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I hereby declare a Jeremy Jordan Protection Squad be formed on this site

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This is NOT for calling anyone or anything out, just fans of a brilliant actor and precious dork who could always be appreciated more. Membership comes without fees or responsibilities other than being kind and supportive fans. If you are tagged and wish to be removed, contact myself or the blogger who tags you. :)

To start, I’m tagging

@gods-little-punk, @hisloveconsumesme, @takeabreathandsmile, @christyvourcos, @jeremyjordanismyjam

I don’t want to annoy too many of my other followers, so tag yourselves and your pals. Welcome to the Squad.

A big shout out to people in the fandom doing their part.

To those seeing the positivity in the current season, and making the best out of it.

To those who might not be enjoying it, but are sticking to their lanes and aren’t deliberately subjecting others to their less than positive perspective.

To those who actually stuck to their guns when they said they were done and made a clean break and aren’t being petty about a show they have no interest in watching anymore.

To those bringing back older posts, keeping Captain Swan relevant even if their story in the canon narrative has come to a close.

To the edit makers and artists creating content, whether it be of Captain Swan, or KnightRook, or Rogers, or Emma, or Killian - those continuing to provide the fandom with gorgeousness to reblog.

That definitely goes for the fanfiction writers as well.

To everyone doing their thing in this fandom, trying their best to just… not spoil the experience for others, regardless of what their feelings are, thank you. 

Fandom isn’t a shining place of goodness at all times, but despite the BAs that like to try and bring others down, it’s still someplace I’m happy to call ‘home’.

So yeah, shout out to everybody doing their part, whatever it may be.

Thoughts on Villain’s Night

  • “I’m so bored, I’m excited to talk about how bored I am.” Big mood Rad
  • Prof. Venomous in a suit? Good.
  • I was laughing the entire time Boxman was on-screen, especially at the party. That’s just me at parties.
  • “Heh, looks like she’s having fun.” I cried a little inside with that line-
  • Venomous just sighing at Boxman’s antics at the party was a big mood
  • BOXMAN CALLED VENOMOUS HIS FRIEND I’M- (He also called him by just Venomous but I didn’t really hear it)
  • I’m guessing the character one of the McElroy brothers played was the guy that was hosting the party?
  • What’s up with the Glorb project?
  • “Whenever Venomous is in an episode, you know stuff’s going down.” -Me. Lo and behold-
  • Darrell and Shannon being pure is good
  • I legit almost yelled during the preview when they were playing Golden Statues (I’d go over to my grandma’s house and me and my cousins played it all the time(We’d call it Wax Museum tho-))
  • Did anyone else feel really creeped out during the whole TV and “House” scene?
  • I’m not really going to go in-depth with it, but I’ll just say this: Can we just have pure robots without hints of brainwashing, Ian? Thanks
  • When Fink was saying that Venomous gives her gifts and treats for being a good minion, for a split second, I thought she was just saying that to get the bots to go along with her plan and I wanted to slap myself
  • Fink has a Turbo Form activated by Glorbs? *cue picture of that crazy guy with the conspiracy theory board*
  • Whoever said Snake Dad is a better dad than Cube Dad I 100% agree

All in all, really good episodes.

I won’t lie, Luna and Amber have some of the most random activities and as much as I hate SM for not being more organized with them, I sometimes appreciate it. I mean, if SM pushed them like the rest of their idols, we might not have things like Luna singing with international Youtubers for a Hugh Jackman movie or Amber acting in an indie golf-movie or featuring with members of Pentatonix. In the long run, it might not be getting them more popular in Korea, but they’re growing networks and fanbases outside of the traditional Kpop scope, and I think that’s pretty cool!

It’s that time of the year, kids. If you’re interested and would like to know how to apply, continue reading!


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dailystrangerthings is a very, very busy blog. We have lots of members but we need more in order to keep up with everything that’s going on. Because of this, we ask that you only apply if:

  • You will have a serious and responsible attitude towards the blog
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If the above apply to you, that’s great! you can proceed and submit the following form in our applications box

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