out of control kids

halsey - control
and all the kids cried out “please stop, you’re scaring me!” i can’t help this awful energy. god damn right you should be scared of me. who is in co͏̧n̛̕͝tro̷̧͞͡l̶̢͢͡?

It was nearly any other day for Max. She was sitting in the old house alone, the floors creaky and the wallpaper peeling off. She came here everyday, the small abandoned house. It’s where.. she practiced. She took a short breath, carving into the wood floor below her. The colored dust she held in her hands now falling around her. What she was practicing.. was black magic. She always knew what it was, she was just too scared to try it. Taking the butterfly knife to her hand, she cut the skin with a hiss, crimson blood dripping onto the floor. She wrapped up the cut and looked at what she had out, murmuring a few words, her eyes closing.

When she opened her eyes, they were completely blacked out. She breathed softly, looking around the room for any signs of life. There was none. She chuckled quietly, her now claw like nails scratching at the floor. It worked. The beast was let out.


@sukikobold said:

I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

What me and @ooyuu were yelling and crying about and it got out of control and i cant believe i did this

thoran baby twins

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Dialogue Prompt List 2

You can use these for your own stories, or you can request one for me to do. If there’s any specific stories you want me to do with the prompts you choose, let me know in the request.
If you do choose to do one of these prompts, tag me in it so I can read it!

1. “I feel like I’m losing my damn mind.”

2. “Gah! Why are you so cold? Get off of me you icicle!”

3. “Marry me?”

4. “God, I was so worried!” “I was only gone for five minutes!”

5. “Please don’t shut me out.”

6. “I can’t believe you haven’t noticed. I’m screaming for someone to notice, to help me, and yet no one does!”

7. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

8. “This is going to hurt, I’m so sorry.”

9. “Who did this to you?”

10. “I’m gonna kill him!”

11. “Cuddle me you weirdo.”

12. “I’m pregnant.”

13. “Are you…crying? You? Mister/Miss, ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell’?”
“Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses!”

14. “You’re part of the family now, don’t ever think you’re not.”

15. “Breathe, can you do that for me?”

16. “I’m a burden to you!”

17. “I’m better off dead.” “You’re better off alive, with me.”

18. “You’re beautiful, and if anyone says that you’re not, know that they’re damn well wrong.”

19. “You’re warm, s'great for cuddling.”

20. “Send help, the kids are out of control!”

21. “C'mere you sexy thing!”

22. “I, um, might’ve gone a little bit overboard on the shopping.” “A little bit?!”

23. “You did this all for me?” “No, I did this for Jeffrey across the street. Yes I did this for you!”

24. “What the hell is happening to me?”

25. “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.”

26. “There’s so much blood, it won’t come off!”

27. “Woah, slow down, what’s going on?”

28. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

29. “You mess with her/him, you mess with me.”

30. “That’s it, you’re staying here until I can get this sorted.” “But I–” “No buts!”

31. “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

32. “I love you, you know that right?”

33. “I’m coming to get you, stay there.”

34. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere…”

35. “Is it supposed to look like that?” “I think so?” “Is that a question or a statement?”

36. “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

37. “Are you safe?” “I-I don’t know.”

38. “S/he deserves better than me.”

39. “We’re more than just friends and you know it.”

40. “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.”

41. “What have you been doing? Actually, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.”

42. “Is the movie too scary? I can stop it if you want and we could watch something else.”

44. “Touch her again, and I’ll kill you.” “Will you? Because last time I checked, petty threats don’t do shit, ____. They just piss me off more.”

45. “You don’t mess with my family.”

46. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

47. “Please don’t leave me.”

48. “Did you just slap my ass?” “Actually, I firmly grasped it.” “Did you just quote Spongebob?

49. “Beautiful.”

50. “Let her/him go, please! I’m the one you want!” “Oh really now? What can you do for me?”

51. “I’ve got you, you’re safe now.”

