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Oh, You Again - Tom Holland Imagine

Summary: A drunken night out leads to an awkward encounter on your first day as a photographer

Warning: Bit of swearing, mentions of sexy time, y’know the usual.


You were prepared to have a cozy night in the night before an early start. 6am you had your alarm set for. It wasn’t often people landed their dream job, but you had somehow landed the photography job of a lifetime.

You had worked so hard over the past 3 years to develop an outstanding portfolio, and somehow the editors of Brittish GQ got their hands on it.

The phone call was out of the blue and they asked to see more of your work, so you sent them some more recent photo shoot images you had taken, and they were blown away. They invited you to join them on their team of creative developers and begin working with them right away.

As you were just starting to get comfortable on your couch, your phone buzzed against the pillow beside you, and you answered after a few rings.

“Sooooo…..” your friend started. “You’re definitely coming out for a drink tonight”.

“No way in hell” you replied.

“Yes way in hell. It’s been forever!” your best friend pleaded. You rolled your eyes at their pathetic attempt to pry you from your cozy, warm apartment.

“What harm can one drink do? I’ll even buy you food” they said, in another attempt to convince you.

It was at that moment you heard a knock on the door. Whilst still arguing on the phone, you stood and walked over the door, surprised to see your best friend standing behind it.

You hung up the phone and looked at them with an are you serious? look.

It may have taken another 30 minutes, but sure enough you were coaxed into leaving the comfort of your home.

The bar down the road with your usual go-to, the comfy plush booths, good music and underground vibe was always something that picked up your mood a little. Although the bar was a little dark, you knew your way around pretty well by now so the two of you easily made your way to a table with some drinks.

You had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be just that one drink consumed tonight.

Three hours past, multiple empty glasses scattered around you, and your vision was so burry that you could barely make out the face of your best friend opposite you.

After that, you really don’t remember anything else that happened that night.

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BTS - Hyung Line (Pt. 1) Reaction/Scenario to their S/O being Distant and Sneaky

*(because they are secretly planning a surprise for them)* 


He would think to himself that there was nothing going on but deep down he was still worried. He knew you would never cheat on him, he trusted you, that much he can say but he still had no idea why you were being distant and somewhat sneaky these past few days. He tried not to think too much into it but he couldn’t help it, you were never someone who was distant or kept what you were thinking to yourself. You told him everything, that’s how your relationship was, you both shared everything and never kept secrets so when you started being sneaky about where you were going or just being distant in general he would be on edge. Fridays were your day where you both went out together, wherever you both wanted to go whether a date or to the movies, it was a routine. So when you told him that you couldn’t make it because you had other plans he knew something was definitely up because both you and him never missed a Friday. He couldn’t take this curiosity anymore and before you could walk away from him he grabbed the sleeve of your shirt pulling you back to him. “What’s really going on y/n?”. Feeling like a helpless deer caught in headlights you gulped trying to blurt out about the surprise you and the other members were planning for his birthday in a couple of weeks. You were terrible at keeping secrets so keeping this from Namjoon was eating you alive. His eyes were burning holes straight through your forehead and you knew you were about to crash and burn. Without thinking twice you spilled everything and as soon as it was all out you slapped your hand over your mouth knowing the other members were going to kill you for spoiling the surprise. But it was too late, he knew and he was smiling his dimples on full display, he seems over joyed,  I mean the surprise was supposed to make him happy but he looked ecstatic. "It’s not that big Joonie"

“I’m just glad it’s this that’s the reason you’re being sneaky and not anything else”

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You were late, for the fifth time in a row. Normally, Jin would try to be considerate of your feelings and not bring up your persistent tardiness nowadays, but 5 times in a row was asking too much of him. Jin was just as, if not more busy as you were, but he still found and fought for the time that the both of you would spend together.  Why was it so hard for you to leave early some days to spend some quality time with him? Did you not like spending time with him anymore? Or was it that some one else at your work managed to catch your eyes right under his attention? ‘Forget it’ he thought, completely put off by your attitude. He was in the midst of getting up when you came bursting through the cafe’s entrance, trickles of sweat lightly lining your hair line, a strange package in your hand. Jin took no notice of it as he prepared to tell you off for your lateness. You greeted him energetically, not sensing the foul mood he was in, or should he say, you created. His lack of response made your eyebrows furrow, so you glanced over his handsome face. His eyebrows were crunched up, like they always were when he was annoyed and his lips were set in a firm scowl. ‘What’s wrong? Was it hard today at work?’ You’d ask, confused as to what brought on this moody front. Jin lost it. He began speaking at a fast rate, telling you everything on his mind; including what he thought about your recent tardiness. By the wind of his rant, tears were streaking down your face. You threw the package you were holding at him before storming out of the cafe. Looking strangely at it, he opened it, to find two custom made Chanel sweatshirts, one with your initials and one with his. ‘How did she afford this?’ He thought, staring at the sweatshirts incredulously. Then suddenly it all clicked. Why you were always late recently, why you picked up extra shifts, why you were so distant. Everything suddenly made sense. Without a second thought, he packed up everything that was spread out on the table before dashing out of the cafe, following in what he hoped would be your trail. Eventually he found you crouched over on a park bench, hands spread across your face, body twitching slightly. He sighed before kneeling in front of you, moving your hands from your face. Softly he whispered.

