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jealous - draco malfoy

request: Could you please do a jealous fluffy Draco imagine with a pure-blood Slytherin reader? Thank yooouuuu

pairing: draco malfoy x reader

warnings: slight swearing

you hurriedly jumped around your dorm room, rushing to gather all your supplies you needed for potions. you had promised harry you would briefly explain a potion he did not understand before the class and were told to meet him at the dungeons in ten minutes before class started; but now you only had six after not being able to find your potions book and scurrying to find it. “where is it?!” you hissed as you tore everything off of a nearby desk in desperation.

“aha!” you yelled in triumph after finally finding your book before tucking it under your arm and sprinting down the stairs. you were almost out of the common room when your boyfriend, draco, called your name from behind you, making you sigh in annoyance.

“y/n, what’s the hurry? you’re not even late to class,” draco chuckled at you. “i can walk with you if you’d like.” you almost swooned at the gesture but you were on a mission to help your friend and no matter how much you loved your boyfriend, you would not let him get in the way.

“i’m sorry, draco, truly, but i promised harry i’d help him with a potion and i’m already late so i need to go!” you breathed out and turned around to leave, but not before seeing draco’s face, which had tinted to the color of a tomato and his brows were furrowed in thought. you frowned, but left the common room without saying anything more and ran as fast as you could to the dungeons to harry. “harry!” you gasped when you saw him leaning against the wall. “i’m so sorry i’m late, i couldn’t find my book, then draco–”

“y/n, it’s alright, i’m just glad you’re here.” harry smiled at you causing you to blush.

“okay, so you don’t understand which potion?”

“uh, it’s the pepperup potion.” he answered lowly.

“really, that’s one of the easiest potions we’ve learned, harry.” you giggled but once you saw harry’s frown you immediately stopped. “i’m sorry. okay, the pepperup potion.”

you quickly explained the potion to him and before you got the chance to ask him if he understood it or not, the doors opened and the other students migrated into the potions classroom. “thank you, y/n,” harry nodded at you as he walked in with the other students. you caught sight of draco and made your way over to sit next to him like you did every potions class, but when you got to the desk you saw that your typical spot was already occupied by pansy parkinson.

“y/n, i thought you’d be sitting next to potter so i insisted that pansy sit with me instead. i think we all need a little change once in a while, hope you don’t mind.” draco said, pansy smirking at you from beside him. you did not say anything, instead you turned around and walked straight to harry, who thankfully no one was already sitting with. you had never liked harry as more than a friend, but you refused to tolerate draco’s immature behavior.

as soon as potions class ended, you followed draco out the doors and when you both reached the hallway, you pulled him by his arm around the corner. “what the hell was that, malfoy?” you seethed at him. his eyebrows shot straight up his forehead when he heard you use his last name, which you only used when you are mad at him.

“what was what, y/n?” he asked, playing innocent.

“you know exactly what that was, mr. ‘i think we all need a little change’, you asshole,” you shoved him by his shoulders in frustration. “what provoked that? was it me being with harry, because i swear, draco, if it was because you were jealous–”

your rambling was cut short when draco’s lips caught yours in a passionate kiss. he pulled you towards him by your hip with one hand while the other one held your cheek, your hands laying still at your side. “i’m sorry.” he breathed into your neck once he pulled away from your lips.

“i forgive you, now can you please kiss me again?” you grinned at him and wrapped your arms around his neck as he leaned in and kissed you again, this one more passionate than before.

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If I was to write a fic for your ABO Futurverse AU how would you feel? Would you be ok with it or are there plans for a fic in the future?

First of all, I’m very flattered and incredibly honored that you like my AU enough to be interested in writing for it! Thank you so much! ;A;

So please don’t think that any of the following is directed at you personally, because it’s really not, it’s much more general. But given the number of times I’ve received similar asks, I also feel the need to reiterate how I feel about asks requesting to tell stories that I am currently creating.

There are many different forms of story telling, and fics are just one of them, and the most common derivative work story telling in English fandom. Comics, while much rarer, are also a legitimate form of story telling. The ABO Future!Verse AU is made up of a series of comics (both oneshots and ongoing), illustrations, and long text headcanons, not necessarily continuous. I have a story to tell, and I’m telling it through these varied mediums. It may not be in fic format, but it’s still a story, no less legitimate than a fic.

