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Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Seven)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with David Tennant in DWM 378

BC: Hello, David.  Are you scared of spiders?

DT: I don’t mind spiders, actually. I don’t love a lot of things like that, but spiders, for some reason, I feel quite comfortable around. Moths are the ones that freak me out. It’s something to do with the way that, if they get squished, they turn to dust. There’s something very wrong about that. It all feels a bit Gothic.

BC: What about weddings?

DT: I’m scared of weddings, obviously, yeah. [Laughs] Actually, I’ve always had a good time at weddings. I’ve missed a few friends’ weddings over the years, which is always disappointing, ‘cos this job isn’t one where you can say, ‘Ooh, I need Saturday off to go to a wedding.’ But ones that I’ve been to - in recent years, anyway - I’ve had a great time at. They’re happening less frequently, though, aren’t they? People don’t really feel the need to get married so much.

BC: Now that you’re famous, do you get invited to celebrity weddings of people that you barely know?

DT: I’ve never had that. Why haven’t I had that? Now that you mention it, I’m a bit annoyed about that. What’s coming up? Somebody from Hollyoaks must be getting married or something…

BC: According to this week’s Heat magazine, Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee are tying the knot. It is - I quote - ‘the pop wedding of the week.’

DT: Why haven’t I been invited? I’m not happy

BC: Sod ‘em. Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes is more up your street, isn’t it?

DT: But I wasn’t invited to that one either. They didn’t get in touch. My invitation probably just got lost in the post. 

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Finn rant

Okay, here goes. I wanted to take the time to summarize everything that I hate about the Star Wars fandom and it’s treatment of Finn. This is all stuff that has annoyed and in some cases offended me that I’ve had to look at for well over  a year since joining this fandom. This is also everything that I’ve felt like I had to keep my mouth shut about because it seems like most people in the Star Wars fandom have no problem whatsoever with.

If you disagree with me, that’s great, and feel free to message me why. If you feel offended, then unfollow me, because that’s what I’ve been trying to do for over a year.


So the other day, a dear friend of mine told me that the finnreyfridays one-shot we were working on was sexist. Like actually sexist. Do you know why they told me it was sexist? Allow me to answer the question for you.

They told me it was sexist because the plot included Finn saving Rey. That’s why. I didn’t turn Rey into a helpless damsel-in-distress, I didn’t write Rey as a slutty scavenger who flirts with every guy she sees.

I wrote Rey as a skilled Jedi who was ambushed by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren on a mission, and simply needed help. That’s it. It’s not an unrealistic situation at all, and Rey still got the upper hand on Kylo Ren. She was in danger and outnumbered, and Finn showed up and helped her.

And it’s became very clear to me that it offended my friend for one reason. That reason was that by simply because my having Finn rescue Rey, I apparently shattered Rey’s character and turned her into a helpless damsel-in-distress….

A few weeks ago there was photoset made by @shropshiregirl79 for finnreyfridays. It was a daily planet au with Finn as superman and Rey as Lois Lane. One of the pictures showed Rey in danger and Finn rescuing her, carrying her in his arms. Someone got mad about that and said they made Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

Another situation arose where someone posted artwork of Finn and Rey as an old-style movie, with Finn a detective pointing a gun at someone while Rey clung to him. Once again, someone got mad and said it turned Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

It’s become so taboo in this fandom just to have Finn saving, or even protecting Rey without people (probably white feminists) getting mad at it. Why is that? Is Finn’s only role only to be put in peril for Rey to rescue?

And if you’re one of the people who gets mad about that, let me ask you a question.
Would you be mad if it was Finn?


Here’s the deal. I joined the fandom well over a year ago. I can safely say I’ve read about

thirty to forty fics

where at some point,

Finn is inevitably captured or put in peril, and rescued by Rey or Poe.

I’ve seen

finnrey shippers

who supposedly love and appreciate Finn, joke around and call

Finn a damsel-in-distress (or trooper-in-distress)

and talk about how Rey does nothing but save him over and over, and everyone laughs and jokes about it.

I’ve read fics where on the off-chance that Finn does risk his life to save Rey, he gets criticized for it because he was being

RECKLESS and Rey HAD IT UNDER CONTROL. Seriously? Finn can’t even save Rey without it involving him being stupid or catching hell or it? 

It’s always, “Finn why did you do that?! You could’ve died!” instead of “Wow Finn thank you for saving me, I’m glad you’re okay. That was pretty brave.”

But nope. Can’t even have that. 

I’ve read fics where Finn is flat out tied up and gagged.

I’ve read a fics where Finn is captured, beaten, stripped down and hosed and left in a cell shivering in the corner helpless, wishing that Rey or Poe was there to save him (but it’s okay because ta-da they come to his rescue).

