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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Name is Lizzie Bennet - Ep: 1 (April 9th 2012)

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old grad student with a mountain of student loans, living at home and preparing for a career.

1. Always have a water bottle in your car

2. Carry an extra lighter (even if you don’t smoke)

3. Get something new where you go to eat often, not just your usual.

4. Make a budget for yourself

5. But don’t forget to give yourself some play money and always round up on how much things cost so you have money left over

6. If you’re texting someone, but nervous to send it, just click the fucking send button. You typed that shit out for a reason.

7. Stay out late. Wake up early. You’ll be glad you had all of your day.

8. If something makes you laugh until your sides hurt, write it down in the notes in your phone, you’ll want to remember that later.

9. When you’re talking to someone, and you suddenly think of something you want to say, put up a finger and wait for them to finish talking. It’ll help you remember what you wanted to say, but you won’t interrupt them.

10. Go to plenty of concerts. Especially outdoor ones. Get drunk with your friends, but not sloppy drunk. Just drunk enough to scream your favorite songs and dance without feeling embarrassed.

11. Even though the best present is someone’s presence, it’s still always nice giving or receiving an actual gift.

12. Always keep a change of clothes in your car. Including a pair of shoes. You never know.

13. Keep at least $20 cash on you at all times. Gas is usually cheaper when you pay with cash, and not everywhere you go to eat splits checks.

14. It’s okay to be sad, but try not to forget about what makes you happy.

15. Coupons are always fantastic.

16. If you think something is cute, fucking wear it. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. You’ll look great, I promise.

17. Sex stores are fun, even if you just want a good laugh.

18. Plan out your days off with your friends, that way you aren’t stuck around asking the “I don’t know what do you wanna do”

19. Don’t forget to remind your friends how much they mean to you.

20. If someone gives you a compliment, smile and say thank you. They wouldn’t say it, if they didn’t mean it.

21. Drink plenty of water. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but clears your skin.

22. I know you might want to be tan, but is it really worth being burnt and exposing yourself to all that skin cancer bull shit? No. Use at least SPF 15. It’s not that hard and you’ll still tan. So stop being a brat.

23. You’re allowed to be happy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

24. Aim to be better, not bitter.

25. Some days are better than others.

26. You can never over pack. Pack what you want. You’ll be glad you have options to choose from.

27. Take those extra hours at work. It’ll be worth it when you see your paycheck.

28. Clean your fucking room and make your bed you slob. It’ll look so much nicer and you’ll feel better you did it.

29. If you have to, make the first move. It’s scary, but someone has to do it.

30. Take plenty of pictures. Of the sunset, your food, your friends, your dog, selfies. Everything. That way, later when you scroll through your camera roll, you’ll remember everything about that day, good or bad.

—  30 things I learned the year I turned twenty.

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you’re alone
Is where you go to rest your bones
It’s not just where you lay your head
It’s not just where you make your bed
As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?

Voltron Week Day 3: Home/Family

I like the idea of Keith growing up in a culture based on war and hate, eventually coming to find love and safety with team Voltron. His family. :’)

(Please don’t tag with any ships. Thank you.)

Thoughts on sexuality.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love, lust and sexuality lately. When it comes to sexuality, my views would be considered by today’s standards to be “radical.” Simply this: I am saving my first kiss for my wedding day. It wasn’t something pushed on me, suggested to me, or that I was pressured into. It was my own decision I made when I was 17. I wanted to share some of my story with you guys to show you a point of view that is very different than the common one.

Disclaimer: I believe sexuality is a very private, personal topic and all that I am about to say are my personal beliefs and opinions. I don’t believe in shaming others or that my views make me “better”. It’s just what works for me personally and what I have found a great deal of fulfillment and inner-peace in.

When I was 17, I fell hard for a boy for the first time. I would sneak out to meet up with him late at night and stay up until early in the morning talking to him, then slip back into my house. In the beginning of our “thing” (ugh, our generation), it was very innocent. We would hold hands and walk down the street, talking for hours. It felt very sweet and romantic. I remember sitting out on a rock on a hill looking out at the lake and the lights of our small town below, my head on his shoulder, him stroking my hair. I remember us holding each other’s hands and spinning around in circles down the street then laying down in the middle of the street at night, side by side, having the most random but fun conversations about life.

