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Now that a PDF version of the zine is available, I can finally reveal the piece I made for the @winterininkopoliszine! (The PDF is only available until the end of April, so if anyone missed out on ordering the zine before, now’s your chance!)

I didn’t plan on featuring my characters for this, but when I remembered the arcade machine next to the cafe in Inkopolis Plaza, this idea came to mind, and it all just clicked. So! Here’s the squad having some fun during a night out in Inkopolis! Snowy nights in the city make for some of my favorite winter memories, so I wanted to capture that in my entry here.

It was an honor to be a part of this project, and I hope you guys get to see all the amazing work created by the other artists!


Thanks for your patience! @bnha-fashion-zine is now accepting pre-orders for physical books! You can check them out here!

Pre-ordering is the only way to secure yourself a zine if you are looking to purchase! So if pre-orders sell out we more than likely will not be restocking!

Reblogs Appreciated!

Participating Artists:

@midi-mayo | @thelivestotaku | @sugarcookiies | @chowjpg | @pilotbites | @abbdraws | @lacrimode | @aohydrangeas |@cambrasine| @kidovna | @ellesart | @herbal-milktea

Artists in Featured Preview:

Top-Row: @midi-mayo

Bottom-Row: @pilotbites| @chowjpg | @lacrimode




  • 5/15: Applications Open.
  • 6/4: Applications Close.
  • 6/6: Chosen artists will be notified and confirmation emails sent.
  • 6/11: Confirmation response to e-mail due. Any artists who do not respond will have forfeited their spot, and we will be contacting runner-up choices instead.
  • 6/18: Completely Confirmed List of Artists will be Published.
  • 6/25: Ideas for artwork due. (This is separate from WIPs because we will need to discuss your ideas and which one to go ahead with)


  • 7/16: First WIP is due (sketch, rough draft, etc. Anything showing your progress)
  • 7/30: Second WIP is due (a confirmation that you’re further along in progress. No penalty if it’s not by much, just looking for SOMETHING)


  • 8/13: All artwork is due. Final deadline. Any extensions must be put in at LEAST a week in advance.
  • 8/18: Artworks with extended deadlines due.
  • 8/21:  PreOrders Open.
  • 9/4: PreOrders Close. 
  • 9/25: Production finished.
  • 10/2: Everything is shipped out.

 Afterward the first round of orders, I’ll see if interest in the zine warrants a second round.

Dates are tentative and subject to change. All participants will be notified of changes to the timeline.

Project Update 3/6

Hey everybody!
We know it’s been a little while and a handful of you have reached out to us. Communication is important and we want to keep you in the loop, so we’re here with an update!

The zines have finally shipped from the company to us after a small delay (a quote for extra gold foil on the cover)! The books are set to arrive to us this week and we will post pictures / a flip through video on the blog when they come in! Update: Books have arrived! See a preview here~

The Zine Only orders will be shipping out within a week.

The digital copies will go out shortly afterward via e-mail from borntomakehistory@gmail.com Make sure we are in your contacts to avoid it going to spam!

That said, there have been some unexpected delays on a few of the bundle items.

As you may have seen, the charms and heart buttons have arrived!

We were told that the enamel pins will be shipping out by the end of the week and we should have a sample photo from the company to share with you soon.

The biggest delay though has been the lanyards. We sprung for gold fixings (stud + clips) instead of the usual silver, understanding that our manufacturer needed to custom order them and that it would add a couple of weeks to the turnaround time. This was fine since the lanyards were still set to arrive ahead of the zines. However, the factory the manufacturer ordered the supplies from sent them the wrong color of clips which clash greatly with the studs they have. Rather than send you all a flawed, clashing product, we will be waiting the extra time for them to get the correct clips from the factory. This was very unexpected and neither the fault of us nor our manufacturer and we hope you understand that we just want to give you the best products we can!

Finally, IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS please contact us immediately with your name or order number and your new address.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience! All of our artists put a lot of hard work and care into this project and the final products will reflect that. We are so excited to get our hands on all these goodies and share them with you!!

As usual, we will keep the blog updated with photos and product arrival/shipping announcements. :)

Cambrasine, Sie, & Grimm

Extra information about the zine!

A little masterpost of stuff that hasn’t already been posted/has been posted but should be elaborated on!


The zine will be in Standard American Comic Size, which is 6.625 inches by 10.25 inches. The printing company we are using will need to cut 1/8 inch off of each side, which is why you should allow for some bleeding room and make your art at 6.875 inches by 10.5 inches or 2063 by 3150 pixels ; you’ll want your art to look great even when blown up so we encourage high resolution! 300 dpi is recommended. Please create your art in CMYK and not RGB. RGB doesn’t look so hot printed. The end product you send us can be a .psd, .png or a .jpg file; .png is preferable because it is not a LOSSY file.


