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Hey I asked for fic recs early and you said to be more specific. So Darry or Wolfstar recs. any kind that has either

of course i’m gonna go with remus/sirius bc well im remussirius trash extraordinaire also i don’t trust my taste in drarry bc i havent read drarry fics in years lbr. im sorry this took so long. i kept saving this in my drafts to add more and more each time i open it bc im trash and it took all the self control to just stop and publish it so here ya go 50 remus/sirius fics 

bold - fandom classics
italicized - since these come from these different sites with different ratings, i’ll just italicize all the ones rated mature, explicit, or nc-17 

  1. people have told me i’m the worst remus/sirius shipper bc i haven’t read this classic so imma just leave it here on the off chance you haven’t either idk the word count or how to rate this whoops
  2. lots of fumbling and sirius thinking remus is perfect and kissing scars and staying in bed and i am exhausted with these two im gonna cry (2.4k+ words)
  3. sirius is teddy’s preschool teacher and remus becomes a whole lot more motivated to bring his kid to school (it’s an au where teddy and harry are the same age)  (13.5k+)
  4. boarding school in the 70s au (tw: vivid mentions of rape) (36k+)
  5. first war and lie low at lupin’s era wherein they never said i love you (6.5k+)
  6. all rec lists need a coffee shop au (5k+)
  7. ballet au gosh i am soooo (8.2k+) 
  8. artist/model au. one of my favorites it ruined me i am ruined (55.5k+)
  9. very angsty holiday au (12k+)
  10. truth or dare game that spun out of control (hogwarts era) and the sequel (alternates between first war and book era) idk the word count bc they have to be downloaded now bc they were taken down and the second has lotsa remadora but it’s good remadora and honestly these are must reads
  11. au where remus and sirius took harry and went into hiding after james and lily got killed. just fuck me up. (2.3k+)
  12. muggle au and sirius is engaged and he meets remus and there’s lotsa angst and me crying tbh (10.5k+)
  13. hogwarts era and sirius and remus are angst machines who keep fighting/bickering as as alternative to admitting they wanna fall in love and fuck and grow old together tbh (4.6k+)
  14. photographer sirius and jazz musician remus it’s so beautiful (13k+)
  15. my favorite uni au tbh (105k+)
  16. post azkaban era i am so wrecked (10.4k+)
  17. i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics (4k+)
  18. the usual ‘it was just supposed to be sex’ kind of thing that starts firewhiskey. of course. (the word count isn’t stated but it’s very long. like 24 chapters)
  19. remus being a smug know it all bc he’s an expert on sirius (1.2k+)
  20. get together fic after james and lily’s wedding (10.9k+)
  21. remus and sirius through Mr. Lupin’s eyes (2k+)
  22. sirius whining in his diary about remus ffs what a nerd (1.4k+)
  23. remus attempting to visit sirius in azkaban i died (2k+)
  24. they meet at a nightclub and do the sex and that’s the end of that (it’s totally not) (also auror sirius and tutor remus) (31.2k+)
  25. sirius and remus throughout the years (602)
  26. hogwarts era smut but also lots of cuddling and warmth and trying not to fall in love gOD THIS IS THE DEATH OF ME (1.3k+)
  27. rockstar/journalist au i love journalist remus so much  (36.2k+)
  28. another rockstar/journalist au bECAUSE HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JOURNALIST REMUS? (98.4k+)
  29. mistletoe fic it’s so adorable im a mess (3.4k+)
  30. sirius teaching remus how to dance aka kill me (1.6k+)
  31. this is about remussirius and jily. the first and last kisses of both couples. this fucked me up tbh but the jily ones are sadder (2.6k+)
  32. muggle au they meet on the train (6k+)
  33. in which they are platonic. i swear. 100% bros watching porn. (5.4k+)
  34. office au (11.6k+)
  35. uni au with footballer sirius and photographer remus (2.9k+)
  36. ok i haven’t read this in three years and 14 year old me might have had horrible taste but from what i remember, this is the first fic that ruined me ever. half porn and half super heavy stuff that will leave you sobbing and aching. occasional fluff i guess. hogwarts era (122k)
  37. all i remember about this is that it’s amazing and james pov i love it
  38. i’ll say it again: i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics BUT this one is my favorite and i’ve read it so many times (4k+)
  39. the marauders sharing a flat. it’s amazing, really 
  40. first war remus and sirius who have been broken up for a year (22.3k+)
  41. neighbor au (6.2k+)
  42. nerds freaking out about having to share a bed (3k)
  43. first war angst and smut (6.2k+)
  44. awkward sexual tension hogwarts era (13.k+)
  45. ootp era. bathtub sex and them being all disgustingly in love i’m a wreck (2.6k+)
  46. hogwarts era and literally nothing but sirius pining so hard and lotsa porn what’s not to love
  47. IT’S SO FLUFFY im gonna cry bye (5k+)
  48. sirius is a party planner for a bachelorette party and catches the eye of the stripper okAY THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT’S ALL PORN BUT IT’S HEAVY STUFF AND THE TEDDY LUPIN FEELINGS i hate everything (34.9k+)
  49. another angsty first war fic (10k+)
  50. my absolute favorite fic of all time. nothing can compare (92.8k+ so far. it’s a WIP)

