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Leshy Warden (Druid Archetype)

Among Druidic circles, it is well known that there are a myriad of bodiless natural spirits dwelling in the wild places of the world, and while some are called to serve shamans, others are sought out by druids, who learn to cultivate special plant bodies via secret magical methods to serve as the body for these otherwise powerless spirits, creating steadfast (and adorable) friends and allies.

The secret of leshy creation was supposedly taught by the Green Men, the so-called Leshy Kings, (Which helps bridge the gap between pathfinder’s interpretation of leshies and the real world legends) However, they remain difficult to create due to the painstaking process needed to grow the body for each one.

However, some druids, whether by special talent or blessing from the Green Men or nature itself, have a knack for growing leshies and tending to various plants, both sessile and ambulatory. These leshy wardens not only cultivate and protect plant creatures, but also serve as a voice for the various spirits that remain bodiless.

The most common leshy these druids create are leaf leshies, and generally they keep on as a familiar. As long as they have this planty friend with them, their bond allows the warden to utilize the divine domain of plants, or its subdomain of growth. If the leaf leshy dies, they can easily cultivate a new body for it, calling the same spirit to inhabit it.

As allies to growing things, these druids are masters of communicating with and influencing plant creatures as other druids might with animals.

So in tune with the plant and spirit aspects of their craft that they can create leshies as powerful plant creatures would, faster, cheaper, and with no chance of error. However, even if they have no time to create one, these mystics have learned to briefly summon common types of leshy with their magic.

As their leshy familiar grows in power, these druids can opt to progressively transform and transfer their companion to better and more powerful types of leshy bodies. Alternately, if they’ve grown attached to a current form, or have greater use for its abilities, they can instead opt to further develop their physical form, making them all the stronger and hearty.

Their focus on plants, like that of tree singers and other plant-focused druids, means they only learn to transform into plant creatures, though leshy wardens learn to do so a bit later than others.

More powerful leshy wardens are able to directly speak with plants, as well as commune with the spirits that animate them to learn of their surroundings, all without casting a spell.

If you love leshies (and who doesn’t?) and want a druid that can make them cheaply and quickly, as well as have a progressively growing leshy familiar, this archetype is certainly a great way to do that. Their ability to summon leshies to their aid also makes them rarely ever without allies. Consider looking into where other leshy types would fit into the summon nature’s ally lists, and the grow plant creature feat for more homegrown planty creations. For build, I would consider a support build that teams up with leshies to control the battlefield, or else perhaps a melee build with the leshies as support.

With such a strong connection to leshies, one can certainly guess that these druids might also have a similar connection to the Green Men, either worshipping them as deities, or simply revering them as quasi-divine beings. Meeting one in person might be the most key defining moment of such a character’s life, whether it is part of their backstory, or something that happens in the future.


Brother Himbu is something of a hermit, even among other vanara, and keeps company only with the many leshies he grows. The eccentric old man feels he is on the verge of a new type of leshy based off of creeper vines, and will pay handsomely for the sap of plant creatures, particularly assassin and viper vines.

Surprising everyone, a taciturn cactus leshy approaches the party, seeking their aid, for its master has fallen victim to a foul corruption of nature, a desert blight. It needs their help to slay the deadly ooze and recover their master’s body. However, its dislike of non-druidic mortals makes it blunt and rude with the group.

The Green Woman of Epirhan has a problem that vexes even her incredible might. The town of Epriseed, long friendly to nature and druidic tradition, has grown silent, and some strange magic prevents her from entering to discover the truth. Therein, strange blasphemous druidic rituals are occurring, evil leshy wardens creating leshies not from nature spirits, but from mortal souls, and other unnatural acts.

so i totally failed to study for my mocks and instead my genosonic new years gala au increased in length… i’m gonna fail my exams, but here you go guys:

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onliafaze  asked:

Kageyama, Oikawa, Bokuto, Kuroo, Kenma, and Lev help their s/o when they find her tangled in the volleyball net. RIDICULOUSLY tangled. As in 'I'm just as confused as you are as to how i got myself in this'.

Thank you for the request!! I’m sorry if this took forever! I have been slacking I think!

Kageyama~  You had no idea how it happened. You found yourself caught in the volleyball net. Your leg was caught in one of the holes, along with both of your arms. Your other leg just sort of dangled there. Kageyama walked up and had a look of complete and utter shock. He was in disbelief over how you ended up in this situation.