I’ve read a fic where the entire thing was just worshiping Rey. Literally. It’s Poe’s pov during a battle, and Finn is basically getting beat up and dragged away by stormtroopers, by the way that’s his entire role in the fic, just to get his ass kicked. He doesn’t do anything else.
So Finn’s getting beat up, and the rest of the fic is Poe being completely ENAMORED left in AWE by Rey’s amazing flawless skills fighting through the stormtroopers and kicking ass left and right and looking SOOO beautiful and graceful with her lightsaber and she rescues Finn and Poe thanks her and thanks her over and over again. 

That’s the entire fic. Kissing Rey’s ass and kicking Finn’s. And guess what? The readers ate that shit up. They loved it. 

So let me sum it up again. Finn can get beat up by stormtroopers, captured thousands of times, stripped, tortured, hosed down, and left shivering in a corner basically crying for Poe and Rey like bait, and people say that they appreciate Finn’s character for this? This is okay to everyone?

Yet if I write a one shot where Rey is outnumbered, defeats Kylo Ren but is then outnumbered and Finn comes to save her, then I’m destroying Rey’s character? Then I don’t appreciate her character? Then the entire one-shot is sexist garbage based on turning Rey into a damsel in distress?

Apparently so. Thanks fandom. 

Again, I’ve been putting up with this for over a year, and it took a lot of time for me to actually muster up the courage to rant about it. If this offends you, you’re probably apart of the problem.

Finnamon Roll?

Okay, another major trend I’m sick of is the constant EMASCULATION OF FINN. 
Let me sum up Finn’s character.  He suffers from trauma. He was taken away as a baby and raised to be a ruthless killing machine. He endured 20+ years of brainwashing, propaganda, and conditioning. He had no friends whatsoever (SLIP WAS NOT HIS FRIEND). He was the best stormtrooper cadet in his unit. He almost never missed a shot with a blaster. He was an outcast, and constantly criticized for having a heart.

In TFA, he suffers from trauma, is still an expert shot with a blaster, rescues Poe, keeps Rey from getting shot by stormtroopers, makes a tough decision to leave Rey because he knows what the First Order is capable of, and even begs her to come with him. He comes right back into the fight after seeing Hosnian Prime get destroyed, and is witnesses Rey get kidnapped by his worst nightmare. 
What does he do? He decides to help the Resistance, gives them vital information that only HE knew, volunteers to go to SKB. Captures Phasma and forces her at gunpoint to lower the shields, helps Rey escape from SKB, witnesses Han’s murder, watches Rey get slammed into a tree, before making the final decision to stand up to his worst nightmare, knowing he might die just to protect Rey. His last line in the entire movie is “Come get it.”

After summarizing his character, how come all I see on tumblr is “awwwwww look at my cute smol wittle Finny. He’s so harmless and adorable!!!” Like…excuse me? Is that all tumblr was able to get from that movie? So let me get this straight. Because Finn isn’t a cold-blooded murderer, he’s suddenly nothing but a squishy pile of hearts and flowers and sugar  who couldn’t hurt a fly? Really?

How come in most highschool aus, Finn’s portrayed as an overly-meek or powerless nerd? If anything, Finn would probably be a pretty strong guy who gets straight As and stands up for his friends no matter what. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bully either. 

This is what the fandom does with his character, instead of exploring the endless possibilities with his backstory and trauma. AND on the off-chance that someone writes an actual Finn-centric fic based on his backstory, it’s always just Finn and his stormtrooper buddies having a romance or exploring sex for some reason. We can’t even have a Finn story without it circulating around people he knows. It’s always about someone else at the end of the day.

What’s heartbreaking is that most of the things I’m complaining about happens in the stormpilot and finnrey ships (this is where I expect people to unfollow me). Like come on guys. I could see r/eylos doing this, but not you guys. You’re so much better than that. 

Space Prince Finn (More Emasculation)

Look, when I first heard the idea of Finn being a lost Prince, I was stoked. I was blown away. My reaction was,”Finally! This fandom’s actually given Finn something of his own! He could be royalty! How dope would that be!”

But…of course, this fandom has to take that amazing concept and uh…

Well, we ruined that too. We basically turn Finn into a jewelry stand, and a makeup model. Of course, I’m not saying men can’t wear what they want. If a man wants to wear makeup or wear jewelry, that’s completely fine and I encourage that. But here’s the issue. 

We constantly idolize Princess Leia and Queen/Senator Amidala because they are figures of royalty who can fight and take care of themselves, as well as look badass while they do it. 

So why is it that when we have Prince Finn, he’s once again, emasculated, put in dresses and given nail polish, lipstick, doused in glitter, and turned into a damsel-in-distress who not only needs constant rescue once again, but this time needs Rey/Poe as a bodyguard to protect him?

