Summary of Cengiz’s latest livestream (06.30-07.01):

• when I joined in, both Cengiz and Mutta were buying drinks, specifically non-alcoholic ones since they don’t drink alcohol
• they got to their table when Adam, Cengiz’s brother and their friend, Ousu were seated
• they were talking amongst each other, drinking
• Cengiz told why he wrote ‘gim’ in his failed tweet, it was because he asked Mutta how to spell gym and Mutta said g-i-m so he went with it
• Mutta said how Adam is like saying his (Adam’s) English is the best but Mutta knows it’s his and Cengiz’s (which was definitely a joke)
• Adam took the phone and told the viewers that ‘if you are hot, DM me’ and showed a distinct picture of his phone screen that he’s talking to a girl
• Mutta said he hasn’t slept for 20-30 hours
• he showed his brother, Kasim and they told him to sing Starboy from The Weeknd and he did
• Cengiz said he still isn’t over seeing him live and the above pictures are from his reactions to his memories
• then Adam took back the phone and started joking around how they should smoke some weed then said he was really drunk and then quickly said he’s kidding because he doesn’t drink and that they don’t do drugs either ever
• after they started playing spin the bottle with Cengiz’s empty bottle. whoever it landed on, they had to go up to a stranger’s table and start talking to them. it landed on Mutta and he went up to the bartender girls and most likely introduced himself but Cengiz was filming from a distance so we didn’t hear
• then they left this area and one of the viewers recommended that the next person who the bottle lands on should get up on a table and sing Despacito, to which Mutta said that he would do that without losing (without the bottle landing in him)
• they were walking around and Adam met up with a girl
• some other girls/women came up to them and after a few moments some of them recognized them and they took pictures and talked a bit (in Norwegian and Danish so I didn’t understand a lot)
• his and Kasim’s mom was also watching the livestream and commented asking what they’re doing
• then a definitely drunk girl (maybe the same Adam met, I couldn’t tell) walked up to Cengiz and told him that he should finish his facebook live and Cengiz corrected her that it’s on instagram. Cengiz asked the viewers, his fans (he called the people that and the girl said he has a big ego) if he should finish the live and they said no
• they were fooling around, talking with people then things got kind of messy, Cengiz calling the girl names (that I don’t want to repeat) and (probably jokingly but it wasn’t funny) saying that he’s telling the people to send her hate and pinned her username
• they kept walking to somewhere and Cengiz said he’s going to do another live tomorrow and then it ended

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(Photos: Xenia Van Der Woodsen, Urban City, Ousu Leigh)