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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Prompt: Bucky gets home from a mission and he really missed you.
Words: 1.7k
Warnings: slightly dom!Bucky, language, smutty smut smut

Bucky didn’t plan on waking you up when he got home from his mission. It was late, and when he walked into your shared bedroom, he could hear your soft snores coming from the bed. He was gone for nearly two weeks, and had really missed you.

He walked further into the room, placing his gear bag on the floor lightly. He made his way over to the bed where you were sleeping, and the sight of you had him hard in seconds.
There you were, sprawled out on the bed, in nothing but one of his shirts and a pair of pale pink panties. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow beneath you, and your face was scrunched up slightly. You looked heavenly, and Bucky just couldn’t help the rush of blood that went straight to his groin.

Deciding to forgo the shower in favor of being with you, he began to undress himself from his tactical gear. Once he was down to just his undershirt and a pair of boxers, he got on the bed, slowly making his way up your body. When he made his way to the top, he began to pepper kisses all across your face and jaw. You began to stir slightly at the sensation, and when Bucky lightly bit down on the juncture between your neck and shoulder, you were wide awake and couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped past your lips.

“Bucky?” You asked, your voice slightly breathless but still groggy from sleep. He smiled against your skin, placing a small kiss to the spot he just bit.

“Hey babydoll,” he murmured, moving up to capture your lips in a soft yet passionate kiss. As you two kissed, Bucky began to grind down on you, smirking at the moan you let out into his mouth. He pulled away from the kiss, moving back down to suck and bite at your neck.

You tried to half heartedly push him away, just so you could actually greet him after being away from each other for two weeks, but what he was doing felt too good. You eventually gave up and decided that formalities could wait until later.

He snaked his left hand down your body until it was gripping at your thigh. He yanked it up and over his hip so he could grind down onto you harder. The action caused him to grind down right onto your clit, and you moaned loudly. His right hand slid up under your shirt, and he cupped your breast in his hand, kneading the flesh before moving to pinch and twist at your nipple.

“God, Bucky,” you moaned out breathlessly, scratching your nails down his shirt covered back. He pulled up from his work on your neck, smirking at the marks that were already starting to bruise.

Looking down at you, Bucky removed his hand from your thigh and breast and brought them to the hem of your–his– shirt. In one swift movement, the garment was off your body and thrown somewhere to the floor. He felt his cock strain against his boxers even more at the sight of you nearly naked underneath him, breathing heavily and already so needy.

“God, I wish you could see yourself, baby girl,” Bucky said, bringing both hands up to pinch at your nipples. You whimpered at the feeling, biting your lip. “Tell me, Y/N, were you a good girl for me while I was gone?”

Nodding your head, you answered, “Yes, Bucky. I was a good girl.” When Bucky was away on missions, or you were on one of your own without him, you weren’t allowed to touch yourself, no matter how much you may have wanted to. This time around was especially difficult to follow the rules, since it had been a while since you two had been separated for this long, but you managed, wanting to be a good girl for Bucky. And when you followed the rules, you were rewarded in the best ways possible.

Bucky smirked at you, leaning down to place a quick, hard kiss to your lips. “Good,” he said as he sat back up, reaching up to pull his shirt over his head. “I love it when you’re a good girl for me, sweetheart. You know what good girls get?”

Eagerly, you nodded your head yes.

“Good girls get rewards.”

Leaning down, Bucky captured your nipple in his mouth. He began to suck at the hardened nub while his other hand began to pinch and twist your neglected one. You let out a moan and slightly arched your back to try and push yourself further into his mouth and hand. After a few moments, Bucky moved his mouth to your other nipple, giving it the same treatment as he did the first.

Despite how good this felt, you were starting to get a bit antsy. The only attention your pussy had received was from the bit of grinding Bucky did while you two were making out. You were incredibly wet and incredibly empty and you didn’t know how much more of that you could take.

“Bucky,” you whimpered, trying to buck your hips up to get any kind of friction. “Bucky, please.”

“Please what, sweetheart? What do you want?” Bucky asked as he let go of your nipple, his hands still massaging your breasts.

“Want you, Bucky. Want you so bad. Please, baby,” you moaned, not caring how desperate you sounded. Bucky could tell how much you needed this, so he decided the teasing could be done at another time. Right now was all about making his best girl feel good.

