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Why you get so salty about the Hope arc people? I think Hope arc was describes to have “perfect ending”. Some people wants 77th class to wake up and some people wants Kyouko to be alive (aka me) and we have them both. I can believe why some people are salty because of Kyouko’s return but after all the evidence we got (the bottle wear her,the montage with the deaths in the previous episode and etc) i am not surprised that it turns out she to be alive. And even if she was really death i was not going to say something like “This is not what i wanted” because let’s not forgot that this is KODAKA’S ANIME and he decides what to happen to the characters and with the story. Even if it had bad episodes i still enjoyed the anime. In my opinion Hope arc episode was really good and really have “perfect ending” for the Hope’s Peak saga. I even cry because of the beautiful ending. Stop getting salty because its not what you want ok? 

Edit: And don’t you think we needed a happy ending after all this despair we went though?

So Sanji is imprisoned for six months and he’s thinking about his mother. His mother who was so sick that she couldn’t eat anything but forced herself to eat the food that her dear son Sanji…the ONLY one of her children that seems to be visiting her, worked so hard to make her.

Then she gives him the most beautiful smile. Now we know the food was bad. The woman spit it out and it was thrown away. However she loved her son so much and it seemed to be more of the fact that he made it for her then how it tasted. This is more than likely the only positive reinforcement this child ever received. She is so kind.

So sanji keeps cooking. His brothers find out he’s alive and continue to bully him, and his sister comes to give him treatment after every time. I still want to hate her, but I have to admit that she is a child and can’t do that much. So Sanji decides he wants to be a cook and he is told they are going into the east blue.

I gotta say this is confusing to me. While it explains how he got to the East Blue, it leaves me with the same question I have to ask about Shanks. Mihawk made it clear that the East Blue is the weakest of the four seas. So what could possibly be there that a great warrior country from the North Blue, a much stronger sea, would want? 

There is also a theory that the country they destroy is the one Nami is from, but that theory is incorrect since Nami’s home would be under siege by Aarlong at this time (If Sanji is nine, then Nami is eight). 

Anyway, so Sanji asks his sister a question that just about brakes her heart so she brakes him out so he can run away into the east blue. As he’s getting the key to the mask he runs into the sperm doner (I refuse to call Judge anything else) who says he’s happy that Sanji is leaving and that Sanji is never to refer to himself as a vinsmoke again

Sanji then gets on the Orbit with Reiju’s encouragement that he will one day find people who will love him.

In real time Reiju comes to treat Sanji again after the boys beat him up.

Then we have Luffy who is EATTING the biscuits. Granted I actually thought that would be a funny thing to do a long time ago, but I didn’t think he’d actually DO it. 

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Can you explain or translate what's going on in the drama cd you posted? It sounds great, Leo's VA is really talented but I don't know Japanese heh

Basically the CD is about how Leon wanted to sneak Kamui outside of the fortress so she can have that adventuring she wants so badly. Marx is against it because if Garon finds out, they’ll get in really bad trouble.

Leon sneaks her out anyways but ends up losing her so he goes to Marx for help. Marx gets pissed at Leon for going behind his back and is like “Do you understand what it is you have done? If father finds out about this, you won’t make it out alive!” And then Leon’s like “I do know, but I couldn’t just give up! I had to do something to make Kamui feel less miserable!”

Marx responds by asking Leon the possibility of Kamui dying but Leon states that he thought he could protect her but in the end, he couldn’t. So, Leon is ridden with guilt for being unable to protect Kamui and is worried + scared about the possibility of her actually being dead and the punishment he will get from Garon if he finds out.

Marx is pissed because he cares. Later in the track, he tells Lazwald that there were once many siblings but now there’s only him, Camilla, Elise, and Leon (also Kamui). And that’s why Marx hits Leon - it’s because he didn’t want this incident to be the reason why he loses more siblings.

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I think t-obirama deserves a date with Kakuzu .D i think its cute how much he cares for him jijiji

Yes he does, yo Jake, you got a date with your one true love cockuzu. I can’t assure you’ll get out alive after it though.

hawknath part 7

the AO3 is updated to part 7, so check here to find all of the parts, conveniently organized.

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Summary: a heart to heartless conversation, ~1100 words

Nathalie sat in the main library of the mansion, trying to drown out the non-stop thought process going through her mind.

She had gone through half a dozen books, having already read them, hoping to re-engross herself in hidden meaning, in subtext, in foreshadowing she hadn’t caught before.


Nothing to stop the endless nagging in her mind that Adele Agreste was out there, alive, and needed to be found, and most likely, rescued.

A window was being opened in the library. The windows are large, and even without the slight sound, she could feel the draft.

There was something to distract her.

Nathalie stood, and turned a corner at the exact moment that Chat Noir spotted her, mid-transformation.

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u ever have lil phases where u majorly obsessed w bands but then u have that one band that is just constantly there n u know that’s the band that has ur heart n soul gripped so tight

remember that time when you didn’t know their names? when you didn’t knew who played which instrument, who’s your favourite and how their personalities are. when you had 4 albums that you’ve never listened to, finding out about so many new and amazing songs. when you still had to discover every little fact about them, not knowing that they’ll be your favourite band soon. yes? that’s my favourite part of discovering a band.

pop punk bands in high school
  • Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At the Disco:the pop punk seniors that everyone loves (and tbh, kinda tries to emulate)
  • Twenty One Pilots, Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Set It Off, As It Is, Halsey, and PVRIS:the pop punk juniors that are really up and coming and getting more and more popular everyday
  • Neck Deep, The Story So Far, State Champs, and We Are The In Crowd:the angsty and rebellious pop punk sophomores that aren't super well known by the mainstream, but are still gaining status quickly
  • All of the more underground bands that not that many people know about (pretty much any band not listed above):the pop punk freshmen that are new to the scene, but still very intriguing to everyone
  • 5sos:those fucking annoying ass teeny bopper middle schoolers that always try to hang out with you and your squad because you're friends with their sister; they try wayyyyyyy too hard to fit in with you and your friends; they're uneducated and ignorant as fuck about social justice issues and things that actually matter and they always say the most terrible things; they have no idea how the world works at all; then when they get called out they cry uncontrollably and just like that sobbing girl from Mean Girls, they don't even go here…
  • ***this can also apply to the age/grade level of the bands' fans