But then at one point, I could tell he was getting frustrated with me and what I was “giving” him. He wanted more. I could feel it in every thing he did- how he increased his compliments to me, and held me in a hug longer and closer. He was pushing me, very subtly, using all the tactics that had worked with girls in the past. I didn’t really feel anything- just a sense that it felt good to be desired. We were about to be seniors in high school and I had never kissed anyone, and he had a reputation of being a “player” who had “been with” many girls.

In my head was this huge war. The voices of my friends, “Kissing is not a big deal, so why don’t you just kiss him?” His voice when I told him I was considered saving my first kiss, “But there’s a way you can kiss someone that is so innocent. I could just kiss you like that?” On one of those late nights when he was very close to me, the voices started screaming in my head, until it all became like a huge chant, “Kiss him. Kiss him. Kiss him.” And another voice, “It’s not even a big deal, so why not just do it?”

I remember the moment exactly- the street sign, the light of the moon. He was whispering something in my ear and trying to “seduce” me and the chorus was chanting in my head to give him my first kiss. Suddenly, a firm, strong voice spoke out inside of me- a resolution, a promise:


It was so sure and concrete, so powerful and commanding. In that moment I knew it came from a higher self- the same self that woke up for swim practice at 6am every weekday that summer even though I was exhausted, because I knew going to practice would make me stronger. The same voice that gave me the courage to leave my toxic group of friends earlier that year and find friends who truly loved me. I didn’t know exactly where the voice came from, just that it was a voice that I loved and trusted. While the other voices were pushy and impatient with me, this one was calm, confident and in control. I trusted her.

He stepped away from me, frustrated and annoyed. “Let’s go,” he said flatly, and we stepped into his fancy car. When he dropped me off at my front door, I had this feeling of being disposed of, like some kind of object that was deemed “useless” and “defective.” I felt an odd mixture of sadness and relief.

I had an experience with God that cemented my decision shortly after that. I was in great conflict another night not long after that, about whether or not I should keep seeing him. I was wrestling with this growing sense that he didn’t truly value me, and that I deserved better.

God called me outside and I sat beneath a heavy blanket of stars. I looked up and tears of joy streamed down my face. I felt this perfect sense of peace, calm and being connected to the Creator. In that moment, I knew that my true fulfillment came from Love, not lust. The Author of every great love story was calling me to sit close to Him, to make a sacrifice in my dating life that would ultimately serve me in the end.

Here I am now- I’m 25 years old. I have never kissed anyone and I still plan on saving it for my wedding day. It is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Never before has something brought me so much peace, fulfillment, self-respect and purpose. I am still dating and I have experienced a rich and full dating life, meeting and dating a lot of really great men and experiencing so many things I will treasure forever.

My romantic experiences have felt like I was in a movie many times. My breath has been taken away by them. There is a certain beauty in looking into the eyes of a man and knowing that he is willing to make a sacrifice for you because he cares about you as more than just a body. I think the more you give away, the harder it becomes to discern someone’s true intentions. “Do they love me for my heart, soul and mind? Or are they simply here for the pleasure my body provides?”

And that leads me to my final message for you: You are more than just a body. You are a heart and a soul and beautiful story unfolding. You are precious and cherished and you deserve more than the cheap excuse for romance that the world is offering. It does not satisfy. The only thing that will truly satisfy you is LOVE, and the greatest killer of love is lust.

Your body is not an object and your kisses are not meaningless tokens to bargain with. You don’t “owe” someone your body because they bought you dinner or tossed out some pretty words at you. You deserve more. And I think you know that. If you’ve ever felt the emptiness of giving away what felt like too much, you know what I’m talking about.

You deserve more. You’re not damaged and you’re not irreparably broken. You’re still sacred, precious and whole. A million people could defile and degrade you, but you will still remain worthy and sacred. The human body is so incredible, and sexuality is a sacred, precious gift. Sexuality has become something so cheap and meaningless in our world- eyebrows raised and dirty comments made. But that doesn’t change that it is SO MUCH MORE.

Your body IS a big deal. And you will always be precious.


His fancams never disappoint !! :’)

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour when i have no money

anonymous asked:

You should do sth of harry with a family friend! Like a friend of his from kindergarden or sth!