“____-chan… what are you doing? Why are you in the net?” You sighed and struggled against the net, only getting more tangled in the process. You whined and looked over at your boyfriend.

“Save me.” Kageyama worked carefully to get you out of the net. He made sure you didn’t fall and hurt yourself as you managed to break free from the entrapment. “Thank you!”

“Seriously. How did that even happen? You shouldn’t play in the net like that.” Kageyama started to scold you. You placed a hand on your hip and chuckled a bit.

“Do you really think I tried to do that?! I got stuck somehow… I don’t even know how I did it… but yeah.” Kageyama shook his head and grabbed his bag from the floor.

“Well, are you ready to go?”

Oikawa~ You were stuck in the volleyball net, the whole situation seemed utterly preposterous. You were trying to practice jumping and managed to fall into the net. You found yourself completely tangled.

Oikawa ran up to you, throwing his gym bag on the floor and gasping loudly. He looked at you from every angle he could, trying to understand what happened. He tried to see if there was an easy way to snake you out of the net.

Your face was red, not sure what to say to your overly protective boyfriend. He started frantically trying to untangle you, worried that you may be cutting off circulation to your body. Once he got you down, he started checking your body to see if you were cut, or burned from the rope.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?!”

“I’m fine, really! Thank you for saving me.” You leaned up and kissed him on the lips. He smiled and took a deep breath.

“How did you manage to get yourself into that mess?” You scratched your face and looked up.

“I honestly don’t know.”

Bokuto~ You were trapped, you feel as though you may have blanked out for a moment. When you came to, your body was ridiculously tangled in the net. You struggled against the net, however it only managed to twist you around. You were stuck even more than before.

Bokuto saw you and spat his water out. He burst out laughing. Akaashi sighed and shook his head. Bokuto was in tears he was laughing so hard.

“Are you really laughing at her? Don’t you think you should do something?” Bokuto took a few more moments to compose himself. He walked over and poked your thigh. You blushed and groaned.

“Help me!” Bokuto slowly moved your body to get you out of the net. He couldn’t help but laugh again when he saw the marks on your body from the entanglement. “Are you really laughing at me?”

“You look so ridiculous!” He was holding his stomach; you shook your head and walked away.

“You’re so mean to me.” Bokuto kept laughing as he followed you out of the gym.

Kuroo~ You didn’t know how it happened, but you were completely entangled in the volleyball net. You struggled against the net, hoping to free yourself. You groaned and looked around the empty practice gym. You sighed and decided it would be best to just wait it out at this point. Kuroo was bound to come back, he had the key to the gym. 

You found yourself singing a tune that was stuck in your head. You continued to wait for Kuroo to show up, and then you finished the song. You heard clapping, followed by foot steps. You looked up and saw Kuroo walking towards you.

“Tetsurou! Help me please!!” You shook your body as he laughed a bit to himself. Kuroo helped you down from the net and kissed your forehead.

“You really are a handful, kitten.” You sighed audibly and held onto his hand.

“I suppose, since you saved me, you deserve a reward.” Kuroo interest was peaked. He looked at you and smiled.

“What are you offering?”

“Maybe later… If you want… I’ll do that thing you like.” You quickly dragged him out of the gym, staying in front of him so he couldn’t see the blush on your face.

Kenma- You hadn’t been paying attention to your surroundings and the next thing you knew, you were hopelessly ensnared in the volleyball net. That’s the kind of thing that happened when you tried to navigate the school while playing your handheld. You struggled to get free, but in doing so had only managed to wrap the ropes more tightly around yourself. Finally, you accepted your defeat. The only thing to do was to wait for someone to come to your aid. 

What seemed like an eternity passed before the final bell rang. By then your left arm was asleep, your feet tingled with static, and the ropes dug into your flesh. Shortly after the bell, Kenma walked in; the first to arrive to volleyball practice. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw you. 

“_________-chan, how long have you been here? And how did you….?” He trailed off as he made his way over to you. All the while studying the puzzle you’d made of the net, a serious expression on his face.

You blushed. Out of everyone, Kenma would probably best understand how you had ended up that way. However, it was still embarrassing to admit. “Please, just get me down!”

