oussama bouacheria


I always wanted make an animation/movie of Sonic in his classic version.

So I decided to start with a Storyboard and I share with you few panels.

I also did a animated rough (the first one) for fun.

If you like it, I stream my progress on twitch usually when I’m not tired around Midnight (Paris time) :




Asterix et le Domaine des Dieux is an animated long feature directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy.

I did a storyboard test 3 years ago to join the team. It was very fun to do it.

They took me for the job but unfortunately the production had trouble and didn’t started at time…

I was also taken on Mune so i decided to join them. 

It’s funny because i did so many test during this period and this one was one of my favorite even if i can see now a lot of mistake !

Hey Everyone !

First I wish you the best for 2017 !

Then, this is already my 100th post. I take this opportunity to thank all of you guys who support me.

It’s a real pleasure to have feedback from you and it gives me the strength to continue.

I answered to the most part of your mails/messages and I’ll try to be more reactive in the future. 

Here a character I started to draw for a thumbnail’s sequence I’m actually posting on my instagram.


Don’t hesitate to follow, I’ll post my daily doodle there right now.

Again Thanks and see you soon !


Back in the day : #Wakfu (2008)

Holy molly, this is my first work as story artist during my internship at #Ankama, 7 years ago.

I was charged to do the animatic of an full webisode of #Tristepin.

The idea was to present his daily training with many traps.

He is so dumb that each time he does it, he forget it is a training and thinks there is a real lady to save.

I did the episode in 2 months of full pain but i was so happy to do this thinking it will be cleaned and painted.

Unfortunately, the webisode was never released … ;_;