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Tied - Seth Rollins

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Prompt: #30 “No, you can’t get up! You’re my prisoner for today.”

Requested by ziamniall-blog 

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“No,” you mumbled, reaching out for him as Seth rolled out of bed, leaving you without his strong arms around you.

It was late in the morning, around 10:30am. Seth already attempted to get out of bed for a workout around 8, but you convinced him to stay in bed a little longer and it wasn’t long before you two fell back to sleep.

Maybe you were being a little too clingy, but you haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks since he’s been on tour and you were out of town visiting your parents on the days he was home. It’s been 2 weeks too long since you’ve spent the day with him.

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” Seth laughed. “Can I do that?” he asked.

“Fine,” you sighed. Seth laughed again before walking into the bathroom, leaving you on your back, looking up at the ceiling.

Your mind drifted off. Sure, he’s going to the bathroom now but you knew he still needed to get his workout in and he likes to work out in the morning. You pushed your lips together, thinking of a way to stop that from happening.

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Don’t Be Stupid

genre: angst

summary: you’re best friends, but then sehun gets a girlfriend and things change

a/n: i added some things to the original request…i’m also excited that i got a request for sehun cause i haven’t written for him yet i don’t think…I also didn’t include the fluff ending cause I didn’t think it really worked with the original idea I had when thinking about the request

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It wasn’t surprising for your plans to get cancelled and for you to come in second next to Sehun’s girlfriend. You understood that sometimes she would come first, she was his girlfriend after all. But you were his best friend, you had been for years. Sehun used to always drop whatever he was doing, when he was able, to hang out with you. If you were sad, all it took was a phone call or text and he was at your side. And if he was out of town touring, you could still reach him by skype or facetime.

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Reunion || Archie Andrews

Request: ‘Can you do one where the reader is famous she’s a singer then she moves back to Riverdale she was friends with Archie, Betty, and Jughead and Archie always had a crush on her’ - from Anon

A/N: This took me forever to write because I haven’t written a fic in a bit, and was distracted so i’m sorry if it isn’t the way you had hoped it’d be! The idea was pretty good and I tried to write it well. Enjoy guys, requests are open as well!

Warnings: None

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.

A * symbol means that a flashback is occurring.


Archie, Betty, and Jughead all remembered the day you had told them you were leaving. It was an emotional day, especially being middle schoolers, you all thought it was the last day you’d ever see each other, and it was depressing to say the least.

Although, you were all wrong. Granted it took years but when you got the news that you were going to Riverdale, a ball of anxiety and excitement began to form in the pit of your stomach.

Your mind began to race, ‘do they even remember me? Do they know i’m a singer now?’ were the main two questions that were popping up. You were going to preform in the same town as your childhood friends, and you were sure they’d be there. Riverdale was small, and it took convincing to get a stop there on your tour, a singer from out of town coming there meant everyone would know.

Part of you was excited, to have a chance at seeing your friends again, but part of you was scared. They might have left, forgotten or just moved on, but before you could think any further you were being called again.

Everyone at Riverdale had begun to talk about the concert coming to the small town, especially Betty, Jughead, and Archie. The three had all been excited, and slightly nervous about possibly reuniting with you, a certain redhead had been particularly more nervous, though.

The concert seemed to come up quicker than expected, excitement made time fly and as you sat there on the drive to Riverdale, your true home. Little did you know you were very right about the town knowing about you coming. Almost every single person had gotten tickets, and you also didn’t know that your old friends were coming, and they were more excited than you thought.

Archie was getting lectures about seeing you again from everyone, his dad, Betty, and especially Veronica and Jughead. Everyone had begun to push him to confess when he saw her, although for obvious reasons, the boy was hesitant.

In the middle of yet another rant- this one from both Jughead and Veronica, Archie had decided he had enough and cleared his throat, failing to get their attention, “You only have this chance, she totally remembers us and worst case she leaves and doesn’t come back, or keep in touch with-””Jughead, Veronica, i’ll do it” he said loudly, running his hands over his face, giving in to their reasoning.

