out as trans*

Things people do not tell you but should:

a) driving is not hard, assume everyone else is an imbecile and you will survive.

b) you can Come Out as many times as you need so long as it is in a safe environment. There is no reason to be ashamed or afraid of revealing that you have discovered more about your orientations, even if they do contradict what you have stated previously.

c) new foods are one of the crowning joys of life, but if you are nervous, stick with what you love. It will calm you regardless of the situation (and undoubtedly fill you stomach since you can’t resist its call).

d) your handwriting does not need to be legible by others, just yourself. If necessary you can type out the assignments for your teacher/professor/boss -the only exception is to of course make sure that all important documents are readable, it costs money to redo them.

e) clothes should be your decision, no one else’s (unless you want it to be that way). What you wear is your identity and your comfort zone and thus unjudgeable. Dress codes can be worked around if you imagine yourself to be Diana (Clark Kent is less cool) infiltrating the Government.

f) your parents are not always right. You have not grown up to be their clone., you are your own person and therefore entitled to making grevious mistakes -and the best decisions of your life- without them.

g) if you want to die, drink and drive. It’s that simple.

h) your family can be anyone. Your roommates, your second cousins, your five cats, your boss with an inability to dress appropriately, the old neighbour lady who gives you cookies every Monday -as if in apology, and your potted plant named after a Baudelaire poem. Your heart is your own.

i) legos are gender neutral. When you think back on your childhood and the many photos with your birth name inscribed upon the backs in unforgiving pen, do not forget that.

j) if you really need to stay awake coconut water will help more than the damage coffee and red-bull will do to your system.

k) read whatever you want because people will judge you regardless and it is better to go down in a storm of asexual space pirates then flop hopelessly into the dust of whatever new torture your parents decided would be ‘educational’.

Hi guys my name is Colin and I’ve never done this but I don’t have money and I’m really struggling right now. I’m a trans man and my parents are being abusive and my situation is heinous. I’m going to be staying with a friend and working, but I won’t be making enough to support myself. 

I’m on the spectrum with ADHD and High functioning autism, my anxiety has gotten worse of the summer as a number of Transphobic attacks have been made against me while doing mundane things. My mother and her partner have been extremely bigoted and transphobic while I’ve been home and refused to use the pro-nouns and male name I’ve been given. My father is no better so staying with him is not much of an offer.

I’m going back to University but not for an entire month so I cannot access my student loans until then.

If you could take time and donate what you can paypal.me/MusicalPirate ((I’m working on getting my name changed on the Paypal site)) I would appreciate that so much.


My favorite tweets from today pt. 2 (sad that I have to make another one of these in the first place. First it was the bathrooms and now this.)

Shout Out To Trans People Who...

…are forced to give their birth name in places like Starbucks

…have corrected their friends/family when using the wrong name/pronouns but still are disrespected and misgendered

…are forced to put their birth name on application forms

…have to come out multiple time to people because they have forgotten, don’t believe you or think it’s a phase

…have come out as a gender they identify with then later identify with a different gender and have to come out all over again

…are told, “you’ll always be _______ in my eyes”

…are outed because they came out to some people but not others

You are loved and valid and all of you are gorgeous. I believe in you 💞

cis lesbians who insist that the term lesbian only apply to people who use she/her pronouns have a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a lesbian to begin with like. lesbians have been out there for years, breaking gender roles and you act like you can police what is and what isn’t lesbian based on the gender binary alone? smh

RePosting this as we enter Pride Month(s)

Pride is something I struggle with to some degree even having come out of the closet. There are days when it’s quite clear that unless I “present” as Trans NonBinary I will not be seen as such.

Some days nobody could stop me from “presenting,” other days it’s an honest chore, and there have been long stretches where I’m too busy disentangling myself from my own dysphoria to grasp what’s going on at all. So accept this friendly reminder:

You deserve to feel proud, year round, no matter what.

If you’re not ready to march - that’s fine.If you haven’t come out - that’s fine.If you’re too broke to go to events - that’s fine.If you’re just not feeling it - that’s fine too.

Regardless of the feelings that can complicate things, I’m happy you’re here. I take pride in simply knowing people like you. That’s enough. You’re enough! <3

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