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ennotana week day 1: third year


While Nina felt confident about her bowling skills beforehand, her actual skills seemed to have wavered over the years. It was a miracle when she even hit one pin, with her throwing gutter ball after gutter ball. Nina even threw the bowling ball backwards once and June thought it was more than amusing..


Here’s the Sheith Big Bang post schedule!

All participants have been emailed, it’s important you check your emails for posting information.

It’s sorted by summary # and the writer’s AO3 username. Sorry artists, this was the easiest and cleanest way for me to organize it! All summaries can be found at the sheithbigbangprompts blog! Participants know their summary # based on the original pairing email I sent out back on June 4. 

Let me know if there are any problems, and definitely check your emails. I may have made some mistakes, that’s entirely possible! 

Edit: #27 - Lockadee posts on September 19 and #90 - stargazershiro posts on September 21 instead. Sorry for the mix-up!  Yes this means there’s no one on September 1 now, oops! x_x (If someone wants to change their post date to September 1, let me know!)

Edit: September 9th should say #10 - so_much_angst, not #110 - so_much_angst. Sorry about that! 

Edit: #61, #29, and #11 have dropped out. #31 - nyeh413peasant now posts on September 21 instead of #11. 

Edit: #86 is on here twice, the pairing can choose whichever of the two they’d like because it’s my bad. 
September 22 should say #54 - mythril (fantacination), instead of #55. 

About the Diamonds Thing on Choices

I was bored today, so I decided to calculate all of the diamond choices that I’ve done. I don’t buy diamonds, unlike others. When you install the game, you have free 25 diamonds at the beginning. So, I found out as of June 4, 2017 that there are 209 chapters overall Choices. Its from The Freshman to The Royal Romance. With Each chapter, you earn 1 diamond. Which means you can only have 234 (209+25) diamonds at this time when you played all books, unless you buy some.

Here’s what I have done to those 234 diamonds so far (All of these are my choices. Every choice is from The Crown and The Flame, cause that’s the only book I rely on diamonds xD)

(I saved Tevan)
(I unlocked the scenes of Whitlock with Hex in book 2)
(I unlocked Kenna and Dominic’s ‘what if’ wedding cause they are my OTP Ahh xD)
(I unlocked the Regal Gown in book 3 and its worth it yay.)
(I saved the puppyyyy)
(I celebrated the old times with the gang and boy, Sei and Annelyse being drunk is lyfe. xD)
(I took the necklace cause Val neeeds it. Plus I feel like its really important)
(I took Whitlock’s invention cause again, might come in handy.)
(I recruited Hex and Anton cause why not, everyone deserves redemption)

Everyone, this is it. When I completed all books, I will only have

=69 Diamonds left.

69. Diamonds. Left.

It’s sad for me, cause I can only have 3-5 diamond choices left to spend before that time when you really want it, and buy some diamonds or wait for Pixelberry to realease 19-30 chapters before you can select a diamond choice/scene. I just hope Pixelberry will find a way of earning diamonds because this is unfair for everybody. Not everyone has that large amount of money and I am thankful to those people who share those scenes here on Tumblr or in YouTube and even Instagram. But still, I hope for a better experience for the people like me who don’t have diamonds. #NoDiamondsSquad. 😢

Are you one of us? Hee hee I just want to know if I am not the only one. xD