Hi, I absolutely love your blog :) I was wondering if you could write a blurb about you graduating from University/College and then your ‘famous’ boyfriend Harry turns up. Maybe him like ‘rewarding’ you for doing well. A little bit sweet and smutty if you could :) xx

Joined these.  It’s a bit long.  But well worth it.  Enjoy.

“Don’t forget your hat.”  I heard my mother yell as I tore out of the car.  I was late.  So late.  Who the hell is late for their college graduation?   Me.  That’s who.

I didn’t start out late.  I woke up early.  I took my shower.  I even did my hair and makeup.  But my dad was insistent on getting pictures and video.  And my sister was in one of her “I’m a senior in high school and everything in the world is stupid” moments.  So by the time we actually left my house, I was late.

I told my friends, Shelby and Anna to go on without me since both looked entirely exasperated that we hadn’t left yet.  Looking back on it now, I should have just left with them.

I made it just in time to take my spot in front of Shelby before we walked out onto the green grass.  Shelby shook her head,

“And she makes it…”

I turned to look at her,

“Help me!”  I whisper/yelled as I tried desperately to get my hat on so it looked decent.

Shelby finally snatched the hat out of my hand and fixed it before placing it on my head,

“There…would you calm down?”

“Calm down?  I can’t calm down.  I’m supposed to make a speech.”

Shelby nodded,

“Yes.  As valedictorian of the class that’s your job.”  She said under her breath as we walked out onto the stage to face our fellow students.

“It sucks.  I should have left out the joke.”

Shelby rolled her eyes,

“Would you stop.  It doesn’t suck.  It’s fine.  As class President, I’m ordering you to make the speech.”

I looked at her, horrified, as we sat in our chairs,

“Can you do that?”

She shook her head,

“Oh my God…”  She said through giggles as she walked to the podium.

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waywood headcannons

@kierancfthehunt ask and you shall receive ;) (this took forever to write cause I was doing it in between customers at work)

- michael tries to cuddle robert ALL THE TIME

- grabs his hand at random times, is always either putting his feet or his head on robert’s lap, and jumping into robert’s bed with him and spooning him when he’s too bored to fall asleep

- (robert always goes to bed early so that he can wake up early and train, only rarely staying out late with michael, no matter how much he begs)

- robert pretends he hates it, but he secretly loves it

- when michael grabs his hand, it turns into a “who can hold the other’s hand the tightest” competition

- which then turns into a wrestling match

- one of them will say “you wanna go?” and in two seconds flat they’ll be tackling each other, doesn’t matter where

- when michael puts his feet in robert’s lap, he’ll roll his eyes and rest his arms on michael’s legs

- when he puts his head in robert’s lap, robert will always play with his hair

- if he’s wearing a beanie, robert takes it off and puts it on his own head

- he usually forgets to give it back for a few days

- (honestly they trade clothes all the time so michael doesn’t even mind)

- he’s always in awe of how goddamn soft michael’s hair is

- michael’s always telling him to grow out his hair so that he can play with it

- “i would, but i like playing with your hair too much” (michael blushes really hard whenever he says this)

- the first few times michael got in robert’s bed, he didn’t intend to sleep there

- he wants robert to get out of the house and at least try to have a social life

- “you have to do something other than train and sleep” “i hang out with you” “robert, i can’t be your ONLY friend” “says who?”

- one night michael tells him that he’s not gonna leave until robert does, and wraps his arms around him

- robert just says “be my guest” and doesn’t budge

- pretty soon they’re having sleepovers every night because robert has trouble sleeping without michael holding him

- robert gets so cranky when michael doesn’t stay with him, especially the day after

- (michael can’t really sleep either, he’s gotten so used to robert’s steady breathing and the scent of his cologne lulling him to sleep)

- michael just laughs when he sees robert’s pout and promises that he’ll bring him his favorite food when he comes over that night

- the only time they’re not sleeping next to each other is when the other is sick, but they still insist on being together, so they just pile up blankets between each other

- (they usually wake up holding hands when this happens)


@spartathesheltie was mentioning before and after photo posts being helpful and I have to agree! I learn a lot from seeing the raw “before” image along with the finished “after” image and while I understand that most photographers keep these things a secret, I’m a big proponent of community over competition! Learning and helping others learn (without stressing yourself out, that is) is so rewarding!