“I’m sorry I misunderstood you. Thank you for the best present I’ve ever been given.”

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You had saved up for the longest while to buy Yoongi this gift and it finally got the chance to go pick it up. But you had to sneak out without him noticing or his suspicion would only deepen. For the past few weeks you were taking extra shifts at your work to pay for the gift. You had no choice but to lie to him and tell him you where going over by a friend or your had other business to do which made him really suspicious. If you told him you had taken extra shifts he would of been really worried about you over working yourself and try to make you stay home or come up with an excuse like he would make up for the money you were lacking which you didn’t want to happen. It had been over a three year you both knew each other and Yoongi meant everything to you, he was the best friend/boyfriend everyone would want. He helped you through a lot in your life and you wouldn’t be who you were today without him so you decided that you would work extra hard and splurge on him. The price was a little bit of a stretch but he deserved it. It was your way of saying thanks for being there for you. You had just finish setting up the latest model Sound System Yoongi had his eye on for awhile in his home studio with the help of Jungkook and Namjoon when you realised he would be home soon. You were absolutely excited because you had been planning and saving for this for so long, you knew he would love it, which only added to your excitement. As you were saying bye to Namjoon and Jungkook you saw Yoongi pulling into the driveway, with a high pitched squeal you rushed back inside to wait for him not being able to contain your excitement. As Yoongi step through the door and eyes landed on your fidgeting figure he asked you question after question clearly annoyed over the fact that you were being distant and sneaky the past few weeks. “Why are you always lying about where you’re going y/n, what’s going on? Don’t tell me your not lying because I know you are, I show you in town earlier today when you said you were going by a friend?” he inquired curiously with a speck of anger taking over his features. Stuttering not being able to properly phrase what you were trying to say, anxiousness and nervousness mixed with the excitement from before. Looking totally done with the situation Yoongi stormed off into his home studio mumbling an ‘I don’t care’ under his breath. Your heart beat increased knowing that he was going to see the surprise anticipating his reaction. Not being able to contain your smile when you saw him come back out with a very very confused look on his face. “What the hell is going on, what did you do?” a smile with a hint of shock replacing his features from earlier. With a smirk tugging at your lips, swaying back and forth on the heel of your foot you replied “I kinda maybe took extra shifts at work and bought you your dream sound system as a way of saying thanks for being there for me”. Without hesitation he embraced you in a tight hug still in shock and slight denial. 

 "Y/n you did not have to do that for me, MY GOD ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS??!“ he scolded you chuckling at the whole situation.

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It physically pained you to be reclusive from Hoseok, your boyfriend of almost a year. For your upcoming anniversary, you wanted to give him something that you knew he’d appreciate; an extremely limited edition bear brick, however, the toy was quite pricey. You had been saving up for the expensive toy for months now, taking extra shifts where ever you can and even going as far as to tutor kids from your neighbourhood to make up some of the money. Although you weren’t poor, you were far from rich, and to buy this special gift for him, it required your up most effort. You couldn’t only hope Hoseok wouldn’t think you were avoiding him. When ever you imagined his reaction towards your gift, you gained strength and motivation. His happiness was all you could ask for. You had cancelled on Hoseok yet again. Only this time he had enough of your excuses. He threw a fit, firing angry words at you before hanging up, not even waiting for your response. You sighed, recalling the event that happened moments prior. 'Today’s the last day until you can get the bear brick, don’t give up. Fighting!!’ you cheered yourself on. Freshly motivated, you carried on working. Shortly after work, you made your way to the store where the toy was being sold. Being quite relived that it hadn’t been sold yet, you quickly purchased the item before making your way to Hoseok’s apartment. Taking out your spare key, you unlocked the door and begun your work. You first cleaned the apartment and washed his clothes, then you started on dinner, before showering and putting on your specially selected clothes. Shortly after you had set up dinner, you heard keys jingling, signally Hoseok was finally home. He entered the living room unsuspectingly, only to be completely surprised when he turned around. As soon as he laid eyes on his toy, he became a blabbering mess. You waited until he was finished, before explaining why you had been so absent recently. Without a second thought, he took you onto his arms before exclaiming,

“I’m speechless Y/n!! Thank you!!”

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Seismic sense is a sub-skill of earthbending that constitutes for physical sense. This skill enables earthbenders to detect vibrations in the ground to perceive objects, people, and other aspects of their environment, essentially acting as sonar, but through earth and metal.

Witchy PSA: Eclectic Witchcraft

Gentle reminder that “eclectic” does not mean: “Steals from closed cultures and disrespects and appropriates other religions.” 

Eclectic does mean: “Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”

You can get your information from multiple sources without over stepping and stealing from closed cultures.