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Updates Thru 9 Months on Testosterone

Month 1:

  • Hot flashes and sweating increased
  • Fuzzier knees
  • Acne increase
  • Increased libido
  • Voice cracking
  • Hungry literally all the time
  • Mood swings
  • Oiler skin (especially my chest/back)
  • Clitorus growth (this was actually the first thing I noticed)

Month 2:

  • Leg mass/shape changing
  • Increase body hair (happy trail, side burns, eyebrows and chin) and coarser feel–week 8 was when I noticed my first chin hair!
  • Weight gain (approx. 8-10 pounds)
  • Arms getting bigger
  • Breasts getting smaller
  • Voice cracking more noticeably
  • Mood seemed to start leveling out around week 9
  • Face shape noticeably different

Month 3:

  • Voice became noticeably deeper but still cracked occasionally
  • Fuzzy facial hair increasing
  • Increased acne on back/arms/chest
  • Curves around hips lessening
  • Hair on thighs and knees getting thicker

Month 4:

  • Hair creeping onto hands and thicker on arms
  • Smell changing (body odor worse)
  • Finally seem to be settling into my voice
  • Shoulders broader (some shirts that used to fit became too small)
  • First month with no menstruation
  • Many of the same changes as the first 3 months continue to develop

Month 5:

  • Sideburns more noticeable
  • My eyebrows are absurd
  • Jaw line changing (a little soreness)
  • Shoulders and legs are sore
  • Facial hair coming in a little better, but still very patchy and blonde
  • Many of my shirts no longer fit my shoulders

Month 6:

  • Acne seems to be getting better
  • Voice started cracking again
  • First time I cut myself shaving!
  • Hair increasing everywhere, especially happy trail
  • My hands and feet grew, but not noticeably probably to anyone other than myself (I only noticed because I put on shoes I hadn’t worn for 6 months)

Month 7:

  • Need to shave more frequently
  • So much hair–upper thighs/butt and leg hair is now very thick and visible; arm hair is darker and thicker; hair on feet and hands filling in; eyebrows are out of control; nipple and pubic hair is thicker/denser and has spread
  • Somewhere around month 7 was also when I noticed that the hair on my head had a different texture/was thicker
  • Overall, around month 6/7 is when the changes started leveling off and were only noticeable in pictures

Month 8:

  • Veins in hands/feet more pronounced
  • Jaw line/face shape is VERY different
  • Facial hair still patchy, but growing back faster
  • I think my voice is finally okay

Month 9:

  • Thicker hair in general
  • Adam’s apple pretty noticeable (this actually started happening around month 6)
  • Acne on back/chest coming back?
  • Black hairs developing on upper back/shoulders

These are the updates in my journal from my first 9 months on testosterone. These things are different for everyone, but I thought a timeline might be a nice reference. I have some pictures/voice comparison videos on my transition tag as well. Overall, these first 9 months have been outstanding and I’m looking forward to doing my one year reflection post. Stay tuned and, as always, feel free to drop by my ask box if you have any questions!

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Prompt: Jemma and AIDA/Madame Hydra confrontation. "Please let him go".

Wow, you guys don’t send me the fluffy prompts, do you?? But here you go! Excuse the hand-waving over how everyone gets out of the framework; I don’t do plot, y’all. **there’s no Fitz/AIDA kiss in this guys!!**


For the first time since she’s arrived in this nightmare, hellscape of a world, Jemma truly feels out of options. Her only real hope is that Daisy has managed to get the others out and Yoyo and the rest of SHIELD’s available agents have gotten the message and are waiting on the other side.

But Jemma had refused to leave without Fitz, and now AIDA has ensured there would be no leaving for her at all.

“Please,” she hears herself beg. Her body isn’t technically real, just bits of programming, but she can feel the unbearable weight of her bones and the shattering of her heart all the same. After all she’s done to survive and reach this point, she is not above begging. “AIDA—”

AIDA’s head snaps towards her in a livid glare, and for the first time Jemma wonders if maybe this version of the LMD actually does have human emotions. How can something artificial look so angry and bitter? How can blood rush to fill her cheeks with color? How do her eyes glint with such steel?

