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After two terrible breakups, Betty and Veronica switches homes for the holidays and stumble upon unexpected romances. But what happens when Christmas is over? Can their new found love survive?

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Chapter Five Preview

The steam from the hot bath relaxed Veronica’s body as she slipped under the bubbly water. All afternoon she had been thinking about Archie and the complications that lingered between them. She lived in New York and he lived here. She wasn’t even sure if she would be good at long distance if she was given the opportunity with him. What would that opportunity even be? See him every few months? Could he make it to New York? Did he have the time and money for that? Veronica knew she was overthinking the situation but her thoughts wouldn’t shut up.

Getting out of the bath she grabbed a towel to wrap around her body. Quickly Veronica had changed into a black dress, slipped on her shoes and jacket. It wasn’t too hard to find Archie’s address; Betty had an address book laying around. She wrote it on a scrap piece of paper before taking off in Betty’s car. The roads were slick from the early evening drizzle. While she was still terrified driving on the opposite side of the road, Veronica found Archie’s home with minimal issues. She parked, getting out and looked at the larger home. It was beautiful. Veronica pushed opened a gate and strolled up to the front door, knocking a few times.

She only had to wait a few moments until the door opened.

“Surprise!” Veronica smiled.

“Ronnie.” Archie glanced behind him for a second, looking back at her. “What are you doing here?”

“So I was at home thinking about earlier and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only complicated if you make it.” Veronica adjusted her Saint Laurent purse in her hands. “And I should have invited you in this afternoon. I didn’t even nap, I don’t nap at all. I am not a nap person.”

Archie glanced back inside as he heard some clanging, making a face. “This isn’t a good time, is it?” Veronica asked. He wasn’t too engaged in the conversation. “You’re not alone?”

“No. I have– I’m sorry.” Archie blinked.

2- Faculty Christmas Party

Chapter 2: Growing Roses or Making A Move? 

Rating/Warnings: profanity? that’s about it… a cringe warning maybe

Word Count: 

Series Summary: Theo Raeken and Liam Dunbar are two reputable high school teachers in New York. Having known each other for years, they often fight and it can get quite out of hand. Except Liam is feeling a little bit less friendly towards Theo and a little bit more fuck me. Unbeknownst to Liam, Theo is feeling the same way. With the help of some nosy students, fellow teachers, and the promise of a faculty Christmas party at night, there might just be hope for these two dense idiots.

A/N: thank you sm for reading!! 

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The school bell rang throughout the brick imprisonment also called “high school”, commanding the attention of everyone trapped inside. It had been a long Wednesday. The overeager freshman Lim had been stuck with for the past forty minutes waited for him to formally dismiss them before they fled the classroom like bees finding a new hive. Liam rolled his eyes, shouted “class dismissed,” and dropped down into his desk chair with a groan. His day had started with getting into a fist fight with his best friend/roommate Mason over who got to shower first. Then progressed to finding out Wray had eaten all of the Captain Crunch, and Corey (Mason’s fiancé) had made the coffee way to light. Following that, his fight with Theo which had left him shaking with anger. It wasn’t new for Liam to be this angry over a fight with Theo but normally he was able to calm down to a reasonable level of anger. The day had started badly and every little thing added up. That’s how it was. But after he and Theo resolved everything through a simple exchange of insults and he was thinking things were looking up, he lost an entire stack of papers that were to be graded. After frantically barging into every history classroom, the main office, faculty room, the library, to Theo’s classroom, then his car. His trip to Theo’s room during seventh period had been the only semi-normal part. Instead of awkwardly lurking outside his classroom, he simply yanked the door open, stormed over to Theo’s desk and past a gaping Theo. 

“Um, do you mind?” Theo had asked, although his speech was warbled due to the back of a marker sticking out of his mouth. Theo was shocked by the unfettered state of the object of his affection. It would have been his primary concern if he hadn’t felt the thrill of Liam’s blatant disregard for the fact he had just barged into a classroom, totally unwarranted. It was kinda hot, in Theo’s opinion. Liam’s (gravely in need of a haircut) hair had clearly been the victim of his hand raking through it every ten seconds, his cheeks were flushed from running all over the building, and his the laces of his Chuck Taylor’s were slowly coming undone. 

