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New Music Video: “She’s Out Of Her Mind” - blink-182

blink-182 recreate their iconic music video for “What’s My Age Again?” for their brand new single “She’s Out Of Her Mind.” The video is also a part of Spotify’s new feature, Flash Frame.


WATCH: She’s Out Of Her Mind music video

Seventeen during a plane flight

Seungcheol: tries to maintain his chill when all of his children are messing shit up

Jeonghan: probably reading hair care magazines

Joshua: He’s probably neck deep in an inspirational and philosophical book

Jun: He’s flirting with the flight attendants
“So you fly on this airline often”

Hoshi: He’s probably jumping on the chairs or doing dance moves in the aisles

Wonwoo: He’s in the bathroom or something tbh you didn’t even know he was there

Woozi: listening to music as far as he possibly can from them “sir are those you-” “no I don’t know them”

Seokmin: He’s probably in the captains area “so if I press this button”

Mingyu: he’s eating all the food on the plane, probably keeps using Seungcheols credit card to buy more

Minghao: Minding to himself staring out the plane window like a sad music video

Seungkwan: he’s singing trot songs and dancing with Hoshi

Vernon: he’s sleeping.. or spitting some mad fire about planes there’s not in between

Dino: cuddling up to Vernon because he’s 45,000 ft up in the air and he ain’t about that

[ENG] SEVENTEEN’s Interview @ Haru Hana Magazine (Part 3)

Parts: [1] [2] [3]

※The interview was done before the comeback in the middle of April.

Music production episode—Secret talk about producing music & special stage

Q:  What is your inspiration for composing music?

WW: Reading books, movies, dramas etc. becomes the hint for writing lyrics and stage performances.

VN: It’s the trend. Because lyrics are the stories of this era. Because (I) want to write lyrics that everyone can relate to, I often search up on trends on the internet.

SC: You have to have a lot of imagination. Sketching out the music video on your mind, and writing lyrics according to that scene. But the MV that I always think about is always totally different from the actual MV. (laughs)

Q: How did you all create the concept for the choreography?

HS: After listening to the music, we will first hold a concept meeting within the unit. We considered concepts like should we be good students, should we be bad students. From then, I will search for items that complies with this concept, and after that, it’s the time to start making the choreography. Then, we will gather everyone one by one, and make changes to the choreography that we already have.

MG: In the instance of PRETTY U, we rewatched “High School Musical” while preparing for the choreography. We were really concerned about how should we do it to make it fun and overflowing with energy on the stage.

WW: This time’s use of books in our performance is also a point, because it’s the first time we used small props, we couldn’t really imagine it happening…. We are a bit worried because of that.

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Why is it that if you hear a pop song like “I Kissed A Girl” more than two or three times, you feel like you’re going insane…

…but when you play an old video game you can listen to the music for hours? The brain does weird things in response to repetition. As you’ll hear in the episode, a UCSD professor found that if you hear a repeating loop of almost any series of spoken words, your mind will begin to hear that input as music.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked editors Dan O'Brien and Alex Schmidt to discuss how the human mind seeks out repetition, turns that repetition into music, and how video games have turned this science into an unsung art form. 

Weird Ways Repeating Sounds Hack the Human Mind

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Why do I have this awful sinking feeling that after announcing that the OOTW video would premiere on the anniversary of one of the most iconic kisses ever Taylor is going to do something to kill Haylor once again. I just have trust issues after the photo credit happened after Made in the A.M was released and Harry was seen on live telly with his ‘Taylor smile’ and then on Haylor day itself she liked (and then unliked) a post that referred to Harry as “a dude with no maturity at all”. I feel horrible for saying this but a part of me feels like she actually gets pleasure in knowing that fans who have supported her for years are currently lying on their beds bawling their eyes out. 

All I can say is I won’t be surprised if on New Years around the time the video premieres  she posts a selfie with Calcium with a caption like “Best New Years I’ve ever had. Never been more in love!”  But I don’t know maybe I’m just paranoid.