While I don’t really have a set “thing” I do to get my “style”, there are things that I’ll do to each photo to get them to a happy place and I’ll go over what I did with each of these before and afters. In all of these, the only editor I used was Adobe Lightroom 6 (because I’m not getting CC on principal) and they were taken using a Nikon D750 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

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Request from silexia: Can I request a fluffy smut Christian Yu scenario where his s/o is really worried about him overworking himself so she plans a trip to an island or something and he gets really happy? 

1am and Christian still hasn’t come home. He was still working on a new video. She messaged him one last time before going to bed.

Babe I can’t stay up any longer. I have to get up early tmr. Don’t stay out too late and get home safely xx

She put her phone on the bedside table and went to sleep. 

Christian is always working till late and usually she would wait for him but every now and then it’s far too late. The other night he didn’t come home until 4am and he only got about 4 hours of sleep before heading back to work again. She is proud of him for being so hardworking but sometimes she worries about his health and well being. She knows he doesn’t have proper meals and he is always drinking those energy drinks. 

When she woke up at 6am, she saw Christian fast asleep next to her. Even though, she wanted to wake him up and greet him a good morning, she couldn’t. She checked her phone and saw Christian’s reply. He sent her a reply at 2am.

I’m so sorry babe and you’re probably reading this in the morning but I needed to get to finish this part of the video before I head home. I’ll see you tomorrow for our dinner date. Love you so much!

Before heading out, she wrote on a message for Christian on a post-it note and placed it on his phone. 

You’re always working till late babe. Pls remember to eat properly and can’t wait for our date. I got you a surprise! xx


She got home around around 5pm and the dinner reservations was booked for 7pm. Christian promised he would be home around 5:30pm. She went to take a shower and got ready. She changed into a silk typed black maxi dress and put her hair up in a high ponytail. Christian always loved it when she had her tied back. While putting on her finishing touch of makeup, she heard the front door unlocked. It must be Christian. 

“Hey baby, you look beautiful,” he greeted her with a kiss. 

“Go take a shower quickly, I don’t want us to be late,” she told him. “Do you want me to pick out an outfit for you?” Christian nodded and went to the bathroom.

She picked out his favourite t-shirt, black jeans and his fancy jacket. She also threw in a mismatched pair of socks. She finished her makeup and picked out a pair of heels when she saw Christian walked out of the bathroom with nothing on but a towel wrapped around his lower waist.

“Why do you look so surprised? You have seen every part of me already, babe,” he teased her. 

“Just been a while since I’ve seen you this ‘exposed’”, she replied back to him.

“Really..why don’t I take off this towel and we can get started? Say a little snack before dinner?” he continued to tease her. Christian was now walking to her with his arms opened. 

“Noo..I spent so much time on my makeup and you’re going to ruin it. Plus we need to go to dinner. Go get change quickly, I’m hungry,” she told him.

Christian then went to get change as she went to get his surprise. Christian was putting on his cologne when she wrapped her arms around his waist. 

“I like this cologne smell. You should wear it more often,” she told him. “And..I got you something. Here’s your surprise”.

Christian turned around and she placed an envelope in his hands. 

“Aww babe. What’s the occasion?” he asked. 

“No occasion. Just wanted to get you something because you have been working so hard”.

Christian opened the envelope and took out its contents. It was two tickets to Bali. 

“Bali? You booked a trip to Bali?!”

She nodded. 

“I want you to get away from work a bit so I booked this trip for us. We’re going to go island hopping in Bali,” she told him.

“Oh my god. This is great! I have always wanted to go to Bali. But my work…”

“Ah work. I knew you were going to bring it up babe but don’t worry, I have talked to the guys and they will cover everything for when you’re gone”.

Christian looked at the tickets and saw the flight out was in two days.

“We leave in two days?! We better start packing, babe. Are you sure we have time to go to dinner?”

“Baby, we have plenty of time. We will be mainly on the beach so just bring your swimmers. I know, I am”.

Christian grinned at her and she knew that look. She was wearing a sexy dress, her hair was up and she just give him a present which he absolutely loved. So she knew the look that he gave her is for every time he’s turned on.

“Stop giving me that look! I know what you want and you’re not getting it. We are going to dinner first,” she exclaimed at him. “I made this reservation weeks ago so we are going”.