“Shh, baby, it’s alright, I’ve got you. I’ll take care of you.” Bucky began to move down your body, placing kisses as he went. He sucked and bit at your hip bones for a few moments before hooking his fingers in your panties and pulling them down your legs. He hooked your legs over his shoulders and began to kiss up the inside of your thigh.

“Since you were such a good girl while I was gone, you get to cum whenever you want, okay baby?” He said against your skin. The scruff of his stubble felt amazing against the inside of your thighs, and you could barely form a coherent response, nodding your heading in understanding.

Finally, finally, Bucky licked a long stripe up your slit and to your clit, encasing the bundle of nerves in his mouth and sucking, hard. You practically screamed at how good it felt.

Bucky was relentless in his sucking, and slowly he slid two fingers into your entrance. You moaned loudly, your hands moving into his hair and pulling. He groaned against you, and the vibrations from it went all the way up your spine.

He pumped his fingers in and out of you at a face pace, not letting up on your clit, and continually groaning against you as you tugged on his hair. You felt the coil in your belly wind up, and soon it snapped, sending you into pure bliss. You moaned wantonly, bucking your hips up onto Bucky’s fingers and mouth, trying to prolong your pleasure. Bucky worked you through your orgasam, and once you came down, he sat back on his legs and stuck his fingers in his mouth, sucking your juices off of them. He groaned around them.

“My God, baby girl, you always taste so fucking good,” he practically growled. He leaned down and captured your swollen lips in a heated kiss, and you moaned into his mouth at the taste of yourself on his lips.

“Bucky, fuck me, please,” you whimpered against his lips, bucking your hips up and against his. He groaned at the feeling of your wet pussy rubbing against his swollen cock.

Placing one last kiss to your lips, Bucky reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom from the drawer. He pulled down his boxers and hissed when his cock was finally free from its constraints. He gave himself a few short, shallow pumps before he opened the condom and slid it on.

He leaned over you and kissed you as he slowly began to slide inside of you. You moaned at the feeling of his cock filling you up. He dropped his head to the crook of your neck at the feeling of your walls fluttering around him. He took a shuddering breath as he waited for you to adjust, and once you gave him the go ahead, he began to move.

He set a slow pace at first, but quickly his thrusts became harder and faster. His hips snapped against yours, and you bucked up to try and meet his thrusts. When he hit your sweet spot, you moaned out loudly.

“Hnng, fuck, Bucky!” You moaned, almost screamed. He kept hitting your sweet spot and it felt so fucking good and you knew you weren’t going to last much longer.

“Bucky, please, fuck–ah–I’m so close,” you moaned, scratching your nails down his back. He groaned and moved his hand down to rub hard at your clit, trying to push you over the edge.

“Come on baby girl, cum for me,” he managed to get out in between groans and deep breaths. Your moans began to increase in pitch, and finally, the coil snapped, and you came hard, all over Bucky’s cock. A scream of his name ripped its way out of your throat, and you vaguely registered Bucky stalling and finding his own relief.

Bucky placed his head on your chest, planting soft kisses to the skin there. After a few moments, Bucky pulled out of you and got up to dispose of the condom. When he came back, he had a damp washcloth to clean you up. Once he had finished, he laid down next to you in the bed and pulled you into his side, placing a soft kiss to the top of your head. You giggled sleepily and looked up at him.

“Hi honey,” you smiled up at him, snuggling further into his side, nuzzling your face into his chest.

“Hi babydoll,” he smiled back down at you. You two laid together in silence, and you were about to fall asleep when a thought popped into your head.

Sleepily, you murmured, “I like getting rewards.” The vibrations from Bucky’s soft chuckle lulled you to sleep.

Broken Home (part 2) - M.C

Y/n woke up pressed against the chest of Michael Clifford as they slept in the hotel room they’d be spending two nights in due to a day off from the tour. It was the middle of the night, maybe two in the morning, knowing she wasn’t going to go back to sleep anytime soon she attempted to slide out of the bed, Michael’s grip only tightening around her. The anxiety slowly building through her body from fear was slowly consuming her.

“Where are you going?” he muttered, his eyes fluttering open, sleep written all over his face as he kissed the side of her head. It had been two months since she reluctantly agreed to get back together with Michael, joining him on his tour as well as his support.

“I was going to take a bath,” she muttered back looking to face him, Michael pulling her on top of him as he rolled onto his back. His freshly blonde hair was sticking up every which way as he rubbed at her sides, her head nestled into his neck. “I can’t sleep.”