I completely understand that given the kinds of content you usually see in English fandoms, many illustrations and comics are very short glimpses into a potential story that don’t go much further than that, which may then be fleshed out by fic. I understand that AUs like my own that have both heavy world building and hyper specific detailed plot but are NOT in fic format are relatively rare.

But please understand that in assuming that my AUs require fic to tell a story, I the creator feel that I am being told that my story-telling is inadequate, that I can only provide supplementary materials so others can play in the playground I’m still in the process of constructing. To me, it is the same as though I were writing a long ongoing fic, and someone comes up to me to ask if they can write my fic. Like, I’m flattered but…I’m writing it? Like right now? I’m working on telling the story? I have so much already detailed, so many things that I am picking and choosing from to share with you that others don’t know about yet, so many things that I’m still developing. I have a “canon” for this AU, a canon that only I currently know.

So again…I’m really glad you enjoy my work and that it inspires you. It’s honestly one of the greatest honors a creator can receive. But at the same time, I’d like to tell my own story, and while part of me would like to say sure! go at it! create for my thing! Another larger part also feels that I haven’t shared nearly enough of the plot or characterization or relationships or anything that other people could create story-content from it, and even if they did, I wouldn’t want to risk accusations of stealing your ideas if it happens to already overlap with something I have planned, so I’d avoid them if possible.

If I have a completed work or a non-plot centric or complicated/specific AU work (for example, just a single image or short comic with no context, meant to be understood as is), knock yourself out, be inspired! I mean credit for inspiration is super appreciated but most people don’t I’ve learned, so no need to even ask really for that? ^ ^; But if it’s something that has a story that I’m telling, so ABO and Inferno really, possibly KnB AU if that goes anywhere, I’d prefer for now if you could leave that playground to me ^ ^;

I hope that made sense, sorry my response got really long! ^ ^;

(also note, this part was originally in the tags but I figured I should move it up to the main text: this is in no way saying don’t write fics that are of similar genre/theme inspired by my work if you like it!

Like ABO? Like poly? Like them both together?? I don’t own that, knock yourself out, I want to see more of it too!! Want to write it with the same specific set of canon characters I used? Go for it!! Want to use parts of the general world building post as a setting for your own completely unrelated story? Permission already granted so long as I’m credited! But my exact plot + my OCs I’d prefer you leave to me ^ ^;

Fanart I tend to be more okay with, in the sense that a single visual depiction of characters isn’t particularly gonna contradict my own canon. Is there a way to do this with writing? Possibly, but it’s more difficult…)

Hat 2 {reader x sirius black}

Warning: angry female, scared friends.

It was odd when you woke up. Sure you don't always sleep in your own bed, then you’ll sleep on the couch. But you woke up in someone else’s bed, being cuddled. Not that you didn’t mind, but it was weird. 

You looked over your shoulder to see a sleeping Sirius. It took every nerve in your body to not scream and fall of the small bed.

“Oh [y/n] you’re awake,” Sirius said opening an eye. you frantically looked around the room to see everyone else asleep. 

What time is it, Black.” you asked trying to stay calm.

“Only four-ish in the morning.” That’s when you got up and walked towards the door. 

“Thank you, but I have to go talk to one of my professors.” You stalled walking out of the Gryffindor common room. As you walked to the astronomy tower you thought if you really liked Sirius.

When you got there you just sat on the window and looked out in the night sky. You heard soft footsteps coming your way.

“[y/n], You want to know who sent you those hats right?” your heard Lilly ask.

“yes,” you nodded slowly.

“Then close your eyes.” That didn't sound like Lilly, more like James, but you still closed your eyes.

“Lilly if this is a-” you got cut off by someone kissing you. You wanted to open your eyes but their hand was covering your eyes. You didn't kiss back due to shock. You wanted to, but you didn’t know who was kissing you, nor did you know who is stealing your first kiss, if you can call this that.

When they pulled away you felt cold, and the hands were removed. You didn't see a single person besides Lilly and James smirking.


Days passed since the kiss. “Lilly, who was that?” you asked her.

“I don't know, I didn't see them.” You knew she was lying.

“Lilly, they stole my first kiss. I deserve to know,” you said sternly. the look on Lilly's face was pure shock and horror. She knew how much a first kiss meant to you. You wanted it to be special, but that didn’t go right.