It only took him a couple seconds to untangle you from the net. While relieved, the ease with which he was able to release you also made you feel more dumb about the whole situation. You looked away from him, face flushed, and rubbed the sore mark on your arm that the rope had left. “Thanks….”

He bent down and picked up your handheld that you had dropped in the struggle. “Pokemon Sun?” His eyes lit up. “This game doesn’t come out for another week.”

You smiled, happy to change the subject. “My dad knows a guy in the industry.”

“That’s pretty cool.” He handed your system back to you. “Hey, would you want to…. maybe hang out and play a game together sometime?”

The blush returned to your face. “Oh! Um, s-sure. I’d like that.”

Lev~ You were trying to put the net away after one of the practice matches. You tripped over yourself and your foot got caught in the net. You tried to pull your leg out and you tripped again. Your arm got tangled in the netting and your twisted yourself around.

When Lev found you, your leg was pulled backwards and your foot almost touching your head. He had to take a moment to even realize that their was a person under all that netting. 

“___-chan? Is that you?” You whimpered as the cramp in your leg started to intensify.

“Oh god help!!! My leg! It’s cramping!” Lev jumped forward and quickly attempted to free you from your confines. You shook your leg violently to ease the cramp. “Thank you, I don’t even know how that happened…”

“Are you alright?” Lev seemed concerned and checked out your body, paying special attention to your legs. “It looks like you were losing circulation.”

“Yeah, I am okay. Thank you! u-Um, do you maybe want to go get some ice cream with me? My treat! As a thank you for saving me!” Lev’s face went red and he nodded quickly.

“Yeah, that sounds really great!” 

I don’t feel lonely as I was the time you took my first kiss. I don’t feel depressed as I was discovering I’ll never be with my first love.

We made love. You whispered every sweet lies. I heard you but never believed them. It disperse from your mouth through out my body but I know you didn’t mean them; specially those three words.

I’m not a fool for knowing you’re not even mine. I’m not a fool for loving someone who says he’s incapable of loving neither wanting him. I’m just a fool for feeling that you still own me; my body, my mind, my heart and even my soul.

—  Gallene //a letter to the Devil

“The top ten non-narcotic pain relievers to be used while in labor”

ENCOURAGEMENT. Having people you trust tell you you’re doing great, your baby is doing great, and you’re not going to rip your body in half with the next contraction lessens the anxiety you feel, which takes the edge off the pain.

WATER. While in the shower or submerged in a tub of hot water, pain subsides for most women. Midwives call it the aquadural. In part this is because anxiety lessens. It’s hard to feel tense in soothing water, and in the tub buoyancy also relieves some of the physical pressure.

BIRTH BALLS. Make sure that the place where you plan to give birth has a few of those big, brightly colored balls made of strong plastic that you see in the gym. Straddling them spreads out the pressure on your cervix and flopping on top of one can also massage you as you experience another contraction.

BREATHING. The old childbirth standby from Lamaze classes is short, rhythmic breaths that allow you to focus on something outside your pain. Another technique is long, slow breaths that release the tension that is building inside you as labor progresses, or falls to progress. HypnoBirthing also teaches specific breathing techniques and self-hypnosis to take you into a relaxed state and create your body’s own natural anesthesia.

ACUPRESSURE. Experienced caregivers know just what body buttons to push to relieve your pain. They’ve been trained to seek out and apply pressure to the special spots unique to your body that soothe back labor or ease headaches. If you are planning to give birth without drugs, make sure to pick a caregiver who knows these spots well.

MOVEMENT. Walking, dancing, and swaying from side to side will all help labor progress and distract you from anticipating the next contraction. Even if you have found a comfortable position, you should move every thirty minutes or so to help shift your baby closer to being born.

MASSAGE. A partner or caregiver who knows how to knead your shoulders and neck can knock you into a lovely state of relaxation that will make the moment between contractions deeply restful and allow you to think about something besides the upcoming sensations. You might want to rehearse this before the big day so your partner knows what soothes you and you don’t have to pretend to tolerate a half-assed massage.

HOT PACKS OR COLD PACKS. The numbing effect of cold on the lower back or the soothing effect of a hot compress on the belly, or wherever else needed, works quickly.