BTS Predictions for the end of 2017 and 2018

(PS: I will be adding to this)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and have been having some weird intuition about the boys. In no means am I psychic or anywhere close to that, I just get really strong feelings about possible future events. That being said, I want to share what I’ve been feeling will happen to the boys in 2018.

In regards to the end of 2017, with end of the year awards coming up, I’m sure the boys will be busy preparing for all of the award show performances as well as their concerts.

There have also been rumors of a November comeback but I really don’t think they would release the second mini album of the series so soon. They need time to rest and that would be too much after coming off of such a successful but tiresome comeback.

Instead, I have a feeling that they will release a second title track from the album along with an MV to go with it. My gut feeling is that it will be Best of Me, due to the fact that it could do extremely well on Billboard’s Hot100 chart as well as on the Korean charts. Best of Me was already charting high on the charts without any further promotion, right behind DNA, so I think this is definitely a strong possibility. Additionally, there weren’t any stages for Best of Me and we haven’t seen the choreo for it, so they may have done this because they planned to reveal it down the road. Best of Me also has heavy instrumental so there could be a chance for killer dance breaks, which is always a good thing.

I predict that BTS will chart in the top 50 of BB100 with the release of Best of Me as a second single. It has the potential to do even better than DNA.

Moving on, let’s discuss the next comeback. Yes I know it is WAY too early to be discussing it already but I just need to vent some of my theories, so bear with me. Well, to start off, I have a feeling that the next mini album will involve the “twist” we had seen in the Love Yourself highlight reel. If Bangtan are continuing with the Chinese characters they utilized in the films, the twist would come after the intro/development of the story, which had been used in ‘Her’. Additionally, ‘Her’ was a bright, colorful, and overtly cheerful album that discussed the beauty of love. DNA was probably the brightest and most colorful MV BTS has ever released. Phsyically, the album was also soft and beautiful in appearance. With the color scheme of a light sunset and loose floral imagery, there was definitely a feeling of happiness and love this era.

This being said, I have a feeling that BigHit and the boys are going to mess with us for the next comeback. With the idea that the next album would represent the “twist”, this next concept may be much darker. Just like we saw with the Highlight reels, starting off happy and light, the plot line changed quickly and everything went spiraling out of control. This will probably be represented through the next era, with angst coming full force. BigHit has been known to enjoy surprises and a darker concept would be such a sharp contrast from the previous album. The fact that 'Her’ was so insanely bright and positive, it would make for an even more shocking plot twist if the next comeback was a bit darker, angrier, or even harder conceptually.

While listening to past albums recently, I kept thinking about how the outros of each album connected to the album and era that followed previously. Most of the time the outro gives us a taste or idea what the next album will include or revolve around. For example, the outro for HYYH Pt. 2 was House of Cards. Following this was the infamous Wings era with Blood Sweat and Tears (I’m not including Young Forever since it was a special album). House of Cards was a very 50 shades of grey-esque, r&b, and rather sensual song. WINGS era was definitely one of BTS’ most sensual eras by far and BST carries the vibes from House of Cards. Following this, the outro for WINGS was Wings. Tying this to YNWA, the mood was very similar. YNWA was very optimistic and uplifting, similar to Wings. Spring Day and Not Today followed this pattern of discussing confidence and aiming higher in addition to roots and brotherhood.