52. “And you didn’t think to tell me about this until now?” “I didn’t think it was that important…”

53. “I can’t carry on this way anymore, I can’t live like this.”

54. “You know if you wanted sex, you could’ve just asked.”

55. “Stop freaking out, you’re making me freak out! And I’m the level headed one of the house!”

56. “Please don’t do this, your family needs you, your friends need you, I need you.”

57. “You can’t hide from me!”

58. “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “_____, we’re in a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”

59. “How sweet, sacrificing yourself for her, when did you get a heart?”

60. “Um, I don’t think that what you’re doing is legal, so if you could just let me go, that would be great.”

61. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
“Yeah I lied.”

62. “Shit, you’re freezing, let’s get you warmed up, alright?”

63. “What happened to me?”

64. “I’m not letting you sleep on the floor, get up here.”

65. “It’s not like I’m some broken vase that you can just glue back together and then expect that everything will be okay again! It doesn’t work like that!”

66. “Everything I’ve done is for you, you’re the only thing in the world that matters to me.”

67. “Are you seriously stuck right now?” “Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

68. “I can’t do the things that you can do.”

69. “Please don’t post that, no!” “Oops, too late.”

70. “What game is that?”

71. “I said create a distraction, not this!”

72. “We’re in public, stop that.”

73. “I had some food from your fridge, I hope you don’t mind.”

74. “Hand over the girl.” “That’s not gonna happen in your lifetime.”

75. “Can you stop poking me?!” “I’m not poking you.”

76. “I’ve already told you this, we’re not killing anyone!”

77. “I’m about seventy five percent sure that this bridge won’t break.”
“Only seventy five?!”

78. “I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.”

79. “I don’t need protecting!”

80. “You know they’re going to use the things you love against you.”

81. “It’s locked!” “You mean we’re stuck in here?”

82. “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “I don’t care, shut up.”

83. “Hey! I was watching that!”

84. “I thought they’d killed you, I’m glad I thought wrong.”

85. “Not now, I’m busy.”
“But it’s been so long!”




Of course we know it on some level, you don’t have to look hard to find fics that have the Jedi using telepathy or have a Force Bond that lets them connect to the other person, but it often gets written off as Oh It’s Just The Force and then the complications aren’t really further considered.  How it affects other people and why control is so, so important.

We knew even before this that Ezra had a connection with animals but this moment demonstrates two really important things–the first is that letting your fear and anger consume you (even for a moment!) leads to exactly what Ezra does here, he lashes out in an incredibly powerful and dangerous way because of his connection to the Force.  But it’s showing that Force users have a very real impact on life around them, even life that’s not Force-sensitive itself.

Seems obvious, right?  We see the Jedi Mind Trick, we see several examples of Force users looking into people’s minds to retrieve information, we see the constant sensing of enemies nearby, we see Obi-Wan sensing the deaths of all those people on Alderaan.  But we almost never see an out of control Force user and how dangerous that can be–we get a glimpse of it here, but another time when a powerful Force user doesn’t bother to control or contain themselves is when Ezra, Ahsoka, and Kanan sense Vader.  It’s so powerful that Ezra physically feels cold and the direct connection is enough to cause Ahsoka (someone who would not fold easily!) to faint dead away.

This is why the Jedi worked so hard to control themselves.  It’s been explicitly said more than once that their feelings are natural and not to be suppressed, that’s never what they taught, but instead that they must control themselves.

It’s not just a momentary fit of rage the Force users have to worry about in and of itself.  It’s the momentary slip that leads them to cause another person to faint dead away when connecting with them, it’s the slip that allows an animal to become caught up in the storm of your emotion and attack in a rage, it’s the thoughts and emotions that become part of your blade (as Kanan tells Sabine during her training with the Dark Saber) and linger there.

It’s not just one moment’s slip, it’s so much bigger than that when you’re dealing with psychic powers.

It’s the momentary slip that leads to you being ruled by your emotions and they linger and haunt you, in the Force and in your crystal, and it’s the affect this can have on the people around you.  Not just Force-sensitive people, either, but anyone and everyone can be affected by an out of control Force user.

