PSA; Interactions

I have come to the conclusion. Seeing as this has happened a number of times, even with the move of the blog the issue remains. Meme’s are great and all, but I never actually consider the most of them as actual interactions between characters, they are more or less crack.

Actual, Random out of the blue Character interactions;

What I desire, and the most motivation to reply to are actual character interactions. What I mean by that is, that any and all muses are welcome to filling the Whale Shark’s ask box with anything at all. Something your character would want to do or say? here is your chance! I love being approached in an ic manner, which is outside of memes. For Example; If you play Rin and you see Sousuke, you are more than welcome to enter the ask box and fill it with everything and anything random! Something in relation to the characters. I find that said interactions are much more fulfilling and can be used as character/ relationship development.

Random, Curious, silly, pestering Anons;

You don’t need to wait for a cue via meme, nor do you have to fear ever interacting with Sousuke, have something you want to bother him with? Turn on your Anon and have at it! I love being asked random questions, some things I wouldn’t actually have thought about in the first place! I find it a good way to develop Characters further than their obvious and basic Canon personalities and experiences. Please spam the Whale shark. Ask him anything at all! Things about love, or Swimming, his injury anything, it doesn’t matter was it is! it can range all the way to NSFW if you really wanted! 

Thanks so much for reading this! If you are curious about anything, you are always welcome to message me! I don’t bite. And one more thing.

Don’t worry about bothering me, because you aren’t!

Not ever, I love new interactions just as much as those which already exist.

An Italian ghost town is now home to the Hide-and-Seek World Championship. The village of Consonno, once known as the City of Toys, was abandoned after a 1976 landslide. Championship organizers loved its picturesque setup and ample hiding spots so much that they named it the new host of their event, which they hope to make an Olympic sport someday. Source

Professional art director Alan Lawrence created a photo series that imagines his 4-month-old son as the Elf on the Shelf, and he’s posting them on Instagram as a countdown to Christmas.

Baby Rockwell is quite mischievous.

He’s not been put in any danger, because his daddy has many photo-editing tricks up his sleeve. 

But you can’t edit in that natural-born cuteness!

I now want to imagine that all elves are exactly like this.

I’d also like to imagine that the following incidents happened in succession…

…Because this is exactly what happens whenever I get drunk.