“How can I help?” he questioned, only earning a shrug in response from her as he flipped the two of them over resting his hands on either side of his head. “Is this about us?” she nodded her head looking away from him embarrassed as he took a deep breath. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she whispered before looking up at him, fear running through his eyes as he leaned down to kiss her, the passion in that single moment running through their veins intensified with each second that passed, their lips moving against each others’ like a dance while his hand caressed her body, the other rested next to her head for support. He pulled back from her slightly, looking into her eyes deeply before kissing her softly once again, trailing his lips around her jaw, down to her neck and collarbone leaving small little marks in his wake.

“Can I make love to you, baby girl?” he didn’t move his head away from her neck, continuing to bite and nip at the skin as her breathing faltered, between the question and his touch, she couldn’t think straight. “I wanna show you how much I love you, y/n.” His hips slowly ground into hers causing her to moan slightly just before he pulled away from her neck pulling his shirt off as well. “I need you to use your words baby.”

“I want you, Mikey,” she muttered as he pulled off her shirt as well. He leaned back towards her pressing his lips against hers as he let a hand trail down her body towards the only piece of clothing she had left. He didn’t waste time, quickly slipping his hand beneath the waistband of her underwear rubbing at her clit in slow small circles. His lips moved back down to her neck, trailing down to her chest where he licked and sucked at her exposed nipples, back and forth, over and over. “P-please, Mikey.”

“What do you need, baby?” He questioned, stopping his movements to look at her with a smirk on his face, her face flustered with hooded eyes as she whimpered at the loss of contact. She took one of her hands, slipping them in the waistband only to direct his fingers towards her opening, helping him to push two fingers inside as she moaned again. “Is that what you wanted, baby? You wanted my fingers inside of you? You have to start using your words.”

“Fucking make me cum,” she whispered moving her hips for more friction as he laughed slightly pulling his hand out, only to pull down her panties completely and exposing her completely.

“Oh, i’ll make you cum.” He slid down her body not even hesitating before licking up her pussy, barely moving his head away from her to connect his lips to her clit, his fingers entering her once again. Her hands made their way into his hair, pulling, yet pushing on him to make sure he stayed right where he was in between her legs. It was such a beautiful sight, the way he made sure to keep eye contact with her, his eyebrow piercing glistening from the moonlight pouring in the window, the way his face still held exhaustion, yet, here he was ready to get her off.

“M-Michael,” she moaned loudly, a muffled ‘mmm’ coming from him in response as his fingers sped up, curling back as they hit her g-spot every time, her hips raising from the bed slightly as he attempted to keep her someone still to finish the job. “I’m comin’.” He switched his tongue and fingers, his thumb rubbing at her clit while his tongue entered inside of her ready to clean her out. He knew her body better than anything, even guitar. The way she tried to control her breathing, eyes wired shut, one hand in her hair and one in his, just before she came with a loud moan, thighs shaking as she tried to keep herself from pulling back from him. He quickly lapped up her juices savoring the taste as if it would be the last time he ever could taste her.

“Wanna taste?” He questioned crawling up her body once again, sticking his tongue out slightly as she leaned towards him sucking it right into her mouth before kissing him properly. He pulled back once again, this time climbing off the bed to rummage in his suitcase for a condom as he slipped off his boxers. “I wanna take my time with this, m’kay?” He asked as he made his way back to her, opening the foil packet with his teeth. She nodded her head, watching as he rolled the condom on his length before kissing her once again. “I love you, y/n, so goddamn much.”

“I love you too, Michael,” she muttered back as he lined himself up with her, taking a hand in his as he slowly entered her, a groan escaping his lips as well as a loud moan from hers.

“Fucking hell, you’re tight.”

“Well, it’s been awhile,” she muttered back knowing the last time she’s had sex was with him two years ago. By the time he was fully inside her, she felt like she was ready to explode, completely forgetting how good he felt inside of her, fitting just like a jigsaw puzzle. And in that moment, the anxiety hit her as she tried to push off the thought of him making love to her, him putting all of his vulnerability and emotions into this one moment to show her how much he loved her. He could sense the panic through her body, nestling his face in her neck, wrapping a leg around his hip as he remained there without any sudden movements.