“Awww babe. We can spare 15 minutes, can’t we?”

She looked at him sternly and shook her head. Christian continued to pout and pulled her in a hug,

“I’m sure they will let us in if we are bit late. C’mon, let me show my thanks to my lovely girlfriend. Please..?”

She couldn’t resist him further so she cupped his face and gave him a long kiss.

“Try not to ruin to hair and make-up, okay?”

“I’m not making any promises, but I will try”.

“And if they don’t let us in, you’re going to pick what we have for dinner, okay?”

Christian nodded and began grabbing on her butt. He gave it a gentle squeeze.

“And if we make a mess on the bed, you’re changing the sheets, okay?”

Christian raised an eyebrow at you.

“Anything else, babe? I don’t want to be in the middle of things and you’re making more requests. I can’t concentrate properly if you do”.

She let out a giggle and shook her head.

“No more requests, babe”.

“Good. Now let’s see what type of lingerie you choose tonight”.

It’s past midnight. I’ll be gone all day tomorrow/today starting too early so I’m just posting this now.

Lie Detector

Dean Winchester x Reader

2300 Words

Story Summary: Friends with a man (Dean), you wake up one morning with the ability to tell that he had been lying to you the entire time.

Author’s Note: This was an anonymous request, and I hope it turned out okay! It was kind of challenging to write!

This morning seemed like every other morning to you. The sun shown brightly through your threadbare curtain, beating down on you, making you groan and roll over to the other side of the bed. Your clock on your nightstand showing it was only 8:00 in the morning. Way to early to be getting up when you didn’t get home until three in the morning. But that’s what usually happened. Go to bed late, wake up early. Your life exactly.

Slipping out of bed, you stumbled into your kitchen, pressing the on button of the coffee pot, needing the jolt it could provide. With your head throbbing, you stumbled around your kitchen, reaching for the aspirin you kept by the sink. Feeling like the alcoholics that visited the bar you tended, you thought back to last night, wondering if you had drank too much. Your friend, James was in town, stopping by the bar, and you had taken a couple of shots with him, but that was it. Nothing you couldn’t handle. So why were you feeling like you were hit by a truck this morning?

As your coffee percolated, you made your way into your bathroom, turning the water on as hot as you could manage, stepping under the scalding spray. Letting the water run over your shoulders, you pressed your head to the tile. Today you were feeling much like you had while growing up, and you didn’t like it at all. Your parents had died when you were young, passing you off to an aunt who used you more as a maid than as a relative. Living on hand me downs and hateful words, you had always felt off centered, and alone.

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Imagine: Imagine you have insomnia, and Steve keeps you company by watching the movies he missed while under the ice.

Warnings: None. It’s mostly fluff! A little bit of a “dark past” and guilt, but Steve’s there to save the day.

Author’s Note: Just a little fluff for Captain America’s birthday. I’m hoping to post a couple more Steve imagines tomorrow when I have more time.

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

You couldn’t sleep.


You could never sleep, though. It was your burden to bear. Although, it did also give you a bit of a leg up. If you didn’t need to sleep, then you didn’t need to stop studying and working. It’s what pushed you to the top of your class in college. It’s what made you the best in your field with your job before the Avengers. It’s what landed you the job here at the Avengers Compound: the Land of Insomniacs.

Here, your insomnia was just par for the course. It gave no advantage, but it also did less damage. No professors breathed down your neck to get to bed earlier. No friends gave you a hard time about how you always missed breakfast. You were, for all intents and purposes, just one of the guys.

 Tony was always working in his lab late into the night–especially now that Pepper was gone.

Bucky stayed awake in his room as long as he could, staring at the ceiling and hoping sleep never came.

Pietro was having sexy time with whatever girl was available that night.

Vision literally didn’t need sleep, and often Wanda (complaining about Pietro’s loudness) would stay up to keep him company.

Sam was constantly out until the early hours of the night or staying up late to watch bad TV.

And yet, nobody ever wandered their way to the living room. No one except for Steve.

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Language! (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the lack of creativity in the title but it was the prompt that kind of inspired this fic so it seemed fitting. Requested by @little-broken-fire-cracker. I hope you like it! 💙 Also this is my first Bucky fic so I hope it’s okay

Key: Y/N - Your name, Y/N/N - Your nickname

Warnings: Some swearing and the reader throws up

Summary: The Avengers attend the monthly game night but things take a turn for the unexpected when Thor introduces his Asguardian liquor.

