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Hello! I would love to open some art commissions, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how payment should be done(?) Would it be good to show them a sketch before they pay so they can get a flavor of what I will draw, or should I have them pay before I have anything done to protect myself from (literally) sketchy customers?

here is what i usually do:

  1. ask them for colored picture references, if they dont have any ask them to find you pallets and stock photos that outlines what colors they want and what the character looks like. 
  2. ask them for their email not only do you need this for paypal but people change their tumblr url a lot so its nice to be able to find them. 
  3. yes, absolutely provide a sketch before you ask for payment, this will help you more than them. people often try and “add” things in later that cost extra if you skip this step (one thing i get a lot after they pay is “hey can you put my cat in there to???” or “also can you put like 90 plants in it too”). also it will give you a better idea of the cost
  4. after they approved the sketch and the price send them the invoice and tell them you’ll start once its paid (i ask for half payment when its over $50)
  5. -have them pay with paypal (SEND THEM AN INVOICE dont let anyone pay through paypal.me), have a full contract in the invoice as well, mine pretty much says “it could take up to 2 moths i can still portfolio it, feel free to sell it blah bla) 

some other tips:

  • if you do half payment, then show then a suuuper low quality jpeg with a huge watermark when you give them updates
  • set the number of revisions you allow and be sure to outline if its okay to ask for revisions of the lineart or not (i know this will mess some people up) i only allow 3 unless the com was under $10 then i offer one
  • sometimes it helps to ask them their budget before sketching or talking about a price, that way you can make them something that will take as much time as their willing to pay for, rather than everyone being confused on hourly cost.
  • have a day rate!!!, rather than hourly rate. why? its easier to divide up “how many of these can i make in a day” rather than “how many half hours will this take”, if someone asks me for something that will probably take me a full day of focused work, its $100, if they want something that will only take a quarter day then its $25. easy. (my rate is mega low because i work very slowly, if you work fast you should start at $300 to $500 imo)
  • dont take every commission, if you dont wanna do it, jsut dont do it, even if its not outlined in your commission guidelines !!! if you take comms you dont like you’ll get burnt out FAST. 
  • google drive is my best friend, its great to share finished pngs in and photoshop/aseprite files through. and its really easy to stay organized!!! i like to put a lil thank you note in the folders so i look like a cool professional B)
  • please at least charge a living wage for your work. if youre doing them “just for fun” then do pay what you wants, that way youre not normalizing paying people under living standards. you will be respected for charging a living salary and get more professional commissioners that value you and your art. 

im really passionate about this kinda thing because i love to see artists thrive, so feel free to ask anything else. dont forget commissions arnt the only way to make money as an artist, apply for conventions, submit your work to galleries, make merchandise, monetize your blog, use patreon, or try out youtube. i really hope this helps !!!

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any sketching tips about anatomy & perspective ? do u know any posts or videos to learn properly ? p.s ur art is very unique keep going ! 💌 — sohlare

hello! i know you asked about anatomy and perspective specifically, but i’d like to share a bunch of resources for your sake and mine because i like things all in one place.


  • kelplsthis artist has done a lot of tutorials!! i linked the nav page for their tutorials, i have found them very helpful and hope you will too
  • wowartstuff: this blog compiles a lot of helpful posts with a variety of different art topics!
  • colourpod: it’s basically a library of colour palettes, pretty good for doing things such as colour studies to heighten use of colour
  • quickposes: this can generate a random pose, as well as perform timed pose studies and you can browse the library as well to find one you like. there are some interesting ones out there let me tell you!!
  • life drawing: a playlist on youtube of life drawing sessions to help build anatomy knowledge and pose practice. i haven’t done these before but it doesn’t hurt to try them out :^)
  • foreshortening using coil: this video applies the coil technique which is an easy way to view foreshortening, a method of adding depth to figures which you still haven’t really seen me do because im sad
  • more foreshortening: another video on foreshortening covering the idea as a whole.

general tips

these are some very general tips i picked up from my academic art journey thus far. keep in mind this is simply what i do and use, but don’t take me as some professional which i am far from being!!

  • remember that an average adult human is approximately eight heads tall, and younger or smaller people will contain a lesser amount of heads (um. you know what i’m talking about)
  • people are not stiff!! unless they are trying to be. but a natural pose should pull the body in a certain direction so that their motion is fluid rather than puppet-like. in pose studies, you will see this clearly
  • arms and legs are not completely straight either, they have muscles. a simple way to think about them is the teardrop model i learned a long time ago: 

of course, this cannot be a substitute for learning proper anatomy. its just im kinda lazy but do not let this cover anatomy for you !!!!! do studies!!!

anyways this is all i can think of for now, i hope it helps :^D practice alot and learn from the masters and you will improve!!