“How dare you call me that? Do not ever call me that again,” she sneers and Jemma blinks rapidly in confusion.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” she offers. She feels sluggish, her mind worn down to the point of breaking. “What should I call you?”

AIDA—for Jemma can’t help thinking of her as AIDA, even if she doesn’t say it again—arches an eyebrow, once again in control. “Madame Hydra, out of respect.” She pauses and smiles and Jemma flinches because she knows everything AIDA does is calculated. She would not smile unless she meant to wound. “My name is Ophelia, but only Leopold is allowed to call me that.”

Ophelia, Jemma thinks, and can’t stop herself from imagining how the name must sound with Fitz’s tongue curled carefully around it.

“Madame Hydra,” Jemma finally continues when she has shoved this minor heartbreak down with all the others, “please. Please let him go.”

AIDA walks closer until she’s right in front of Jemma and runs a finger along her bruised cheek. Jemma looks up at her without breathing and remembers when she’d first seen her, it, how fascinated she’d been. How upset at Fitz for keeping the secret. She wonders now if he knows how completely she’d forgiven him, how wholly she will forgive him anything.

“Certainly,” AIDA murmurs, turning sharply and pressing a button on her desk.

Fitz enters a moment later, still in his designer suit, still walking like a stranger and not like the man she’d allowed to entwine his soul with hers.

“Madame,” he says with a deferential nod. His eyes rake over Jemma on the way to AIDA, and she’s crazy, she knows she’s being crazy but there is something there. After their eyes met on Radcliffe’s island amidst a storm of bullets, she had never been allowed near him again. Daisy’s theory was that AIDA feared their connection.

But if that truly was AIDA’s greatest fear, why allow this meeting now? Perhaps she’s finally secure enough in her victory, and if that’s the case Jemma’s wishful thinking is about to get her killed.

“Leopold,” AIDA practically purrs, and he steps closer to both of them. God, he’s so near. She could touch him, she could throw herself into his arms. She could beg.

She does nothing.

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Eyy,, i was going to color this,, but idk if i have the motivation to color all those jackets, 


As always, I love how characteristic your style is and expressive the faces are!! AND GOSH, THAT SMOKE!! I’ve NEVER seen smoke drawn this way before and it’s SO neat!!! ✨💭✨

Now what on Earth is he intending with that egg… That’ll remain a mystery to me, but I enjoy his offer nonetheless.


There’s a Farkle Under Your Bed (Riarkle Future One-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Main), Corpanga

Characters: (Main) Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, and Cory Matthews, (Supporting) Topanga Lawerence-Matthews and Auggie Matthews

Rating: T for compromising positions and some shirtlessness…? Idk…the making out got a little out of hand, honestly. Lolz.

Description: It turns out Cory Matthews has been chasing the wrong boy out of his daughter’s bay window for years. But, the real threat is now clear… Or at least pretty clearly hiding under the girl’s bed.

Author’s Note: So, technically, this one-shot is a part of my canon future Riarkle one-shot collection. If you want, read the other pieces in that collection, if not… High school Riarkle is still always cute, am I right? Also, there isn’t any sex, but for real, this is an intense make out scene, so be aware because I don’t want to offend!

Riley felt absolutely lightheaded by the time her back connected with her mattress. Had she not already been utterly breathless, the landing might have knocked the air from her lungs.

Reaching up, she frantically pulled the boy hovering over her closer, drawing him in for another kiss between gasps for oxygen. Ironically, her radio, which she’d turned up to cover up any noises that might be made, played Into You by Ariana Grande at near full volume just as her boyfriend ducked his head to begin kissing a trail from her jaw to where her pulse beat erratically on her neck.

She shrieked before peeling into giggles as he nibbled that one spot that he knew damn well was ticklish.

Breaking from her skin to laugh, Farkle hushed her, “Quiet! Remember?”