“I’ve been running around for all of sixth period trying to find these papers I gotta grade. I think I left them in your car…” Liam trailed off, frantically looking over Theo’s clean desk for his car keys. When he didn’t spot them on the desk, he picked up Theo’s winter coat which was draped over the back of his desk chair. 

“Mr. Dunbar, this is highly unprofessional. Not to mention, highly annoying,” Theo commented, sounding anything but annoyed. Liam had found himself flustered at the use of his last name in a formal way coming from Theo. Regardless of whatever kinks he may be discovering as the day wore on, his main focus was on these keys and those papers. 

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Lol ok if you’re a teacher that makes sense. No offence but you must be super boring always following rules. Some rules, not ALL, are meant to be broken because they’re pointless in some cases. The bridge example, lmao, you’re so out of touch with students of today. You can’t compare something dangerous with something that DID NOT harm anyone (yes it could have but it didn’t in my case). And lol I’m turning 19 in a month, I’m pretty new to the adult thing so peace bitch 🤘🏼

You signed a piece of paper stating that you will follow the residence rules, or else face consequences.

You have now broken those rules. York can legally evict you. 

No matter how butthurt you are about this (or how nonsensical you are at handling situations like an adult, and in Ontario, age of majority is 18, so yes, you are an adult), there are consequences to your actions. 

And guess what, in the real world, “I’m just becoming an adult” is not an excuse. You are or you aren’t. Grace periods only exist in schools, not in the adult world. Get rekt.

Again, I have already heard the excuse “But it didn’t hurt anyone” from my students and they know that that crap does not fly. Guess what! It doesn’t fly in courts either. 

Happy birthday. Remember to make a spot in your calendar for a potential RLC meeting. Happy holidays.

- TC

New York – The City that never sleeps.

                                           People know exactly what they have to say if someone is mentioning the most beloved City of the United States: Empire State Building, Central Park and foremost the Time Square. What most people don’t know is how do people survive in this City filled with so much to see and filled with so many little personal dramas? How to survive within the rich people who are living on the Upper East Side and who are ruling the town? That’s about to find out. Waldorfs, Van der Woodsens, Archibald’s are long gone.

                                           A new era of students are attending Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude’s for Boys and bringing up some memories of their predecessors and the teacher have to show them their line once more. Will those students survive and get away from trouble? Or are the teacher stricter this time? Let’s find that out. Just know that Gossip Girl isn’t far away, girls and boys and that your secrets may find out by her soon enough. So careful, what you do because it may end your dreams.

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Types of Girls: city edition

Paris girls: loves pastries and sunsets, romanticizes everything, obsessed with bands, genuinely kind, in an existential crisis, keeps a diary, can be aloof

Tokyo girls: amazingly stylish, loves studio ghibli films, minimalists, good at giving advice, loves skincare and makeup, appears confident, takes naps, daydreams a lot

New York girls: passionate about their opinions, tall, eyebrows on point, interested in film and art, will ask you if you’re ok if you look sad, wise beyond their years

London girls: has short hair, loves coffee and stripes, can make anyone laugh, hardworking when they feel like it, can be easily anxious, likes creative hobbies

Sydney girls: loves beaches and nature, down to earth, prefers comfy clothes, easily distracted, always down to hang out, excited about the stars, easy to talk to

Berlin girls: talented in science, has high ambitions, easily jealous, loves collecting quotes, acts strong, always there for their friends, really likes flowers or sweet food

The end of American prison visits: jails end face-to-face contact – and families suffer
It’s been described as ‘Skype for the jailed’ and is being sold as safer and more convenient. But it begs the question: are in-person visits a human right?
By Shannon Sims

Under the new system, in-person visits are no longer allowed. Instead, all visits now must be done by video, either from a smartphone, computer, or at an offsite location.

The pamphlet, published by Securus Technology, makes using a video feed to talk to your loved one seem appealing. It says:

“Do you want to see your loved one more often? Stop missing out on:

• Watching your favorite TV show.
• Singing Happy Birthday.
• Reading a bedtime story … Never miss another moment.”

