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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

iwaoi hcs

-  iwachan is more easily affected by the cold and has to wear 162838404 layers when going out plus hold Oikawa’s hand for good measure

-  its iwaizumi that is the one who takes over the bed, legs spread, mouth open and drooling, clutching on to the nearest object (most of the time its oikawa when they sleep over) it gets worse the deeper he sleeps

-  Oikawa likes to scare the shit out of Iwaizumi like yelling all of the sudden when it’s quiet or throwing something at him in class, clutching his shoulders/neck when hes about to fall asleep. it annoys iwaizumi to no end but other than yelling at oikawa for a bit he lets him off the hook

-  iwaizumi and oikawa share eachothers bentos with eachother and trade what the other doesnt want; oikawa takes iwaizumi’s tomatoes and iwaizumi takes oikawas green peppers, ect. whenever they do this (more like every lunch) hanamaki is always in charge of coughing, loudly, married! into his fist

-  Iwaizumi calling Oikawa ‘my love’ “How are you, my love?” “Did you eat dinner yet, love?” “Love, you can sleep if you want.”


- oikawa, in turn, calls iwachan (other than iwachan,,) babe, in front of everyone he can just to embarrass him

- “iwachan my parents arent home” “…” “dont worry im sure theyll come back”

- “if you were a flower, youd be a damndelion iwachan” “…” “you know dandelions are weeds right”


AU where people have their soulmate/enemy’s name written on their wrists but they don’t know which is which (and here we have Yuu who has Mika and Kimizuki’s names on his wrists)

origins of the au can be traced from here

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Survivor - Season 34, Game Changers
The Second Boot: Tony Vlachos

but also because it was at the hands of Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine?
I love Tony. I’ve been doing a rewatch of Cagayan (when it was airing, I only focused on Spencer, hated Kass, and didn’t actually appreciate the magic of one Tony Vlachos) and it’s been fantastic. Tony is a beautiful Survivor unicorn who is an absolutely insane player who also at the same time can make fantastic television. The man is crazy. I was worried about him going into the season, but I am honestly just impressed that he managed to survive the first vote. Plus, going out at the hands of Sandra really isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of the game and he’s been an amazing sport about the whole thing, too.

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lol @people who still expect quality content from bioware in 2017, as if their previous games weren't proof enough that they're going downhill

idk man da:i wasn’t bad IMO and mass effect 3 really did have some parts that outshone the series………… but I do worry, I find that recent bioware games have an “empty”/slightly rushed feel to them and andromeda’s CC is the epitome of that. I’ll probably still enjoy playing it and I’m not gonna judge it just yet but it’ll be sad if it can’t even compete with the original trilogy~!

Blind Marinette AU Drabble

Her fingers dance across bolts of fabric, pausing when she feels something that tickles her skin delectably. She glides her hand to find the loose ends and pulls just enough out so she can grasp the delicate fabric with both hands and let it flutter against her arms.

¨Adrien, what do you think of this?¨

¨The color is hideous.¨

Marinette giggles. ¨I should have just brought Alya.¨

¨Hey! I cleared my schedule today to help you out!¨ He pinches her arm and she tries to swat his hand away. ¨Plus you never told me what you’re working on.¨

¨Alya found a dress she really liked at a boutique but they didn’t have her size. I’m gonna see if I can replicate it.¨

He hums and rubs the fabric between his fingers. ¨It´s a little sheer.¨

¨I´ll put in a lining. What color do you think I should get?¨ She asks.

He scans the bolts of fabric that line the wall and spots a shade of purple he´s seen Alya in before. The roll is just out of reach, and his Chat tendencies urge him to climb the wall and pull down the fabric himself. Rather than make a fool of himself, he scouts the area for an employee. ¨There’s a nice purple higher up, I´ll have to get a worker to help us out.¨

¨I´ll wait here.¨

They get the fabric for the dress and the lining loaded into the cart. Her cane taps along the floor as she runs her hand along the stretch knits and polyesters, a grin etched on her face. He loves watching her in her element. His father had once taken him to the company’s fabric warehouse, but Adrien had found the trip to be rather boring. Gabriel Agreste judged the the fabric as coldly and critically as he regarded people. But Marinette was pure joy in a fabric store, there’s so much for her to play with, she could lose herself if she didn’t limit herself to one project.

