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headcanons || steve’s type

requested by: anon

steve would date a girl who’s:

  • steve likes a girl who’s independent
    • you don’t need a man, you want one
    • but he still helps you out with carrying bags and reaching for stuff
  • funny
    • you make him laugh all the time
    • and then he says the most stupid stuff to make you laugh
  • collected
    • steve’d probably like this because then he can bring out the adventurous and daring side of you
    • also, if you’re not as bold as he is, it’s super easy to make you blush
    • which steve loVES
  • a bookworm
    • he doesn’t get it at first
    • but then after a while, he sees how much you love books, and he falls in love with them himself
    • i mean, he doesn’t become a bookworm, but he opens his mind up to the thought of books
  • into arts
    • you dance? he comes to every performance.
    • you sing or make music? he drowns himself in the sound every time.
    • you draw? this boy can’t do as much as draw a stick figure, so he is in awe every time he sees your art.
  • in love with movies
    • steve will basically see every movie that comes out
    • so now he has a movie buddy
    • right after the movie you two discuss it for hours
    • if it’s a romance movie, oh boy
    • this boy just turns into the most romantic man on earth
    • hand on your hand
    • arm around your shoulder
    • you guys probably end up making out in the theater
  • intelligent
    • this boy can not, for the love of him, pass his classes
    • so you study a lot
    • which leads to making out
    • but you get some stuff done
  • curious
    • a lot of adventures lead to your curiosity and his recklessness
    • but they’re usually (all the time) worth it

What even is this

I’m “acting out a book”. Yes. I am. Trust me. It’s as bad as it sounds.

His Fugitive Love

Charleston, 1799: A son of Southern gentility, Dean Winchester has left behind a potential scandal at home in Virginia for the home of his godfather in South Carolina.  Bedridden with a broken leg, Bobby asks Dean to perform an important task: he must deliver a packed horse to an old friend’s son—who also happens to be an escaped convict charged with murdering his wife!  The plan goes awry, and Dean finds himself fleeing Castiel Milton’s foes, riding into the night with the fugitive.  Defying all logical thought, Dean finds himself drawn into Castiel’s tale of a dangerous enemy and a supernatural world Dean could have only dreamt about.  As attraction blossoms between the two men, they head out on a daring adventure along the coastline of South Carolina with their pursuers close behind.  Can Dean help Castiel defeat the dangerous supernatural force that threatens them?  Or will the passion that ignites between them prove their weakness?

Written by: Inevitablethief

Rated: Mature

Warnings: Minor Character Death, Non-penetrative Sex, Past Castiel/Meg, Demons

Word Count: 10546

Written for the @destielharlequinchallenge

Read on AO3

I have some new babies.

Falxo. He was experimented on heavily by Jhudora and left horribly disfigured so he never takes off his mask. Stariea (my transparent aisha) saved him and he’s been by her side ever since. Merlin is going to be painted zombie.

Trik is a pirate explorer who calls Krawk Island home. When she is not out having daring adventures,s he can be found hanging out with the pirates around Food Club, flirting with the beautiful young waitress who works there. (My dimensional aisha, Ryzzal, who is actually a male)

Sinew doesn’t have a character yet. I’m saving for her halloween pb rn and I haven’t decided on her petpet yet.