Under the new system, each video visit made from home costs $12.99 for 20 minutes. In-person visits used to be free.

This shift also raises a legal question: is in-person visitation an inmate’s legal right?

Video technology run by Securus and other companies is now used in hundreds of correctional facilities across the country…

Gary York, a retired Florida prison inspector who writes about video visitation, says his experience supports those findings. He says that over the past five years, most jails in his state have turned to using only video visitation and stopped in-person visitation.

Indeed, according to the Prison Policy Initiative’s data, 74% of US correctional facilities that implement video calling end up either reducing in-person visits, or eliminating them altogether.

Black Roses is coming soon!!

What it’s about!  

Set in the roaring 20s, Black Roses is the story of Fiore Galletti and his role within the Galletti Crime Family.  War between the major families of New York is tearing once peaceful communities apart and the only option left is to fight or be wiped out.  Though Fio has been protected from the rampant violence between families, day by day the hedge of safety around him is growing smaller and smaller.

Release info below the cut!

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Taking Care of Wildlife with @fuzzyfawn

To learn more about Fuzzy and her family of fawns, follow @fuzzyfawn on Instagram.

There’s one woman behind Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife (@fuzzyfawn). “My dad nicknamed me Fuzzy the day I was born because of my white hair that stood up in every direction. I’ve been Fuzzy to everyone I know since,” says the volunteer who is licensed by New York State to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. “A fawn that is sickly has a fuzzy coat, so after all of these years being called Fuzzy, my name finally fit!”

Six years ago, a deer who had been struck by a car entered Fuzzy’s yard. “Long story short, it took me four hours to find help for this deer that was suffering. I wasn’t going to allow that to happen again.” The very next day, she set out on a path to help these animals in need. “Life at Fuzzy Fawn is hectic, sad, happy and fun,” says Fuzzy, who received nearly 400 calls from people seeking help this fawn season. “Instagram has been a tremendous help. I’ve been able to reach out to other rehabbers in different states, we bounce ideas back and forth about treatments for the wildlife in our care.”


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Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. Jane, Darcy, and Thor)

Content/Warnings: humor; some fluff/angst

Words: 2478

A/N: Weeellll this turned out way longer than expected. Tons of buildup, dramatic Loki, this fic has it all. Probably one I’ll end up continuing, but don’t quote me on that. It was a request from @alexisbeck23 for 17. You have a compass on your body that leads you to where your soulmate is.

Your compass had always spun. Directionless, pointless, useless - you knew what it meant when someone didn’t have a functioning soulmate compass. It meant that they didn’t have a soulmate. It was rare, sure, but not unheard of. There was even a foundation created for those with non-functioning compasses, in order to give them a chance of marriage and a somewhat normal life. While the rest of your friends went on trips, tracking down their soulmates once they graduated high school, you stayed behind and went to college earlier than normal.

A few years after you graduated college, you considered joining the Directionless Foundation in order to find someone who you may want to settle down with. Your parents had encouraged you to do so for years, pity in their eyes whenever anyone discussed soulmates around you. You hated it. You weren’t sick, or stupid, or anything of the sort - you just didn’t have a soulmate! People could live without one, but you would have thought differently from the looks your parents gave you. You were on the edge of deciding to join the foundation when the most unlikely thing happened - your compass locked.

You happened to glanced down at it when it happened. One moment it was spinning uselessly, and the next, it stilled, pointing off to your left. You were frozen, staring down at the compass with your jaw unhinged. Of one thing you were certain - no one who was directionless ever, ever got another soulmate. That was just how it worked. Next thing you knew, you were calling one of your best friends, Darcy Lewis.

“Hey dude, what’s up?” She greeted lazily.

“My compass locked,” You said numbly, still in shock.

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Request: Can I request one where Tony Starks little sister is in a failing relationship? They were at the tower arguing and Tony came in the room just as the guy was hitting her? But before Tony could do anything Bucky storms over and knocks the guy through the wall. She tells him it’s been going on for a while and she was scared to say anything about it.

