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“...To Do Now?”

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You were a beautiful model. You wanted to get your name out there. And in your mind music videos and photoshoots were the best way to gain attention. And LIVE was one of your favorite rappers. You were very excited to hear he was having auditions for his new music video.

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“Make it rain” & “Raindogs” - Tom Waits live

at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2011

The nite’s too quiet
Stretched out alone
I need the whip of thunder
And the wind’s dark moan

Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
For it was all ripe for dreaming
Oh, how we danced away
All of the lights
We’ve always been out of our minds


New Music Video: “She’s Out Of Her Mind” - blink-182

blink-182 recreate their iconic music video for “What’s My Age Again?” for their brand new single “She’s Out Of Her Mind.” The video is also a part of Spotify’s new feature, Flash Frame.


The Last Day

He was searching blindly night and day
This life, there must be more

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For all  you music oriented witches out there

I write this with video game music in mind, but conceivably any form of media with the right tune could apply

Music is such a hugely integral part of video games and movies; it sets the mood, it provides feeling, it tells the parts of the story that can’t be described with words, and the type of energy and emotion it provides is perfect for glamours and forging connections

Music from forest stages in video games, for example, could be used to foster a closer connection with nature and greenery, while music from water stages could be used in water witchcraft. Themes for royal characters can be used to inspire confidence and conviction in power while themes for heroes or protagonists could be used for courage and in shaping the kind of life you want to live

Being a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series as I am, the soundtrack music from any of the games (Twilight Princess is by far my favorite) helps me focus my craft immensely

The music is composed with the mood in mind, after all - it isn’t much harder to focus it into workable energy

– Mod Opal


I opened Photoshop intending to make something completely different. And then ended up doing this. [Insert angsty AU story here]

Edit: Happy ones here!


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Says He Brought Taeyang And Girlfriend Min Hyo Rin Together

BIGBANG made a guest appearance on December 21’s episode of “Radio Star,” where Taeyang finally shared the story behind his hit solo track “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

When asked about his inspiration for “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” Taeyang replied, “It’s a story based on my own life. There have been a lot of rumors that it’s a song about someone else, but it’s really a song that came out when I met Min Hyo Rin.”

G-Dragon jumped in to add that he (unintentionally) played the role of a matchmaker in their relationship. “When Taeyang was planning to film his music video, he was considering who should be his female co-star,” he said, referring to Taeyang’s video “1AM” which features Min Hyo Rin. “I suggested a friend of a friend because I thought they’d look good together, and it turned out that Taeyang already had her in mind.”

“I went to the music video set, and I saw that Taeyang was smiling from ear to ear, even though it’s a sad song,” he recounted, which made Taeyang laugh.

G-Dragon then cracked everyone up by reenacting a scene where Taeyang was supposed to be hugging Min Hyo Rin sadly, but G-Dragon spotted him grinning.

Credit: Soompi

[ENG] SEVENTEEN’s Interview @ Haru Hana Magazine (Part 3)

Parts: [1] [2] [3]

※The interview was done before the comeback in the middle of April.

Music production episode—Secret talk about producing music & special stage

Q:  What is your inspiration for composing music?

WW: Reading books, movies, dramas etc. becomes the hint for writing lyrics and stage performances.

VN: It’s the trend. Because lyrics are the stories of this era. Because (I) want to write lyrics that everyone can relate to, I often search up on trends on the internet.

SC: You have to have a lot of imagination. Sketching out the music video on your mind, and writing lyrics according to that scene. But the MV that I always think about is always totally different from the actual MV. (laughs)

Q: How did you all create the concept for the choreography?

HS: After listening to the music, we will first hold a concept meeting within the unit. We considered concepts like should we be good students, should we be bad students. From then, I will search for items that complies with this concept, and after that, it’s the time to start making the choreography. Then, we will gather everyone one by one, and make changes to the choreography that we already have.

MG: In the instance of PRETTY U, we rewatched “High School Musical” while preparing for the choreography. We were really concerned about how should we do it to make it fun and overflowing with energy on the stage.

WW: This time’s use of books in our performance is also a point, because it’s the first time we used small props, we couldn’t really imagine it happening…. We are a bit worried because of that.

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