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i really cant emphasize enough to my (especially young) followers belonging to any minority like you fucking do not have to feel like you have to be an activist every 2 seconds and if all you do today is get up and shower and eat two meals, you’re already doing everything they don’t want you to be doing. your existence alone is revolutionary

Mike had been told that music brought people together, connected them. 

And it was a philosophy, he knew to be true. 


I’m a goner 

Tonight was the night. 

He’d bought the tickets months ago, scheduled this day off far in advance. He was here, he was going to see his favorite band perform. For a few hours he wouldn’t be lonely or lost. 

Mike was where he belonged. 

Well he wanted to think that, but the rough shove he received walking into the stadium reminded him otherwise. He was tall but scrawny, had the backbone of a jellyfish and was lucky if he managed to get a few words out each day. Mike was a prime target when it came to getting pushed around.

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You tossed a lot of hate someone's way, yo.

I tossed a lot of hate towards someone who’s a self-admitted transphobe and hates people like me + invalidates my entire existence. I know it was attached to fandom stuff so it comes off as silly nonsense but they said a seriously transphobic thing saying that trans men are girls, and admitted they hate trans people by calling themselves a terf so honestly? I have no sympathy left for this person, as they clearly hate me and people like me. Why shouldn’t I hate them back when they’re clearly very confident in their shitty “opinion”, which is a very harmful set of thoughts that hurts people in real life?  

If they’re allowed to publically make posts about how they hate trans people, I’m allowed to make posts about how much I hate them for that, and point out to my followers that they’re a transphobe in the progress. If you have a problem with that it’s not my problem, yo.

Every runner has their own rituals while preparing for a mission.

When Five prepares for battle mode, they shave their head. They used to do so in private, at MMB, but there is no privacy in Able. Runners are buzzing around them like a hive, having their own little rituals.

Yao’s there, too. His ritual is to join them, because he likes to see their faces before sending them off.

If he’s not there, they seek him out. Because their rituals aren’t the same anymore, without one Sam Yao in it.

I got to play with a kitten! Today was a good day :3

For a fun and inexpensive date with that special somone, consider the following:

Get a nice bottle of wine.  Or two. 

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Set up a comfy spot to sit outside under the stars.

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And here is the key…..

Open your laptop to the Fail Army Youtube channel.  Take turns choosing videos to watch.

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Because wine is delicious, the stars are romantic, and laughing together solidifies love.  

And there’s nothing funnier than when gravity gets the best of someone.

Especially once you’re into the second bottle. 

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Part 2 of dementor Yata and prisoner Fushimi au where munakata solves everything and they live happily ever after pls it was too sad

Continuation of this ask, I will never turn down a happy ending. So say Yata and Fushimi have been together for about six months or so, Fushimi is in poor health but is still managing to hang onto his sanity while Yata’s retained the majority of his personality and has yet to fully turn into a dementor. They both know that it’s only a matter of time though, Fushimi’s been having increasing difficulty keeping his consciousness firmly rooted in the here and now, having constant flashbacks to his shitty childhood that he ends up locked in and Yata’s unable to shake him out of it. Yata meanwhile has started to change little by little, his bright hair is fading and his skin’s gotten pale and he finds himself less and less able to focus on the feelings of others around him. The only thing that’s keeping him anchored to himself is Fushimi – Yata knows that if he turns into a full dementor that will leave Fushimi alone and he’s terrified of what could happen without him around, like what if Fushimi tried to escape somehow and Yata himself had to give Fushimi the dementor’s kiss and kill him and even if Yata wouldn’t know what he was doing by then Fushimi still would (for his part Fushimi’s started thinking it wouldn’t be so bad to die by Yata’s kiss, it’s not like he’s gaining anything by living and if he has to go he’d rather Misaki take his soul away than let anyone else have it).

