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AAAAAAAAAAAAAA the satisfaction of making this drawing is unexplainable <3 <3


I’ve decided to use Stacy for the speedpaint cuz I can :’3 hope you like the drawing~


I’ll do music for your project!

Hey there game devs of the Tumblr realm. Have you ever needed a cheap musician that makes slightly above average music? If so, I’m here for you! I mainly charge about $5 per song, and that price can go lower or higher depending on complexity or length. I mainly chat through Discord and Tumblr PMs, and I tend to be quick with my songs. You can peruse my Soundcloud to see if my style fits your needs. Shoot me a private message if you want to work with me! Thanks for reading!


SC link: https://soundcloud.com/user-365958458

(P.S; Payment is usually handled through PayPal.)


YO YO, It’s ya girl Brooke. I just went a day without internet and phone and it was hella scary because I couldn’t call anyone or check my bank account or email or anything. I was able to pay some of the bill and get my service on until the 20th. I’m splitting the bill with my sister. My provider is suddenly turned everything off, first told us we over used but then telling my family that we didnt pay the bill in December but we been paying it??? So either way with $200 to pay next week. Sadly won’t have another pay check coming in until the 1st.
So if you like my art please consider commissioning me! I know I’m not the best artist but I’m practicing everyday! I can do lot of cute stuff! I’m known for thr cutesys art😘💕👌

I normally take payment after I sent a sketch but for this short period I have to take payment first. I hope you can understand!

If you want some more info check out my commission about page or message me! You message this blog or my personal @your-toku-mom. Also I’m willing to work out some form of deal if you want some in between for what I have above.

Have extra pocket change sloshin around and want me to write something for you? This is our time to shine. As outlined in this post Alex @amazingnessin​ is goin through some rough times, and since I currently have no wealth to redistribute I am hoping to convince you to do so through the ~power of storytelling~ (aka commissions).

Interested? Here’s how it works: (prices in USD)

  • $5 for 3k+
  • $10 for 5k+
  • +$1 for nsfw
  • +$2 for anything super complicated
  • for over 5k hit me with an ask or a DM

You send me a prompt/specifics and a minimum word count, I tell you whether I’m down to write it for ya, and if we’re good you donate the amount to Alex’s paypal! The + is basically there because I have no self-control and your story may end up being way longer (but you get any excess for free!), so that’s the minimum you’d receive. If you feel like tipping more for excess writing that’s cool, but not necessary since it’s not rlly fair to you to pay more $$ if I go overboard.

I write:

  • all Star Wars ships and eras!
  • I’m v familiar with the EU too so if that strikes your fancy too hit me up
  • Also I may do other fandoms and stuff, so just ask I guess?
  • I def write nsfw but you’ll have to give me a pretty specific idea of what you want so I can get it ~just right~ ;)
  • I will totally consider writing original fic and/or OCs
  • check out my ao3 for samples <3

I don’t write:

  • noncon unless you really twist my arm and even then (dubcon is cool tho)
  • heavy gore because I’m shit at it, just ask aj if you don’t believe me
  • furry nsfw
  • tactics (again, I’m shit at it lmao)

(Also if you just wanna like, tip me (Alex) to write more of any WIPs that I’m supposedly working on, definitely talk to me abt the idea, but I mean I don’t expect you to do that so don’t think I’m holding up updates for $$ or anything <3)

Since I’m always complaining about the lack of Eli fanart around I thought it was the perfect time to commission a re-imagined design of Patriot. Of course, the credit for this fantastic piece was generously done by averagexmendrawings.


Hello honeys- I’m here to talk to you about things. Well you know I’ve been absent because well, I moved outta home… into a whole new country.  

You see, I currently don’t have a job… and well, I’d like to at least get a hold of something until I find one (I must do some lotsa paperwork before legally getting a job in the country). 

I’d be most thankful if you my dears help me out with… small, cute lovely comissions? 

You get a 10$ clean, one color doodle like (busts only are 8$)


(you can choose the color, I just love red!)