It’s a double standard. I’m sorry but you can’t praise Leia and Padme for being badass royals who don’t need protection, and turn around and make Finn the opposite. 

And again, it’s something that the fandom eats up for some reason. We’ll shun the Hutt-Slayer bikini (rightfully so. it’s disgusting), make it a point to make fun of the hutt-slayer bikini and constantly criticize it, yet draw Finn in it and everyone thinks it’s cute and hilarious. This is the shit that I’m sick of. 

Look at T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther. He is royalty, but he’s also very powerful, knows how to fight, is an amazing fighter, and is taken seriously. Very seriously. He is strong, brave, serious, and intimidating, yet he’s not a bully or a stereotype. 

THIS. THIS is what I expected Prince Finn to be. This is what Prince Finn would be if it were canon. He’d be a strong leader, handsome, noble, powerful, and intimidating. And he wouldn’t need constant protection from Rey and/or Poe. Especially not this constant emasculation and woobifying. 

We live in a day and age where Princesses are being portrayed as stronger and stronger, and are told that they can rescue themselves. So why is Finn being treated the opposite? Why is Finn being treated like he’s just there to look pretty for commissions and make out with Poe? Why does he need all-powerful Rey to always protect him? Why can’t he be taken more seriously?

I want you to think about this.


Okay. This was a lot to cover, and it’s something that’s been nagging at me for a while now. Look. I look up to Finn. I really do. He’s my hero. He’s the first main black lead in Star Wars, and that means the world to me. I want to see him grow and be appreciate and given an epic role moving forward, and I feel like the Star Wars fandom isn’t the place I’m going to find any of that. 

Not a day goes by where I’m not tempted to deactivate and walk away from the fandom entirely. There’s just too much shit Finn is put through that drives me insane. There’s too many things that I look at or read that make me feel like this fandom will never actually appreciate Finn the way the he deserves to be appreciated. Even the people who say that they love Finn tend to do this.

So I wanted to write this rant in case I ever deactivate because of this fandom. Just so you, the readers, can know why.

Thanks for reading. Means a lot. If you’re still wondering when the One-Shot is coming out, probably next week. I have to finish it on my own. 













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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Six

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

[on trying to film during a sandstorm]
“Not only was what we were shooting looking horrible,” James tells DWM, “because we had no light… and this massive desert landscape, you couldn’t see it… I mean, we could have been in a car park at Upper Boat… but also sand was being blown in our faces constantly. The actors couldn’t open their eyes.”

“Problem is,” says make-up designer Barbara Southcott, “it’s on high-def, so you’ll see every bit of sand on their skin.”

“You’ll have to paint it out,” make-up artist Steve Smith teases The Mill’s Dave Houghton.

“Frame by frame,” nods Dave, “grain by grain.”

“I know it’s not easy, guys,” calls out John [Bennett, First Assistant Director]. “Let’s just do what we can.” But David’s hair has turned blonde. (Daniel [Kaluuya, who plays Barclay] dubs him “Barry Manilow”.)

The sand is sticking to everything. Worst hit is Tracie Simpson, whose lips are actually yellow. This is her first episode as Doctor Who’s producer. It’s a baptism of fire - no, of wind! Of wind and sand and lipstick.

Forgetting that Dubai is four hours ahead of the UK, DWM decides to text a message of support to Russell T Davies in Cardiff - you know, something encouraging and inspiring. But somehow we manage to send one that says: “SANDSTORM! CODE RED! ABORT! ABORT!” Surprisingly, Russell messages back: “I’ve got you texting with ‘SANDSTORM!’ and Julie [Gardner, executive producer] phoning with ‘SANDSTORM!’ I’m hooting. Save yourself, Ben.” Perhaps we should hide in a Portaloo until it’s all over? (We don’t last long. It stinks in here. Besides, a queue was forming.)

Back outside, the majestic crane shots intended for this morning are abandoned. The crane is dismantled and taken away. “I thought, let’s shoot everything that we can against the bus,” James explains later. “…but the actors all looked like they’d been tarred in sand and dragged through a hedge.”

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Studio Mir Leak Issue

Now you all have probably seen the photsets of that tour taken around Studio Mir.

Well as it turns out, the OP has discovered that they were not supposed to post any of the pictures online and is now in SERIOUS trouble along with Studio Mir, with Dreamworks.

This is a call on ALL VOLTRON FANS on ALL PLATFORMS to find and delete every account of this photoset on the web in order to preserve the legal peace between Studio Mir and Dreamworks.

If this issue continues there is a sincere possibility that Voltron might be pushed back due to the legal trouble, animators could be fired, and in a worse case scenario (which while not guaranteed but is still fully possible) Voltron could be CANCELLED.