“Oh [y/n]! I’m so so so sorry.” You gave her a sad smile and went on with your day. You went to potions that had Remus in it, then you went to charms that were very awkward since James was in it. Transfiguration was next, and the lovely Sirius Black was in it. Lunch couldn't come fast enough for you.

“So [y/n], did you find-” You cut Peter off with one of your death glares. You were almost never angry or pissed. But when you were, everyone was scared.

“Bloody hell, who pissed you off.” Sirius joked. You would’ve laughed with him if you weren't angry at everyone.

“Oh I don't know, maybe that someone stole my first kiss and I don't know them, or that all my friends won’t tell me who is sending me the hats, maybe its because my parents won't let me see my dying grandparents, or that I have to live with my aunt and uncle now. So please tell me what’s wrong.” you had to keep yourself from yelling at everyone. 

When you looked at all of your friends their faces were in pure shock and horror. 

“I'm just going to go, I have to get to the dark arts classroom.” You picked up your books and left the great hall.

some unlucky kiddos :’)

Chris Pratt, attractive rich heterosexual white man, says he doesn't feel represented in Hollywood.

America’s favorite Average White Man has an interview with People magazine ahead of the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.  

“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” Pratt, 37, told the magazine. “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

I’m actually amused by how earnest he is.  Has he ever even been to the movies?

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies based on average, blue-collar American white men literally saving some brown person’s country or the entire planet or whole other planets.  

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies where average, blue-collar American white men pine after some woman who is probably too good for them and then a whole lot of stuff happens in the middle where she realizes whoever she’s with is a dick and she should be with the protagonist instead so the average guy can get the girl.

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole genre of movies where average, blue-collar American white men – who are usually from Chicago or Boston – go into a life of crime for some noble reason (or not) and we sit for 90 minutes rooting for a “hero” who is literally breaking the law in every frame and/or killing people.

Chris Pratt sounds like someone strapped him in to a chair and made him watch Moonlight for 17 days so now he forgot that Hollywood is literally founded on white mediocrity.  But wait!  There’s more:

“I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us,” he said. “You’re either the red state or the blue state, the left or the right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s something I’d want to help bridge, because I don’t feel represented by either side.”

I actually do think there’s common ground out there, and the common ground is the provable fact that the vast majority of Americans are a lot less prosperous than they realize, especially in comparison to the corporations they work for where all of the money is being hoarded.  Our common ground as Americans would be redistributing the enormous wealth of this country so that we all could experience a higher standard of living.  Unfortunately, that’s not possible because the things that separate us (mostly race, class, education, and location) are effectively used by our political system to keep an Us vs Them society among average Americans.  This ensures that we don’t turn the country into a Haves vs HaveNots society where the overwhelming majority of Americans would define themselves as the HaveNots if they were thinking clearly and less concerned with how much they have in comparison to a neighbor who doesn’t look and/or think like they do.

But that’s not where Chris Pratt is.  Chris Pratt is one of those Everybody Is So Upset, Can’t We All Just Get Along? yokels who doesn’t want to deal with conflict.  He doesn’t have to deal with the day to day consequences of politics so to him, not everything is politics.  I’d love to see what kind of bridge he is planning to make with his everyman blue-collar American heterosexual movie that speaks to him and has never been done before repeatedly.  Let me know how it is.  I’ll go spend my HaveNot money on something else.

You are one of the few people left on earth after a disease has nearly wiped out humanity, it is common knowledge that the only way to combat it is nearly constant alcohol consumption.

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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

“Young Grackles” 5" x 5" oil
There’s nothing quite like having a pile of young birds (in this case, Common Grackles) descend upon your yard, with their curious, clumsy, confused ways. This group I observed seemed especially fresh and clueless, trying nibbles of plants and twigs before getting it right by cracking seeds I’d offered. This stage of adolescence in birds is especially endearing to me.

Serious Talk about Clones

There’s no cut cause I’m on mobile.

Clones have absolutely no concept of sexism or gender-bias, especially not the European kind.

They were taught by drill sergeants of both/multiple genders (depending on what culture they’re from) and definitely would have been taught by women. They don’t know about stereotypes for women or believe in any of that “men have to me masculinescaryviolent” bull that lots of fanboys want to push. They would likely just automatically reject any sexist suggestions teachers tried to make to them.