Or a 15$ color (3 to 5 colors to choose) doodle like (bust only are 12$)


Please send me an ask  so I can open chat here to talk with you (or just chat me if we’re mutuals) to agree on matters, plus handing you my paypal info. 

What I won’t draw:



-NSFW (at least not this time! But soon!)

Currently opening 10 slots on tumblr!











Please signal boost my friends! 

And thank you very much!

Egg hunt

Disclaimer: Lance won a bet and got to pick everybody’s names.


(Voltron: A group chat between Sharpshooter, Chef Hunk, Mullet, Nerdy Birdy, Space Dad, Princess Salt, and Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man)

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Sharpshooter: guys

Nerdy Birdy: what Lance?

Sharpshooter: I’ve prepared a challenge for you guys ;)

Nerdy Birdy: Oh god.

Chef Hunk: Oh god.

Mullet: Oh god.

Space Dad: Oh god.

Princess Salt: Oh god.

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Oh god.

Sharpshooter: OMFG i hate you all.

Sharpshooter: but in all seriousness, I’ve prepared an… *Drum roll for dramatic effect*… EASTER EGG HUNT!

Space Dad: It’s Easter already? Lance how the hell are you keeping track of Earth time?

Nerdy Birdy: I managed to remember what day it was when we left Earth and made a mini calendar. It’s probably incorrect but let Lance have his moment.

Princess Salt: Wait. Wtf is Easter??

Chef Hunk: It’s a holiday that’s supposed to celebrate the day a religious figure came back to life but was replaced by a rabbit who hides chocolate eggs for kids to find. But it’s really the parents hiding the chocolate.

Mullet: We aren’t actually doing this? How did you find eggs Lance?

Sharpshooter: Well…. I didn’t exactly hide ‘eggs’.

Sharpshooter: Hunk baked some egg shaped cookies for this event.

Nerdy Birdy: Hunk, you helped him?

Chef Hunk: Yeah! Easter’s one of my favorite holidays I don’t wanna miss it!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: What’re the rules?

Sharpshooter: Glad you asked! It’s simple, really. Just find as many of the cookies as you can! once you find them their yours. You can eat 'em, share 'em, whatever.

Mullet: But that means you and Hunk don’t get to participate, since you know where all the eggs are.

Sharpshooter: No need to worry Keith! Me and Hunk didn’t want to miss out so we we got Slav to hide them since he didn’t want to join us in the hunt.

Princess Salt: Sounds fun! When do we start?

Sharpshooter: On your marks.

Space Dad: Alright, guess we’re doing this.

Sharpshooter: Get set!

Nerdy Birdy: -Imma beat all of your asses-

Sharpshooter: Go!


After Lance made sure the message had sent properly, he tossed his phone onto the bed and ran out from his bedrooom. Everyone else had also gotten out from the rooms. Allura looked around happily before picking out a direction to start with. Keith looked apathetic as usual, but he still jogged out from his room to find the cookies. Hunk’s mouth seemed to be watering at the thought of eating the cookies he had cooked himself. Pidge had a determined look in her eye as she ran down the hall. Coran ran from his room, dramatically sliding into the wall across the hall, before marching off in his own direction. Shiro looked out from his room with a slight smile on his face, walking down the hall after double checking that everyone was actually going along with this.

Lance smiled proudly, ecstatic that his plan had played out. Now all that was left was to collect the most eggs. Lance ran past Keith with a shit-eating smirk on his face. Keith scowled under his breath before picking up speed and running past Lance. The kept up like this until they eventually got to their first place to start searching, they had picked the training deck. “Good luck, sharpshooter.” Keith mocked, making fun of the name Lance picked for himself for the group chat. “I’m gonna kick your ass, Mullet.” Lance teased back. Keith rolled his eyes and started checking the corners of the room. The room was pretty empty so there were little to no hiding places, but it didn’t hurt to look.

Keith eyed the corners of the room until something caught his eye. A pastel blue shape was on the ground in the corner of the room decorated with a pastel pink polka dot pattern. Keith picked up the egg and his first thought was to rub it in Lance’s face.

“Got one!”