VOCALIZING. Women are sometimes shy about making too much noise as they labor. Scream out! Lose your inhibitions! Not all of the vocalizing is screaming. Many women deep within the fugue state of labor let out beautiful deep moans that express how their body is adjusting as the baby moves. Whatever the sound you prefer, feel free to make it. Penn the mouth, open the cervix, and let that baby out!

HIRE A DOULA. These personal labor assistants are trained to support you emotionally and physically, but not to assist you in the medical aspects of birth as a midwife would. They stay with you for the entire birth and are skilled in all of the above techniques, plus they are a calming, experienced presence at times where your partner or family might not be. Studies say that having a doula can cut labor time in half. Many women prefer the hands-on attention of a doula to having an epidural.

—  “Your Best Birth”, by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, pages 25-27
Dancing Queen (Jungkook Scenario)

Requested: @hanxju


Genre: Fluff/Comedy

Word Count: 2036

(gif not mine)

Summary: You are the golden maknae in a newly debuted group, and you get to appear on a milestone episode for Weekly Idol. BTS is also scheduled for this episode. To say the least, things get competitive and cute.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing for a request!! I’ve never done this before, but I want to keep doing it. My exams are finishing up within this next week, so I should be able to post scenarios a lot more frequently. Request here!!

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the humans are scared, weak and pathetic that they created the CCG and they shouldn’t walk with their heads held high anymore

if i were in tokyo ghoul universe’s i would never take side with the CCG even i were human mainly because i don’t agree with their ways of dealing with ghouls even if they try to make it as human as possible.

here’s the thing ghouls are animals so they should be treated like ones because just killing them or putting them in jails isn’t enough but it will only make the hate relationship between humans and ghouls even worst because  ghouls are just as intelligent as humans including emotional intelligence.

what i see what the CCG is doing is excessively demonizing ghouls  and telling the society to deal with ghouls as trash who don’t belong in this world instead of treating them like animals who are motivated by hunger to feed on humans. but aren’t we the same? if the animals and plants we eat complained and started attacking us back would that make us criminals and scum because we want to live too? i don’t see groups of wild animals forming packs and fighting other species because of absolute fear of dying? wouldn’t this be the same thing with us humans?

this was fuel for many wars between humans and ghouls. the CCG made ghouls feel oppressed and unwanted which is drove many ghouls to be the breaking point and others to become terrorists and criminals eg: ayato. i blame ayato’s hate on humans on the CCG for the way that they treated him and touka when they were kids. i blame the current war between humans and ghouls on he CCG by 90%.

 if only humans swallowed their pride and didn’t go against nature things wouldn’t be half as worst as the current situation, ghouls wouldn’t be killing humans for any reason other than food. the number of ghoul attacking humans would drastically decline. ghouls could peacefully co-exist with humans. and the things that make me more angry is the fact that they try to get people to hate ghouls and make them join the CCG like is mutsuki’s situatio, and they give promotions and awards to investigators according to how much they’re are effective in killing ghouls, LIKE THEY GIVE FUCKING MONEY AWARDS TO THOSE WHO TAKE LIVES INSTEAD OF BEING ASHAMED OR AT-LEAST KEEPING IT A SECRET, WHERE THE FUCK IS HUMANITY IN THIS. AND THE WORST FUCKING THING EVER THAT THEY MAKE THEIR WEAPONS OUT OF GHOUL’S SPECIAL BODY PARTS AND KILL OTHER GHOULS WITH IT. LIKE DO YOU IMAGINE THE PAIN OF SEEING YOUR DECEASED FRIENDS BODY PART USED AS A WEAPON TO KILL U?? THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT AREN’T OKAY WITH THIS!

but i won’t be either on the ghouls side because ghouls can also be sadistic murders who kill others just for the hell of it. which is quiet dangerous for both communities. and if they were as superior as many of them claim to be the’d realize that a war on each other because of mere hate and fear is idiotic and unreasonable and costs both sides lots of unnecessarily sacrifices.

what i really like about tokyo ghoul as a whole is that the opinions on ghouls are taken from so many points of view and ishida senei doesn’t claim any of them to be the absolute correct fact but he leaves us a space to think for our selves for example he gave point of view from the following:

  •  a human who lost someone dear to them because of ghouls: akira mado.
  • a human who has lived with a ghoul : amon and suzuya.
  • a human who became friends with a ghoul: kaneki.
  • a human who is in a romantic relationship with a ghoul: kimi.
  • a human who is also a ghoul: eto, sasaki and seido.

don’t forget points of view on humans from ghouls perspective:

  • a ghoul who perfectly fit in the human society: everybody in anteiku tbh
  • a ghoul who humans attempted to murder as a little child: touka, ayato and himani
  • a ghoul who idk wtf is their problem: tsuukiyama shuu.
  • a ghoul who was tortured by a human to the point of turning into a monster: yamori
  • a ghoul with uncontrollable eating habits: rize.

ok now this is something to think about for now good bye.