Kaminoans definitely WOULD NOT have our concept of sexism or gender bias. They do not interact with other people, and I would not be surprised if the clone project was their first extensive interaction with non-Kaminoans of multiple species. If their society has sexism (I honestly feel like it wouldn’t) then I highly doubt any of it would reach and/or influence the clones and how they viewed gender.

They have no concept of masculine and feminine within their society. It helps that it’s mostly males anyway, but they simply wouldn’t see a use for it.

So they therefore don’t have a concept of “girly”. If they come across something a civilian does that they like, they could probably just adopt it without any regard to how men are “supposed” to act. I feel like they would be highly attracted to color because of all the white they’ve always been surrounded by. Frankly I think the only thing preventing them from wearing what they want (besides the obvious) would be either plain personal choice or social stigma.

The Kaminoans also don’t have a concept of girly (or I highly doubt they do). They don’t have an interest in the clones’ cultures or personal feelings about gender and gender expression. If a clone is given the opportunity to say that he like how women’s fashion looks or that he likes how make up looks, are they gonna care? No. They want the “product” to be performing as efficiently as possible, so personal feelings about Vera Wang would be the least of their problems.

With no concept of “masculinity” or femininity as we understand it, the clones are then free to explore and express their preferred genders or gender expressions however they want (mentally).

The Kaminoans also don’t care who they’re attracted to. There would be absolutely no practical need to ask the clones who they’re sexually and/or romantically attracted to. Along with the gender roles, you wouldn’t get gay or bi clones who act any different from the straight ones, I guess besides being turned on by the different dirty holozines that older clones bring back.

So no clones would act girly or be overtly masculine or anything like that. Kaminoans would have 0 interest in their genders or sexualities because a) clones wouldn’t be talking to them about that, and b) being gay or trans doesn’t in ANY WAY affect their performance as soldiers. Sexuality and gender identity have zilch to do with whether or not they can complete trials or reload guns efficiently enough to survive battle. The Kaminoans don’t even want the clones to be in relationships to begin with, so any attraction a clone DOES feel will be met with “Your duty is to the republic, not for reproduction.” Which is true.

So gay clones and trans clones can exist–they DO exist. I want fanfic writers and commenters to stop acting like the Kaminoans give a hoot about how a clones acts in terms of gender expression or sexuality. They don’t. They can’t. It’s irrelevant. Stop fucking telling me gay and trans clones would have been culled for “deviation” I highly doubt the walking Q-tips even gave half a shit about Jango’s sexuality or gender.

Dean is allowed to refuse to do things Sam’s way.

Dean is allowed to disagree with Sam.

Dean is allowed to be angry when Sam abandons or betrays him.

Dean is allowed to keep his feelings to himself.

Dean is allowed to have feelings regardless of whether they are what Sam thinks they should be.

Dean is allowed to call out even a loved one for hurting him or betraying him, especially if they keep doing it.

Dean is allowed to be afraid or nervous that they will do it again.

Humans are allowed to do all of these things, and as a person, so is Dean. None of these make Dean controlling, abusive, or cruel. Framing it as such what an abuser does to keep their victim in line. It’s a method certain people use to manipulate someone else into silence or compliance. Dean falls for it because of years and years of formative, psychological abuse, but that doesn’t make it even remotely true or right or even acceptable.


But Harry could still potentially hang out in the Slytherin Common room and Draco would just sneer at whoever gives him a stupid comment about it, and eventually people would just get used to it, being like “Hey Potter, how´s it going?” or “Did you already finish your homework for potions? I heard Granger lets you copy hers, can I maybe have a look at it?”and everything would be good. Harry would probably always want to sit in front of the fireplace and Draco, who usually sits in one of the cozy chairs near the windows, finally gives in and starts getting comfy, lounging around on the sofa. IT COULD ALL BE GOOD.

Also massive shoutout to the two lovely beans @carryonsimoncarryon and @baz-n-simon who basically made me ship it (do I ship it? Do I not ship it? I´m still so confused about it)

HEY HOWDY HEY! A little Plundertale concept. Some of PT’s crew from back in the day. Speaking of…

I finally thought of a name for PT!

🎺 ba ba da daaaaa~! 🎺


That’s his name, don’t wear it out! (but isn’t it already worn out? That name is super common..) TSS. Don’t worry, He’ll always still respond to PT, but now you know some personal info about him! Yeay!