Put any ship wars or discourse on the sidelines for now. We can get back to that AFTER we keep the show we all love running.

PS: the OP of the photoset has already requested that people delete the photoset and has done all they can to try to fix the issue. It’s up to us now to make sure that as little damage as possible is done.

One For Both Teams Part 1

Summary: Starting fifth year in a completely new area proves less confusing than Y/N thought, as she easily befriends a number of people. The only thing is, not all of them get along, and Y/N finds herself torn between them (High School AU).

Author’s Note: So, the idea for this was mostly inspired by this photoset, ie the picture below (thanks to @i-want-to-fuck-that-dorito-man for pitching it to me). Also, I got really hyped up because I’d just bingeread “Through the Window” by @avengersimaginings which is so good, you guys. Check it out.

Chapter List


Part One

“Got a thing for two-faced bitches, have you?” 

You drew a deep breath and forced yourself to remain calm. Things were getting way out of hand.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

“You’re on his side?!”

“You know I’m never one to back down from a fight, but trust me when I say that he’s not worth it,” you murmured quietly, leaning close to his ear so he would hear you better. 

This wasn’t going to end well.

“No, thanks, mum. I don’t need a lift.”

“Are you sure? It’s on the way, and-”

“Mum, please,” you said, laughing as you pulled on your shoes. “I’ll find my way.”

She frowned and glanced at the clock on the wall.

“You only have half an hour.”

“The school is fifteen minutes down the road. I’ll be fine. Thanks for offering,” you said, smiling. You leant up to give her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek as you got up, before opening the front door. “I’ll see you later. Enjoy your first day at the office!” you exclaimed, flashing her a smile as you started walking.

“You, too,” she joked, waving. You waved back, and started your walk to the school.

A soft breeze rustled through the leaves of the trees as you walked by, and you felt oddly calm. You had done this so many times by now that it was completely normal, and you didn’t feel as anxious as you used to. As you walked, you noticed other students walking further up the road, waving each other over and greeting each other excitedly. You thought nothing of it, and soon you were by the front gates of the school.

You had walked past the school before, when you were finding out where it was and all, but when you saw the size of it, you forgot to think about the amount of students a school that size could take in. You took a deep breath and pulled the folded piece of paper out of your pocket, trying to flatten the creases as you opened it and made your way through the gates.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

for your 1k pompts:i saw a photoset of a rebelcaptain au where jyn is a single mum running a bookstore and cassian is the hottie prof at the local uni. i thought it was such a cute idea and i'd love to see what you do with it. (also, can i saw how much i'm loving your persuasion au and how it's giving me ALL of the feels?!)

First, thank you for the compliment on my Persuasion/rebelcaptain story! I hope to have another chapter written and posted before I leave on vacation next week.

And Anon, I AM SO INTO THIS IDEA YOU HAVE PROMPTED, and also your use of “uni” instead of “college” has me totally setting this in London.

I actually drafted a start this morning, but for my 1k celebration, I will definitely be writing a longer story because it is coming alive in my brain! I am actually about 10 followers away now. Eep!

Anyway. Here’s the start, a super rough draft I just wrote (promises to make this much better later, but I am excited about it now and wanted to share):

Cassian’s checked the Waterstones, the WH Smiths, even the Tesco, but he’s had no luck finding a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera, and the bookstands in the Tube station only yielded Harry Potter books, romances, or the novelization of the latest Star Wars movie.

“This is ridiculous,” he mutters, wracking his brain to try and remember the name and location of the little bookstore he saw the week before. He pulls his blazer tighter around himself and makes the turn onto Earl’s Court Road, the autumn wind nipping at his face.

He almost misses it, but he sees the sign out of the corner of his eye, a swinging board shaped like a precious gem, and the shop name emblazoned in purple: Kyber Books.

It’ll have to do. He has to hope it does.

There’s a solitary woman in the shop at the counter, brown hair pulled back into a bun, green eyes heavy with sleep. She looks at once young and old, and it makes him start. The way she’s hovering over the till, he has to assume she works here, and he barrels forward. He has to teach in 30 minutes, and it’s at least a 15 minute walk, if he rushes, back to his classroom for his next period.

“Excuse me, but,” he says, and she looks up at him expectantly. “I’m looking for a copy of a Márquez book, it’s–”

“–Love in the Time of Cholera??” she answers.

“Yes,” he says, and it makes him do a double take, but what was he expecting? Perhaps he was too used to chain stores where the employees were university students who just wanted to make wages and not actually know anything about the books that they were selling.

Like a magician, she pulls out a copy of the novel and waves it carelessly in the air. “I had one saved for a student, but he never showed. You can have it instead.”

He smiles. “Thanks.” Cassian pulls out his wallet to pay. “I’m glad you had it. I have a class in 30 minutes, and none of the other shops seemed to carry it.”