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Clary can make portals now 😒

Yeah… I was unhappy with pretty much all of Clary and Jace’s arc in this ep, but this particular detail is like… sucking the life right out of my body. Her and Jace’s Super Extra Special Powers are getting pretty damn exhausting.

Black on Black Suits Are Fun

A/N: Wrote this for @twh-sss and theme was Loki wearing the black suit but I made it Tom and well it’s a Hiddleswift NSFW fic so if that’s not your ship sorry, but it’s mine.

Summary: Taylor sees the pictures of Tom wearing the black on black suit on the set of Thor Ragnarok and cannot wait until they are reunited in Australia.

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Small amount of tie being used as bondage.

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Character Headcanons Meme! 1/?

Okie dokie! Because so many of these have been requested to me, and they’re very similar, I’m going to put them all into one ask! They’ll be tagged as personal head canons and if you want me to add a certain character onto this list, feel free to ask! I’ll be posting more in the future! I put it under a cut because it’s kinda long!

Characters under the cut:

  1. Asahi
  2. Kageyama
  3. Tanaka
  4. Daichi
  5. Kuroo
  6. Tsukishima
  7. Kyoutani

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audiaphilios  asked:

YOU RANG?! How about Patater's first Christmas? Where do they spend it? What do they do? What do they give/receive?

ok so…. i can’t give gifts. i’m too practical a person to like.. appreciate or think of presents that aren’t like.. socks. or cash. but of course kent and tater don’t need socks or cash so tater gets kent an AMBIGUOUS BIG BOX and you can decide what’s in it :)

Kent opens the door expecting the guy with his Chinese food (it’s Christmas, he can cheat today surely) and isn’t sure if he’s happy or not to see Tater, grinning broadly at him and clutching an overnight bag and a very large, gaudily wrapped box.

“Uh,” Kent has had a long day and his eloquence is not at its best. “Subtle?”

“Kenny!” Tater’s smile is a mile wide like this is perfectly normal and expected. “How are you?”

“Well I was waiting for my Chinese food to get here,” Kent frowns. “Wasn’t expecting you?”

“But is Christmas!” Tater walks past him like he’s done many times. They’ve been hesitantly together for eight months now. “I thought you would expect me.”

“We didn’t talk about this,” Kent shuts his door and goes to collapse back on his couch.

“I’m sorry,” Tater sits next to him and Kent melts under his earnest gaze. “Should I go home?”

“No, of course not,” Kent reaches up to kiss him hello. “I’m just exhausted, not really in the mood for Christmas. I wanted to be with my mom but my schedule…”

“Is ok, Kenny,” Tater lifts his feet into his lap and works at a massage. Kent doesn’t know who taught Tater how to give foot rubs, but he knows he wants to thank them. A lot. Probably by throwing his entire bank balance at them. “We can relax and watch funny movies.”

Kit Purrson jumps up over the back of the couch and settles on Kent’s chest. His night has turned around dramatically and now he’s not sure he’s ever been so comfortable in his life. Tater turns on the TV and Kent tunes out the low noise of some overplayed Christmas special, feeling his body loosen up as he sinks into the couch. Kit is warm, purring away, and Tater is humming some tune just loud enough for Kent to hear.

He’s almost asleep when:

“I don’t have a present for you,” Kent realises, sitting up and dislodging Kit, who makes her annoyance clear with a shriek. “You bought me this huge thing, and I don’t have anything…”

“Hey, Kenny,” Tater laughs and smooths his hair back from his forehead. “Is okay, I don’t need a present.”

“Are you sure?” Kent slumps back down. He’s so fucking tired he just wants to curl up here with his boyfriend and sleep.