Yeah, no kidding the Jedi needed to rule their own emotions and I think that’s why we don’t really consider it much, because the Jedi kept right on top of that shit, they did everything they reasonably could to make sure they taught control.  Otherwise they’d have left nothing but wreckage in their wake.

The Jedi were psychic and that has a whole lot of implications for just why they had to really be in balance with themselves and why their emotions and the control of them were so, so important.


taking the fan-service to a whole new level: Ahn Hyung Seob



ENTJ-  You scare me. You are such and incredible leader, how do you do that?? But also I hate authority and feel a need to disagree with you at every turn because you’re so bossy. You’re not as cool as you think you are, but you’re almost as cool as you think you are and that’s pretty damn cool. Be my friend.

ENTP- Fuckin’ chill out you memelord. You’re either coasting through life or putting WAY to much effort into shit. You’re a bit of a narcissistic fuck but you’re still my favourite type (*coughs*). You’re too excitable and too much of a dick and you’re personality doesn’t make sense. Stop being mean to you’re friends. Learn to be more comfortable with emotions, it’ll be important later on in life. Be the friend that can cheer others up with jokes when they don’t really wanna talk about what’s wrong.

INTJ- You’re cool, you get shit done and you’re a bit of a supervillian. What’s not to love? You’re a rare bird. There aren’t many of you out there, but you are important. If you weren’t here, who else would the ENFP’s annoy? You’re a behind the scenes leader most of the time, pulling the strings from a safe (and smart distance) but you aren’t afraid to get you’re hands dirty. You’re good at shit.But don’t forget, you’re not superhuman. Remember other people have these pesky things called emotions, be wary of them STILL i want you to be proud of you’re inherent assholeness.

INTP-  Mad scientist. I’m constantly searching for your approval because of my unresolved daddy issues and it freaks me out. Yes, you are a daddy. Some of you have your heads shoved up a little too far in you’re own arse. Just because you’re introverted and intuitive and darn cold, does not make you better than others honey. Basically, you’re a condescending shit. But hey I still put you on this weird pedestal, so we’re both guilty. You’re the genius on tv shows that isn’t diagnosed but falls on the aspergers spectrum somewhere.


ENFJ-  Baby, I worship the ground you walk on. You are so cool, calm and controlled while still being awesome, enthusiastic and excitable. Don’t be my friend, date me. But stop trying to fix everything. Think about yourself a lil okay buddy, and use logic sometimes too. Actually scratch all that, you’re perfect, I love you.

ENFP-  You are a beautiful, annoying bastard. You’re too nice and I don’t feel comfortable making mean jokes at your expense (because you’d probably take it seriously and cry yourself to sleep), but you have effortless charm. Stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not realistic. Be my friend, but not like close friend, y'know.

INFP-  Hello, the human equivalent of tumblr. Fuck. People either love you or hate you. I don’t know where I fall on that scale tbh. Sometimes you’re just a little too much honey, I’m not sensitive enough for you. Other times you are too precious for this world and I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and protect you. I am strangely attracted to you despite how awkward you probably think you are. You have a lot of knowledge in that head of yours. Be that person I have a weird co-dependant relationship with, that really isn’t healthy but I can’t exactly live without you and I’m not sure why.

INFJ- Ah INFJ, I haven’t met many of you but BOY, are the ones I know pretentious. You’re one of the least common MBTI type, and you probably know and take pride in this. You’re good at reading people, I know, but you can just talk to me instead of analyse from a distance bud. You’re ultimately very cool and creative, a little bit of a know it all but it’s justified. You’re a sweet bundle of joy and I love you. Be my best friend. You’re good at being a friend. Really good.