Veronica got a devious look, grinning and hitting Jughead’s shoulder excitedly, “He’s gonna do it! Archiekins is gonna confess to his one true love!” was shouted, and Jughead allowed a smile to appear. Archie sighed, “You guys won’t let me back out now, would you?” he questioned, failing to prevent a smile.

Jughead shook his head, Veronica doing the same quickly, “Nope, no way” he mumbled, sitting down next to the redheaded boy and wrapping an arm around his shoulder lazily, “So, we need to sneak you to meet her after. We all know (Y/N) is a pretty big artist, we gotta help you get to her. That is, if she doesn’t come to you first” he said, voice taking on a tone that made Archie rethink his decision.

The next few days had been full of the others planning Archie’s confession, and the ‘reunion’ that they had hoped would happen. Everyone had minor doubts, but nothing seemed to put off the gang of excited teens.

Meanwhile, you had been preparing for the upcoming concert and were stressed out to say the least. The plan was to preform the concert, and afterwords you had been hoping to leave and reunite with your childhood companions.

Turns out those few days would fly by for both you and Archie, before you knew it you were up on the stage, instrument ready as you watched the rather large crowd in front of you. Well, it was large for Riverdale, anyway.

Glancing around, you began to feel disappointment flood you, right before you noticed three very recognizable heads poking out from the crowd. Immediately noticing who the heads at the front row belonged to, you grinned widely as the concert began.

Every second of the concert, Archie was cheering louder than anyone else there, although Jughead and Betty came pretty close. He screamed until his throat went raw, and before he knew it the concert was over and he was being pushed by the gang.

Jughead and the others went to the security guards, pretending to start an argument and distracting them temporarily as Archie ran past, ignoring the shouts behind him as he bumped into the familiar (H/C) haired girl.

Your eyes widened, not only at Archie but at the security guards running frantically after him, Jughead, Betty, and two new faces following. Biting back a laugh, you quickly hugged Archie, “Archie! It’s been so long I didn’t know if you were here- or if you remembered me-””I did- oh boy did I. Look I need to tell you-” he began to speak before the security walked up, grabbing him roughly.

It took about ten minutes for you to get the guards off, quickly deciding to go somewhere else, which ended up being Pop’s. Quickly you got to know the two new people, Veronica who seemed like a pretty nice person, and Kevin who consistently brought up his boyfriend.

People began to leave, first Kevin, then Betty and Veronica, and eventually Jughead left, nudging both you and Archie obnoxiously as he did. Archie rolled his eyes, turning to you, “So I need to tell you something before I decide to bail on it” he said quickly, rubbing his hands together anxiously.

You nodded, eyebrows furrowing, “Yeah, it may have been forever but you can talk to me, I don’t exactly have any other friends despite popular belief” you said, smiling uncertainly.

Archie inhaled deeply, “Well, I like you… a lot- and I have liked you since we were kids. It just kind of got bigger and when I found out you were coming I just had to tell you- you don’t have to feel the same but-” he quickly stopped talking as he felt your lips against his own.

He quickly leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers until they heard a loud bang, separating and glancing at the window next to them, they saw Jughead cheering from the other side, giving Archie a thumbs up and winking at you.

Both you and Archie stepped outside, and the night continued, this time with no interruptions from a beanie wearing friend.

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Monsta X Reaction #22 - Their s/o fangirling/fanboying over a girl group

@epic-liar asked: Hi! Yes, I’m back with requests (and a ton of Monsta X feels)~ How would Monsta X react if they would see their s/o fangirling/fanboying really hard over EXID or other girl group?

Hyunwoo: All the feels~

“Jagi! What made you so happy?? Mamamoo?? What? Oh!” He doesn’t care what it is that makes you happy as long as you are happy! He will instantly be interested in whatever mv you were watching and he’d ask lots of questions and get into it too.