¨How come you’ve never made something for me?¨ Adrien asks and she halts. An adorable shade of pink crosses her cheeks as she nervously runs her fingernails along the grain of a cotton broad cloth.

¨ It's….. the way I make clothes… it can be kind of…. Uncomfortable for other people,¨ she stutters.

¨You mean you get really handsy? I knew that.¨ She bats at his feet with her cane and he dances away. ¨Come on, I´ve done hundreds of fittings, I’m used to people putting their hands all over me.” He says in a low suggestive voice that makes her laugh. ¨make me something simple. I want a Marinette design!¨

¨Fine,¨ she sighs, defeated. ¨How about a button up shirt?¨

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Tony had been… skeptical. About the idea of superheroes. But when he was saved from a bunch of killer robots by a guy in spandex and armor and hearing aids, he came around a little. And he didn’t have a lot of extra money, but taking the guy out for coffee was really the least he could do. Plus a handful of free computer repairs, of course. He hadn’t really planned to be friends with the guy. Or his boyfriend, who he met not too long after. Getting involved with the two of them was a while ‘nother thing. But damn was it good to have funds.

“I want you to come into my class. Talk a little about how archery is based on physics. Please?”

Red held out his hand, grinning at them, something proud and unnatural in the show of his teeth. “Look, look, I can do proper magic now.” He concentrated , waiting – until a burst of flame erupted from his palm, noticeably spiking the temperature, and causing Blue to take an instinctive step back. “How do you like it?” he asked, still smiling. Something about it really was off, Green decided with a shiver up his spine – the fire cast an unnatural shadow over his eyes; it glinted off his teeth, sharp in a smirk. Even the light in his eyes was different – the irises had turned wine-red, Green noticed, and suddenly fought the same step back as Blue. 
“Shadow Link taught it to me, you know." 

Credit to @sophinkle for that wonderful paragraph and for her wonderful ideas for this au!!

Part of our Guilty Red AU, where due to certain events, Red runs away to the Dark World, eventually learning magic without a medium (i.e fire rod) under Shadow and becomes part of the royal guard there.

I love this au so much aha~

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50, 56, 57, and 76 with Pietro Maximoff please!

50. That was… nice. | 56. Are you ready? / No, I’m not ready at all! | 57. Hold on tight! | 76. Would you quit moving around? / It’s not my fault we’re tied up together! Prompt idea list here

Would you quit moving around?” Pietro scowled. He was trying to loosen his bonds enough so that he could slip out of them. “I’m almost there!”

“It’s kind of hard not to, seeing as our hands are tied together,” you pointed out. “Plus, it’s not my fault we’re tied up together!

He ignored you and went back to working on the ropes. Finally, he managed to get one hand free. He untied his other quickly before untying yours.

“Thanks,” you said as you rubbed your sore wrists. Angry red marks dug into your skin. “How are we getting out of here?”

“I’m a speedster, remember? I can get us out of here.” Pietro picked you up and placed you on his back. “Ok, just trust me. Hold onto my neck, (y/n), and don’t let go. Are you ready?

You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face into his hair, squeezing your eyes shut. “No, I’m not ready at all!

You couldn’t see, but you were almost positive he was smiling. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Hold on tight!

You took off with a yelp. Speeding through the landscape with Pietro was unlike any experience you’d ever had. It was like riding a bumpy rollercoaster at top speed with rockets strapped to the back, but faster. The G-force pulled your face back, and you locked your arms to avoid falling off. The world around you faded to a blur, and the wind screaming in your ears.

Then all of a sudden it stopped. Pietro let you down, but you almost fell over from nausea. “How was it?” He smirked. “Had fun?”

That was… nice,” you admitted, clutching your churning stomach. “At least, nicer than I thought it would be.”

He chuckled and patted you on the back. “You’ll get over the nausea soon, (y/n). Look on the bright side; we’re free!”