out of moosette

real quick before I go to bed. THIS MAN! This is the man that i swear restores 10% of my faith in humanity daily. (The other 90% is comprised of Jensen, Jarred, Misha, Cinnamontoastken, Pewdiepie, Minx, Cry, Tobuscus and Peter Hollens). For those of you who have been living under a rock, this little ball of sunshine is Markiplier, he’s a gamer who has a gaming channel on youtube much like almost everyone i listed on there, only the spn boys don’t and peter just made one which you should check out. Something that a lot of you guys don’t know is that i suffer from depression and watching stuff like this? It really helps me feel better. I probably would not be here (on tumblr at least) if it werent for the good vibes coming from my super best buddy Dean, a.k.a he-was-never-there-i-always-was, and these lovable dorks. i’m gonna post links to all of the youtube channels i mentioned. Go check one of them out at least, it’s worth it.

markiplier: here

pewdiepie: here

cinnamontoastken: here and here

tobuscus: here, here and here

Minx: here (She’s british btw)

Cry: here

Peter Hollens: here and here. Here’s his wife’s channel too: Evynne Hollens. peter also has a tumblr: peterhollens go follow, it’s good for the soul.