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Hoseok: You screeched at the top of your lungs when you learned that BlackPink was making a comeback. Rushing into the room Hoseok was prepared for the worst. A man breaking into the house, seeing that you had fallen and hurt yourself, literally every scary thing was racing through his mind.

Only to see you flailing around the room, still screaming. You rushed to him when he questioned you and screamed about the news of the comeback.

“YAHHHH Y/n! If you’re going to scream like that you need to make sure I won’t think you’re dying again okay?? You scared the shit out of me!”

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Minhyuk: He’s the one that told you about the new commercial your favorite girl group was in. Minhyuk was fanboying before you even started fangirling over them. He’s the one that caused this by introducing you to the group. He’s just as bad (if not worse) as you.

You two will scream and cry and jump around together while you watch the commercial air.

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Kihyun: He’s judging you a little, but is more worried about the loud noises you’re making

“Babe if you’re going to make inhuman noises like that you need to do it into a pillow so the neighbors don’t think that I’m killing you okay? If I walk out of this apartment and our neighbor asks what the noise is all about then I’m blaming you.”

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Hyungwon: “If I didn’t love you as much as I do I would be tormenting you right now.” He would laugh softly at your flailing figure on the bed. He would have found out that Lion Heart was coming to your town on tour and he bought you the tickets to go.

He didn’t expect you to knock him over with a huge hug then proceed to spazz out by running around the room until you tripped over your carpet and landed on your bed but, hey, you were happy. You were happy and you were his embarrassing fangirl so he was happy too.

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Jooheon: “Okay, I’m all for freaking out over girl groups and everything because 4Minute is awesome AF… but why don’t you ever freak out about monsta x like that?!? Aren’t we just as good??”

4 Minutes later though (pun not intended actually lmao) he’d be up and freaking out with you. He’d even suggest you go to the fansign together.

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Changkyun: Finds it cute at first because he’s a fanboy too but then it gets old when you won’t calm down after he has

*gif* “There you go again!! This is the third time this week you’ve practically broken my ear drums screaming over Sistar’s new song. I love them too but can’t you show your love by learning the choreography instead of consistent screeching? No? Okay well then continue on I guess…”

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A/N: Dearie I really hoped you liked this!!! I’m sorry if it’s not my best work. I just got done working a super long shift and I should be going to bed but I wanted to get this written since I only posted one reaction to make up for missing Friday! Thank you for requesting again ^.^ I always love your requests!!

"Te iubesc" - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: Please could you write a Sebastian Stan imagine where his girlfriend had a miscarriage a few days ago and he can’t be there to support her as he is still on the press tour but he flys her two best friends over (names like Mel and Brooke) to cheer her up and he talks about it in interviews.
A/N: I know you really wanted this doing quickly but I’m not one for half arsing things, I like to do my research, especially when it involves a sensitive subject such as this - I hope it was worth the wait.
Just a little side note, I’m sure everywhere has a different word for a GP (General Practitioner) so for those people, a GP is what we in the UK call someone who is usually a medical student working out of a Doctors Surgery (or walk-in clinic).
Warnings: Talk of a miscarriage and emotional distress, swearing
Word count: 1144

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“Argh!” Your left hand rushed over to the right side of your body, your entire arm ever so slightly putting pressure across your body. “Fuck that hurts!” You were in so much pain and there was no one around. Your boyfriend was out of town on the press tour for his new film and your two best friends in the whole world, Mel and Brooke, lived out of state. You knew what you were leaving behind when you uprooted your life to move in with Sebastian but he was worth it.
You called up your GP and explained your symptoms. “You need to come in and see me right now” the doctors words were ringing in your ears, you could only think the worst. After putting everything in your bag and deciding it was best not to call Sebastian until you knew what was happening, you grabbed your car keys and headed out of the door.