“Well,” she says wryly, putting the book and receipt in the bag, “I look forward to putting them out of business.”

There’s a tinny burble that comes from behind her, and both their attentions are drawn away. The woman turns behind her and pulls out a baby monitor. In black and white, Cassian can see a little boy pulling himself up inside his crib.

“My coworker,” she says with a tired smile that still manages to light up her face. He notices then the green of her eyes and finds himself staring a beat longer than he should. “Terrible at his job. He naps all the time when should be working, but at least he only wants to get paid in milk and cuddles.”

“Well, thank you,” Cassian says, his mouth suddenly a little dry, his heart rate ticking up unexpectedly. He had been in too much of a rush to really look at her earlier; he’s finally seeing her now.

“No problem. You better scoot to class.”

He checks his watch and curses.

“You know,” she says, “you could have just bought the ebook if you were in such a hurry.”

He shouldn’t keep talking, but he wants to. “Are you trying to put yourself out of business?” he says.

She shrugs and glances at the baby monitor again. “Maybe.”

It’s his first day of teaching classes, and being fashionably late only is fashionable if you’re not broken out into a full body sweat. He breaks into a run, and it gives him three minutes to spare when he finally gets to his classroom, just enough time for a gulp of water and a moment to dab the perspiration running down his neck.

The class goes fine. His students at least seem interested, and he doesn’t think of the woman at the shop at all, at least, not until he’s back at his flat that evening, thumbing through his copy and wondering whether or not he should have asked her for her name.

The Foxhole Court: Fic Rec Masterpost

Okay, so. There are some really great fics in this fandom and, as I have absolutely no photo editing skills, I can’t make those pretty photosets to rec them. Thus, this post. I will be updating it with time <3


Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a

Nora mentioned in her extra content that Neil slowly maps out Andrew’s body and then this fic happened. Starts after The King’s Men.

Why you should read it: This is basically the Fourth Unnofficial Book ™ we never got. It’s smutty, but the sex isn’t there for the sake of sex. It’s about Neil and Andrew, about their relationship progressing, about Andrew learning to trust Neil with his body and Neil learning how to live a life he didn’t except to have… It’s great, that’s what I’m trying to say. It’s my favourite fic of all times in this fandom. Go read it.


Hazes by Spinsy

Their entire relationship could be viewed through a series of hazes - ranging from the sweetest of affections, to the deadliest of diseases - that broke down their carefully constructed defense mechanisms. When Neil felt the need to run, Andrew always grounded him to a home. When Andrew felt the need to self-destruct, Neil always gave him a reason not to.

For that, Neil will take on their difficulties any day.

Why you should read it: Andrew has a nightmare and hurts Neil one day. They deal with it. It’s very angsty.

we might be hollow (but we’re brave) by stttmsbwa

Andrew is looking to live his life in peaceful nothingness, but his new neighbor’s cat won’t stop sneaking onto his balcony. As much as he tries to not make it into something, Andrew finds himself drawn to the mysterious and tempting man next door.

Neil is just trying to find a reason to not leave Palmetto after everyone else has moved on. But he never thought he would want to run toward something in favor of running away.

(In a slightly different world, two people find themselves meeting in a softer setting and in just as much need of each other. A story about dealing with pasts, sharing secrets and a cat who is an asshole yet manages to charm everyone around it.)

Why you should read it: Neil and Andrew are neighbours, and Neil’s cat loves Andrew. It starts very cute and turns very angsty. Just one chapter left!

One shot

at the edge of what was by BurningFairytales

He flips Neil’s phone open and scrolls through the call history. It’s not a long list; his own name is at the bottom, then there’s a call from Nicky one from Dan. There’s an outgoing call from Neil’s phone to Andrew’s – that day they went to Atlanta – and one to a number that isn’t saved but that Andrew recognises as Bee’s.

And then there’s a call from an unknown number, no more than an hour ago.

He wants to call it. He wants to call it and demand where Neil is, wants to find out whoever the number belongs to and bash their head into a wall, break every bone in their body until Neil is back with them.

Why you should read it: It’s Baltimore from Andrew’s point of view, using all the headcanons Nora has mentioned in her blog. It will break your heart, but you will be happy about it.

Kairos by redketchup

In this life, Nathaniel Wesninski runs.

In another, he stays.

Why you should read it: It’s an AU about how Neil ran after the FBI rescues him from Nathan’s house. It’s beautifully written. It hurts.

coin toss universe by SashaSea

A sort-of AU that follows the professional careers and media misadventures of Andrew and Neil.

Why you should read it: I’d say it’s more of a Future Fic than an AU. It’s funny, it’s well-written, and I just love how Andrew and Neil fuck with the press. Remember those headcanons everything has? It’s here, in fic-format.