Riley replied with only a whine, pulling his lips back up to her’s. Farkle smirked into the kiss but didn’t whisper any more orders, keeping his mouth busy with much more pleasurable activities.

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Yoongi Drabble #2 - Demon!AU

Originally posted by sugagifs

Anonymous said: Hey! I would love to read something with 47 and 69, with Yoongi, the rest depends on you. Thanks!

All done! c: (Although I spent wayyy too long staring at my screen trying to work out how to write this… ah, writers’ block. c: c: c:)

I’m trying to experiment with different AUs and genres, so as always, any feedback would be very helpful! c: 

Also, I’m trying to get through these drabble requests as quickly as possible, but I’m limited to about one a day because school ;-; Once I have gotten through a decent number of them, I’ll begin work on a new BTS reaction post, and Midnight Masquerade Part 6!

Genre: Demon!AU | Fluff? | Angst? (I don’t even know at this point TT)

Word count: 996

Warnings: Some mentions of death/dead bodies? (Idk, I’m tired TT)

(I’m sorry if this came out crap or cliche, I have such bad writers’ block today for some reason TT)

#47: “Run.”

#69: “Am I scaring you?”

Yoongi pulled the beanie further down his head, quickly re-adjusting the earphones that rested in his ears, the melodic sound of the music blocking out the world around him. At first glance, to the untrained human eye, he appeared as a normal member of human society, nothing out of the ordinary. Yoongi had no choice but to learn the norms of human society if he was to ever fit in, ever survive in the harsh reality of the world, only breaking his disguise occasionally to satisfy the ever-present hunger that settled in the pit of his stomach.

No-one noticed the two distinct, circular marks that were etched onto his scalp, or the jagged scars on his upper back. If he was to survive in this world, he had no choice but to hide his true form. And so, he made great efforts to distance himself from the people around him, most passing it off as Yoongi simply being anti-social. Most had given up on trying to befriend him. Most, except you.

You had somehow slipped through his protective shell;  the hardened case that surrounded his dark heart. You had been the one who had - unknowingly -taught him what human emotions were, what it meant to feel.

Evidently, it grew harder for him to distance his newfound emotions from you. For the first time, he felt fear. A fear of hurting you. A fear that you’d discover what he really was. A fear of you rejecting him. As his “feelings” grew for you, the more Yoongi’s hold on his control began to slip.


“Yoongi!” A familiar voice called out from behind him, causing him to stop in his tracks. Pulling his earphones out with a tug, he couldn’t help the small gummy smile that tugged at his lips at the sight of you. God, when had he become so… soft?

“Hey, (Y/N).” Yoongi replied in the usual nonchalant manner that you’d grown to get used to. The sight of you caused the ever present sensation at the pit of his stomach to stir once again, the feeling growing further and further out of his control. Yoongi’s lips stretched into a thin line, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to ignore the twitching feeling on his scalp and his back. Being the ever observant person you were, you noticed his minor discomfort, as you hesitantly reached out to touch his shoulder. 

“Are you okay?” You inquired in a soft tone, your eyes darting over him in concern.

“Yeah, yeah.” Yoongi waved it off as nothing, as he began walking forwards again. There was something about your very presence that caused Yoongi to begin to lose control over his form, his disguise, and he knew how badly that ended at times. The last time he lost control resulted in several bodies sprawled across the cold, wet floor of an alleyway; Yoongi’s eyes burning a bright amber, his once white T-shirt stained with the blood of the mortals he had just brutally murdered. He shuddered as he recalled, his eyes worriedly darting over to you. He wouldn’t let that happen to you. Over his dead body.


You sat cross-legged on the carpeted floor of your sitting room, your eyebrows furrowed in concentration as you stared down at the books scattered in front of you, your head tilting to the side every now and then. Yoongi tried to focus on the work, and yet he found himself stealing glances at you every now and then. His eyes unknowingly began to glow ever so slightly, as he observed the blue light surrounding you, the light of your soul. The soul that he craved so much, and yet didn’t want to take. How easy it would be for him to take it from you, his strength overpowering yours immensely. And yet, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. But the more he fought the feeling, the more his eyes began to glow, the dark brown colour rapidly fading and changing to a fiery crimson; the first signs of shifting into his true form.

