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He’s a bit of a worried boyfriend, but they’ll be alright

Based on something I did earlier

Actually on the subject of Dream Daddy, I only played a little bit last night but here is an incomplete list of things Hal Forrester has done so far:

  1. Pretended to be dead when his daughter woke him up
  2. Gave a lame excuse for why he fired a flaming tennis ball at a police station and added that the police “didn’t believe it either.”
  3. Expressed pride in his daughter when she smashed something and shouted “I GOTTA PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY.”
  4. Tried (with his daughter) to con free food out of someone who was clearly giving them free food anyway.
  5. Flirted by saying “Your face…is…good.”

It is so easy to imagine this guy as an alternate-universe Stan that it’s a little scary.


laying here in a food coma 🤤

tonight’s dinner was garlic salmon and sautéed squash, onions, and mushrooms!

🍬🍬 Messy boooooois.🍉🍟
Genos doesn’t realize how pure he can be sometimes.

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129


Maybe on the morrow she would tell him about the cat that had followed her home last night from Pynto’s, the cat that was hiding in the rafters, looking down on them. Or maybe not. IF HE HAD SECRETS, SO COULD SHE.




While my mental health has definitely been slacking, my physical health has been on point. Working hard and dieting is starting to pay off. Weighed in at 127 today (which is heavy for me) but I actually feel great and I’m happy with the progress 😊