Common errors made by Korean learners

Of course, nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen. However, some errors seem to crop up very commonly when looking at or listening to sentences formed by non-native speakers. Let’s check out some of the most common errors!

되다’s spelling

Going to start heavy with something that even native speakers commonly get wrong. Depending on what follows the root 되, sometimes it remains as 되 and other times it changes to 돼. It’s pronounced the same either way, so spelling errors with this are super common. However, knowing which spelling to use is actually super easy. If the root 되 is followed by a consonant, it doesn’t change. If it is followed by a conjugation starting with 어, it becomes 돼. Let’s look at some examples:

  • 되다 + -겠 (consonant-starting) +어요(or other form of your choosing) = 되겠어요
  • 되다 + -ㅂ니다(consonant-starting) = 됩니다
  • 되다 + -아/어요 = 돼요
  • 되다 + -았/었어요 = 됐어요

NOTE: You might sometimes see 되다 conjugated as 되어요, 되었어요, etc. This is very much a written form, and you won’t hear conjugated 되다 spoken in this manner.

-에요? -이에요? -예요? Conjugating 이다

This is another common error, even among native speakers. Misspelling or misusing the conjugations of this verb is very easy to do because they ultimately sound pretty much the same when spoken. Let’s take a look at them.

  • -에요: This is not a valid conjugation of 이다. It’s just wrong.
  • -이에요: This conjugation is used when the noun to which it is attached—please, no spaces between the noun and 이다, ever!—ends with a consonant. For example:
    • 가방 + 이다 +아/어요 = 가방이에요
    • 집 + 이다 + 아/어요 = 집이에요
  • -예요: This conjugation is used when the noun to which it is attached ends with a vowel. For example:
    • 학교 + 이다 + 아/어요 = 학교예요
    • 문제 + 이다 + 아/어요 = 문제예요

While we’re at it, let’s look at 이다’s past tense -요 conjugations too:

  • consonant-ending noun + 이다 (past tense) = -이었어요
    • 가방이었어요
    • 집이었어요
  • vowel-ending noun + 이다 (past tense) = -였어요
    • 학교였어요
    • 문제였어요

있다가 vs 이따가

They’re pronounced the same, but they’re nothing alike in meaning! 있다가 is the verb 있다 with the connector -다가 on it. I don’t want to get too much into -다가 right now (I’ll do another grammar post on that later!), but for now we can say that 있다가 indicates that something existed or was in a certain state when something else happened at the same time. On the other hand, 이따가 is an adverb which means “later.” Simple, right? This leads into the next common mistake, which is…

이따(가) vs 나중(에)

One of my friends used to get so irate at me when I used these incorrectly! Thanks to him, I’ll never misuse them again >.> Both of these words can be translated as “later,” but the time periods they cover differ. 

이따(가) is a near “later,” like within the same day. So, suppose you’re on the phone with your friend in the morning making plans to meet in the afternoon. You can finish up your conversation by saying, “이따 봐!” Or maybe you’re promising you’re mother that you’ll finish up some housework after you meet your friend. You can tell her, “좀 이따 해 줄게요.”

나중(에) is a later “later.” You met up with your friend, and when it came time to pay for your lunch, they realized that they forgot their wallet at home. They offer to run back to their house to get their wallet and pay you back immediately, but you simply say, “나중에 줘도 괜찮아. (It’s fine if you give it to me later.)” This means your friend can give it back to you more or less at their convenience, even if it takes a few days.

덥다? 뜨겁다? 춥다? 차갑다?

덥다 and 뜨겁다 both mean “hot,” and 춥다 and 차갑다 both mean “cold.” However, that does not mean they’re interchangeable! It’s common to see Korean learners accidentally use the wrong “hot” or “cold” in the wrong situation. So, how do we use them correctly?

덥다 and 춥다 are both used when talking about the temperature around you or the weather. For example, a room with the heating turned up too high or Seoul in August would be 덥다, while a snowy winter day would be 춥다.

뜨겁다 and 차갑다 are both used when talking about the temperature of things that are… pretty much not the air around you. For the soup you burnt your tongue on, you can use 뜨겁다. For the ice cube that your immature friend dropped down the back of your shirt, you can use 차갑다. 

These are the main mistakes that I see people make (and that some of my friends have told me that they notice, as well). Hopefully you learned something new reading this post! If you’ve noticed that any of these is something you struggle with, work hard to fix it to keep building a strong foundation for your Korean studies.