“Yes, I love you, I have everything I need.”

If Kent were more conscious he would probably protest that, but as it is he just grunts a little.

“I’ll buy you something when the shops open up again,” he mumbles. “Don’t worry, Alexei, I love you too.”

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THESE ABDUCTIONS AND KILLINGS MUST STOP! - Education is a child’s basic right… #BringBackOurGirls

  • Despite the terrifying attacks on schools, hundreds of brave girls gathered in Chibok, Borno state, North Nigeria for a few days in April to take exams.  April 14, come sundown, as many as 200 armed extremist stormed the boarding school dormitories herding the girls out of bed and tricking them into thinking they were military soldiers rescuing them from an on coming attack from Boko Haram.  That evening more than 300 girls were abducted.
  • In the dead of night, the militants’ convoy of pickup trucks, buses and motorcycles penetrated deep into the Nigerian forest with its haul of kidnapped children (possibly the Konduga area of the Sambisa Forest where Boko Harem were known to have fortified camps).  Men on motorcycles wielding AK-47’s riding along side the trucks threatening to shoot any girl that tries to escape.
  • 53 girls had escaped so far, and 276 remained missing.
  • Many sold as “brides”(sex slaves) to militants for the price of $12 (7.12£ / 8.73€ / 1221¥ / 93HK$).  In an article by the Washington Post, one family member was noted as stating:  “We have heard from members of the forest community where they took the girls. They said there had been mass marriages and the girls are being shared out as wives among the Boko Haram militants”.
  • At least two have died of snakebite, and about 20 others are ill. 
  • Latest reports states that another group of 11 girls between the ages of 12 and 15 had been kidnapped in the villages of Warabe and Wala in northeastern Borno state.  Many media sources believe that the girls were forced into trucks driven to Cameroon and Chad.
  • Boko Haram (modeled itself on Afghanistan’s Taliban) literally translates to ‘Western education is a sin’; bitterly opposes secular education and Western culture, aiming to establish Islamic sharia law throughout the country.
  • In addition to last months kidnapping, the terror group has carried out dozens of school attacks since 2012, killing a countless number of students and teachers, nearly closing all the schools in the northeastern region of Nigeria.
  • In February an attack in Yobe state carried out by Boko Haram ambushed a boarding school while the students were sleeping, killing 43 students .  Young boys had their throats cuts or were hacked to death.  Others were locked into their dormitories and burned to death as the extremist threw in firebombs.
  • In July, 42 students and teachers killed in another attack on a Yobe state school. 
  • In September 40 more died in an attack on an agricultural college, again during when the students were sleeping.
  • Boko Haram has killed more than 1,500 people this year.
  • President Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged the offers of help from the United States, Britain, China and France, all of which have offered help in the weeks-old search for the girls.  But the task of recovering the girls appeared to grow more complicated with news that U.S. intelligence believe the 276 girls have been split up and moved out of Nigeria and into neighboring countries of Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Togo.
  • Human rights group Amnesty International said in a statement, citing multiple interviews with sources, that the security forces had been warned more than four hours in advance of the school attack but did not do enough to stop it.
  • President Goodluck Jonathan, for weeks refused international help to search for more than 300 girls abducted from a school by Islamic extremists.  An apparent lack of urgency on the part of the government and military, for reasons that include a reluctance to bring in outsiders as well as possible infiltration by the extremists.  Last year, he said he suspected Boko Haram terrorists might be in the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government along with the police and armed forces.
  • The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon has said the world body is set to send out a a special envoy on security to Nigeria to assist the country in the search for the abducted schoolgirls.  Also, the UN, in collaboration with the international community has expressed commitment to ensuring that the over 10 million out of school girls in Nigeria are sent to school as soon as possible.
  • Almost one year after Nigeria declared a state of emergency in three northeastern states, the Nigerian authorities have reported that a quarter of a million people are now displaced within the country and more than 60,000 people have fled across borders.
  • UPDATE: an undated video released on Monday by French news agency Agence France-Presse, shows about 100 of the 276 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants nearly a month ago.  It’s the first time they’ve been seen since their abduction.  The girls are shown wearing the full-length hijab; some portions of the footage show them praying.  It is thought the majority of the abducted girls are Christians, although there are a number of Muslims among them.  The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, said they would be held until all imprisoned militants had been freed.