Now if we look at the outro from 'Her’ which was similarly titled, “Her”, we can see that this track is a bit different from the rest of the album. While the rest of the songs were more playful and cheerfully talking about love, this one had an edge to it. Her talks about love too, but it talks about the complexities and struggles behind it. Instead of staying positive, this track covers the sadness and anger behind loving someone. It talks about how it can be wonderful but also extremely emotional and difficult at times. If this is giving us a hint at what the next album may include, I believe this just reiterates my theory more. While 'Her’ was discussing the honeymoon stage and beauty of relationships, this next album may talk about the darker or more emotional side of relationships.

Alright so I will leave you with these few ideas as of yet because this post is already so extremely long and I need a break after writing it. I will be updating with more later so stay tuned!

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The tattoos, drugs, etc. I'm sorry but I lost respect for her [Miley]. Her career died a while back.

Miley’s “out of control” era was actually very controlled. She was smoking pot and being raunchy but it was all a marketing strategy that worked. She was the most talked about pop artist in 2013 and had a #1 hit and an iconic VMA performance.

If you look at her now she has “cleaned herself up” but actually her personality is the same. She’s smoking less pot and wearing more clothes but she’s still the same person. She’s always been involved in charities and supports many organizations. She’s pretty down to earth considering how famous she is. I don’t think she’s trashy and calling someone “trashy” because of their tattoos is pretty outdated tbh. And yeah the younger now era isn’t doing that well. Miley is finding her new sound and doing what she loves. Her new music is pretty good. I think people need to give it a chance. I think her next album will do a lot better.

Mankind’s error: A fractured Remnant(closed)

There was a reason why the relics were kept safely hidden from the public. Why it was best to keep them locked away. Because if they fall in the wrong hands, everything will change, and everything will spiral out of control. Ever since the Great War’s resurfacing, everything went awry. Another era of bloodshed, another era of despair and destruction. That, and the Grimm didn’t helped, either, as they made things difficult for everyone. And since some of the relics were involved in the war, this time, everything went down the drain further.

This, in turn, have caused such an imbalance on the world, in general, causing several disruptions in the ecosystem, various earthquakes, storms, and a reported polar shift, as if the world itself is resetting, or at least, adapting to the sudden imbalance. While such change also granted some advantage over the Grimm, such advantage have also been a disadvantage for mankind in the long run, as constant adaptation on Remnant’s erratic changes has been a must.

Years later, a mutant virus spread like wildfire, a result of the world’s imbalance, curbing mankind’s chances of survival even more. Prior to the virus’ drastic effects towards those that are infected, it was eventually dubbed as the “Genesis Virus”.

Faustine Amarillo, a head scientist from Atlas’ R & D, have proposed a mass scale project in hopes of preserving mankind on the brink of extinction. It would be eventually dubbed as the Neuro-astral Integration Project, or simply, and publicly known as Reciproco. Reciproco was a project heavily inspired by the concept of astral projection, in which it  booted an individual’s memories and soul, over to a techno-organic clone, while the original individual is to undergo stasis for a set amount of time. And as soon as Remnant has achieved its state of balance again, the clone would be active, and coordinates to the original individual would be made available for the clone to track down, and soon, would activate the Reciproco protocol as soon as it had located the original individual. To move the soul and memories back to the original owner once the time is ripe, while the clone deactivates, as its role is over. That is the goal of Reciproco.

Then again, who says that the techno-organic clones, or androids, for the presence of better term, won’t have glitches and errors?

Remnant, many years of polar shifts, continental drifts, and other natural phenomena, and now its as different as it gets. However, still bears the remnants of mankind’s folly, remnants of civilization, remnants of once was.

And from these remnants, one of the units of a now forgotten project started to resurface.



















As soon as she had woken from slumber, C.H.I.O.N.E walked out of her pod, looking at her left, then at her right, observing the ruins of the facility she was kept in. It was then moments later, a protocol was issued to her systems. A built-in protocol, it would seem.



