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kind things 2 do for ur body when ur feeling down:

  • put on your favourite music
  • take lots of deep breaths
  • chill out somewhere u feel safe and warm
  • eat the snacks u like if u are hungry 
  • remember to stay hydrated
  • draw a warm bath and get sleepy
  • cuddle w yourself because friend u are soft an safe and i am so proud of where u are at, take your time u are doing really well

#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%

why you need xkit if you roleplay:

// this little symbol is an absolute lifesaver for anyone who blogs regularly, but especially for those of us that roleplay here. do you remember missing e? this is 100x better.

this is xkit, and it will change your life and your blogging experience forever. it’s a tumblr addon that comes with multiple extensions that make our lives so, so much easier. you can download it here, and i’m about to tell you why you should.

when you download xkit, you get a few addons already preloaded on it, and they are all worthwhile.

  • xinbox gives you advancements for you inbox, such as giving you a notification on your dash when you get a new message. it also auto-tags asks with usernames, makes the answer box taller so you can properly write, and slim fan mail for easier reading.
  • one-click postage gives you a popup window right on your dash when you hover over the reblog button that allows you to easily tag or caption a post, and the immediately post, queue, or draft it, with just one click.
  • one-click reply gives you a popup window right on your dash when you click the “reply” button on a notification (like when someone follows you or replies to one of your posts). it gives you a text box to write in a response, and it also gives you the ability to open the box in a new tab to format the whole post.
  • tweaks contains some simple quality of life options for your dashboard and your interface, like wrapping tags on the bottom of a post so you can read them easier, or slimming block quotes and hiding animations or buttons that are unnecessary.
  • go-to-dash adds a “view” button to posts on people’s blogs so that in case their theme is illegible (like they have unreadable fonts color on an even more brightly colored background) you can easily view that post, right on your dashboard.

in addition to the extensions that xkit already comes with, there’s a tab on the bottom of the xkit box that says “get extensions”. this gives you the ability to download more than 40 other extensions that will make your life so much easier.

under the break, i’m going to give you a few of my favorites that will be of great use to you, pictures included! if you’re already convinced, happy blogging, and if you need help with anything xkit related, don’t hesitate to ask me!

now, onto a few of my favorite extensions:

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Bubbled AU: In which the Crystal Gems rescue Steven and Eyeball from the vastness of outer space just before Eyeball could stab Steven. Garnet see this, unfuses, and Ruby proceeds to beat the ever-living daylights out of Eyeball while everyone else watches.

Oh, and the Ruby Squad were saved!


Chapter 3/12 - EXO Planet Recruits A/U: Ice Boy (Kim Minseok) (Ice Manipulation)
“They call him Ice Boy. A prodigy hacker. Helped the military infiltrate systems when he was fifteen. He knows all kinds of dirty secrets, and he knows those with power are waiting for an opportunity to kill him and clean up. But this kid is smart. He hid his strongest asset. The enemy have convinced the military that mutants are a threat and a battlefield against our favour is unfolding. We have no choice but fight, and I want him on our side.”