“Baby, breathe for me, okay?” He whispered in her ear as she nodded in response, pressing a kiss to her neck before moving to look at her face. “I’m not going to hurt you, love, alright? I promise I will never hurt you.” She nodded once again, pressing her lips to his while moving her hips against his letting him know he could move. He pinned both hands above her head, fingers intertwined as he thrust in and out of her at a slow pace, hitting every possible spot making it feel so good. He removed a hand, placing it on her hip to hold her steady as he continued to roll his hips with hers, the only sounds in the room coming from their moans and subtle sounds of skin slapping together. He made sure to his over her chest, neck, and face, snapping his hips a bit harder to go deeper inside of her while keeping the leisurely pace. There were no other words exchanged between the two except for the moans, Michael feeling her tense around him knowing her release was building up, as was his as he began rubbing circles on her clit, bringing his face back up and level with hers, searching her eyes for the familiar gleam they held just before she came. It was a sight to see, her unraveling underneath him, his orgasm hitting as well, more intense than it had ever been as they rode out their high, their breathing heavy as he slowly pulled out from her, getting up to dispose of the condom. He came back to see her sitting upright on the bed watching him, a small smile tugging at her lips. “Are you alright?”

“I’m more than alright,” she muttered back, crawling towards the edge of the bed to meet him, standing on her knees to be able to press her lips to his, his arms circling her waist as she rested her hands on his chest. “I love you so much. Thank you.”

“For what?” He questioned tucking her hair away from her face as she kissed him again.

“For not giving up on me.”

I Enjoyed It Though

Thanks to all of the adorable people that liked, reblogged and made such lovely comments on see-me-after-class😘😘

This fic is in response to a prompt (shown at the end) from the awesome @i-dream-of-emus, thanks honey - I hope this is ok?

Big thanks to my adorable beta @redprairielily.

This is a little bit smutty/crass for anybody that doesn’t like that sort of thing.  Anyway please let me know what you think?

I Enjoyed It Though

As she almost skipped around to Chops house Izzy felt like a million quid.  She was so pleased with the results of her trip to the beautician’s for de-pubing that she had rushed straight home to try on her new underwear.

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Calum Hood (smut)

Request: Hey my main bitch. ❤❤❤❤ I would like some Calum smut where he comes home angry and you try to calm him down by massaging his shoulders and his back and yunno wink wink
A/N: since you said I haven’t done this yet, here u go loser 😂😜I hope everyone else enjoys!

I heard the door slam shut, keys being thrown onto the table besides the front door, and shoes kicked off. “Calum? Babe, you okay?” I yelled out into the living room where he was located. He ignored my question and continued to harshly whisper to himself. I slowly walked out into the living room, not wanting to upset him even more. “Baby? Are you okay?” I asked, walking over to the couch, sitting next to him. “Today was just rough.” He sighed, leaning his face into my neck, slowly taking deep breathes. Then an idea popped into my head.

“Why don’t you go take a nice warm shower and once you’re done, I’ll give you a message. Does that sound okay? I bet you’re tense with how upset you are.” I said softly, running my fingers through his hair. “Alright. Thank you, baby. I’ll be done soon.” He smiled, kissing my cheek. Once he went to the bathroom, I started to clean up our room a little, making the bed and picking up some of the dirty clothes on the floor. I got out the lotion and waited patiently for him to get out.

After about twenty minuets, he came out with some basketball shorts on and no shirt. “You ready baby?” I smiled. He nodded, laying on his stomach on the bed. “So, what’s got you so upset? You wanna talk about it?” I asked politely, starting to rub the lotion onto his back. He sighed heavily and began speaking. “Well, today we were finishing up a new song and Michael started saying how he thought he messed up on a song, which he did. Then the producer checked all of the other songs and he messed up on more than half of them! So now we have to redo every single one.” He sighed, putting his head into the pillows.

“I’m sorry, babe. Just try to relax all night okay? You can figure it all out soon. It’s just me and you right now, okay?” I said, feeling how tense his muscles were. “Thank you so much, y/n. I love you.” He smiled softly, looking at me. “I love you too, don’t forget that.”

Shortly after, I could feel his muscles slowly untensing. I began kissing down his neck and grabbing his shoulder to turn him onto his back. “Babe, what are you doing?” He smiled down at me. “Shush, tonight is all about you. Don’t worry.” I smirked. I began trailing kisses down his stomach and right above this basketball shorts. I began to slid them down and noticed his slight hard on. “Someone getting a little eager?” I playfully smirked at him. His cheeks went a slight pink, and shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe.” He shyly smirked.