‘til it was near morning by Metis_Ink

When the days change for Andrew, they start at the beginning.

Why you should read it: It’s a very short fic (just above 1k) about Andrew reflecting on mornings and how Neil factors in. It’s just really lovely.

when king laugh come by SashaSea

Andrew sits beside a broken window with a feral smile on his face, and he beckons for Neil before locking them in. “I never,” and there’s a single hitch, a catch of his breath around anger and fear and – and then he’s Andrew again, a whirlwind of noise and motion but for once they take him outside of Neil’s reach and he tries not to notice. “I never asked? Do many people ask, Neil?” He finds the wherewithal to stub out his cigarette into the desk before continuing, hands grasping for answers in the empty air, but he sets his shoulders and leans into Neil’s space like they might be okay. “Really, tell me, in all the years of whatever this is, exactly how many people have ever thought to ask ‘Are you a werewolf?’”

Neil smells ash and smoke and wants to lean into it; the curls of nicotine in the air taste too much like safety. “Including now? You would be the first.”

Why you should read it: If you like supernatural stuff, this is for you. Everything is the same, except Neil and some other characters are werewolves.


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Eight

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report from DWM 408

Outside the airport, the 40-strong cast and crew pile into three minibuses. (Routemasters would have been more appropriate, surely?) As we head north out of the city, the mirrored glass skyline recedes to make way for an enormous expanse of desert. This will be our home for the next four days.

DWM’s minibus is the first to arrive at the Holiday Arabian Resort (no seven-star city hotel for us)… and that’s when we get news that the minibus carrying David Tennant and Michelle Ryan, amongst others, has been pulled over by armed police! No, really! Something to do with a broken tail-light. Apparently, everyone’s had to get off and stand on the verge, in the dark, while the driver slips officers a fistful of dirhams. (Some of this story turns out to be true.) Meanwhile, minibus number three is missing in action. It took a wrong turning and is heading for Oman.

[The next day]
Today is ‘Prep Day’, a recce in the desert, the first chance for the cast and crew to check out the location at which they’ll be filming for the rest of the week. We travel the final five minutes on an open-backed army truck, because the terrain is too demanding for our coach. “We’d make the worse army ever,” chuckles special-effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves, as one by one we struggle up the stepladder onto the truck. David and Michelle aren’t even allowed on board, for health and safety reasons. That annoys them. They travel by four-by-fours instead.

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19 AUS FOR JUSTINE :: Big Four In Storybrooke [14/19]


HICCUP HADDOCK III. Was raised in a family legendary for their skills in hunting for sport - something Hiccup has never excelled in. After disappointing his father once again when actually adopting an animal he finds in the forest (and naming him Toothless, of all things!), Hiccup is demoted to help run Gobber’s auto shop. One day Granny calls him in to repair a broken stove and (with much awkward fumbling and maybe a little deja vu) he meets a red-headed waitress named Merida.

MERIDA DUNBROCH. Works at Granny’s Diner to save up for the day she gets to see the world beyond Storybrooke’s boundaries (despite her mother’s disapproval). When not at work, she runs out into the woods and practices her archery. One afternoon, she breaks her compound bow and (having no where else to go) decides to seek the local mechanic’s help. Hiccup agrees to fix the bow, which in turn leads to an unlikely friendship (that seems to be a bit too familiar to both of them).

JACK FROST. Having no known relatives in Storybrooke, he lives with the Bennett family who was kind enough to take him in. Widely avoided in town (though no one really understood why they felt the urge to ignore him), he’s been known to be a bit of a loner. Currently part of the staff of the mental ward in which Belle was kept in secret. Was sometimes assigned to her cell, and found himself being especially nice and offering her extra pudding because she reminded him of a little girl he thinks he might have known (Hint: Emma). One day he goes to pick Sophie up from daycare when lo and behold he meets a blonde girl named Rapunzel.

RAPUNZEL CORONA. Adopted and raised by Mother Gothel, who runs Storybrooke’s daycare center. She frequently takes over the place when Gothel leaves to run errands. It is here where she befriends a boy named Jack Frost, who (since then) starts to visit the daycare more and more frequently …to help care for the children, of course. (Surprisingly, he is amazing with kids.) When not at the center, she mostly stays stuck in her room or by the house where she likes to draw the citizens who pass by or the wildflowers that grow by the water.

One More Tomorrow, Chapter 9

photoset by @slashyrogue

TGIF! I finally managed to sneak in some time to write more for this fic! I’m very excited for this part and I hope you will be too! As always, I’m happy to discuss with anyone my little AU <3

+ my friends suggested to start an AO3 account. I’m not sure. Thoughts?