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What kind of person do you think Changmin is?

ok this turned out to be really long so short ver: changmin is motivational, inspirational, elegant, ambitious, stubborn, hardworking, tsundere, overachieving, modest, sarcastic, an idiot, hella handsome and he knows it

long ver: 

oh my God this is.. going to be ramble. changmin as a person motivates me sosososo much and makes me laugh so much like i can’t even begin to explain. he debuted when he was 15, and he’s almost 30 now and that just makes me so emotional like he has grown so MUCH… so much, and the man he is today is so impressive. he used to be so shy OK he rarely talked and now look at him, stripping on stage and dressing up as the sexiest lady ever like that’s some #characterdevelopment

afksdhkasjh changmin is… a complicated person, as we all are. he loves, so much, with all his heart, but he has difficulty expressing it. knowing all of yunho’s habits, and taking care of him quietly, because he isn’t the kind of person to overtly display affection. loving his fans but being the number one advocate of #toughlove lmao….. loving his mum but only saying ‘i love you’ to her thrice in her life, im deadass gone i love him. 

he has times where he doubted himself (maybe he still does), but he has grown up to be one of the finest, elegant men i know (as much as i can lol). 

he is motivated, ambitious and hardworking. he knows what he wants and he doesn’t half-ass anything, and that’s one of the things i love about him. changmin doubted becoming an idol many times in his late teens, early twenties. he even said that he didn’t know what was the purpose of him being an idol, because it was so different from what he wanted to do (he wanted to be a sports journalist/broadcaster??? right?? lol). but once he saw the happiness he brings to others, he really devoted himself to the idol life. i think that’s one of the reasons he seemed a lot happier in the later years of dbsk.

another thing, continuing from the previous point - changmin doesn’t do things uselessly. or to phrase that better, anything he pursues is not useless. any hobby he has ever taken up, he has developed to the point he is professional. loves food? probably a food critique behind the scenes (have u seen him analyse wine like oh my God boy). loves photography? fuckin has a photoshoot where he takes photos of scenes and yunho and has that published in a magazine. loves playing the guitar? practices until he has a guitar + singing solo on stage like wtheck overachiever much??

but it’s the overachiever part of him that’s one of the best things about his personality. i dare say he was, and still is, one of the smartest idols out there and it shows (explained later). TWO BACHELORS AND ONE MASTER DEGREE WHILE BEING AN IDOL and then taking a hardcore test to enter the police force so he could be done with army in the same year as yunho?? and taking professional photography classes after schooling?????? bitch i love his overachieving, education-thriving ass so much i can’t even. 

about his smartness showing, he’s so funny in the dry humour and sarcastic sense like ????? only smart people can make jokes the way he does anw ya his brain is my kink im sorry i love it so much… telling fans to check their attitudes when they call him handsome LOL… love it… also love how he cares for his fans but not in the overly affectionate way because that isn’t his style

but yup, i think he’s super modest too. i love the idea when he said that we should treat him as dessert?? or something like that???? that we should focus on our lives and studies and get boyfriends, and only then should we focus on dbsk, because our real lives are a lot more important than him. when he pulls back fans on roads and scolds them for risking their lives just for taking photos of him? (but he knows how handsome he is and also flaunts it so modest???? yes, but he has his moments and he deserves them. look at this)

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this is literally 1/300 of him ok he has so many dimensions, the most amazing person i have experienced he will always be my ultimate bias like b ye 

you guys pls do me a favor - if you see my photos reposted anywhere without credit pls let me know…(theyre easy to spot because theyre the only ‘professional’ ones taken of Gerard this weekend and also bc of the way i edit them) like it really bums me out. not saying ppl do it on purpose and most ppl are like OH IM SORRY I DIDNT KNOW when i tell them and thats fine but some people are also total assholes about it

like i was the only photographer allowed with Gerard this weekend and as much as i LOVED every second of being able to do that - its also hard work. like i sacrifice time editing and uploading photos and i could have spent that time walking the con or hanging out with people…but i wanted you to have great photos of Gerard and seeing them reposted with no credit whatsoever just makes me :/

so yeah pls let me know if you see anyone reposting them, thanks!!