Keith and Lance looked at eachother, shocked that they had just said the same thing simultaneously. Lance’s egg was the same design as Keith’s just reversed colors. “The fuck…” Crap not again! “Stop that!” Oh god let this end. “Okay! Now you’re doing this on purpose!” They shouted at eachother from across the room. “No I’m not!” They screamed again. Holy shit this was embarassing. “Just shut up!” They yelled one last time before sighing, frustrated. They both figured that they had found the only eggs in this room and left, not saying anything else.

Meanwhile, Allura searched the control deck of the castle ethusiastically. The mice already knew where all the eggs in this room were, but they didn’t want to help her cheat. She was looking under a chair when someone’s voice startled her. “Morning, princess.” Shiro greeted from the doorway. Allura jumped from the sudden noise, banging her head on the bottom of the chair. “Ow!” She exclaimed silently. Shiro chuckled softly. “You alright princess?” He asked, helping Allura up. “Yeah, yeah I’m alright.” She responded softly, rubbing her head. What’re you doing here?“ She asked, looking up at Shiro. "To find the eggs of course.” Shiro said, lettting go of Allura after making sure she was standing up properly.

“Joke’s on you, I’m finding all the eggs in this room.” Allura joked, putting her hands on her hips for dramatic effect. Shiro chuckled softly again. “Alright, princess, challenge accepted.” Shiro smirked and had his eyelids fall halfway. Allura blushed slightly before rushing to the next chair, getting on all fours and looking under it. Shiro Went to look under the control panel. “Found on- ow!” Allura exclaimed, saying 'ow’ because she had just her head on the bottom of the chair, again. Shiro laughed while he watched Allura stand up, holding an egg shaped cookie in one hand and her head in the other. The egg was a hot pink with thin, spread-out black stripes.

After about half an hour later they all regrouped and counted their eggs. Pidge got the most saying “Told ya!” Keith and Lance tied second place and Pidge wouldn’t stop teasing that they probably worked together, flustering and or disgusting the two boys. Allura got third, excited she got top three. Shiro was fourth tied with hunk while coran got last place, poor, poor gorgeous man. After counting they agreed to pool together the cookies and split them equally.


Princess Salt: Well, that was quite fun! Are we to be expecting any more up coming Earth holidays?

Sharpshooter: You bet your quiznak we got something ready!

Coran Coran The Gorgeous Man: Do we get to know?

Chef Hunk: Nope.

Nerdy Birdy: I want in on the surprise. Like behind the scenes action

Sharpshooter: Too bad. Me and Hunk got this in the bag.

Space Dad: Can’t wait for it.

Mullet: Me neither.

Chef Hunk: seRSGYUHHYvyugbtdvfg

Sharpshooter: Hunk, buddy, you alright?

Chef Hunk: Chef Hunk’s out of comission, it’s Nerdy Birdy. I’ll be texting Lance in his private chat with Hunk and we will be discussing the next event. Don’t worry, Hunk can still help.

Sharpshooter: Okay geez, didn’t have to be so

Sharpshooter: WAIT PIDGE STOP!

Chef Hunk has left the chat

Sharpshooter: Shit!

Sharpshooter has left the chat

Princess Salt: Wow. Pidge is a savage.

Mullet: I have a feeling we’ll enjoy the next event.


(The Legs: A private chat between Chef Hunk and Sharpshooter)

Today: 1:15

Chef Hunk: Well, well, well. Lance it looks like you and Hunk have been discussing more than just mother’s day.

Lance: Busted…


Wow, rich text is a pain in the ass.


Hello! I’m opening commissions for the first time! Not completely sure of what I’m doing, but now is the time to learn!

I will draw:

  • Nudity
  • Anthro
  • OCs/FCs (with reference)
  • Some go/re (just no stuff with wrists please)

I will not draw:

  • N/S/F/W
  • Complicated mech

Payment through PayPal only. This is kind of vague, so if you have any questions, just message me or send me an ask and I’ll give you a price! Even if you can’t afford anything, please consider reblogging, it helps me out a lot. Thank you all so much for reading.