Note: for anyone in an abusive relationship or family, I hope you know you’re strong enough to get out. reach out to someone that can help. without further ado, thanks for the request, darlin! I hope it doesn’t suck, omg. leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! .c

You weren’t sure how it happened; what changed. Everything was going smoothly, you were happy. Your world felt perfect. The honeymoon phase had gone and passed, and it still felt like a fairy-tale relationship. He was a gentleman - the type that opened your car door for you and made sure your seat-belt was tight enough before he drove off. The type that held open doors and pulled your chair out, took care of you when you were sick and rubbed your feet after working all day. Your relationship was one of which little girls dream to have when they get older - full of love, loyalty, and everlasting happiness.

Sadly, not everything is as it seems. Behind closed doors, that gentleman you fell in love with, along with those eyes and that shining smile that made you feel fireworks in your belly, turned cold and everything went wrong. Three words kept your feet planted. 

Your feet always did become tired after being on them for too long.

The team had left for a mission, one you were able to get out of so you could spend your three year anniversary with your boyfriend while they were gone. It felt normal again, like the worst was over with and you could let go of what has happened. You made dinner for the both of you; his favorite dish. You wanted to stay in and have a more intimate evening than be in the eye of a crowd on such a special occasion.

Everything was perfect for a few hours. And then it wasn’t. He complained about his job while eating, which you listened to because you care, then he started talking about moving away, getting out of this place. You noticed the way his eyes darted around the large kitchen in the Avengers Tower. You had a gut feeling he meant this place in particular.

Your life was here. A well paying job, saving people alongside your friends, your brother was here, your friends, and New York City was your home. There’s no way you were going to give this up. 

The loud clank of a fork dropping against the ceramic plate caused you to flinch in your seat after you spoke your mind. His hard stare bore into your eyelids as you stared down at your dinner with a fast beating heart. Your palms grew damp as his breathing became erratic. 

“Excuse me?” His voice was rough and low. You looked up and his fists were clenched, the skin pulled tight against his knuckles. Those of which you’ve had contact with more times than you could count. Sighing softly, you kept your cool. 

You avoided his eyes as you chose your words carefully. “My life is here.” Your voice didn’t come out as you had hoped, you sounded small. His nostrils flared and he jolted from the table, his thighs knocking against the edge, causing his glass to fall over and his drink to spill. Your body jerked at the action and you hoped he wouldn’t do anything. 

Even hope fails sometimes.

He stormed out of the room and your eyes followed his tensed body. You sighed and rest your elbows on the table, rubbing your temples for a few moments. It’s the night of your anniversary and spending it arguing was not in your plans, so you wanted to fix this now. Scooting your chair back, you left the mess as is and went to find him. 

You stepped into your bedroom and watched him pace back and forth, pulling at his hair. “Baby, can we just ta-” His head shot towards you and his eyebrows were creased together. “I don’t want you here anymore!” He yelled, the vein in his neck protruding. You stepped towards him and scoffed. “This-this is my life! I’m not throwing it away!” Your voice was louder and it surprised him. 

Anger started to overtake every emotion you had. “I’m sorry but if you don’t like it, then I don’t know what to tell you.” You shrugged and he laughed, deep and menacing. “What I say goes, sweetheart. You’re mine!” He said it as if you were his property and you stood silent. 

“You’re a fucking bitch, you know that!?” Your mouth fell open as he continued to yell at you. All of what he said was a lie, you do everything for him. For years you’ve been nothing but good to him.

“How am I a bitch? Because I don’t want to do what you want to do for once? I could be out with my team right now saving people but I chose to spend tonight with you!”

Your voice was just as loud as his but you didn’t care. You both knew you weren’t giving up your life here. What you didn’t know, was that the whole team was listening since they had all just arrived and heard you two in the quiet tower, and two men were making their way up to you.

He took a step towards you and gripped your arm, jerking you in place, his face mere inches from yours. You struggled in his grip and tried to pull it away but his grip was too tight. “You’re hurting me, stop it!” Your eyes filled with tears and your lip trembled. 