The first snippet and the illustration for the AU’s right here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/152786138151/one-more-tomorrow-wwisoldierhannibal-x

Chapter 2 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/153871686396/one-more-tomorrow-cont

Chapter 3 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/154200265211/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-3

Chapter 4 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/154379447636/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-4

Chapter 5 here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/155531881056/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-5

Chapter 6 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/155590282961/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-6

Chapter 7 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/158364876436/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-7

Chapter 8 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/160275426691/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-8


Hannibal’s lids were heavy and he felt his eyelashes a tangled mess of bent pins, pricking his skin. The heat he was nestled in was a cocoon, his breath only adding to the overbearing air, yet he took it all in, gently, in long, drawn-out inhales. Stale sweat and cum and hay and unwashed hair, he took it all and it was still not enough.

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Human Controlled evolution; living, breathing machines. [Photoset of custom HMM Liger Zero ‘Icarus Zero’]

A companion photoset to my other post about Icarus Zero [here], with a more Deus Ex-flavour. It was a bit of a challenge, photographing a gloss black kit in front of a gloss game package and the Deus Ex artbook but I think they turned out well! The LED lighting is fully integrated into the body of the kit and is designed to simulate overheating/core melt from excess power consumption.

Below the readmore is a bit of Deus Ex flavour text/world building and ‘technical spec sheet’ of Icarus Zero. It’s ‘creation’ places it after the ending of the video game: Deus Ex;Human Revolution.

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I had the most hilarious Adlock dream the other night and I had to make a photoset to share it.

In it Sherlock and Irene are alone together in his living room. Irene is lounging around in his dressing gown, looking supremely unconcerned about anything, but in contrast Sherlock is hurrying about, getting ready to go meet a client or consult on a case, or something like that.

He’s concerned that it might be obvious to anyone halfway observant what he’d been up to all morning, so before he leaves he checks himself in the mirror and turns his characteristic ‘scan’ on himself, and to his intense chagrin, a day-calendar scrawled in his own handwriting pops up at once and shows him exactly what (who) he’s been doing in the past hours. 

With a groan of frustration he tears out of the room to his bedroom to try to change/fix whatever it was that gave it away, and Irene is just left there with a very self-satisfied, very pleased smirk on her face, because she knows exactly what that huffy departure was all about.


Later there was sort of an ‘epilogue’ to the dream. Irene is trying to tell Sherlock that he ought to just give up the appointment as a bad job (though really she’s just trying to seduce Sherlock all over again), and Sherlock is putting up a valiant effort to resist, but she knows, and he knows, that she’s already won and him blowing off his plans is all but a foregone conclusion…


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Imagine…Tony Stark helping you relax after a hard day.

[x] - requested by @awinterbornrose

Gif Credit: @iwantcupcakes

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1,134

Warnings: Fluff, Implied Smut???

A/N: I had so much fun writing this, and I had to cut a ton out because it was wildly too long. Thank you for requesting this! Also, in my mind, this is set between CATWS and AoU.

A/N pt. 2: Just like the Tom Hiddleston x Reader imagine, I had to post this one again and change the format to a photoset instead because some followers were unable to see the banner on mobile. Sorry!

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[160829 ISAC] Jikook Masterpost

Disclaimer: I don’t own any rights to the vids/pics posted. All credit goes to the rightful owners.

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( /임별 소애플)- HD

 ( poco a poco. a Jimin)-HD

  ( The Chemistry )-HD         

(Hyde Roy)-HD


♛ “Jikook sitting beside each other” ♛

♛ “Jikook being playful” ♛

♛ Squishy fluffy Jikook ♛

(look at how their arrows crossed lol)

timberwolfoz replied to your post “scifigrl47 replied to your photo “Maybe time to stop cooking for the…”

“ I’ve been considering replacing him with a standard upright vac”. Sam. No. Not an upright. I used to do home care for the aged and infirm and we used to groan when our clients had an upright – they’re awkward and cumbersome, you can’t get them where they need to go and they *kill* your back. Get one of those barrel ones with a long flexible hose so you can get into the corners (my God that sounds obscene) if you are going to replace Magneato.

Like a shopvac? But those take forever, and you’re constantly bending over to control the hose – we had an upright all throughout my childhood and I had one in my first apartment, I never had a problem with it hurting my back or anything. Plus shopvacs don’t have a spinning brush so they’re terrible on hardwood, which is like, 80% of my apartment….

Maybe it’s a height issue? I just can’t imagine cleaning my home with a shopvac type, that seems like it would be so tedious. 

inexplicablesatsuma replied to your photoset “Did the spring planting today! Hopefully this week I’ll get to move…”

Home grown peppers can vary wildly in spice content, I’m curious to know how yours turned out

They aren’t very intense, spice-wise – there’s a depth of flavor you don’t often get with store-bought, and they taste a bit plant-y, but paprika’s a pretty mild spice anyway, as I understand it, so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of heat. 