ESFP-  I like you a lot kid, you remind me of a younger me. We shouldn’t get along but I love/envy you. You’re caring and you have a great childlike spirit. Make some art and ramble to me some more. I seriously appreciate you so much. You bring me back down to  the ‘now’ with you’re crazy impulsive attitude and caring demeanour. Just learn to listen to me a lil more when I tell you you’re thinking with you’re heart instead of you’re brain again. You do it a lot, buddy. Be my lover.

ESTP-  You’re cool man. You’re Ferris Bueler. You’re a salesman that’s constantly selling me on your personality. Look we get it, you’re good with one liners and you’re athletic and everyone loves you, but also hey, think about others you little sociopathic flirt. Also, sometimes people really DO know more than you, I know! Crazy. Be my Idol.

ISFP-  You probably reaallly like music. Chill out buddy, I don’t know much about you but you seem stressed and too fierce for ur adorable demeanour. I know you are your own individual beautiful creative person, you don’t need to tell me. People DO care about you, i know sometimes you doubt that, but you got this life in the bad. You’ll probably never grow out of your angsty teen years tbh but it’s okay, find yourself an ISFJ and you’ll be okay.

ISTP-  So you’re just as cool but less attainable, loner ESTP. You’re in control of your own everything but also out of control and mildly self destructive? Be the mysterious kid I rarely talk to, but everytime I do I fall in love with you a little bit.


ESFJ-  Hey there soldier. In the best case scenario, you’re cutie Monica Geller, that’s a lil anal and mildly manipulative but really! very! sweet!. In the worst case scenario you are literally my worst nightmare. Your the squad’s glue tho. Sometimes you offer a cool third perspective, but you over simplify things and don’t try to understand my crazy theories and that’s annoying. Learn to get over yourself a lil, stop playing the victim buddy and compromise. Be my friend in a few years when you learn to self reflect better.

ESTJ-  You’re a manipulative bitch. You’re so judgemental, you’re Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. You’re pretty cool. Even more of a rampant psycho than ENTJ. I don’t like you all that much (and something tells me you don’t really care) but I respect you a LOT. Stay a safe distance away from me and please don’t judge me. You’re too savage.

ISFJ-  Hey my emo saviour. You understand everybody and nobody truly understands you. You’re the reliable Colin Firth that the world of Bridget Jones’s run to after their crazy escapades with Hugh Grant. Just remember to have standards baby, and don’t accept everyone that runs into you’re arms. You’re worth more than what most people are willing to give. Be my favourite sweet emotional little kid brother (even if you are female.)

ISTJ-  You say 'interesting’ a lot. If life were a tv show, you’d be a sassy little hate muffin that tumblr idolised that everyone would remark didnt get enough screen time. You’re all business and sometimes you should let down that gaurd fam :) Think about people a little bit more bud. I respect you. I’ll be your friend! But it will probably take three years to build up our relationship and it will probably be accidental, but im here for u anyway.

autograph au

walk with me a moment and let us imagine that both Ladybug and Chat Noir are having an autograph signing event

  • during said event, both partners excuse themselves and de-transfrom to get an autograph from their partner. 
  • Marinette does it first and goes to stand at the back of the line, but Chat Noir sees her and calls her over with an enthusiastic “PRINCESS. MY PRINCESS IS HERE.” 
  • she turns totally red and dies, but everyone giggles and rushes her to the front
  • “can’t resist my purrfect smile, princess?”

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Give me dark descendants

Give me a dark twisted Isle with starving children and Crime all over Give me villains who amassed so much power that they rule their territory with an iron fist and thirst for vengeance. give me struggling sidekicks who did their best to be good, but were dragged back into servitude because of the beast. Give me children born out of a need for labour, or out of lack of control, give me unwanted orphans and kids who begged to be let inside, but they can’t they disobeyed, they acted out, and now they are left at the mercy of scar and his pride. Give me Kids who flock to Yen sid’s door, because at least there is food and shelter and someone who at least pretends to care. Give me a maleficent who rules the isle pretending to have even a sliver of magic left, who trains all the children too be evil, because one day, one day she’ll be free, and when that day comes, child soldiers will be very useful.

give me a Lost revenge pirate crew who band together for protection not vengeance, give me  ship that’s falling apart, and it’s cold in the winter, and there’s that leak that causes below deck to constantly be covered in a thin layer of water, but at least Their parents aren’t there, at least they are safe for a few nights. Give me a bunch of Girls who Gaston didn’t want banding together like their own girl gang, the oldest among them acting like their mother who ran away so long ago.