His jaw clenched as his grip got even tighter, causing you to yelp. Your fingers dug into his hand but it wouldn’t budge. “I don’t fucking care! You’re mine and we’re leaving! What I say goes!” You ignored the pain in your arm and shoved his chest with your other hand this time. He stumbled a tad then he gripped both of your arms so you couldn’t fight back.

“I grew up here, I’m not leaving just because you want me to!” Your words only angered him more. You were denying him what he wanted and he hated it. His face came even closer to yours and you cowered away as best you could. 

He let you go with a growl and you hissed at the pain, the throbbing in your arms was excruciating. He started pacing again, his fists clenched. You couldn’t take this anymore. The only thing you were leaving is him and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for deep down. Your eyes spilled tears as you gathered the courage to speak.

“We’re done.” Your voice shook and you wiped at your cheeks. 

Suddenly, he turned around and lifted his hand in the air, but before he could strike, a large body ran into him, both of them going straight through the wall and into the room beside yours. You screamed and jerked away as you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. Your brother was standing there, his eyes wide with shock and anger.

He pulled you into his chest and the reality of what could’ve happened, yet again, settled in. You sobbed into his chest and he pulled you out of the room. Before you were out all the way, you looked inside and saw Bucky punch your boyfriend - ex boyfriend - in the face, yelling something you couldn’t make out. 

Steve met you and Tony in the hallway, his eyes falling on Tony’s for a split second. Steve clenched his jaw as his eyes landed on your sobbing figure. “What happened? Are you okay?” He made to reach out to touch you but Tony wouldn’t let him. “Get Barnes.” Your brother rasped and Steve gave him a curt nod. Bucky’s yells were still coming from your room, seemingly getting louder as the seconds passed.

Tony took you into the common room and sat you down on the couch. You were shaking and crying as he held you in his arms. The tower was so silent, you could hear Steve yelling below at Bucky. 

“You’re going to kill him!” 

“He deserves it!”

“Buck, STOP!”

“You fucking piece of shit! How dare you!”

“Bucky, he’s out cold!” 

“I don’t fucking care! He hurt her!”

Tony reached for a remote on the coffee table and turned on his stereo, keeping it loud enough to drown out their yells. You always loved classical music and you felt yourself starting to calm down as the minutes passed. Your breathing slowed but you were still shaken up. 

Tony turned to you and you avoided his eyes. “Y/N…” He gulped, trying to figure out how to ask this. You wiped your nose and sighed. “I didn’t know what to do, Tony.” Your voice cracked and Tony pulled you back into his arms, rubbing your back. He lightly shushed you as you sobbed loudly. 

“Never again. Never. Again.” He repeated his words as a promise to you. He wanted to go down to your room and take care of your ex but he knew Bucky had done enough damage already. You needed him more anyways. 

You pulled away from Tony and was about to say something until Bruce came in. He had a few cuts on his face and you knew the mission must’ve been tough since he was fighting along with them. Guilt surfaced.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but do you need… Did he.. Are you-” It was hard for him to ask if you were hurt or needed help, so you just nodded. Tony and Bruce then escorted you to the medical room. You remained quiet and so did they. The atmosphere was too fragile for speaking. But you knew you’d have to sooner or later.

Bruce checked out your arms, applying gentle pressure until you winced at the pain. He told you there was bruising but thankfully nothing was broken from what he felt. After that, he set you up to take some x-rays. He jotted everything down on your clipboard. He has one for everybody; saving the world and its people comes with broken bones and wounds. 

You could detect a change in Bruce as you walked out from behind the machine. “You have a broken rib on your left side.” He walked you over to the photos of your x-rays. He pointed it out and your stomach sank as you bowed your head and bit the inside of your lips. 

He looked at you, sighing. “So, two weeks ago, on the mission when you-” You nodded your head. You were arguing with your boyfriend about some guy hitting on you at a bar that night. It wasn’t your fault yet you suffered the consequences by being slammed into your dresser. Your excuse was a guard kicking you during a mission the next day.

“It was him.” He breathed out, looking back at your x-rays. The sound of the door slamming shut made you flinch - though nearly everything did. You thought it was him coming after you, but you saw Tony marching away through the glass doors. He was still angry, probably blaming himself for not noticing this before.