Finally looking up from the open textbook, your eyes immediately widened in shock at Yoongi’s fierce gaze, the unnatural colour of his eyes causing you to gulp in fear, confusion and concern.

“Yoongi? Are you okay?” You asked hesitantly, your voice wavering as you tried to work out what the actual hell was going on.

Yoongi opened his mouth to respond, but no words came out, his figure suddenly slumping onto the floor, writhing and convulsing, just managing to spit out, “Run.”

And yet you couldn’t bring yourself to run, your legs seemingly fixed in position as you watched with horror, jagged wings tearing through the material of his shirt and protruding from his back. You watched as pointed horns began to protrude from his head, his eyes burning at this point. Although your mind was screaming at you to run, to move, to do something, your body froze, rendering you unable to do anything but watch.

“I don’t understand…” Yoongi garbled out, a thin sheet of sweat forming on his forehead as he struggled to control himself. “Am I scaring you?” He stared at you as the inner turmoil in his body continued, taking every ounce of his strength to not pounce at you, there and then. “Why are you still here?”

All the pieces began to fit together, the final piece being the event that had just unravelled in front of you. The way Yoongi seemed to appear from out of nowhere. The way he would turn up at your doorstep at ungodly hours of the night, a look in his eyes of pure guilt.

“It’s okay, Yoongi…” You crawled closer to him, only for Yoongi to scoot away, afraid to hurt you. “I know you won’t hurt me.”

He gazed up at you with an unreadable expression, the colour in his eyes finally fading away, the wings retracting back into his body.

“Thank you, (Y/N).”

Wedding Series || Joe

Miscellaneous masterpost found here

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 949

Summary - The one where Joe gets married.


Joe was the last of the buttercream boys to get married. He stood in the wedding parties for all of his mates- was even the best man for Caspar (and Alfie when he and Zoe finally tied the knot). Every time he stood behind his mates as they recited their vows, he had to hide his jealousy behind a pearly white smile. Obviously, he was happy for the guys, but when one of them settled down, a little voice in the back of his head taunted him that he never would.

Then he found you. You were everything Joe ever wanted. You got his sense of humor and never took life too seriously. You always loved a night out but knew the perfect days to stay in and watch a film. You weren’t too clingy and understood when he just wanted a day with the boys. You were supportive of his YouTube channel and assured him that he was talented at what he did. You were beautiful, inside and out, and after a few years of dating, he knew he couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else.

The proposal was simple. It was nighttime on a Sunday- one of your favorite times of the week. You and Joe had a tradition where every Sunday you watched the sunset on your balcony. It was your way of starting your week off to a good start, knowing that a beautiful sunrise washed away the messes of the day before and promised a clean slate in the morning. Even on days when the sun was hidden behind clouds, you sat outside until all that was above you was a black sky, hopefully pin-pricked with glittering stars.

He asked you on one of those Sunday’s. The sun had set and he pulled the ring out from his pocket, giving you a beautiful speech about how there was no one better in the world for him and it was about time he was the groom in a wedding instead of a bloody groomsman.

And now, here you both were. You stood at the alter, hands grasping Joe’s. With your heels on, you were exactly Joe’s height. He made sure you didn’t buy shoes that would make you taller than he was. Your sister, your four best friends, and Zoe stood behind you, while the whole buttercream squad was behind Joe. Caspar was his best man. “Would the best man now present the rings?” the priest asked, eyeing Caspar. Excitedly, Caspar reached in his pocket, but instead of pulling out the rings, he pulled out a remote control. You raised an eyebrow and Joe just let out a breathy laugh and shook his head at his best friend.

Seconds later, a remote control race car zoomed down the center isle. Everyone in the church laughed, including you, the priest, and everyone in the wedding party. On top of the race car sat a small box holding both rings. “He insisted on doing it,” Joe whispered in your ear. “Said he wanted to help make the wedding one to remember.”

