bin or something. 

And on the note of women too awesome for either of them, Lily/Narcissa. Just. They would rule the world and be fabulous doing it. 


i can’t believe Hatsune Miku is fucking dead

Sirius & Regulus talk

Sirius finds Regulus sitting in the library studying and goes over to talk to him.

Sirius: *Sits down at table opposite Regulus*  Hey Reg.

Regulus: *Shuts book and stands up to leave* 

Sirius: Please don’t leave, I need to talk to you.  It’s important.

Regulus: I don’t care.

Sirius: *Grabs Regulus’s arm and stands up*  Please stay.

Regulus: Let go of my arm.

Sirius: Reg…

Regulus: Let GO of my arm!

Madame Pince: Shhhh!  This is a library.  Out!  The both of you!  Get out of here!

Regulus: *Walks out of library*

Sirius: Hey Reg, wait up!  Don’t walk away from me… this is important.

Regulus: *Ignores Sirius*

Sirius: *Runs to catch up* Please talk to me.

Regulus: Can you stop following me?  

Sirius: Not until you listen to me.

Regulus: Sirius, can you take a hint?  I don’t want to talk to you!  Just leave me alone.

Sirius: I wanted to do this in a less public place but since you’re being stubborn… 

Regulus: I swear to god, Sirius, if you try to kiss me again I’m going to-

Sirius: *Grabs Regulus’s arm and lifts his sleeve up*

Regulus: What are you doing?!  Let go of my arm!  Sirius!  Stop it!

Sirius: *Shakes head*  You’ve been cutting your wrists again.  These are fresh.  You did this today, didn’t you?

Regulus: *With tears in his eyes* I didn’t.

Sirius: Reg… *let’s go of Regulus’s arm*… don’t lie to me.  I know you did.

Regulus: So what if I did?  It’s none of your business!

Sirius: You’re my little brother.  I’m supposed to look after you and make sure you don’t do things like this.

Regulus: Well I did.  Can I go now?

Sirius: What can I do to make you stop doing it?  

Regulus: You can leave me alone.  How about that?  Because you standing here talking to me is making me feel worse than I already did.

Sirius: *With sadness in his voice* You don’t mean that…

Regulus: You made me cheat on my boyfriend!  You made me hurt him!  You’ve made me feel like the worst person in the world for the last 48 hours.  You didn’t listen to me when I told you “no, I don’t want to kiss you”.  You just kissed me anyway, for you own benefit!  You don’t care about me… you don’t care about anyone but yourself.  So leave me alone, because you act like you care about my life and my depression but you clearly don’t.

Sirius: … I care about you… more than you’d ever know.  *Looks down* I know I’ve done some awful things to you recently, and I’m so sorry about what I’ve done but please don’t hurt yourself, Reg.  If anything ever happened to you, I’d never be able to forgive myself.

Regulus: *Crying* I don’t want you to feel this way about me anymore.

Sirius: I wish I didn’t… I’m obviously causing you a lot of pain.  But I can’t help loving you.  I’m sorry…

Regulus: But if you can’t help loving me, could you at least stop trying to kiss me all the time?  I’m in a relationship!  Well, I was in a relationship… I don’t even know anymore.  He isn’t talking to me.  Thanks to you.

Sirius: Reg, I’m really sorry.  I never meant for you and… Barty to, you know… get into a fight over this.  I was selfish and I shouldn’t have kissed you.  If I could take it back, I would.

Regulus: Me too.  I don’t know why I kissed you back, but don’t get your hopes up… it’s not what you think.  I love Barty.  I would never leave him.  Definitely not for you.

Sirius: Are you telling me you have absolutely no feelings for me?

Regulus: I honestly don’t think I do anymore, Sirius… I used to.  I used to be in love with you… if you’d just realised your feelings for me sooner…

Sirius: *Sighs* Then we’d probably be together right now…

Regulus: Probably.  But we’re not.  We lost that chance.  I’ve moved on and you have to move on too.

Sirius: Reg, let’s not talk about this… I wanted to talk to you about your depression… it’s getting out of hand, and I’m worried about you.

Regulus: *Wipes tears away* I’m fine, Sirius.  I won’t do it again.

Sirius: You say that every time.  You’re getting really thin… have you been eating properly?

Regulus: Of course I have.

Sirius: You have got to stop this lying thing.  There’s no way you’ve been eating properly… you’re wasting away.

Regulus: I’ll eat when I get back to my dorm.

Sirius: Reg… I don’t believe that you’re fine.  You’re not convincing.  

Regulus: I am fine.

Sirius: Okay.  I’ll make you a deal.

Regulus: A deal?  Really?

Sirius: I will never try to kiss you ever again unless you instigate it… if-

Regulus: Why does there have to be an ‘if’?  That shouldn’t even be necessary if you respect me and my feelings!

Sirius: No, Reg.  I will never try to kiss you again if you promise me that you will not blame yourself for what happened - It was completely my fault, okay?  And if you feel like you want to harm yourself, come to me.  Or if you ever need anything, come to me.  I will always be here for you.  I want you to know that.

Regulus: Fine…

Sirius: And if I find out you’ve cut your wrists again and you haven’t come to me or you haven’t gone to anyone, I’m going to tell one of the teachers.  Which I don’t want to do, Reg.  But if it comes to it, I will.

Regulus: Fine, Sirius.

Sirius: Okay… *reaches out to brush Regulus’s cheek* I’m sorry I’ve been such a jerk to you.

Regulus: It’s okay…

Sirius: It’s not okay.  I hope you can forgive me one day.  

Regulus: *Nods* Me too…

Sirius: Can I hug you?

Regulus: Please.

Sirius: *Hugs Regulus tight*

Sirius: Now go back to your dormitory and try and fix things with your boyfriend, okay?  You don’t deserve to break up because of me.

Regulus: Okay, Sirius.  Bye.

Sirius: *Sighs and watches as Regulus walks away* Bye… 

if you stand
still enough
you can feel
how many times
your heart has
been broken and
has been mended
and broken and
mended and broken
and mended
together again
maybe it has made you
a stronger person maybe
it has made you wiser person
maybe it hasn’t done anything
at all
because you still breathe
the same
because your heart still beats
the same
love is both
the bridge you need to build and the
bridge you need to burn
if you stand still
long enough maybe
you will figure out
you need
—  reg

York is a huge AI stan and he gets so ticked around “we’re all going to be enslaved by AI! we’re relying too much on artificial intelligence! the end is nigh!” type fearmongering. And the arguments are always awkward because eventually the person’s like ‘and what do YOU know about AI’ because he is obviously not someone who has a phd in AI theory but he can’t admit to sharing a consciousness with an Actual AI so he’s just like “I read it on the internet bye”

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scabior, do you have any plan on coming out to reg soon ? i know it's scary, but if he overcame his predjudices against muggleborns and such, you can be sure he will be understanding of your gender !

Scabior: I’m scared. He’s not the type of guy who would make friends with muggles or muggleborns so I don’t think he’s entirely overcome his prejudices against them… which is why I’m still a bit worried about what his reaction will be.