out like pluto


I spent the morning reading Naoki Urasawas manga Pluto
and let me tell you it was so good! Check it out if you get time, 
it’s a fantastic story. I just had to draw Atom.

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DIANA LEFT ALL ALONE AT THE TIME GATE. I wonder if Diana can feel Pluto die, was that in the comic? Am I head canoning more pain? Idk my heart.

It’s sort of hard to tell, IIRC.  Diana’s guarding the Time Gate and when Setsuna’s dying, she summons Diana to her, so Diana might be feeling Pluto die or she might just be feeling Pluto’s power summoning her and then crying because she sees Pluto dying.  Or she senses Pluto dying (the way her bell jingles could be an indication of either power being summoned or her connection to Setsuna, especially if she’s been tasked with guarding the Time Gate) and pops herself over there, it’s sort of hard to tell.

But Diana definitely knows something is up with Pluto before she gets there, which means A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN, sob.

I’m not really entirely sure how that should be interpreted, if it was Setsuna’s power or Diana’s power that pulled her there.  Or if it was the Time Gate’s power that let Diana be dropped off in Crystal Tokyo!

(I can’t wait to get to this part.  I’m gonna cry so hard.)(I’m also looking forward to speculating about Nemesis again!  /nerd)