My own therapist and psychiatrist agreed that I very easily fit in the spectrum and don’t really need a professional diagnosis if I don’t want to (specially because they know that I’m have financial difficulties) since I am an adult and it’s easier for me to get the accommodations and know more coping mechanisms now then when I was as a teenager 

(they only wish I’ve done it as I was growing up, because then a professional diagnosis would be necessary and make my school life way easier and less suffering then it was, but that’s over now, and my problems are with the consequences of this, not with autism)

and they also praised me when I went after them able to say with all the words “I am sure that I have anxiety and depression and need help” because it makes their job with helping me fix my problems and have a healthy mind again way easier

Seriously. They basically say that it’s good when people self-dx, because it makes it easier to find the help and accommodations you need. These two professionals told me that self diagnosis is good and helpful and facilitates their jobs and my treatment

So get out of here with this anti self-dx bs, you acting like this is what makes the job of psychiatrists and therapists harder, not us lol 

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i have been a writer for as long as i can remember (my mum almost published a story i wrote when i was four as a children's book) but not professionally, im only fourteen. i'm writing a story now, but i dont know how to plan it out. how to write out my characters, plan their personalities and their flaws and how to do character archs. i am desperate for help in seveloping the story's plot, from beginning to end. do you have any advice on how to do it? thank you

Well, first let me tell you that there’s no one way to write a story, nor one way authors develop their work. Some people (like myself) don’t plan much at all and make things up as I go, while others plan every single step of the way. If I’m frank, the way I learned was simply by Googling “how to write a novel” or “how to outline a novel” and similar things. I read a handful of different pages and tried to figure out what works best for me. Just know that the best way to figure it out is by experience. I wish I had more to offer you, but there isn’t really a complete answer! You just sort of have to throw yourself out there and accept that it takes a lot of time to piece together a story that you’d like to publish and share. The novel I’m currently working on, I created when I was in the seventh grade and have worked on it on and off ever since. The only time I started really making progress on it was by writing and sticking to a draft. Once I finished the first, I took the time to review and revise the story come the second draft. You’ll really just learn a lot on the job.


I’m a neonatal nurse. Today I had to listen to the father of one of the babies go on a homo/transphobic rant whilst I was stuck feeding his baby. He’s older son had recently come out as gay to him and had started seeing a trans guy, and this arsehole of a dad obviously wasn’t pleased about it. He kept saying stupid things like “I hope this kid turns out to be normal” and “he’s decided he wants to be gay”, “at least I’ll have one son”. I think he was trying to get sympathy from me, but obviously he was barking WELL up the wrong tree there.

Being at work, I obviously had to be professional and couldn’t respond in the way I would’ve liked. However it was a horrible situation. I’m fairly new to the LGBT community and have never really experienced homophobia before. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I was completely ignoring him but he kept going. Luckily I managed to escape to the tea room soon after and have a minor breakdown.

It really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such accepting family and friends. Im so sorry for all of you out there who have experiences like this when coming out. People can be such naive, one-minded arseholes sometimes.

Moral of the story, after they left when the baby wouldn’t go to sleep, I sung “She Keeps Me Warm” to the him and he went straight to sleep. Tackling homophobia from a young age, one baby at a time.

Lots of love 🏳️‍🌈

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im terrified people will understand that i have bpd and anxiety. also that im lesbian, that i tried to kill myself a couple of time. that i was raped. im scared that someone will break me again. im scared of the voices in my head and the nightmares everynight. im scared they will get me and will rape me again. i dont wanna live a life like that :c..

You need to talk to a professional. Someone who can help you through all of this. Or things won’t change. There are so many resources out there and people who want to help you. People who understand what you’re going through and people who will help you deal with it in a proper way. Don’t let this site fool you into thinking that no one understands or can help you. Because it’s not true. Please speak to a professional. Things will be okay. You’ll be okay.

honestly when people disappear from my life i jst imagine they’re sitting in beer stained sweat pants reading bad books and getting sucked into reddit threads & wikipedia articles bc that’s what i’m doing when im not at work or talking to people, & when i find out that they’re actually making personal or professional progress in their life it’s always rlly jarring bc i dont know the first thing about improving myself in either of those ways

hey it’s me mutiara! so i’ve had this blog for a while now and even though i’m not close to an exciting number of followers i wanted to do a follow forever! so in no particular order, these are all the people on here that i think are super cool! my favorite people are bolded:

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