As always, happy studying~

My Girl

Request: Okay, so this is Sirius x Reader where you like him and he likes you but neither of you know that and you ask the Marauders and Lily and Marlene if they wanna go to Hogsmeade or whatever the next day but they are all busy except Sirius. So you guys go and you get cold so he gives you his hoodie and you forget to return it or don’t want to because it smells like him and when you do at the end of the day he gets really happy because it smells like you and he wears it. Basically just fluff thanks.

Word Count: About 2,800.

Warning(s): Sexual tension, slightly suggestive comments, Sirius being hot as hell, kissing and stuff.

Note: In summary, this is a Sirius x Reader work about a cold night at Hogsmeade. Also, I deviated a bit from the request. Just a bit.

“We’re all still on for tonight, right?”

“Yeah.” Lily nodded, shrugging on a warm jacket as she headed out the door. “Marlene said to meet them in the common room before we go.”

As you made your way down the staircase next to Lily, you spotted James, Peter, and Marlene lounging on a sofa near the fireplace. Huddled together, the trio seemed to be in a heated conversation.

Nearing them, you heard their hushed whispers.


“Just make up some excuse to–”

Once Peter spotted you approaching, however, he nudged the other two into silence. 

“Y/N! Lily!” exclaimed Marlene, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear nervously. “Just the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

With a quirked eyebrow, you took a seat on the arm of the couch. When they smiled innocently at you, you shook your head with a small laugh, looking around the room. You thought it might be best to ignore their impish antics. Around you, the Gryffindor common room was bustling with life and chatter. But amidst it all, you couldn’t spot Sirius.

Not that you were waiting for him, of course. He just happened to cross your mind as you looked around.

“He’s almost ready,” said James, a cheeky grin playing on his face.

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battle pain headcanons

so SOMEone asked for more battle injuries and i’m here to deliver:

  • Nocts gets stabbed by a Ronin and spends the next three days struggling to keep any solid food down while his stomach recovers.
  • Gladio dislocates a shoulder when his shield slams into an iron giant’s sword, Ignis has to pop it back in place immediately but it’s sore for over a week.
  • Ignis is too focused on healing Noct he gets smacked repeatedly by an MT unit and suffers an extended concussion
  • Prompto gets brass burns all over his exposed arms and neck where hot bullet casings flew out of the gun and touched him, he gets teased by the others because they look like hickeys
  • Noct gets yanked into a lake trying to catch the Arapamia, he climbs out wet and fishless with terrible whiplash
  • everybody gets stung by Killer Wasps but only Noct shows an extreme allergic reaction in the form of temporary amnesia and hives, he spends the next twenty four hours thinking he’s still 10 years old in Insomnia
  • recoil means sometimes Prompto jabs someone in the nads with machinery
  •  a miscalculation means sometimes Noctis runs out of stamina while hanging and falls from great height on top of an unsuspecting chocobro
  • facing a malboro ends up with the whole group trapped in the tent while the only person with a ribbon (Ignis) keeps them contained while distributing healing items, barely keeping them from killing themselves and others in a confused, poisoned, blind daze.
  • Prompto and Ignis collapse on the Rock of Ravatough in a fit of heatstroke
  • Gladio and Noctis stop halfway through the glacial caverns because the hypothermia hits them harder than the other two
  • Ignis groans in disgust whenever they have to fight a flan, creme brulee, or custard in the wild. the pain is artistic and emotional.
  • Before they acquired a Ring of Resistance, being mildly electrocuted and incinerated and frozen to bits while their novice mage (Noctis) figures things out was a common occurrence.
  • Gladio often fell and hurt his tailbone trying to climb a rock formation to get an Elixer, no heavy lifting for a while buddy!
  • Prompto always suffers the worst after fighting Necromancer, he panics when the petrification sets and tries really hard to physically break through it; he has to lay down and let his sore twitchy muscles rest for a few days afterwards. he can’t help that he’s claustrophobic and being trapped in his own body is the MOST EXTREME FORM OF IT
  • Ignis has a very delicate gag reflex, if something got in his mouth during a battle he will gag for HOURS
  •  Noct is forced to wear the leg brace after just an hour of walking on uneven dirt, he hates it but it alleviates the pain and pressure