Writers have a little more wiggle room with formatting. Our team will do most of the work in formatting the fic to go into the zine, but writers are allowed to request a certain format such as a specific font, size, or color. Fics ideally should be around 1-2k words, but the requirement is between 500 and 5,000 words. Fic writers need only to write and submit their fic; the rest should be taken care of.


We apologize for the false information going around– zines will cost around $10 apiece to print and thus we will be asking for a donation of exactly that for our patrons to receive a physical copy. Any remaining donation money or money that’s just been sent out of the kindness of people’s hearts will be donated to charity! Zines can’t be preordered just yet but will be made available for preorder about a week or so in advance. 


Works must specifically contain Adrien Chat Noir, but may include past/future reincarnations, AUs, or other Miraculous Ladybug characters as well. No NSFW, gore, or cussing of any kind is allowed as this zine will be kid-friendly; there will be minors downloading it! For this zine we do not allow genderbends or crossovers. Also, sadly, art cannot be in a .gif file/move at all because PDF doesn’t support it and you can’t print them.


You are allowed to post WIPs of your work/send your WIPs to other people! Whatever your process may be in creating your work, we respect it. We ask only that you not post the finished piece until the zine is released, but afterwards you are allowed to post it as much as you like.


Content is allowed to be submitted between May 1st and May 15th, though it is possible that we will extend the deadline in case several contributors can’t make that deadline. (PLEASE do not count on this, though, and try your best to have work done by the 15th.) You will need to have started your piece by May 1st, and we will be sending you another message at this time to confirm that something is indeed in the works. Our deadlines are not really too flexible, so we ask that you do your best to meet all of them. Unfortunately, we may need to kick you out of the zine if your piece is late. 

Assuming no deadline changes, the zine should be out and available for download/order by May 20th.

Questions? Don’t be afraid to send us more asks if you are confused by anything!

P.S. We ask that our accepted contributors have their messages/askbox open so that the admins can contact them if necessary!


Staff Pick of the Week: Decolonizing Library Science

A few months ago we posted about tabling at the 2016 Milwaukee Zine Fest on November 5th, where Max taught a workshop called “Pamphlet Sewing for Zine Structures,” and Kalani sold a zine they had made for the fest.

The zine, Decolonizing Library Science was conceived of and made from start to finish in the 24 hours preceding the fest (minus some content that came from essays written in previous classes). Max and Kalani actually sewed them at the table before Max taught his workshop.

The main topic of the zine was, you guessed it, decolonization in libraries. While libraries tend to be more progressive than other spaces and workplaces, there is still a lot of work to be done to make things more diverse and more accessible to marginalized peoples. In this zine, Kalani talks about their experiences as a graduate student in the Library and Information Science program at UWM (which includes being called “white-ish” by a professor during a lesson on diversity), frustrations with WLA appropriating Hawaiian culture for a fundraiser and responding poorly to criticism about it, Library of Congress Subject headings being problematic and Western-centric, and how archives in the Pacific (and elsewhere) perpetuate colonialism by privileging Western ways of remembering.

All proceeds from the zine were donated to the water protectors at Standing Rock. So far $125 has been donated, and many people have reached out since Zine Fest to order a copy.


MEW-RY CHRISTMAS: A Little Light is officially out!

If you’d like to order this fantastic charity zine, you can do so here by making a donation to any charity aiding Haiti’s disaster relief efforts. More info about the zine here.

If you pre-ordered, check your email! Instructions to download the zine are there (if you don’t see an email, please check your spam and then shoot us a message).

Thank you so much to everyone who’s pre-ordered, reblogged, or given support. Have a Miraculous Christmas and a great holiday season!

Regarding financial issues

Hello all!

We are aware that many people who would like to order a physical copy of the zine are unable to, and that really sucks! We’d like everyone who wants to to be able to get a copy. And since our only funds are donations that we get from zine orders, we’re proposing a system to help out those who aren’t financially capable of ordering a copy of the zine.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to have extra money to spend, you can add extra money to your order of the zine and specify in your email that you’d like the extra money to go towards someone who can’t afford it. It’s a bit like “Slices for the Homeless” from Rosa’s Fresh Pizza.

Then once all preorders are in, those of you who can’t afford a physical copy can fill out a survey to potentially receive a free copy.

Please note that this system is fragile and there’s no way of checking if you can or can’t afford the zine. So don’t be a jerk, and only apply for a free zine if you really can’t afford it. You’d essentially be stealing something you can easily buy. Also, there will only be a limited number of zines available through this system. So let’s all be cordial in this!

With love,

The admins

Year 2, Comic 4 - Hazeapalooza

Hey, guys! Reblogging , retweeting, and sharing the comic is the best way to help Check, Please! grow. Thanks so much to all the people who are doing this already. Seriously–awesome write ups, primers and screaming in your friend’s face* † about this person named Eric Bittle keep the comic going. Thank you!

*please don’t scream in your friends’ faces

† meh do what you want i’m not the boss of you

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 4 - Hazeapalooza

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