Arriving at your GP’s office, the receptionist asked you out fill out a form detailing your symptoms. While you were filling out the form another young woman approached you.
“Hey, are you alright?” The woman asked. “You look like you’re in agony.”
“I am” you replied, straightening your back and looking up at the woman, revealing your tiny baby bump. Her eye caught your bump, “oh that’s so cute! Is this your first? How far along are you?” She was full of questions.
“Yeah, it’s my first” you replied with a smile, placing a hand on the bump “just coming up to week twelve” you added. She made a face that suggested she had a million more questions, but after looking at you she could see you didn’t want to answer them.
“Well good luck!”
“Thanks” you replied as she bounced out of the building.
“Y/N Y/L/N?” the receptionist announced. You stood up and headed over towards her. “Room three, make sure you give that form to your doctor” she smiled.
“Thank you.” you replied in a low voice.

You walked into the doctor’s office, handed her the form you had just filled in and took a seat while she read it. “Okay Y/N, I’m just going to run a few tests and then we will know what is going on.”You nodded. The doctor ran her tests and you waited patiently for the results. 

When she returned, she held her head low, you could tell by the look on her face that it was serious. She sat across from you behind her desk. “Y/N, I’m so sorry, it’s not good,” you could tell she hated this part of her job. Bad news is never easy to deliver.
“What is it? Is everything going to be okay?” your voice broke. The doctor shook her head, “I truly am sorry, your baby…” it was as if she couldn’t even finish her sentence.
“No,” you whispered “no please, don’t tell me I’ve lost my baby” you were in tears. The doctor simply dropped her head for a moment before looking back up at you and confirming that you had indeed has a miscarriage. All you could do was sob. Composing yourself just long enough to make the short drive home before you broke down again.
“Fuck” you whispered to yourself, falling to the ground realising that you now had to call Sebastian and tell him the news.
You pulled out your phone and dialled his number.

“Hey sweetheart" he sounded so happy, it broke your heart to have to tell him. “Hi baby” you whispered. “Are you okay?” He replied, “what is it? What’s wrong?”
“I’m so sorry baby.” You started to cry down the phone.
“Talk to me, Y/N, what’s wrong?”
“The baby” you whispered, “I lost the baby”
“No, oh god, are you okay?” He was so obviously heartbroken.
You snivelled, “no, no I’m not. I know you’re in the middle of a press tour but can you come home? I really need you right now.”
“I know, I know sweetie but I can’t, not right now, I’ll be home in a week I promise.”
“Okay” you whispered. “I love you”
“I love you too, see you soon”

You hung up the phone, changed into one of Sebastian’s t-shirts and a pair of joggers and curled up in bed. You fell asleep instantly, awoken a few hours later by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Sleepily, you dragged yourself out of the bed and opened the door. Standing in front of you was your two best friends in the whole world, Mel and Brooke.
“Oh my god, what are you guys doing here!” You squealed
“Sebastian called us and flew us over, we’re so sorry Y/N” Mel said as she pulled you into a hug.
“Don’t worry, we’re here for you and we will be here for as long a you need us.” Brooke added, joining in the hug.
“Come on then, give me some of your bags and we’ll get the guest rooms set up” you smiled, glad to have your best friends by your side.

A few days passed, spending time with Mel and Brooke took your mind off the terrible thing that had happened. One day, the three of you were sat on the sofa – mid day – each curled up with a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits, constantly changing the TV channel trying to find something to watch.
“Ooh go back, go back!” Mel shouted, frightening both you and Brooke.
“What, what did you see?” You asked.
“I saw Sebastian!”
“Oh shit yeah, he’s on Ellen today!” You squealed, going back to the channel.