Once the car hit the stairs of the stage, Caspar jogged down and untied the box from the car. “I’ve done hundreds of weddings in my time,” the priest said to the congregation with a smile. “I can tell you I have never seen anything quite like this.” Everyone laughed as Caspar pulled out the rings and handed them to Joe. Joe chuckled and patted his best mate on the back.

“Thanks, buddy,” he said to him. Caspar nodded and flashed you both a smile before returning to his place behind Joe.

Joe’s hands were shaking as he placed the ring on your finger. You squeezed his hand tightly, making his bright eyes immediately meet yours. You could see the worry leave his eyes right then and there. In that exact moment, he knew everything from that second on would be okay- perfect even. He looked calm, like when he was looking at you, he was looking at home.

When you recited your vows and your fiance officially became your husband, you couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction his friends had. Caspar took the remote control for the race car back out of his pocket and began doing donuts on the alter floor while the others rushed to pat Joe on the back, nearly tackling him in a huddle. Before any of your bridesmaids could congratulate you, the whole buttercream squad pulled you into their group hug, jumping around and cheering wildly.

Joe took a step back, watching you talk to all of the boys. He noticed you kept twiddling with the ring on your finger and he subconsciously looked down at his. “You’ve done it,” Zoe said, suddenly appearing next to Joe. Joe laughed and shook his head.

“I still look at her and I can’t believe she said yes,” he said honestly.

“I never had a doubt in my mind that she was the one for you,” Zoe said. “I mean, look at her with your weirdo friends.” Joe once again looked at you. You were laughing at something Caspar and Josh had said, then snagged the remote control from Caspar and drove that little car around the church. “Other girls would’ve gone mad if Caspar had done that. (Y/N), she loved it. She loved it because she knew that loving you meant loving them, and she’s always been okay with that.”

Joe couldn’t help but smile a little wider, feeling his heart soar higher than it ever had before. He pulled Zoe in for a hug. “You did good, Joe,” she said. “I’m proud of you. You got me a good sister.”

Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


I’ve made one of my new year’s resolutions to put this thing back onto some kind of updating schedule. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet or whether I’m going to stick to it, but I’ll give it a shot :)

Update: im so sorry I wrote that note on the 3rd of January it’s now the 24th and im a mess but ill still try my best hAha

warnings: smoking, mentions of violence


“Just like the old days, this is,” Freddie grins, gazing up at the sky. Clouds part every now and then, giving way to idle twinkles of light against the blackness. “Us lot, out here, hiding from the cameras. It’s almost as if this year hasn’t happened, isn’t it?”

Phil gulps, the taste of tobacco souring in his mouth a little. The idea of smoking to relieve his stress suddenly doesn’t seem so smart anymore.

“Except we’re missing someone, aren’t we?” Violet chimes in, feigning sickly innocence. “Where’s your best friend, Phil? Too bad he couldn’t join us.”

“He’s not my best friend,” Phil mutters bitterly.

“Must be a real bummer being cooped up inside on your own when everyone else is free, mustn’t it?” Freddie comments.

“Good,” Phil bites back. “The further he is away from me, the better.”

“Someone’s touchy,” Violet comments. “I never remembered you being so scathing, Phil.”

“I do,” Freddie comments. “You were probably thrilled when his tag got extended.”

“Yeah; it’s such a travesty my father actually gave him the punishment he deserved,” Phil puts his hand on his heart in mock-sorrow and fuck, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut?

“You’re saying it’s justified to give him a three month tag extension for something out of his control?” Freddie raises his eyebrows, huffing out a surprised breath. “Wow. I guess being a self-righteous wanker really does run in the family.”

“Look, if you’re here to lecture me on my gene pool, I want nothing to do with it,” Phil rolls his eyes.

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“I swear, I’m getting better at controlling it.  I’ll be fine!”

“You’re not going, Liam.  You think you’re better at controlling the change but I’m not risking Hayden getting hurt because you have anger problems on full moons.”  You argued, looking over at Stiles to back you up.

