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And shout out to @nyan-wolf, @lumivalkoruusunpuna, and @lolimomo-tan for sharing more ways to say raccoon, and an extra special shout out to @kuhullan for educating me about the word raccoon, because I honestly didn’t know this! I’m really glad that humans just see a raccoon and go HAND WASH BEAR

everyone talks about how bad heartbreak hurts but no one talks about the pain of falling out of love. this person whose smile used to stop storms in your brain, now curves just a little too much to the right for your liking. this person whose voice used to melt your heart, now aggravates you and you wonder why they talk so much. this person who you used to want to spend every moment with, now seems too clingy and you want time to yourself. this person whose touch used to make the rest of the world go away, now makes your eyes water because it just doesn’t feel the same and you can’t figure out why. you start getting mad for no reason. you start fights because you want to feel something. you start taking longer to text back. you start falling asleep early so that you don’t accidentally let the truth spill out. you start giving up on the relationship and just watch it crumble. you start watching the person you love became the person you loved, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. the person you used to love, you just don’t anymore even though you desperately wish you did.
—  i loved you once //

So much love happened last night… I had to put it all together in one post (at least what I could gather up at short notice…)

So there was this: ending with Sergio  kissing Marcelo:

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Then this: James kissing Isco mid-interview.

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And this: Isco pulling in James (geez they are cute!)

And: Isco can’t exactly decide who he loves more so kisses Sergio too!

And let’s not forget his iconic thing; Morata basically ravishing Pepe (Poor thing had no clue what was happening but just went with it which ended being close to NSFW… )

To sum it up: Those boys fucking love each other! (and Isco loves everyone *lol*)

My father taught me that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to wait. Timing is everything in this life and sometimes we need to wait for what’s best for us. It’s hard and it’s painful, but standing by and letting things take their course is a part of life. You can ruin everything by not being patient.

An Unloved Excerpt #5

(I’m still waiting for you.)

I seriously like you please don’t fuck with my emotions
—  11:12 / Xspeak (speakquotesx.tumblr.com)