“I’m gonna go talk to him.” You quietly excused yourself and Bruce nodded, giving you a tight lipped smile. Your mind was racing with thoughts as you followed after your brother. Where would your ex go? Is Bucky okay? Did Steve get him away before he killed your ex? Will everyone judge you for staying when they find out?

Your thoughts were silenced when you arrived at the common room. Tony and Bucky were talking and you stood in your spot, eavesdropping. “He’s definitely getting locked up. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again.” Bucky was breathing heavily and Tony hummed in agreement. 

“I wish she would’ve come to me. I could’ve stopped this.” Tony sounded sad now, his anger leaving his body as he thought about it. Bucky sighed and you peeked around, seeing him lay his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Look, none of us would’ve known. It’s not your fault or hers.”

Your eyes burned with tears and you left before you were seen. You didn’t feel guilty for not telling them, they knew you couldn’t. In a situation like that, nobody could really know what would happen if you tried to leave. The first time you did, you had to pack on make-up to hide a black eye. You thought staying was the safest option - you were wrong. But leaving wasn’t so easily done.

You asked Friday to let everyone know you needed to be alone for a few hours to clear your mind. As you entered your room, your eyes went straight to the huge hole in the wall. It would need to be replaced but that was the least of your worries right now.

Taking a deep breath, you walked out onto your balcony. It was slightly windy and you looked out across the area, the sound of the city below calmed your nerves only slightly. The sun was setting and you felt a small wave of peace. You were finally free from him and the torment. But not entirely. 

The door opened suddenly and you were immediately alert, the hair on your arms standing up straight. “It’s me.” Bucky could see your tensed muscles and he kicked himself for it. Had your ex not done those things to you, you wouldn’t be so scared with someone enters a room, or when you hear someone yelling or slamming something. Noises like that terrified you.

Bucky walked up beside you, watching the city bustle with cars and people. He looked down at his hands, all clean from the blood from earlier, some from the mission and some from your ex. You could hear his breathing, it was ragged and shallow. He looked back out towards the city and everything was blurry now from his tears.

“How long?” His whisper mixed with the wind but you caught it. You swallowed thickly. “Two years.” Your voice was barely over a whisper and you could see Bucky slump his shoulders from your peripheral. “Why?” His voice shook and your eyes filled with tears yet again. 

“He said he loved me.” Your lip trembled and you shook your head, not seeing how untrue those words were until now. Bucky clenched his jaw, glancing at your face. Oh how he wished he hadn’t because it made him want to have his hands around your ex’s neck again. It took everything in him not to leave and go finish it.

“I was so scared to say anything. I thought that…that maybe the first time was just an accident.” Your voice cracked and Bucky pulled you into his body and held you close. He was shaking with anger, his eyes shut tightly as he imagined the things your ex did to you. Holding you was his anchor right now.

Bucky pressed his lips to your head and you leaned further into him. “Y/N, you’ll never have to see him again. That was not love. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” He whispered in your ear, his voice full of certainty and sadness.

You nodded against his chest and sighed. “I feel so stupid, Bucky. He-he wanted me to leave and I didn’t want to, I couldn’t. Then like every time we argue, he just lost it. I feel so weak.” You sniffled and gripped Bucky’s shirt tightly, as if he’d disappear and you were just dreaming and you’d wake up next to your ex, trapped in fear.

Bucky pulled away and let his flesh hand hold your cheek as softly as he could. “God, Y/N, no. No, you are not weak. Don’t say that, not around me, not ever. H-he could’ve killed you.” His voice cracked this time, his blue eyes pooling with tears. The longer Bucky stared into your eyes, he realized just how much he wanted to show you what love really is. But not yet. He could only protect you for now. 

“Dammit, I could kill him. You deserve so much more, Y/N. If you’ll let me, I’ll protect you with my life. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.” Bucky’s thumb caressed your skin and a tear fell down his cheek. You nodded, letting out a sob as you pulled Bucky in for a hug. His arms held you close and tight, blocking you from everything.