Grand Seiko at The Armoury

I have been collecting watches since 2001. My first piece was on Omega Chronostop, followed by an IWC cal. 8541 based piece and eventually swirled out of control to include 30’s era Omegas and JLC’s, a healthy collection of vintage Patek and Vacheron, and last but not least, Grand Seiko, which seems to take up a disproportionate amount of time on my wrist.

Grand Seiko is so fascinating for me not just because I love their watches but because they feel like an engineering company in the best sense of the word. Meeting engineering challenges is their identity. The history and scale of Seiko is not immediately obvious to most people. Very briefly, it was started by Kintaro Hattori in 1881 as a clock repair shop, grew into a clockmaker and eventually came to include precision manufacturing (Seiko Instruments Corp.) and semiconductor manufacturing (Epson). They pioneered the use of quartz and because of their expertise in timing accuracy, they played a huge part in the computer revolution, particularly with printers. Epson actually stands for “Son of Electronic Printer”.

While there are a huge number of Seiko products deserving of respect, there are a few I want to highlight. Firstly, the original Grand Seiko, released in 1960. Japan in the 60’s was far being competitive with Western precision manufacturing. The original Grand Seiko was the first Japanese watch to rise to the challenge of being on par with the great Swiss makers of the time in terms of fit, finish and reliability. Just 8 years later, there came the 61GS VFA. VFA stands for “Very Fine Adjustment” and the model was used as Seiko’s entry into swiss timekeeping accuracy competitions. It cleaned up, showing Seiko was capable of not just imitating its Swiss peers but even surpassing them.

In the early 70’s Seiko was deep into development of the quartz movement, eventually making it a viable commercial product and significantly changing the landscape of timekeeping devices. While the age of quartz is bittersweet, as it saw the demise of many mechanical watch manufacturers, it also brought about the Spring Drive.

The Spring Drive is a hybrid mechanism that combines both a quartz and mechanical movement without the use of a battery. Its development time was extremely long, starting in the late 70’s and never reaching commercial fruition until the 90’s. The technology is of course amazing, but what impresses me even more is the culmination of factors that enabled its birth.

We live in an age now where product development timelines are shorter and shorter, commercial viability and short-term obligations to shareholders are of paramount importance. 20 years for a long shot is not something most modern companies would be willing to place any bets on. Furthermore, Spring Drive is not just reliant on cutting edge precision manufacturing for its mechanical components, it is also reliant on semiconductors. Spring Drive required the development of an ultra low power IC, something that only Epson could do for the project, and thus something that only Seiko as a whole could do. For a company of engineers, it is however almost an obligation to rise to challenges such as this.

One of the founding tenets of The Armoury is respecting craftsmanship and the human beings behind it all. Our love for tailoring and shoemaking is not just about the aesthetics, it is about the sheer human effort and dedication behind it. People often forget that the striking, cutting, sewing, pressing and finishing of a garment is also engineering, maybe by the techniques of a bygone era, but engineering nonetheless. So in the spirit of outstanding engineering, I am immensely pleased to be able to announce Grand Seiko now officially available at The Armoury NYC.

- Mark Cho 


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What do you think of writing accents phonetically? I am writing characters from 1950s South Boston, MA (we're talking Irish-controlled-era) and when they're out a party with a few drinks in them, I'm inclined to let the readers know how thick/tough the accent sounds. But if I don't do this throughout then I feel like the readers think they aren't always speaking in an accent. And I think it would be really distracting to keep it up. Thoughts? Tips? Thanks!


Please don’t.

It’s grating when you read phonetic accents. It’s especially grating, not to mention offensive, when it’s your own accent. Take it from a French person who read through Fleur Delacour’s “Zis iz” and “Zat iz” (ugh. As if I didn’t hate the sound of French accents enough in general, I had to read through not just a French accent, but a very thick one too). And since I also consider myself Irish via my immigration status, I really don’t fancy reading anythin’ ‘bout me Oirish accent. 

Just have a description at some point that says something like “The bar bustled with men who roared at each other in heavy Boston Irish accents.” and “Podge had an even heavier accent than his brothers.” and leave it at that.