out of control eyebrows




“I swear, I’m getting better at controlling it.  I’ll be fine!”

“You’re not going, Liam.  You think you’re better at controlling the change but I’m not risking Hayden getting hurt because you have anger problems on full moons.”  You argued, looking over at Stiles to back you up.

“Remember last time you said that you could control it?”  Stiles pointed out, raising his eyebrows as Liam huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.  I need new parents.”


@starrypawz appropriately tagged me in the 6 selfies meme about a year after the last one, thank you!

You get 2 extra because I took a lot of good selfies this year. Watch my hair slowly go out of control and my eyebrows grow stronger (I give all credit to bae for teaching me how2eyebrows) as the year passes.

edit: forgot to tag people lmao, consider yourself enabled if you see this


i went and did a spice girls song on accordion to amuse strangers on the internet. but also to get validation because i don’t get enough attention and thats why i turned out like this and have eyebrows that suggest i have lost control of my life. thank you.

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