Give me lions who are human during the days, and animals at night, constantly shifting against their will in order to ‘protect’ the humans on the isle. Give me screams at every sunset, representing the pain an entire pride of lions go through at their bones elongate and the skin is stretched, because of a spell done long ago that takes away their agency over their bodies.

Give me Uma who learned how to swim because her mother threw her off the edge of the isle whenever she disobeyed, give me cruel sea witches with hypnotic voices, that cackle whenever she is whipped by her mother’s tentacles. Give me a hierarchy of power and give me villains who fight so they could rise above their station, at the expense of their children.

Give Me a realistic Auradon. Give me a beast who hated the sorceress who cursed him so much, he punished all magical creatures for revenge. give me laws that discriminate against fairy’s and wizards and witches, give me innocent magic users thrown to the isle because they bark one petty law, or they tried to fight for the right to use magic. Give me Merlin and fairy God Mother, the only magic users allowed to use magic, afraid of the beast, and afraid to speak up. Give me the beast and his Belle forcing all wizards to raise the sea, and then imprisoning them for using necromancy. Give me  sorceress hiding in the woods, watching her people carted off to the island, crying because she was trying to give the arrogant prince a lesson, but the beast was still a beast, handsome outside but horrifying cruel inside. 

Give me pretty pastels and a bright shining sun that disguised the sickly sweet smile that every auradon child has to wear. they’re happy here aren’t they? never mind the constant itch just under the skin of magic waiting to be burst out, never mind how tight the dress collars are and how hot the suits are. they’re on Auradon, be good be good be good, don’t rebel, don’t have opinions, just smile and be good.

because you don’t want to end up like the fairies

give me royalty thrown off their thrones in the name of unity, Give me Kingdoms that were once proud and happy, colonized by Auradon, give me cultures that have long been forgotten or repressed because there was too much magic, too much freedom, and too little hot pink. 

Give me consequences. Give me the children of wizards and fairy’s who are given the chance to live going mad because they couldn’t conjure. Give me Jane, with so much power bubbly beneath the skin and no release, so she is constantly jittery, and anxious and afraid, because one thing could set her off and that one thing might make her see her aunty flora again.

she didn’t want to end up like flora, fauna and mayweather

Give me Kids who sit outside the ideological mold of the AK, give me the kids who sit outside of the heteronormative cissexist fairy tale standard. your gay kids, your trans kids, the ones who acted more like villains, not because they were evil, but because the boys were flamboyant and the girls hated dresses, and because some kids said they were neither ad dressed however they want. give me a girl who doesn’t want a handsome prince, but a princess to rescue, give me a prince who only really wants foods and friends, not romance, give me a girl who everyone says is a boy no matter how they feel. give me Ask hurt and silenced by fairytales, because if you don’t want a normal marriage and a castle then are you really good? so their are quite because they have the be good, be good, be good

Give me a dark descendants, a world in wich the Isle is a mess of feudalism and gang activity and in wich Auradon is a repressive society shaped by old stories and old minds. Give me a cruel king and a cunning queen who care only about themselves, Give me awful parents who twist the minds of their children just so they can be served.

And give me a new generation: the rotten four, the sea three, the wharf east, the Ads, lead by Ben who wasn’t corrupted to think like his father, but inspired to think empathetically.

