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i’ve been meaning to post all the qrs for the medal i have since the old ones work in yw2 and the japanese ones work in yw2. so here’s a big master photoset of all the medal qrs i have for youkai watch organized by tribe. [SCREAMS INTO THE VOID] I’VE ONLY EVER GOT ONE FRIGGIN’ EERIE COIN
((also i made a lil’ tiny komasan kaomoji gif just because to put above the text))


The rain starts to fall just as they’re leaving the restaurant after their first official date as a couple.

“What are you doing?” Bruce laughs, watching Natasha pirouette around with arms outstretched. 

“What, you’ve never danced in the rain?” She grins and grabs his hand, pulling him toward her. “Sounds like it’s time for you to give it a try, doc.”

Prompt: dancing in the rain | for evs14u in the HulkWidow fanwork exchange!

i finally developed an old disposable camera today and found this photo from our first anniversary. we were like, very in love and went to paris… lol i know. we rented an apartment in the 11th and didn’t know what to do so we mostly drank wine and ate bread like two fucking idiots (here is a bread photoset post from back then).

we decided to go to the eiffel tower and i remember us standing on the ground looking up and we were surrounded by tourists but it was still beautiful staring up at the tower, the lights were all on and it rose up into the sky disappearing into the foggy night.

we bought our tickets to go up and waited in line. eventually it was our turn to ride the elevator and we get up to the main level where you can hang out and… i don’t even remember what else? just be up there? we figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, because even if we came back to the city we were never going to the fucking eiffel tower again. i mean, why even.

we splurged for the more expensive ticket that lets you go even higher for the ultimate paris view. again, lifetime opportunity, we are splurging, it is our first anniversary and we are the most in love and nobody can stop our love, etc. we get up there and they have a champagne toast and all this stuff. 

we look out at the perfect view… and we can’t… because it is foggy. because it is a fucking foggy night and the tip of the tower has disappeared into the fog and now we are in that fog and there is literally nothing to see. we are two fucking idiots and spent like an extra $40 to go and see just a bunch of nothing and of course nobody working there told us not to bother because we are two fucking idiots and they are a business. so i posed for this joke photo with the telescope and then left.