I left small kisses all over his shaft before bringing my mouth to it. I moved my head up and down and began to got faster as his moans got louder. “Fuck, baby, don’t stop,” he hissed. “You make me feel so good.” He moaned out and fisted my hair to go down more, making me gag slightly. I detached my mouth and began to jerk him off. “Y/n, I-I’m gonna cum.” He moaned louder than before. I stopped as soon as the words left his mouth.

“Wh-Why’d you stop?” He whimpered. I began to giggle. “We’re doing more than that!” I smiled. His eyes filled up with excitement as I began to slide off my shirt. He leaned up and pulled me onto his lap. He unhooked my bra and satires at me in amazement. “You’re still beautiful as ever. How did I get so lucky, y/n?” He smiled and kissed down my neck. He flipped us over and began to slide off my undies and shorts. He came back up to me and hovered over me. He leaned over to grab a condom that was sitting there. He slipped it on and returned to his position. “You ready baby?” I smiled at me. I nodded my head and felt him push into me. “Oh god, you feel so good baby.” He moaned out, finding a good pace to go at.

Our moans filled the room and the little “I love you’s” were spewed out. “Faster, please Calum, go faster.” I moaned out hastily. He moved his hips faster and started to hit my g-spot. “I won’t last long baby, I’m gonna-” he cut me off and began to rub me. “Let it go, I’m not gonna last long either.” He moaned out. I ran my finger nails down his back and on his shoulders, feeling every fiber of my body on fire. He began to get sloppy and I could feel the pit in my stomach grow bigger. “Oh god, C-Calum!” I yelled out, feeling my legs shake. He stopped and came, filling up the condom.

He threw the condom into the trash by the bed and laid down next to me. “Thank you for getting everything off my mind. I love you so much, you know. Even after a long day you’re always able to get it off my mind, and i love that about you."he stated, pulling my body into his. "It’s because you’re the best thing in my life and as long as we’re together, I want to make you happy every single day because you deserve it. You deserve every good thing the world has to offer you. I love you too.”

He smiled and began to kiss my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and finally my mouth. “Well, hopefully you get used to me because I want to be with you forever.” He gushed, cuddling me. “I love you so much.”
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No One Else's

Request: can you write a jealous and/or daddy (like the kink not like fatherhood) michael
Word Count: 1724

A/N: I don’t usually write smut so I apologize if it’s awful. It probably is, I’m not gonna lie, haha. 

“Who the fuck is this?” Michael slammed the door to your apartment behind him as he came inside, hands full of tabloids and newspapers that had your name and Michael’s and a picture of some guy who had tried to get you to go home with him the other night at the club. 

“Some loser, I don’t know.” You said calmly, shaking your head, confused that Michael was so upset about it. 

“Why were you talking to him?” Michael demanded to know. 

“He was chatting me up and I was telling him to fuck off.” You explained. “I don’t know why this is a big deal." 

You stood to grab the articles from Michael and he slowly backed you into the wall. “It’s a big deal because some asshole was trying to fuck my girlfriend.” Michael’s face was so close to your own that you could smell his mint toothpaste on his breath. “That’s my job.” 

You smirked, watching as Michael’s eyes darken with anger and jealousy. “Are you jealous?” You said, a giggle rising out of your throat that you didn’t mean to let go of. 

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  Ok so this is my first smut ever so if there are lots of mistakes I’m sorry. I have never written something this long before. This is based on Michael playing piano because damn it I love Michael clifford fight me. But I wouldn’t have written this if it wasnt for my sweet child @calvmdown and my wifey @luweyvuitton. Hope you guys like it feedback is appreciated ;)

 You woke up to an empty feeling, Michael not laying close to you with his arms tightly around your waist like they usually were. Hearing the sound of him and his piano you walked to his music room. His back was to you as he played the chords to the new song he was writing.  You stood in the door way for a minute watching him, every so often he’d stop and pick up his pencil and writing something down. You always wondered how he got the ideas for his songs and what went through his head when writing.

