out of puberty


there is a different between the muscle that for show and the one that can kill ya tho :v
It was more funny in my head actually
(eh i forgot to draw Tanah’s red arm band tho )

(if Tanah can bends rocks there is no way he cant crush those cocoa beans into powder tho)

Something every girl needs to know which you really don’t get told is that your body changes in your 20s. 

We get told puberty finishes about 5 years after breast development starts, which means everyone thinks bodily changes and growth is done with by about 17. The most I expected was slowing down of metabolism leading to weight gain.

Now that can still happen, but that’s not what this is about. What we don’t get told about is that you go through what someone on reddit described as a ‘second puberty’ (and all honesty I was saying that too when I thought it was the pill messing my hormones up before I realised more stuff was going on).

In your 20s, and it might not be straight away or whatever, your bodily proportions start becoming more ‘womanly’. Like you thought your hips had widened out during puberty but suddenly theres more of a curve to your waist, your arms and shoulders can bulk up, legs can change shape, your face can slim down still, even your boobs can change. And it’s weird because you’ve forgotten how it felt to have your body change like that and you’re looking in the mirror trying to readjust yourself knowing you’re ‘growing into your body’ but just feeling vaguely awkward because no one warned you about this and you’d just gotten used to what puberty had left you with.

And then apparently 20s can increase one of the hormones to do with your period (progesterone or one of those ones) which can lead to worse cramping (oh joy) and of course no one tells you this and mostly nobody has told you about anything to do with the science behind periods so it just hurts more for no reason but on the plus side your bone deposits are the strongest they’ll ever be, so work on your bone strength. 

There’s just so much stuff that people don’t mention about the way your body continues to change past puberty and I don’t know who that’s a failing of but I disliked flying in blind so I thought I’d give people a heads up with the very little I know.

//The more I think about it, the more I realize what I’m angriest about with Pan is that…there was no reason for his death.

There really wasn’t. Season 3…there was. He was planning on taking over the town and murdering Belle and Bae. He posed as an immediate threat and Rumple did the only thing he could. The only thing he could, that he didn’t want to do.

But there was no reason Pan couldn’t have just been LEFT in the Underworld this time. He spent his entire Underworld arc trying to show his son he meant what he said that he wanted him. Unlike season 3, he didn’t pose as an immediate threat. It’s not like he would have been able to do anything if his son refused to give him the heart. He could curse and growl all he wanted to but without a heart he’s stuck. And even his magic is nothing against Rumple’s without Neverland.

So why did Rumple do it? What would he need the box for, really? He has magic. He can hover the couch or hover Belle to the portal, protect her with a spell. But protect her from what? Hades? Hades has no interest in her now. The heroes would never hurt Belle. So why would you need the box?

The death/eternal torment of Pan was literally unneccessary other then to further what Adam and Eddy are trying to push, that Rumple is entirely iredeemable.

do you ever think back to the bullshit sex ed you got when you were younger and want to punch everyone in the fucking face

i constantly see posts on here about pregnancy facts no one ever tells women - you go to the doctor because there’s a fucking human growing inside you and they tell you nothing

and i just think about the fact that i didnt even know what a human penis actually looked like til i was 18 and was curious enough to watch porn, and that i learned what a clitoris was from fanfiction at age 15.

when i was 10, my mom took me on a walk to the library and told me what a period was. she then checked out a book on puberty, had me read it, and asked me if i was “surprised” by what sex was. i didnt really know what to say. all i had learned was a penis goes in a vagina. i said no, and that was that.

in fifth grade, i went to a catholic elementary school. girls and boys were split into separate rooms and we learned about female puberty. sex was spoken of in the barest terms, and we just learned what parts were from illustrated diagrams. the teacher barely looked us in the eye.

sophomore year of college, health class was just as useless. the only knowledge i had of the penis was what it looked like cut in half with the vas deferens labeled. i barely knew what was happening with my own goddamn genitals. a graphic video showing live birth was shown (i hid behind my geometry book) and sex was never mentioned again.

no one talked about condoms. no one talked about anything. i had to seek out my own sex ed from goddamn fictional stories about the characters in friends and pornhub.

i just… get so goddamn mad when i think about this.