In the middle of this despair Yata gets a letter from the ministry of magic telling him that someone will be coming to the island not as a prisoner but as a researcher. Yata’s super confused by that because what idiot comes to Azkaban of his own free will, like the minute this person meets Yata or any of the other dementors he’ll probably go crazy and Yata will have to lock him up anyway. A couple days later a single rowboat appears off in the distance, the dementors guarding the perimeter hang back and allow it to pass. As the boat gets closer Yata can see that it’s propelling itself and the figure inside is busy reading a book by the light of a glowing lamp. The man initially steps ashore and introduces himself as Munakata Reisi, a prominent scholar of magical creatures who has always wanted to study dementors. Yata doesn’t see the point of that kind of research, since it’s likely to get this ‘Munakata’ killed and anyway it’s not like Yata’s going to be able to talk to him much longer anyway once he turns. Munakata gives Yata a shrewd look and pulls out a sheet of paper, it turns out to be Yata’s confidential file from the ministry. Munakata explains that he’s not just here to study dementors he’s here to study obscurials, to see if the process that turns them into dementors can be reversed. And the reason he’s come here especially is for none other than Yata himself; Munakata has researched the dementor phenomenon for years and in that time he’s learned something interesting: most obscurials turn into full dementors over the course of about four months. Yata is now the only known dementor who still had even a fragment of personality left by the end of six months, and Munakata wants to find out why.

So for the next few weeks Munakata does the impossible and stays at Azkaban as a guest rather than a prisoner. He does visit the prison and in that time he meets Fushimi, Fushimi recognizes Munakata’s name as being from a prominent pure blood family and immediately distrusts him. Munakata finds Fushimi intriguing too, seeing as he’s a prisoner who hasn’t gone mad yet and even offers Fushimi a bit of news, that Fushimi Niki was found dead in an alley two months prior and is no longer able to hurt Fushimi. Of course this also means the likelihood of proving Fushimi’s innocence is lower now that the real culprit is dead  but Munakata doesn’t believe that is impossible either. Munakata also observes the way Yata and Fushimi interact, how they talk and how Yata takes care of Fushimi and Fushimi clicks his tongue and refuses to eat moldy food, Munakata even sees Yata taking care of Fushimi a little one day when he falls ill, something Munakata’s never seen a dementor do for a prisoner before. That’s when Munakata realizes it, that the thing keeping Yata human isn’t some bloodline protection or exceedingly strong will, as he’d initially theorized, but simply the power of love, that even as the darkness of his soul eats away at him Yata can’t help reaching out to Fushimi, helping Fushimi, and that Yata’s influence in turn has kept Fushimi sane. So Munakata decides all he needs to do is find a way to harness that feeling and then he may be able to return Yata to normal.

In the end I’m thinking it goes all Beauty and the Beast style, Yata starts changing into a full dementor while Fushimi and Munakata are there and Munakata notes that it was Fushimi who kept Yata-kun tethered to this earth and in that case only Fushimi can stop the change. Fushimi meanwhile just assumes that of course he’s going to lose Yata because he loses everything, there’s nothing a person like him can do to even save Misaki. But with a push from Munakata he ends up just grabbing Yata and kissing him and that’s what causes Yata’s powers to abruptly even out and Yata’s able to turn back into maybe not quite a normal human but not a dementor anymore either, he becomes like some kind of ‘reverse dementor’ who brings out positive memories for those around him: when Fushimi nears Yata he suddenly remembers the time Yata fed him when he was sick and all the times Yata’s taken care of him and he feels this strange hot feeling in his chest ('I believe that is called happiness,’ Munakata helpfully informs him). Munakata meanwhile is able to get Fushimi declared innocent and released from jail. Together Yata and Fushimi leave the island, able to stay together for as long as they want to, carrying their bad memories with them but no longer chained to them, and able to finally make good memories in the future.

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I’ve been thinking and….I think I need more ARMY mutuals.
Idk I’m kinda awkward here…idk how to talk to followers so..maybe talking to mutuals would be easier first?

Maybe? No?


message me? comment? what do yall think i should do?
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(im actually writing a coran centric fic atm about his whole life and the build up to him being put in cryosleep,, i want to contribute to his content bc i have so much love for him i just want to write about my beautiful man)

i shld make a sideblog where i just talk abt how much i want a gf considering its All I Post About. god. i love women tho. idk how to meet lesbians. dating apps r scary. i   am just lying in a pool of lesbian loneliness n it is shite. everyone i talk to stops replying within about 3 days at the most and I’m always the last one to have sent a message and idk what it is ab how i talk/type but it ends conversations n every time it happens i just get Lonelier