“So you and your lovely girlfriend Y/N are expecting a baby, aren’t you Sebastian!” Ellen spoke, the whole audience cheered. Sebastian’s face dropped and he went white.
“Oh no” you whispered.
“Erm, well actually…” Sebastian couldn’t speak. He started to tear up. Ellen looked at him quizzically. “Actually she rang me the other day with some bad news, we erm, we lost the baby” he said heavy heartedly, holding back his tears.
“Oh god, Sebastian I’m so sorry” Ellen spoke softly.
“It’s alright,” he whispered with a slight smile.
“So you’re here today to talk about your new film, Captain America: Civil War.” Ellen quickly changed the subject.
“That’s right!” He said slapping his thigh.
“Well that’s what we’re going to do! Promote the hell out of it! It’s a great film, congratulations”
“Thank you very much, we are so proud of it”
“Well we are going to go to a quick ad break before we start but before that, is there anything you want to say to Y/N?”
Sebastian thought for a moment before saying “Te iubesc, vom trece prin asta. O să te văd în curând dragostea mea.”

I love you, we will get through this. I’ll see you soon my love.

do you ever dream about being in some pop punk band and getting out of your small town and living in a tour bus with your best friends and playing for thousands of people every night but then you realize that you have no musical talent whatsoever and you basically lay in bed on the Internet all day and you’re scared to talk in front of your class and then your dream just kinda dies

A year of fun.

(In no certain order, with links to some posts, a few things probably missing, and no puns intended)

In 2013 they:

  • Performed at the 55th Grammy Awards and won the Best New Artist (“We’re so old!”) and Song of the Year at the Grammy's (Out of their 6 nominations)
  • Where Nate Ruess said “I gotta pee so bad,” and “If this is in HD you can see our faces and we are really not young” in his very first Grammy acceptance speeches. 
  • They had an interview with CNN.
  • Won a Billboard music award for Best Rock Artist
  • There was that MTV March Music Madness contest, which we did not win, but there was a great video out of it anyway. 
  • Some Nights went Platinum in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. (Already platinum in the US, since 2012)
  • Performed at Radio City Music Hall
  • Performed at The White House 
  • And at the Presidential Inaugural Ball
  • The BBC radio 1, 360 performance
  • Wrapped up their Out on Your Town Tour
  • Released Selections & B-Sides from Aim & Ignite
  • Released Sight of The Sun on the Girls soundtrack 
  • Released the fifth music video off Some Nights: Why Am I The One (And, of course, the shenanigans that happened behind the scenes)
  • Also, thy released a lyric video for One Foot
  • Began their Most Nights Tour that lasted from July 6th to October 13th, with Tegan and Sara as their opening act. 
  • Nate released Just Give Me A Reason with P!ink, performed with her on stage, and was in the music video. ( It reached #1, won a VMA and received a Grammy nomination. )
  • Nate Recorded Headlights with Eminem.
  • Nate co-wrote Goodness Gracious with Ellie Goulding 
  • Jack wrote an album of children’s music for and even appeared in the series Super WHY!
  • Jack co-wrote Brave with Sara Bareilles, Sweeter Than Fiction with Taylor Swift ( which was nominated for a Golden Globe), and How Come You Don’t Want Me with Tegan and Sara.
  • They did that wonderful GQ photoshoot.
  • Performed at The Bridge School Benefit Concert
  • Performed on The Today Show (And Jack gave them a tour of the Jersey Shore)
  • They all performed with with Queen and Adam Lambert at the iHeartRadio festival
  • The Ally Coalition projects
  • That silly christmas video they made.
  • And then they Released a live EPBefore Shane Went to Bangok.

Bring on 2014.


Last video! fun.- Some Nights at the Fox Theatre on 2/7/13. It brought the house down, the crowd went wild. So awesome.


Part of All Alright, fun.- Fox Theater 2/7/13

The way Michael asked you out was a day to remember. They were in your town for tour and you’d been talking to Michael for a while. They were in the middle of singing Vapor when Michael stops everyone from playing and singing. “Hey, let’s go get those posters that we made earlier!” Michael says. They run backstage, grab the posters, and get in a line as they get back to the stage. Ashton holds Y/N. Calum holds WILL YOU. Luke holds BE MY. Michael holds up GIRLFRIEND. They quiet everyone and look at you in the second row. Michael holds his breath and waits for your answer. Every one around you is confused while your best friend is hitting you like crazy. You look at Michael with love in your eyes and scream, “YES!”

anonymous asked:

Hii can I request a Luke blurb thing where you're a little older than him (like a year and a half ish) and you kinda get insecure about it and he comforts you and stuff thanks and ily (:

Thank you for your request! I hope you like it!