“Remember last time you said that you could control it?”  Stiles pointed out, raising his eyebrows as Liam huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.  I need new parents.”

Cross (3/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader x Justice Leauge

Originally posted by love-loki-laufeyson

Words: 1483
Pairing: Avengers x (f)Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: I honestly can’t remember I’m sorry
Requested: #no but when will I have Internet back
Authors Note: Im so happy you guys like this

Tags: @shamvictoria11 @me-shipper-trash @anonymousbambi @theflameofdeath @chillnadia @gabriellehbriss @mentalburritxs @fangirlingisajob @priettierthanyou @poisonapple13 @bubbleteaproduction (holy shit thats a lot of people IM SO GLAD YOU GUYS LIKE IT!)

Part One Two Three Four Five Six


Superman- Clark Kent
Batman- Bruce Wayne
Green Lantern- Hal Jordan
Martian Manhunter- J'onn J'onzz (John Jones?)
The Flash- Barry Allen
Green Arrow- Oliver Queen
Black Canary- Dinah (Laurel) Lance
Wonder Woman- Princess(?) Diana

“How did you manage…” Steve looked at the list.

“Vision decided to help.” You smiled and Steve cocked an eyebrow. “Okay, my powers went out of control again and Vision felt it. That Clark guy shot lasers out of his eyes to escape but Vision stopped him and they saw that we could beat them so I made them give their names.” You smiled.

“Good job, kid.”

“Did you get anything out of clown guy?” You asked.

“He goes by The Joker. And the girl is Harley Quinn.” Steve told you when he set the notebook down.

“I’ve never heard of any of these people.” You said. “It’s like they’re not even from here.”

“(Y/N)!” Bruce and Tony came running in. “You’ll never believe what we discovered!”

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Smooth Operator

Summary: The reader attends Beacon Hills University and began working as a phone sex operator. It started off as a dare by a friend, but soon she began to enjoy it. She gets a call from someone who was very different from the others. He’s the only thing on her mind the next day, little did she know she would meet him person.

A/N: It didn’t feel right having the reader be a phone sex operator in high school, so everyone is in college now. And this is not my idea, I got it off of fanficy-prompts.tumblr.com . Also this is my first fic so some criticism would be nice. Thanks(:

    He stood in front of you, blocking the door of your bedroom. That bewitching smile of his and bright blue eyes were starting to awaken your most sinful desires. Here he was, just waiting to make a move.

“Are you sure about this?”, he asked as he sauntered over

      Of course you were, you just didn’t trust your voice at the moment, as your craving for him spiraled out of control. He cocked an eyebrow, waiting for a response.

“Y…yes. I’m sure”, your voice beginning to waiver

    He pulled you closer to him, his arousal evident as ever, pushed against your thigh. When you met his gaze, you suddenly realized how very close he was, so you closed the gap, pushing your lips onto his. Slowly he backs you into the wall and begins sliding his hands up, pulling up your shirt in the process. Your body begins to quiver at the contact of his hands on your skin. He quickly pulled your shirt over your head and did the same with your bra. His breath hitched, then he let out a groan.

    “You’re going to be the death of me”, he started nipping and sucking from your earlobe to your neck. His hand skimmed across your collarbone before he toyed with one nipple and sucked the other. Wriggling under his touch, you moved closer to rub against his arousal. He abruptly stopped, firmly holding your hips in place.

“No this is all about you. It always has been”, he said shyly

    Soon after your jeans and underwear received the same treatment as your shirt and bra. Almost immediately he was on his knees in front of you. His eyes grew darker as he ran the tip of his nose, then his tongue along your dripping center and hummed in approval. A cry of pleasure escaped your lips that didn’t even sound like you.

‘What is he doing to me?’

“Is this what you want?”, he asked so shyly again as he inched closer to your drenched core. You nodded in approval, but he pulled away.