Give me a Dark descendants, but give me a happy ending

  • Person: Okay, but why do you watch Let's Plays of games you have? It's not the same as playing yourself, you know.
  • Me: You know, sometimes I'm interested in the story of games I'm awful at and watching someone else play (with optional funny and/or informative commentary) is a lot more pleasant than punching the monitor out of frustration.
Ties That Bind - Part 1: At First Sight

Characters (first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud, Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Ben Braeden, Asher (OC), Mike (OC),

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Violence, robbery, gun shot wound, language (I think that is it for this one)

Word Count: 3500ish

A/N: Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing and helping me rework this series.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You were practically hopping on one foot across the room, trying to catch your 6 month old german shepherd pup that had chosen to run off with one of your shoes just as you were about to leave the house. You were already late and in no mood for any of his shenanigans. Being late what not all that unusual for you though. You were a busy person, but when you were in a moment you gave yourself to it fully. No matter if it was the kids you worked with needing attention, your puppy needing love or a file you needed to read over. The last was what had slowed you this morning before everything started going wrong.

“Drop it Santo,” You pointed at him and spoke in a firm tone when you finally managed to get him cornered. Santo stared back at you for a few seconds before he reluctantly did as he was told.

“Good boy,” you mumbled as you retrieved your shoe and put it on. You led him out back and into his pin. You checked to make sure he had plenty of fresh water before you petted him goodbye and practically ran for your car. Even if you were busy and he was a brat, he still deserved your love. He was a sweet puppy and he was going to grow up to be an amazing dog.

Just as you put your key into the ignition, your phone rang somewhere down in your purse. “Damnit.”

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goth kids scenarios/headcanons.
  • despite them all being shown to have a form of artistic talent/interest, i like to think of henrietta and firkle being the better artists of the bunch. 
  • henrietta is the hardcore queen because she doesn’t need a jacket or a longsleeve anything in 50 below weather. 
  • henrietta is always running out of bookspace on her bookshelves because she has so many journals and poetry books crammed into them.
  • pete pinning his fringe back with bobby pins so it doesn’t get in the way when he’s applying eyeliner. 
  • firkle glaring at everyone in the group hoping his face delivers his message of “fuck all of you, i’m like 3 ft tall, you need to get the mug down for me.” whenever they’re at someone’s house.
  • sometimes when people he especially dislikes are standing too close, firkle will begin chanting indecipherable shit making others believe he’s cursing them or summoning the devil but fake-scaring them is hilarious to him. 
  • pete will stand further away if someone is too close. henrietta will roll her eyes and scoff at the person to hint at them move away from her. michael probably doesn’t experience this problem so much since his height can be intimidating to others, though i guess i can see him shifting irritably or tapping his fingers against the handle of his cane, dealing with the discomfort knowing he can rant about it later on. all of them have different preferences when it comes to dealing with people in their personal space.
  • michael is the most logically driven out of the bunch. 
  • michael would do so well if he were on the debate team but he’s really not into that sort of thing.
  • henrietta not only collects poetry books, but medieval daggers as well. so many of her paychecks have gone towards buying several online.
  • imagine them all working on a comic together tho?  they plan which part of the comic to write/draw and then combine their finished pieces together. 
  • henrietta going to her parents because she actually wants to learn piano so they pay for her to take lessons. only the teacher is this old ladywho’s a complete wet blanket and her house smells like old spaghetti so henri teaches herself.
  • firkle is a huge roman dirge fan. 
  • one time, firkle goes out to coffee someplace else instead of benny’s (since everyone else is busy and it just doesn’t feel right to go without them all there) and he orders coffee. the person gets his order wrong and there’s cream and sugar inside it and he’s slightly curious about the taste so he drinks it. and he loves it. he’s having an emotional crisis. hot coffee with cream and sugar…that’s not very goth. so the only time he’ll drink coffee with cream and sugar is when he’s home by himself.
  • pete straightens michaels hair one time and halfway thru they both realize just what a terrible idea it was.
  • pete skips going to school because he misplaces his bolo tie and spends the entire day looking for it. it’s probably someplace dumb like on the bathroom sink.
  • all four of them probably talk and smoke over gossip and will make predictions and not even a week later, it happens and they’re like “i fucking knew it.”