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I don’t normally make these sorts of things but I was feeling oddly warm and fuzzy today and wanted to say nice things about people and probably went overboard so here, have this thing. I am sure I am missing people and I am so sorry if I did. But really, I adore all my followers and partners, new and old. You’re the reason any of this is fun and interesting. This community is a great one and I am proud to be part of it!


wardenofthewood Oh, what can I say about you? I’ve known you almost since the beginning, on blogs now defunct, but we didn’t start really talking until much more recently, and that is such a shame because you’re one of my closest friends now and I feel as though past me was cheated out of some good times! I look forward to chatting with you each day, and tossing all our muses together in new combinations of pain and angst and love and sex. You are the queen of angst and my partner in crime and I’ll happily tag along with you to any fandom or new blog you create.

smokinshield You. YOU. I’ve said it before and will say it forever; I wouldn’t even be here if not for you. Your blog was the first Tolkien RP blog I ever stumbled upon, not long after the first Hobbit movie came out. I stalked your threads for ages on my (long-dead) personal before breaking down and making my first account and joining in the fun. And after all that, we’ve become real friends and I honestly couldn’t be happier about it. Your Thorin is amazing, your art is amazing, you are amazing, and I will follow you around till the end of time, or till you get sick of me. Whichever comes first!

bilbo-of-the-shire Why in the name of Everlasting Darkness did we not start talking sooner?! You’re hands down one of my favorite people and it has been a pleasure and a real delight to get to know you. Funny, kind, talented, Canadian – do your good qualities ever end? And don’t even get me started on all the beautiful things we’ve done with our muses together; I don’t know how they all work so well together, but damn. They do. They do. Consider yourself officially and eternally hoarded.

underoakandbeech Another friend too long delayed. We’ve known one another for ages and I adore the weird little friendship we built with your Thran and my Berú, but it has been so fun talking with you more, getting to know you, tossing your Legolas and my Cary together in modern, and all the rest. Sorry, Las! Your dedication to your muses shines through everything you do, and I’m glad to be your friend.

sharpglance My Maeglin, my friend. Okay, Maeglin and Caranthir may not get along in any of the totally non-canon AUs in which they’ve chatted, but you. YOU. I adore you and your face and meeting you, even just briefly, was one of my favorite days. You are smart and funny and so devoted to all the things you love. Your passion for  rowing and maps and American history and Maeglin and just everything is just inspiring. And don’t even get me started on what we did with Maegl-baegl and Berú because ugh so good.

curufinwefeanaro The Fëanor, I’m pretty sure. Actually Fëanor. From those Road Trip threads all the way through to father-son angst, I have counted myself lucky to know and write with you. Off-dash ranting, on-dash angsting, discussions of hot well-muscled individuals (purely for science’s sake of course) – I’d never have had the balls to create this account without your support. Thank you, Atya.

fiindekano Our muses may not get along too well, but ah, my friend, we certainly do! Who else could I have gotten Fëanorian star tattoos with? Who else could I spend time ranting about, well, everything, with? You are smart and funny and dedicated to your writing and your muse(s) and at one point you were my cousin, like half of my brothers, and my nephew, too. Basically, you’re family, time zone or no time zone.

cyrefinn Hánonya! Another newer friend, because your blog is newer, too. But Iron fucking Hells, am I glad you showed up and we started talking! There could not possibly be a better, more devoted, more dedicated Curufin out there, and that is certain. Our off-dash conversations are always a delight, and it is both frightening and wonderful just how much we are both actually our muses. Lengthy rants, lengthier discussions of the canon, meta out the wazoo – you are hánonya, in truth.

oathsayer / shiieldmaiden Speaking of people who are literal family – you and I might literally  be the same person. We’ve known each other a long time now, have done some amazing things together. I’ll never forget all the passionate world-building on our Dunlending blogs and the 50’s AU and that time we shouted poetry at each other and the other time we quoted Futurama in the tags to a smut thread and orchidaceous beauty (which Berú is still shaking her head over, thankyouverymuch) and then Tyelko and Moryo and their brotherly shenanigans. Just one of my favorite writing partners and favorite people generally. 


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[You know, I just want to say something. I’ve been part of the Tolkien community on Tumblr for a long time now (on other blogs previous to this one) and yeah, we have our problems, certainly. I’ve seen the community change, I’ve seen people leave and people come back and new people arrive, I’ve seen the dynamics and style of the community alter.

We have our dramas, some of which are minor and some of which explode, and we sometimes have to step back because of them.

We have our hurt feelings, and there are days when we all feel discouraged or left out or alone, and there are days when we lash out because of it and days when instead, we reach out for help.

And that’s the thing. We have the kind of community where you can reach out, and people do respond, because they genuinely care. We have a shared passion here, and we have a damned lot of really good people, really bright, intelligent, funny, good people. I have made real, lasting friends here, and I know I can rely on them when I need them, and I hope they know they can rely on me, too.

We are better than our worst days.

We are strong, and kind, and we are a damned good fandom. I, for one, am grateful on a daily basis for this place and for all of you.

[So, a couple of weeks ago, I posted about my husband having a phone interview and asked for good thoughts. Well, he’s gone through a couple more interviews since that day….

…..and today he was offered the job!!!

It’s going to change our lives in some big ways, including moving to another part of the country within the next few months, but it’s so exciting. And scary. But also exciting!!!!

[Did that GIF get your attention? Good!

I was looking at my archive the other day, and I realized that my very first post on this blog was four months ago today!

And wow, what a great four months it’s already been! I know it’s not a long amount of time, really, but I’ve made some great new friends here already, and Moryo has taken up permanent residence in my brain I’m pretty sure – not bad for a muse I picked up almost as a whim, only knowing I wanted to write a Fëanorian.

Crack, angst, fluff, shipping, stupid-ass Crow GIFs, melodramatic edits, Silm Butt Monday, Shirtless Sunday, some awesoooome fanart, Moryoga…yeah, it’s been an amazing ride already.

And that’s mostly (entirely) thanks to all y'all who’ve chosen to follow me here, and have been so kind and funny and engaged.

So this is for you guys: Moryo’d never say it, but I will. YOU ROCK.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

[You know what’s fun and a perfectly acceptable way to run an RP blog? Having ships and smut threads.

You know what’s also fun and a perfectly acceptable way to run an RP blog? Not having ships and smut threads.

You know what’s not fun and never ever acceptable? Trying to shame someone or generally upset them because of how they choose to run their RP blog.]

It’s Food Day! Foooood Daaaaaay!

Whatever you’re eating today, fellow American types, I hope your day is a lovely one!

And to all my friends in other countries for whom today is not a holiday, I hope your day is a lovely one, also!

Much love and good food and good drink and happiness to all, from me and my ridiculous muse!