Read the full article ‘Nigerian schoolgirls recall Boko Haram kidnapping’ via Los Angeles Times (additional sources CNN, Washington Post, AP, Reuters, New York Times)

#RatifyLawForChildProtection #ChildrenDeservesTheRightToEducation #EducationIsABasicRight #StolenDreams

photo: reuters/akintunde akinleye

Spiritual Travel:

A Spiritual Approach to Out-Of-Body Experience:

Spiritual travel is a form of out-of-body experience done voluntarily to achieve a spiritual or religious goal. In order to have an out-of-body experience, the soul or consciousness of the individual must temporarily leave the physical body. During out-of-body experience, the physical senses shut down. When this occurs, an entirely new world opens up to the individual. Spiritual travel is a special type of out-of-body experience where the individual’s awareness is heightened, and he or she is able to make decisions and direct the experience.

The spectrum of experience afforded by spiritual travel is very broad and can include a wide variety of psychic and spiritual states. In most cases, the spiritual traveler is able to clearly remember the experiences and learn from them.

Spiritual travel is sometimes called transcendent or ecstatic experience because it deals with the “inner” senses rather than the physical senses. It also deals with states of being seemingly independent of the physical world.

The Purpose of Spiritual Travel:

The goal of spiritual travel is mystical or transcendent experience. The reason for an interest in spiritual travel is that it provides a unique means of approaching these distant and extraordinary states of awareness. It does this by exposing the spiritual seeker to a series of lessons about the nature of identity, and the freedom of the soul to travel in various non-physical environments. These lessons gradually introduce the spiritual traveler to a variety of psychic and spiritual states containing increasing degrees of individual freedom, and spiritual awareness. In addition, spiritual travel provides an inner laboratory where the seeker can experiment with techniques and methods of moving through the more limited psychic states of awareness and into these distant spiritual realms. We can use spiritual travel to explore the heavenly states described in religious texts prior to physical death which can help turn faith and hope from religious ideal into confidence and spiritual knowledge.


East Germany’s Auto — The Trabant,

Produced with little variation between 1957 until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Trabant came to symbolize everything that was wrong with Communism, especially in the satellite state of East Germany.  Manufactured by the VEB Sachsenring Automobilewercke in Zwickau, Saxony, the Trabant was the most commonly driven car in East Germany.  While advertised as being a economical family vehicle, the Trabant gained a reputation for being a reflection of East Germany’s stagnant economy and technological status.

The heart of the Trabant was of course its engine, an 18 horsepower two cyldiner two stroke engine, which was considered quaint and obsolete for automobile design even in the 1950’s.  For lubrication, two stroke engines typically need gasoline which is mixed with oil since they lack an oil injection system.  As a result, the Trabant motored down the street with a thick black plume of exhaust trailing from its tailpipe.  Later models were upgraded with a 26 horsepower engine.  The Trabant was a no frills, Spartan automobile, lacking common luxuries such as air conditioning, radio, and interior lights.  They even lacked a gas tank gauge, a truly frivolous capitalist pig-dog device when any good communist could make due with a large stick placed into the tank to determine how much gas is left.  By the way, the gas tank lacked a fuel system to the engine, so it was placed directly above the engine so that gravity could drip fuel into the engine’s two cylinders.  The Trabant did have a heater, but it was designed more in mind for blowing off heat from an overheating engine, and less in mind for comfort. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Trabant was that it’s body was not made of metal.  First a metal body would be too heavy for its 18 horsepower engine. In addition, East Germany suffered chronic steel shortages throughout its history. Instead the body was made out of a special hardened plastic material called duraplast, which was produced from cotton waste from Russia, sawdust, and a special resin waste that resulted from East Germany’s dye industry.  With a front mounted gas tank placed over the engine, and a body made of resin coated plastic, the Trabant posed a serious fire hazard in the case of car crashes and other accidents.

Despite its flaws, the Trabant actually has a positive legacy among those who look back into the past.  When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the world watched as thousands of East Germans crossed the border searching for freedom in their Trabants.  After the reunification of Germany the Trabant continued in production for a few years, but ultimately was buried by more advanced designs from BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.  Production was attempted in other countries, such as Uzbekistan, but all ultimately failed.  Today the Trabant is a popular vehicle among classic car collectors.