 For once in your life, you actually felt safe. 

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things i noticed whilst watching newsies live again today

- during seize the day when Jeremy Jordan and Ben Fankhauser run offstage bc they can’t dance

- how during king of new york ben f. is shoved to the back where you cant see him and when you do see him he is very visibly counting along to the music


- at the end of Watch What Happens (Reprise) when Les says ‘and I gotta date!’ and Davey steals his hat, Jack hits Les with his own hat, Les steals back his hat and promptly hits Jack on the chest with it

- I want to applaud the costume department for giving Katherine’s dress a little hook so she could hook the skirt to her belt for the dance solo

- how Ethan (Les) is also shoved to the back during king of new york

- when Tommy Boy is doing the pirouettes at the end of the song he does the focusing thing where you keep your eyes on one spot as long as you can and then spin your head real quick and get sight of the spot again to avoid getting dizzy and its really cool to watch because you wouldn’t notice unless you knew the trick and the above shot shows that his head is turning much slower than his body

- when jack says ‘keep your shirt on!’ to the kid in front of him just before the world will know and the kid starts pulling at his shirt as if saying something like ‘oh you want me to keep my shirt on, eh? what if I just take it off?’

- the same kid leaping clear to the other side of the stage when Les yells “LET THE MAN WORK IT OUT!”

- at the end of the world will know when they get thrown out of Pulitzer’s office and Davey is lying on the ground holding his hip like an old man

- on a similar note; Les yelling at that guard dude? inspirational? i love one (1) boy??

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Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ft. Steve)

Content/Warnings: angst; fluff

Words: 1645

A/N: I’ve got a Bucky Barnes soulmate AU here for you. Obviously a bit of an AU from canon, but hey, I couldn’t help myself. This is set after CA:TWS. It was requested by anon for 15. Your soulmate’s scars appear on your body (and vise versa). Enjoy, guys!

You have had the ugly scar that ringed around your shoulder since birth. It was jagged, and looked old, as if it had happened a long time ago. Your parents were concerned, understandabley, and only slightly less so when the doctor stated that it wasn’t yours, but rather your soulmate’s instead. You seemed to always be getting some sort of new scar. Most faded, but there were some that looked suspiciously like bullet wounds. And you couldn’t help but notice that other than the scar around your shoulder, your left arm never received any sort of marks compared to the rest of your body.

The first person you ever showed that scar to, outside of your parents and the doctor, was Steve. You had first met Steve, or Captain America, as he was better known, when he was fresh out of the ice. Fury requested that you take him in, teach him about the new world he lived in, until he could get on his feet. Steve was the perfect gentleman, and despite the fact that you were born decades apart you struck up an instant friendship. You had ended up showing the scar on accident, when you had left your room in a tank top in search of your hoodie.

“Y/N?” Steve had asked, brow scrunching together in curious confusion, eyes finding the noticeable scar immediately. “What happened?”

You shrugged. The feeling of discomfort you expected never came. Probably because Steve was never one to make anyone, least of all you, uncomfortable. “Don’t know. It’s not mine, it’s my soulmate’s.”

“Oh,” He said simply. You thought you caught a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, but you didn’t pry, and neither did he.

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“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Part 6

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2784

Warnings: nightmares, brief mention tho, a lil’ fluffy Bucky but as always don’t get used to it 

Author’s Note: tags closed for now! sorry ALSO, i will be altering the tag list and deleting those who don’t care to leave feedback sorry, but i can’t waste my time on tagging a hundred people when some of you don’t even care to write back simple as that :/

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

(gif isn’t mine)

There is only one thing in our life that is constant. And that is change. It keeps happening and before you know it, you’ve already been accustomed to it. Change comes in two ways – it either leaves you with a choice or it forces you to adapt it. Both ways, it happens and you know you cannot stop it.

Change could be good or bad. In your case it wasn’t something you liked. It wasn’t your choice to leave Washington. It wasn’t your choice to leave your family and friends and live on a foreign land, with no one to accompany you but your college best friend and a lovely jerk of a neighbor who practically holds your entire career in the palm of his hand.