Some more examples of my work under the cut:

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nitemaremotionless  asked:

How would Gyro react to his s/o being killed right in front of him?

-For an enemy to be able to even lay a finger on his s/o, Gyro would have to either be severely hurt himself or trapped in some way. If he is trapped, he will try to break free the moment he saw the enemy approaching his partner, yelling at them to move out or they’ll get hurt. He will probably end up hurting himself on the attempt of breaking free.

-But his entire body will freeze the moment he heard his partner’s sharp cry. And he wishes his eyes are deceiving him when he sees their bloodied body. This can’t be happening.

-He will cut his arms or legs or just do anything to get to them. He is shouting from the top of his lungs, from the name of his partner to threats to the person hurting his partner. “I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me?! I’ll fucking kill you!”

-As much as he wants to just run to his partner and help them, he would take care of the enemy first. He can’t help his s/o if he’s dead.

-After the enemy is put out of comission (but not dead; he wouldn’t kill them right away) he approaches his partner as soon as he can, kneeling besides them and holding them in his arms. “Hey, baby, look at me, ok? You’re going to be fine.” When he sees them crying out of pain his heart breaks. “I know it hurts, i know…”

-He starts to panic when he tries to sew the wounds but realizes it’s impossible; they’ve lost too much blood and the wound is too big. He already knows what this means.

-Gyro will try and make their last moments as happy as he can. Reminding them of good memories, telling them bad jokes and how much he loves them.

-After they die, he feels a wave of anger inside of him, and he is struggling not to let tears out. He will make sure to torture the shit out of the person that killed them and give them a slow, painful death.

-He will blame himself for their death, of course. From that moment, he would act way more bitter all the time, barely talking with anyone.

-He will make his objective to end the race for them now, it’s a promise to them.

-Sometimes he will talk to them before going to sleep. “…Hey, wherever you are, i hope you’re doing ok…i just wish you were here so i could annoy you like always…i love you.”




TalesFromRetail: "It's the right coupon, get over it!"

The third guest who came through my lane today looked normal enough. Three small lotions and two packs of disposable razors. Simple. The lotions were on special to buy 3, get a $5 gift card. Then she pulls out coupons, one per item.

Oh boy, here we go.

The lotion coupons scanned just fine, no issue.

But the razor coupons were for $4 off, and her packs were $3.99 each.

Me for me, CL for coupon lady.

Me: Ma'am, unfortunately, we can’t accept these coupons as the discount is more than the item’s price.

CL: Well you’ve accepted them here before.

Me: I don’t know anyone who would’ve done that because we’re all trained to not take coupons that have a higher discount than the item’s price.


Me: switches light and gets a front end manager over

So I tell the manager (M) what’s going on and she repeats the same thing to the guest.

CL: But the coupon says ANY pack, if you look up “any” in the dictionary..

And then my manager cuts her off with M: I understand that ma'am, but the system still won’t let us accept this coupon.

CL: Well last time I called CORPORATE about YOUR problem with my coupons, they told me if I had any more problems at THIS LOCATION to get a receipt that says that you denied me my coupons.

M: That’s not even a thing that we can do.

CL: So are you saying corporate is a liar?

M: internal screaming I’m not calling them liars, I’m just saying that’s not a function we have on our machines. Let me go get the other front end manager.

CL: (As manager is walking away) It’s the right coupon, get over it.

So about ten minutes pass while M goes to find another manager and discuss what to do about CL. I’m refusing to make eye contact with her because she’s just glaring at me, the other cashiers are guiding people to other lanes since mine’s out of comission for the moment, and everyone is giving me sympathetic looks. Eventually, M shows back up with a printout of our coupon policy.

M: So we actually have the right to refuse any coupon that doesn’t scan, and because this one isn’t scanning and it’s for a higher discount than the item’s price, we can’t take it.

CL: Well I’ll be calling corporate about this AGAIN.

CL then proceeds to wait around in front of the registers for another 10 minutes while on the phone before finally leaving. I guess now I’m officially initiated into the world of retail.

By: Evanescing