‘Hey baby girl sorry if I woke you’ he whispered, interrupting your thoughts. You tip toed over to your boyfriend sitting besides him on the stool in front of the piano. ‘You’re fine. What were you playing?’
  ‘It’s a song I have been working on’ 'It sounds great baby’ You leaned your head on his shoulder kissing it. A slight blush crept onto his checks from your compliment. A smile formed on your face at how cute he was when you gave him compliments.
  You sat in silence for a while with your head on his shoulder. You began to leave small kisses from his shoulder to his neck leaving a small love bite right under his ear. He helped you straddle his hips as you began to get into a heavy make out. His tongue trailed across your lips waiting for access, you quickly gave it to him.
  Pulling apart for a moment he takes off his shirt that you were wearing. Both of your breathing ragged and heavy. Your chests flushed together as you looked into his deep green eyes. You could easily get lost in them the way they shined and glimmered they were the most beautiful things you had probably ever seen.
   He woke you of your trance rubbing your arm and leaning in to give you a soft kiss. His lips plump and warm against yours making you practically melt into him. Michael didn’t haft to do anything but look at you to make you feel weak in the knees. He knew what he did to you and he loved to teasing you. Making you moan and beg for him. Nothing he loved more than to see you desperate for his touch. 

  He picked you up by your thighs putting you on the top of the piano. Spreading your thighs, getting eye level with you core. Leaving small kisses right above panties. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of your underwear slowly pulling them down with a smirk on his face. Throwing your underwear in the pile of discarded clothes.
    His eyes never leaving yours he blew onto your aching heat, teasing you. Your head leaning back your eyes already closing. ’Michael please do something’ you begged wanting nothing more then to feel his warm tongue against you. He chuckled knowing exactly what he was doing to you. He took pride in the fact he could make you feel out of this world every time he made love to you.

  ‘What do you want me to do baby girl’ he whispered his voice laced in seduction. You could barely speak and he had barely done anything yet. ‘Your tongue please’ the words barley audible. ‘Anything for my baby’ his hands on ether side of your thighs, he licked a long stride up your core making a small moan come out of your mouth. He began sucking slowly on your clit. The only sounds being heard were your moans and the sounds of him slurping and sucking at you. He went down to your lips sucking it into his mouth making you gasp from pleasure.

  ‘God you taste so good baby girl’ he mumbled taking his tongue dipping it into you. Your hands immediately grasping and tugging on his hair. He held your hips down to keep you from bucking. Michael could tell how close you were ‘Cum for me baby… I know you’re close’ he continued sucking, doing wonders with his mouth. He made you release, arching your back, yelling every profanity that came to your mind. 

  Michael continued slurping as you shook still trying to come down for your previous orgasm. He came up between your legs crawling on top of you. His mouth and chin covered in your juices. Your breathing was heavy, still trying to calm your self from your previous high. He leaned down kissing from your neck, to you collar bones, to in between the valley of your breasts. You leaned your hands down grabbing at his short pulling them down. He kicked them off going some where in the room with the other discarded clothing. 

  Michael was left in nothing but his boxers. You could see how hard he already was through the thin material of his grey boxers. Hooking your fingers into the thin material you slowly pulled them down. His hard length smacking his stomach. You grabbed his length rubbing your thumb across his tip spreading the pre-cum. Making Michael groan in pleasure as his head fell back and his eyes closing. You put his length in your mouth slowly bobbing and licking the tip. He stopped you ‘No baby stop…I want to cum inside you’ both of you backed up more on top of the piano. 

  He reached for a condom and since this definitely wasn’t your first time doing it in his music room you already had a box lying around. He lined himself up at your entrance ‘Are you ready sweetie’ he rubbed your arm making sure you were comfortable and still sure. You just smiled and nodded your head, letting him know you were okay. He slowly pushed into you leaning down to give you a kiss, letting you adjust to his size. Both of you groaning in pleasure.

  ‘Mikey please move’ he complied starting slow, moving in and out. After a minute he sped up making you grasp a hold of his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin. He hit just the right spot making you moan loudly in pleasure. Probably waking your neighbors at the moment. You could care less if anyone heard you considering how amazing you felt. He smirked as he continued moving in and out knowing he was making you feel good. 

  The piano shaking as he continued moving faster, hitting your spot every time. Making you scream his name from all the pleasure. He leaned down to your ear, knowing how close you were ‘Are you gonna cum for me sweet heart’ his voice raspy and weak. You could barely say anything all you could do was nod, arching your back yelling Michael’s name over and over. He was making you see stars. Mikey soon coming down from his high right after you. 

 He slowly pulled out taking the condom off and getting up to throw it away. He came back to pick you up in his arms, carrying you to your shared bedroom to rest. Kissing the top of your head ‘I love you baby girl, thank you for making me feel out of this world’. You only smiled because he made you feel exactly the same.