The past two months of your life – the old life you lived in Washington had been horrible. The people you had grown fond of, the people you trusted had shown their true color and you realized that this world and the people in it are here for nothing but for their own selfish reasons.

They’re least bothered with what you want, what you feel and what you’d go through. What you experienced was something you’d never imagined would happen to you and it left you trembling with the haunting nightmares that were now resurfacing, showing you its ugly head in the middle of night for two days straight in a row.

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Jughead’s college application

NYU Admission

Fall 2020

Full name: Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

Preferred nickname: Jughead (seriously)

Birth date: Oct… wait, you’re not going to throw me a surprise party, are you?

Desired major: Creative writing

GPA: I feel that assessing my worth strictly through federally mandated rubrics is an affront to the entire purpose of public education. (2.9)

Honors: They would have listed me as a Riverdale Jubilee Honored Guest if my dad hadn’t just been arrested for his role in a the cover-up of a teen’s murder.

Extracurricular activities: 

  • Staff writer, The Blue and Gold 
  • Staff writer, The Red and Black (it was a weird winter)

Work experience (role, place and dates of employment:

  • Projectionist, Twilight Drive-In 
  • Line cook, Pop Tate’s Diner (one night engagement)
  • Transportation advisor, Law Offices of Penny Peabody (hopefully also a one night engagement)

Have you held any leadership positions? Tell us a little bit about the organization and your responsibilities:

I was a youth leader in the Southside Serpents. It’s a special interest organization with the intent of mobilizing the socioeconomically downtrodden around their common passions, namely camaraderie in an unjust world, carnivorous reptiles, and also motorcycles. My primary responsibilities included coaching my peers on effective and nonviolent conflict resolution. I also had the opportunity to do some volunteering, in the form of fostering animals.

Hobbies and interests: 

Writing, film, true crime, insisting that I don’t want to become like my father while simultaneously making choices that will insure my life plays out exactly how his did, solving murders and getting next to no credit from the authority figures who were too inept to do it themselves.

Why do you want to go to New York University?:

Because I’m pretty sure I will literally die if I stay in my hometown, it’s not going very well over here at the moment if you catch my Riverdale drift.

anonymous asked:

hey I’m a bit sad today,, can you make a fanfic (or hc) where eddie calls richie “Chee” aNd richie getting all soft and gOOEY INSIDE PLS I LOVE YOU BEBEH

I really hope you feel well, bubba. <333 and, I love you too. (Also, characters are aged up!!)


• Eddie doesn’t really know how it started???

• But he does kind of have an idea.

• He just remembers that one time he sleepily called Richie, “Chee” and from that day on, it just kinda stuck.

• He called Richie, “Chee” when Eddie needed something from the top shelf.

• Eddie called him Chee when Eddie would slowly run his hands through Richie’s hair, softly untangling the strands that would make their way through his fingers.

• “Chee, do you even brush your hair?”

• And really, whenever Eddie called Richie, “chee”, Richie swears his heart dies a little more each time.

• “Of course I do, Eds. Just not the times we have sex, gotta make sure you pull on them.”

• Eddie always tugs them just a little more tighter when Richie says that.

• Especially after he whines to the fact Eddie calls him “Chee” while tugging his hair.

• That’s really a plus because Eddie knows how Richie feels about his nickname; and really, Eddie loves it.

• Eddie also calls Richie “Chee” in secret, when the both are in bed, the night light in Eddie’s room softly creating a warm glow, their legs tangled together.

• “Chee, do you think we can both go to New York - together?”

• “Yeah, Eds. I really do.”

• But honestly, even though he first called Richie, “chee” when he was sleepy, Eddie really started calling Richie “Chee” the second he figured out how it affected Richie.

• Richie would always blush, his eyes slowly widening, his pink lips always turning up into a smile.

• And Richie??? Always felt so warm, so content and safe - when Eddie always called him Chee.

• It just made Richie’s heart melt????

• So, he decided to tell him.

• One day, probably, who knows.

• “I like it when you call me Chee.”

• Eddie’s heart kind of bursted, but he just gave him a warm smile.

• “I know, Chee.”


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