Have a reply post.  :D  I think that’s all?  And I hope I replied to everyone WITHIN the post.  I end up doing replies in weird broken ways and there’ve been occasions where I’ve put the reply but haven’t actually said anything about it… >_>;  xD

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Having the time to do these is always a pleasure, so without further ado:

-Boris: The life of a lab rat is a tough one isn’t it? Tested and experimented to see what does and doesn’t kill the average commoner and being a stepping stone towards progress ain’t pretty as Boris here can attest.

Details about this rodent’s origins are up in the air, but what’s certain is that it’s a walking, decomposing, grown in size, runaway beast that has had one too many syringes, amputations and modifications to take it anymore. With its original eyes gone and his eyelids sewn shut, its ears now house its new ghoulish vision giving it a degree of enhanced senses on wherever it may go. Carrying a drum of waste stuck in its flesh and a plethora of wires and metal plaques, it roams into civilized areas in the dark and slowly brings upon a drought of pestilence and decay towards the very people that thought that it was no more than just an expendable test subject for their own good.

-Schultz: Created out of a completely unforeseen result, this airheaded flygor serves as a mostly compliant assistant, tending the needs and whatisits of his creator Fritz for the most part.

Seemingly erratic, the four-armed flyman is in reality a somewhat cynical being that even on a good mood is not above making bouts of black humor complete with several bzzzzzzzzz’s thrown into his speech. Part of this stems from his rough beginning as a mutant degenerate away from his simpleminded life as an ordinary fly and into a life of endeavors and troubles at the hands of his creator.

The long work hours at Fritz’s lab and the many chemical successes and disasters made Schultz develop an addiction to noxious fumes of which got him the idea of crafting a makeshift spray gun to defend himself. Humorously, in spite of what the others joke about it, Schultz has yet to realize the irony behind his choice of weapon.     

-Barry & Carry: In the faraway corners of where the odd folk lived and roamed, there was an strange mind in the form of Barry Mugworth who since his youth was obsessed in building mechanical knickknacks and all sorts of things that involved gears, wheels and tubes. Having learned from the great minds that came before him, Barry progressed to the point his constructs were near-alive but not quite there yet. Feeling stuck in this conundrum and quite low on materials, Barry decided to take ventriloquism as a profession to not only profit from his craft but also see what was the missing element to his designs.

Ridiculed and mocked, Barry’s performance acts were seen as balderdash and he grew to resent those that surrounded him. It was then that this out-of-the-norm genius decided to enact an act of retribution by unveiling a whole new type of dummy in the form of “Carry.” In the spotlight, Barry proceeded to perform a scathing satirical act against his public with his newest creation, only for the mechanical dummy to suddenly become too sentient to the point it started to act by its own accord and took over the whole act for itself. Dazzled at what happened, Barry saw that Carry ended up winning the applause of the public who were now enamored with the lanky bolted gentleman with the strong words and achieved a level of success that he hadn’t seen before.

Not wanting to leave this result behind, Barry promptly reorganized his whole act into a two-man routine with him and Carry performing an array of skits and odd wordplay humor that ended up making a name of him in the show biz. Although pleased at this turn of events, Barry expressed annoyance over the fact that his own dummy was overshadowing him, but untimely relented given that this man-made existence and identity were more or less what he was aiming for his creations to begin with. Rumor has it that he plans to extend his performance to a whole entourage of larger-than-life dummies.

-Walt Ceramann: Fables tell of a secluded wizard that was rumored to have turned himself into a being of the elements. The truth is….it’s slightly off unless wax is considered a lost element among the big ones like fire and wind.

Walter Ambrosious Ceramannicus was, in his ordinary human life, a somewhat unremarkable practitioner of the supernatural and seemed to have a not-so-promising future ahead of him. But one day, wanting to go beyond his limits, Walt attempted to perform a ritual to empower himself into bold new heights, but thanks to his chronic bouts of incompetence he ended up becoming something else entirely. Due to a few misspellings in the ritual’s incantation, his body became completely made of candle wax and disfigured his appearance into a wobbly distorted visage.

Shunned and cast away for this, Walt became a hermit and secluded himself into where he wouldn’t be disturbed as he came to slowly realize the advantages that his newfound form possessed. Little by little he mastered his wax powers and uncovered a multitude of uses including the likes of pyrokinesis and the ability to generate a near-endless variety of sentient wax creatures infused with a fraction of his own inner  being.

In this state, the previously discreet Walt has now become a confident person, even while prone to stumble upon his own words, he now feels enlightened and bold enough to stand out in the world as someone to be reckoned with.