out of character

I think it’s important to recognise that there at least two totally different flavours of “out of character”.

There’s “out of character” as in “this character would never say or do that under any circumstances whatsoever”.

And then there’s “out of character” as in “this character’s personality and the circumstances of their life make it extraordinarily unlikely that they’d ever end up in this sort of situation in the first place, but allowing for the sake of argument that they have…”

When I say I imagine Kakyoin being weird, I mean like… “band kid weird”.

Kakyoin plays some kind of reed instrument, but uses the same reed for months and months and only changes it when it’s absolutely unplayable.

Kakyoin is the kid who doesn’t own a single pencil without chew marks.

Kakyoin is the kid that’s double-jointed and can do weird shit with his elbows.

Kakyoin probably once spent the entire school day in the ceiling and no one ever found out.

Kakyoin is the kid that’s been chewing the same piece of gum for a week and is shooting for a personal record.

Kakyoin is the kid that always smells vaguely like processed cheese and dust.

Kakyoin is the kid that’ll bunk with you and then ask if you think pigeons have feelings right as you’re almost falling asleep. 

Kakyoin is the kid that offers you warm gummi bears from his pocket. 

Kakyoin is the kid that changes the background of all the library computers to something stupid and silly.

Kakyoin wears his uniform every day, even vacation days, until he graduates, then his mom burns it, so he switches to Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses instead. 

Kakyoin is the kid who LIVES in the AV room, knows how all the shit works, and hasn’t seen sunlight in several days.

Kakyoin has bizarrely long toes, and can clasp them like hands.

Kakyoin can crack his joints really loudly whenever he wants.

Kakyoin’s backpack smells like mildew.

Kakyoin probably owns a lizard. 

Jotaro spent the first leg of the journey not entirely convinced Kakyoin WASN’T a lizard.

The only light sources in Kakyoin’s bedroom are a TV monitor that he never turns off and the heat lamp from his reptile cage.

Kakyoin somehow has amazing hands and fingernails.

…that kind of weird.

HEY THERE EDDHEADS! We’re a new Eddsworld ask blog and we’re ready to rumble! Here, you can ask whoever you want whatever you want! I mean, within reason of course. But other than that, anything’s fair game!

Also, I am legally required (not really) to add that Matt wants to say that he’s hot, surprising no one. 

But I digress. Come ask us stuff! The ask box is open, after all!

((Okay, not Joot-related, but I was looking through my inktober sketchbook, and I found October 2nd’s entry which was “noisy”… but I thought it said “nosy”, so I started drawing a plague doctor, but then halfway through, I re-read it correctly and gave him a bunch of instruments to play.

I dunno. It made me laugh this morning. XD I kinda wanna get a good version of this drawing as a tattoo. ))

Actually, uh, now is probably a good time to mention I’ll probably be taking a short break from this blog…

Needless to say I’ve been stressing out way too much lately, and since I’m not exactly the most… mentally well? person in the first place, it’s really getting to me.

I hope you guys will understand, and I’m sorry about that. You’re all phenomenal, but I just need a week or two to cool off, and then we’ll be back in business!

I might post some doodles here and there on my art blog @redmegaman if you’re interested, but just sit tight for now. Thank you all for understanding. ❤️