You were hanging out with Luke and the boys while they were in your town during their tour. You and Luke had been dating for a while now so you had gotten close with all the boys. You were all siting in the hotel room talking and joking around after the show. The boys were talking about girls and relationships which always amused you since none of them seemed to do well in that department.

“My girlfriend has to be able to cook otherwise we’ll both starve.” Calum said picking up the room service menu.

“I just want a girl who can put up with my messiness.” Ashton stated scanning the clothes strewn around the room.  

“Well none of you will ever find a girl like mine.” Luke said as he pulled you closer to him on the couch.

“Yeah, I’ll have to look for my own cradle robber.” Michael chuckled. You were only about a year and half older than Luke and normally you didn’t mind when the boys joked about it but for some reason it was getting to you today.

“I’ll be right back.” You smiled trying to hide that you were a little hurt. You went to the bathroom and sat on the counter. You must have been in there for longer than you thought because Luke was now knocking on the door.

“Babe? Can I come in?” Luke asked through the door. When you didn’t answer he came in anyway jumping up onto the counter with you. “What’s wrong love?”

“Does it bother you that I’m older than you? I mean I know it’s not but much but still.” You asked.

“(Y/N) of course not!” He put his arm around you and kissed your cheek. “I love you with all my heart, age doesn’t matter babe.” He held you tight with both arms and you smiled, thankful to have such a loving boyfriend. 


Part of Barlights, fun. at the Fox Theater 2/7/13

Luke Hemmings Imagine

It was your birthday but you had nothin planned since all your family was out of town and your boyfriend, Luke was out on tour. You woke up to a cute text from Luke. “Morning Princess! Sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday but I have something special planned for you. Go down to the flower shoppe across the street and just tell the lady there your name. Then read what ever he gives you.” You smiled as you quickly texted back an got up from bed to change quickly before heading to the flower shop. Once you entered a elderly lady was there smiling up to you. “Hello dear. You must be Y/N?” You smile walking closer to the counter. “That’s me!” Then she hands you a bouquet of flowers with a card. You quickly read the card. “These beautiful flowers can compare to your true beauty.” Luke’s such a dork you thought. “Go to the Starbucks down town. Xx.” You smile, thanking the lady and getting a cab down town. Once you get in it was pretty empty besides the workers. What did he have here. I walked up to the cashier. “Um this might be a little awkward but did I man name Luke call here or something?” The man smiles and nods, handing you your favorite drink with words scribbled on the side. You shake your head and laugh as he hands you the coffee. “This was were I first met you. You spilt you’re coffee all over me. Aha. That was the day my life changed. Now go down to the little park around there, by our bench.” You smiled, holding the flowers with you and drinking the coffee. This kid has something up his sleeve. You walked to the park since it wasn’t that far and made your way to the bench you sat down as you watched little kids play and laugh. You then look down at the other side of the bench with a sticky note. “This is where we had out first, second, and third kiss. Xx. Go back to your old flat.” You listen to his order as you make your way there. Once at the steps of the flat theirs a picture of you two kissing. You grabbed it. Looking at the back of it. “This is where we said our first I love you’s” you smiled as the memories flew back in your mind. “Now go back to the house. There’s something special waiting for you there.” You quickly call a cab and get to your shared apartment. Once you get there you tip the man, grabbing the flowers an coffee. You walk up to the step. Opening the door. The lights were all shut off which was strange since they were on when you left. You flip them on and see all the lads standing in the living room. “Happy Birthday!” They scream. Tears roll down your cheeks as you run into Luke as he opens his arms out wide. He spins you and hugging you closer. “I love you Y/N.” He says as he wipes your tears. “I love you so much Luke.” He attaches his lips to yours and all the guys cheer.