“I’m sorry. I can’t hear you”, there was that grin again

“Yes. I want it”, you practically begged

He slowly moved forward and and let his tongue graze your clit. Your back arched and hips pushed forward wanting more. He firmly grabbed your hips and pushed in between your thighs. You shook and jerked trying to keep yourself under control. Moans began to escape your lips and only got louder and louder. You ran your fingers through his hair as his tongue continued to stroke across your most sensitive spot over and over.

He pushed your legs further apart only to slide two fingers in. Your body becoming more sensitive with his agonizing pattern continued relentlessly. There was a sensation beginning to ripple through you. He curved his fingers repeatedly hitting your g spot. You yelled out in pleasure.

“Say my name”, he said firmly, speeding up his fingers

Another moan escaped you as you said…

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), wake up!”, Finstock’s voice invaded my dream and I jolted, finally waking up.

“No sleeping in class (Y/L/N). You know that”, he said shaking his head

“Sorry Coach”, I mumbled even though I was lying. I desperately needed to sleep.

Everyone eventually stopped being nosey and turned away. After releasing a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, I made an attempt to focus on taking notes. All I could think about was “Aaron”. That wasn’t his actual name, but his voice was stuck in my head. He didn’t sound like the others, who only cared for themselves. He was focused on me and what I wanted. That never happened. Maybe it was because he was younger than the other callers.

Aaron has never called before, yet his voice was very familiar. He was so shy and nervous, it was alluring, cute even. I wasn’t used to that.  It was obviously his first time calling so I had to walk him through it. After some uncertainty he asked, “But what do you want? Clearly they’re only worried for themselves, but I…I would give you everything you wanted”, his voice grew darker. Things are never supposed to get that personal, but he kept getting me to tell him the things I’ve fantasized about and he played along. Aaron was different. I actually enjoyed it.

The class was finally over and I snapped out of my trance, I trekked through the halls making my way to the cafeteria. My friend Mason stood by his classroom talking to another boy. I’ve never actually met him, but I knew he was a pretty great lacrosse player. Mason kept speaking to his friend, while I waited for him to finish.

“I can’t believe you asked me to try that”, his friend said, not seeming all too angered by it

“You seemed to enjoy it though. Will you do it again?”, Mason inquired

“Only if she picks up again”, there was something about his voice that seemed so familiar

“…(Y/N)? (Y/N)?”, Mason snapped his fingers in my face, “Earth to (Y/N)”

    I hadn’t realized I was staring his friend right in the face, his icy blue eyes. Quickly I turned to my friend, “Yes Mase?”

“This is my friend Liam. Liam this is (Y/N)”

“Hi. It’s nice to meet you”, maybe if I kept him talking I could place his voice

“You too”, he didn’t really look like much of a talker. No way he could have called in. Mason began to smirk before he said, “Why don’t you tell her about the fun you had last night with Rose”

    Rose is the cover I use when I answer the calls after midnight. There is no chance in Hell they could know. It could just be coincidence. “Shut up! You don’t have to tell everyone!”

“Dude you are the one that called in and practically fell in love. When’s the wedding Romeo?”, Mason teased, then doubled over in laughter. There’s no way.

    Liam looked embarrassed and very uncomfortable. Then it finally hit me, or I stopped denying it. There was no way it could a coincidence.

Oh God.

“Mason I swear if…”

“Aaron?’, I asked. My heart was beating a mile a minute. The baby blues he described before and the timid voice, how come I couldn’t figure this out sooner? His eyes grew wide in understanding. I knew everything.

“R…Rose?”, he questioned quietly. Mason stopped laughing long enough to look at the both of us.

“Oh. My. God! It’s…you’re Rose!”, he yelled. He turned to start digging through his backpack, obviously enjoying our discomfort, “Why didn’t you tell me!? I mean this is perfect. You can tell your kids the hilarious story of how you…guys?”

    Before he could finish Liam and I awkwardly made eye contact with each other and ran down the hall in opposite directions, blushing profusely.


i went and did a spice girls song on accordion to amuse strangers on the internet. but also to get validation because i don’t get enough attention and thats why i turned out like this and have eyebrows that suggest i have lost control of my life. thank you.

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