Being an Avenger was tough. From the early morning work-outs right up until the late night parties. Regardless, you wouldn’t change a things as you were right where you wanted to be. You had next to no family, those you once had you left behind to live a life where watching your back had to become second nature to you.

The Avengers are your crazy family now and you all looked out for one another. After the ‘small’ Civil War amongst the team was resolved you decided to move into the Avengers Compound with Tony, Rhodey, Steve, Sam, Vision, Thor (when he wasn’t in Asguard or with Jane) and your two best friends Natasha and Wanda. Of course not forgetting the one and only James Buchanan Barnes. God that man would be the death of you.

It all started when Bucky came to live at the Compound with the rest of you after having any remnants of Hydra erased from his mind. As soon as you caught sight of him one morning wearing just a towel hanging dangerously low on his hips, you were done for. Nat, Wanda and even Steve knew that you had a little crush on the super soldier but there was no way you were going to admit the truth anytime soon. Or so you thought.

Little did you know that Bucky felt exactly the same way that you did. He had to physically control himself when you came sauntering into the gym day after day wearing booty shorts and a sports bra covering your physique that left little to the imagination. It didn’t really help that he was your sparring partner either.

So here you were on this seemingly uneventful afternoon dodging punch after punch that Bucky threw at you, desperately trying to pin him in any way you could to claim the title as victor. He managed to graze your stomach with his right hand but couldn’t land a single punch.

“Is that all you’ve got Barnes?” You taunted out of breath and your energy fading.

“You haven’t seen anything yet darlin’, let me show you what I’ve got.”

You both locked eyes for a moment until you noticed Bucky leaning towards you stealing subtle glances at your lips. You were only inches apart when Sam sauntered into the gym belting out a Marvin Gaye classic at the top of his lungs. You jumped back instantly and made as much space between you and Bucky as possible.

Bucky inwardly groaned at Sam’s extremely bad timing and vowed to himself that he would tell you how he felt about you soon. As luck would have it, tonight happened to be the Avengers monthly game night.

You quickly bolted from the gym because of the sexual tension that lingered between yourself and a certain Winter Soldier. You didn’t want Sam picking up the tension either as he was the biggest gossip you knew.

The remainder of your afternoon consisted of lounging on your comfy bed wandering what would have happened if it wasn’t for Sam and his major cock-blocking. Glancing at the clock you realised that it was almost time for the game night to commence. Changing into a low-key black dress and applying some make-up you made up your mind. You would tell Bucky how you felt.

Walking towards the elevator you could feel your nerves creeping up on you. If you were going to survive this night then you needed a drink. Before you could press the button to go to the ground floor someone joined you in the confined space.

“Hey Y/N, looking gorgeous as always” Sam quipped. You let out a small chuckle.

“Hey Sammy” you shot back knowing how much he hated the nickname you gave him. He simply gave you a smirk and proceeded to talk to you.

“You know Thor is here right? He’s brought some Asguardian liquor too.” Sam wiggled his eyebrows and nudged you jokingly. He knew how drunk you got when you drank it.

“That’s great Sam” you responded in a monotone voice.

“Oh come on Y/N/N, I challenge you to shots.” You laughed and shook your head. Before he could try and convince you otherwise the ding alerted the both of you that you had reached your location. The nervousness had you on edge.

Walking with Sam towards the living area you caught sight of Bucky wearing black jeans and the red Henley that you loved on him. He obviously sensed you staring as he looked over at you and gave his signature smile. Your breath caught in your throat at the sight; looking away quickly you turned to Sam. “I accept your challenge.”

After quickly greeting your teammates you rushed over to the bar with Sam needing some much needed liquid courage. “C'mon then birdman, lets see if you can hold your booze.”

Thor was pouring shot after shot for you and Sam and after each one you felt a little more drowsy. After about 13 shots Sam gave up as the burning sensation was making him feel sick. You however thought that having a few more was a great idea. You were wrong.

You stood up to join everyone else in what was a very intense game of monopoly but you lost your balance. Luckily Thor was there to catch you before you face planted the floor.

Bucky was watching you throughout the course of your shots challenge with Sam growing more worried about how drunk you were getting. When he saw you nearly fall he got up to help you.

Thor offloaded you onto Bucky and your mind was far too clouded to register who was holding you. “How are you feeling doll?” Bucky asked with concern laced in his husky voice.

“I feel so fucking sick” you sobbed. Apparently you were a bit louder than you thought as you heard Tony yell “Language Y/N/N!”

You practically fainted in Buckys arms, only able to form a few incoherent mumbles. He sat you down on a bar stool and held your face in his hands. Without warning you felt a surge of sickness run through you.

“I’m gonna throw up.” Bucky immediately guided you to the bathroom and as soon as you saw the toilet, you puked. Bucky held your hair back for you while you proceeded to regurgitate the alcohol.

After a good 30 minutes in the bathroom with Bucky holding your hair back and just holding you in his arms between you being sick your mind started to clear. When it did you felt sick all over again. Panic rushed through you when you realised Bucky had just seen you throw up, multiple times.

“Oh God.” You cursed out loud. Bucky was rubbing soothing circles on your lower back when you turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry you had to see any of that, God I feel like such an idiot. I only drank so much because I was going to tell you how much I liked you and I got nervous and then you smiled and oh God, I’m just gonna stop talking now.”

When Bucky hadn’t said anything for short time you looked up to see him grinning. “What are you so happy about Barnes?” You quizzed, feeling slightly anxious about his answer.

“You’re cute when you get flustered doll but at least now I know you feel the same way I do. What do you say? Dinner tomorrow night?” Well that wasn’t the answer you were expecting. Now it was your turn to smile.

“Sounds perfect.” You both smiled lazily at each other feeling like two love crazed teenagers.

After a few moments Bucky spoke up. “C'mon baby girl, let me walk you back to your room.”



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I have a coworker who always shows up late, tries to leave early, calls out half the time, & if she asks you to take her shift, she offers to cover one for you & if you say "sure I can cover that, will you take {other shift} for me?" refuses to text you back, leaving you stuck with an extra shift on your day off. When shes at work she does NOTHING unless u specifically ask her "can u do this?" She drives our section's manager nuts but tries to charm all the other managers so she can leave early

A Music Affair: The Wedding

Hi guys!!! So, finally, here it is! I’m so sorry that I kept you waiting for so long, I got really caught up with college, but thank you so much for your patience and constantly asking me to post the fic. Love your devotion <3
So, this is the first chapter of a two-shot of mine. In this one, you get to see Owen and Amelia’s wedding and on the next one, you’ll see their honeymoon (and how Melody was conceived haha). But yeah, hope you like it and please, give me your feedback! :)

That was it. It happened. They were finally married.

Amelia had just heard the priest’s words “I now pronounce you husband and wife” and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

She was a wife now. Owen Hunt’s wife.

Looking at him, Amelia couldn’t help the big smile on her face when she saw him grinning from ear to ear, such a happy look in his eyes, one she had never seen before. In that moment, seeing how much that man loved her and how he was filled with joy about being married to her, Amelia felt like the luckiest woman on Earth.

She couldn’t even believe that, hours before, she had almost left him at the altar.

It had started with the fear that the big storm in Chicago that day would complicate things for the guests to arrive and, eventually, ruin their wedding; which then ended up with her freaking out about getting married in the first place, considering the big spotlight her and Owen would always have on their lives. But, thankfully, her best friend Maggie stepped up to calm her down and make her put things into perspective. It actually didn’t matter what could happen to her and Owen, just the fact that she was marrying the love of her life and that was what made her happy and fulfilled in that moment. So, that’s what she did.

And now, feeling the touch of his strong hands on her waist while her fingers caressed his cheeks, his breath against hers, foreheads touched and eyes closed after their first kiss as husband and wife, Amelia didn’t regret it one bit.

Slowly opening her eyes, she started to regain consciousness of what was happening around her and Owen, coming out of their little bubble. Turning and looking around the church, she saw their friends and family on their feet applauding and cheering for the couple.

“We’re married.” Owen whispered in her ear, giving Amelia a kiss on the cheek.

“We are.” She looked back at him, smiling, before taking his hand in hers and walking down the aisle with her husband.

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